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Kasey didn’t like the moniker of ‘amateur magician’. She believed that it undersold the amount of hard work she put into the craft. The showmanship needed to entertain a crowd, even if they were a birthday party of ages six to eleven, was a hard thing to master. Anything was liable to drag the attention off of her and off the stage entirely. A good combination of tricks, dialogue, and pizazz was required of any magician and the total lack of those factors is what truly defined the so-called ‘amateur magician’.

She was alone in her apartment bedroom, her magic stuff strewn about the floor with reckless abandon. Magic wands, fake rabbits, colorful cloth, rope, confetti, a few party balloons, bouquets, playing cards, and many more lay across the entire room as if Penn and Teller had come to blows with no other weapons available to them. To one side of the room, a closet filled with sequined costumes and to the other, a long and wide standing mirror for practicing to. Lastly on the bed, perched like a hawk over a captured rabbit, Kasey stood hunched over a brown package.

She’d ordered the book online over a month or two ago and it had only now finally arrived despite the estimated four-day shipping time. She was eagerly ripping away the brown wrapping paper and letting it drop to the floor to join the clutter. She pushed up her glasses as they once again began to slide down her nose; they were about a size too large for her but the discount had been too good to pass up. It was the money saved by that very discount that had allowed the purchase of prospectively-overpriced book.

The book was called Wally Wizards Wacky Book of Magic; a stupendously childish title, but it promised to be the ultimate guide to buried magic tricks. The fact that it had been discontinued years ago is what really caught Kasey’s attention: she figured that if it had been discontinued, any tricks that it listed would be largely unknown by the public and free to be snatched up for her act. She needed the spice for sure. She wasn’t bad at magic; of course not. It’s just… she was missing something, she’d regret to admit. She had the costume, the flair, and the projecting voice.

So she’d come to the logical conclusion her actual tricks just sucked. Fair. She’d never really practiced all that much. So maybe Wacky Wallace and his silly book would help.

She held it aloft; on the cover a grinning cartoon wizard was making his lovely assistant float, with the caption “Even a kid can be magic!”. Kasey nodded at the magic man’s claim and slapped the book to a random page.

She pursed her lips, pushing up her glasses again. The trick depicted was simple from what she could tell. It depicted the wizard holding a balloon in the process of bursting, with glitter and confetti flying everywhere. He was declaring ‘and then just say Ala-Kaboom with feeling!’. Next to him there was a chart with meticulously drawn hand gestures in a contrasting art style of a wand to follow.

Kasey looked at the process with a degree of confusion. There were no props listed, no materials other than the depicted wand and balloon seemingly, nothing except some presentation listings and the declaration to say the words ‘with feeling!’. She pushed some of her long, purple hair behind her ear and bit the end of her wand in thought.

Maybe it was the fairly adorable presentation of the wizard that tugged at her overzealous childhood nature. Or maybe it was the fact that the trick involved balloons, her personal favorite. But nonetheless the reason she resolved to try the trick.

Kasey took the wand, the book, and an empty balloon to the mirror. She took a quick gaze at herself. She was pretty, she had realized early into the career. Her breasts were large enough, snug and perky in her buttoned up shirt. Her hips were wider than her shoulders, and she knew well enough that her butt was toned and drew some eyes when she wore her work-out shorts out and about. Her long purple hair (dyed for magic) was a simple bob around her round face, which was usually taken up by her large spectacles when not performing. She always wore her magician’s outfit when she was practicing for accuracy’s sake, and she knew how well the button up white top and tight latex leggings hugged her curves. She’d gotten complaints from parents before, and just as many compliments from the single ones to never think of a looser outfit.

She held the deflated balloon in one hand and her wand in the other. Kasey loved tricks with balloons, or more accurately, balloons themselves. So much so that one time in her youth she’d considered clown as an occupation before settling on magician simply due to their closer proximity to them on a daily basis. Alas, the allure of magic cried far louder than that of bike horns and cream pies.

She mumbled softly under her breath, consulted Weird Waldo’s book a few times as a cross-reference on the wrist movements before tapping the balloon. “Ala-Kaboom!” she cried with feeling. She wasn’t expecting much; she hadn’t set up anything prior, no pump or trick hose, it was mostly kind of a blind following of the directions.

To her complete surprise, the effect was not only actually happening, but instantaneous. The balloon pinched between her fingers, a lovely yellow, red, and blue striped thing, began to inflate with a loud hiss. Kasey almost let it go with a gasp before keeping a closer grip on the end. She watched with an open wonder as it expanded before her, filling as if connected to a proper tank. She leaned in close, mouth agape, ooo-ing and aaa-ing like a curious child despite this being her own doing.

In seconds she wished she’d kept her mouth closed as the balloon suddenly burst with a loud BANG. Confetti and a metric load of bright silver glitter instantly blanketed the adjacent area around her, her bedside, and her tongue, and she was sent coughing and spitting it out in raucous shaking coughs. Small pieces of colored confetti fell around, mingled with the latex remains of the balloon. When she finally finished her hacking, Kasey began to softly giggle, then to laugh openly. “It worked!” she cried out loud, snatching up the book and hugging it tight to her chest. She bounced up and down on her feet, giddy with excitement. “It worked, it worked, it really worked!”

This was it. The thing she was missing. It wasn’t pizazz, or presentation, or a tighter costume. It was the magic. And now she had it! Real magic, not the fake stuff she’d been trying to peddle, but honest to goodness real magic. If Wizard Waldorf had been real she would have kissed him right on the mouth.

She threw the book to the bed and grabbed another balloon from the floor. She approached the mirror and presented herself to the invisible future crowd. With one hand placed on her cocked hip, she raised the other to the sky. “Ladies and gentlemen of Las Vegas!” She cried. “It is I, the Mesmerizing Kasey, here tonight! Behold my newest and simplest trick of the night,” she holds the balloon aloft and presents it high, so people in the back can see. “A simple balloon, nothing special.”

Kasey gave it a few puffs, filling it out slightly before letting the air leave. But not before giving it a gentle squeeze. She made a habit of putting a balloon somewhere in her acts no matter the context. “See? But with nothing but the power of magic, I will pop this balloon into a million pieces!”

She wondered what she could use the trick for besides an easy opener. There were bound to be lots more tricks in the book. But maybe she could get a real big balloon to use the spell with. Something to experiment with in the future, for sure.

With a practiced motion, she flicked her wand from her sleeve into her hand. She smiled at the mirror and at the handsome men in the front row of the audience, turning and spinning in a flourish. She gave a slight hip wiggle, enough to get attention, and did the motion to activate the spell.

Without taking her eyes off of her reflection in the mirror, and her imaginary audience, she ordered the magic words with feeling. “Ala-Kaboom!

The first thing Kasey noticed was that nothing had happened to her balloon. Her hyperactive brain raced a million thoughts a minute; did she do something wrong? Was it a weird, imagined fluke? She was staring at it intently with a degree of sorrow and disappointment, alongside a slight dash of confusion.

Beyond the sight of her tunnel vision however, it was clear the spell had taken place. Just simply not where she’d been intending, and it was only seconds before Kasey noticed. Her signal was a tightness inside her, first in her chest, then spreading throughout her entire body like lightning. She tore her eyes away from the sad and dejected balloon and back to the mirror, whilst tapping her chest in discomfort.

There, a combination of patting her chest and a clear focused view of herself finally alerted her to the beginnings of her transformation. She gasped as she gazed at her breasts; they were growing, right before her very eyes. It was a fast and visible growth, nothing slow, and Kasey cupped herself. She’d born generous C’s before, just an inch or two shy of smallish D’s she knew, but now they were growing well into the size. Beneath her gloved hands, her flesh rounded out in a perfect circle, growing perky and globular beneath her buttoned up shirt. Said buttons, overworked before, were quickly beginning to strain, and her skin was already peeking out from between the stretching fabric. Kasey was gasping as she groped herself; they felt… hollow. Not unlike the balloon she had playfully squeezed not seconds ago.

She gazed back at herself again in the mirror and noticed now a second half to her growth. Her hips, already wide and generous, were joining her chest in their expansion. Like a large foil balloon her ass expanded both in width and expanse, and Kasey gently ran her hands over the latexed flesh. She patted and squeezed her behind, feeling the airy hollow nature and soft resistance within. She didn’t have a clue of what was going on. Why was this happening?

“I’m… I’m blowing up?” Kasey mumbled to herself in a stunned, stilted way. “Like… like a balloon!” Clarity hit her as she turned and glanced at herself in the mirror. It felt fairly good, the process she admitted. Feeling her breasts grow snugger and snugger in the shirt, wanting to burst out as they moved to rounder E cups in a matter of seconds. Hell, with her silver latex tights, her ass already looked the part for a foil balloon, and now it was becoming one. She gave herself a pleasing rub to alleviate a degree of pressure, and she found herself blushing at the sensation. “It must of been the spell-”

All thought of erotic enjoyment of the transformation left Kasey with a thunderclap. The spell. Oh god the spell that makes balloons pop.

“Ohmygod the spell!” Kasey suddenly cried, shooting to the bed. She leaned over it, trying to retrieve the fallen book. It was lying at the back of the bed, and she made a snatch for it. The sensation of her breasts upon the top of the bed, despite her simply leaning over to retrieve the book, put forth the subconscious acknowledgement of their growing size. It wouldn’t be long before they passed by any degree of reasonable nature. As she straightened, the loud sound of a button pinging from the top of her shirt confirmed the idea.

She poured over the Ala-Kaboom entry as fast as she could. “You could’ve told me I had to be looking at it!” She cried to herself as she reread the minimalist instructions over and over again. “I cast the spell on myself!? How could I be so dumb!” She hissed.

Kasey pushed up her glasses and bit on her wand nervously. When she had cast it on the balloon it had burst in seconds. She was definitely not inflating that fast. But then again, maybe it was the scale. She was much, much larger than the balloon; she could be taking just as much air as it, it was just taking longer. Maybe it would stop soon? The spell only giving enough air to burst the small party balloon depicted in the instructions?

But the image of the balloon bursting into confetti in her hand kept shooting back into her brain on loop to quell any volume those hopes gave.

She returned to the mirror, gazing at herself. She gave a soft hiss as she examined her figure with ginger hands. Her breasts were far beyond any degree of normal size, and another couple of buttons escaped away into the clutter of her room. Only a loyal two at the bottom dare hold the line, and her swollen, watermelon sized orbs gleamed like latex from her cleavage that threatened to try and push itself into her red face. They were taught and perky, perfect orbs given a light buoyancy by the air that filled them and they gleamed with a latex shine instead of skin. Her hips were steadfastly determined to far outstrip her chest though, as if her body was hard-coded to keep her original proportions despite her exaggerated size. They extended outwards and back, and her gentle fingers danced upon her thigh as she stood profile to gauge her ass’ length. She could almost wrest her entire hand upon the upper arc of her ass as it grew outwards behind her, and her panty line, usually carefully managed to be invisible despite the tights, was in clear view beneath the latex. Kasey swallowed empty air and pushed up her glasses once more.

Walter Warlock seemed to be the type to enjoy cartoon rules much like herself, Kasey reasoned as she held the wand to her chest in the mirror. There was no listed way to reverse the balloon spell, but maybe if she said and performed the motions of the spell backwards…? Maybe, just maybe, it would deflate her and save her from the fate of joining the clutter in being strewn about the room.

She carefully, and slowly, ran through the reversed wrist motions with the wand, never taking her eyes off of herself in the mirror. It was an arduous process, and she was forced to keep glancing over her shoulder at the book on the table for reference. The view of which was growing more difficult to discern each glance due to her expanding ass begging to cloud her view. “Eh, moobak-a-ala!” She tried to put as much feeling into the declaration as possible.

Kasey gasped loudly as the pressure within her, previously a decently manageable thing that built in her chest and extended throughout her body, readjusted itself with a lurch southwards. Her hands shot to her stomach as the pressure not just moved but grew. “Nononono…” She whimpered as she felt the hem of her shirt rise and her fingers begin to part.

Her belly, previously a non-combatant in the exchange, joined the race with a fire in it’s step. Her shirt rose as it grew up with a now-audible hiss, pushing Kasey’s face into her cleavage. It matched the swiftness of her breasts and rear, never quite settling on a degree of pregnancy and moving right into the vein of Kasey having swallowed a yoga ball with no signs of stopping. She felt the cold sensation of the mirror pressing against it and stifled a gasp at the chill. She took a step backwards, very shaky on her feet. She swung her arms around her, yelping at her loss of balance. She was so much lighter than she was used to, and her center of gravity was all out of whack. She pinwheeled her arms and raised her other leg to try and regain it, but it was no use. With a shriek Kasey fell backwards onto the floor.

She sort of half bounced when she did, given her buoyancy, and in the process of doing so, her top finally threw in the towel as the last two buttons retreated. Kasey finally came to a rest not too far away from the mirror with her beach ball breasts being clad in a particularly overstretched pink bra. Her whole body hissed with air and pressure as she continued to inflate away, held on course by a magical spell accidentally mistargeted.

Kasey rubbed herself and gave a gentle moan as the pressure within her relentlessly mounted. Her ballooning boobs blocked her view of her front, but it didn’t take long for her belly to quickly outrun the limit her arms could reach and she was stuck simply massaging the sides of her overtaxed stomach. Behind her her ass billowed out backwards as a cushion and support, so much so that if she drew her elbows back she’d quickly meet the surface. There were the faintest sounds of latex ripping and the much more engaging sensations of sections of free, sweaty skin meeting air on her ass and thighs. Signs that her tights were beginning to tear away in large swaths.

Kasey’s face was a bright red, and her glasses were fogged from the heat given off from her. She was scared, yes, but incredibly enough, very very aroused. She’d spent countless nights inflating and bursting balloons in the privacy of her own room, and now that she was one helplessly blowing up and ripping away her clothes… it was hard to ignore. But every time she felt inspired to indulge, a bit of confetti or glitter in the room would catch her eye and fill her with dread.

She knew she couldn’t stop it. If anything her attempt had made her growth worse. Now she was immobile. Kasey focused on keeping her cool. She’d outlast it. The spell would run out before she exploded, she resolved. Her hands made gentle semicircles on her turgid flesh. It was tight beneath and her whole body gleamed like a balloon. Sweat trickled down from her face into her cleavage, pooling there and back by her ass. She felt so tight, everywhere. It felt lovely, euphoric even, and the inclination to give in to the pressure was mounting to greater and greater heights.

A loud rip and tear and the feeling of cool air finally confirmed the demise of her tights. She rested her hands on her ass, being able to place the entire splayed hand atop it and not dip into the curve downwards. She didn’t think her feet were growing; her heels were still uncomfortably tight, not the criminal pressure being exerted by her g-string panties and overly determined bra. She thumbed her breasts, marvelling at the power exerted by her underwear. She figured it would’ve, should’ve busted a while ago. “Heh. Maybe it’ll o-outlast me at this r-rate? H-heh...” She shakily joked aloud, trying to lighten the mood.

A new sound shattered that attempt to pieces. The sound of overtaxed rubber. Kasey brought her hands away from her body in fear, worried to touch any part of herself. She felt the pressure within growing, no signs of stopping. “I’m full!” She squeaked. There was the distant sensation of the mirror once again pressing against her belly, she realized. Despite how far she’d fallen away, her belly had once again reached out to meet it. She couldn’t guess at how large she’d become; her breasts were almost yoga balls crammed before her, and her ass at least twice that. No comparison was fit for her belly; she was titanic, a blimp. A ticking glitter bomb stuck waiting in her room to go off.

Kasey whimpered as she heard herself creak and groan. “Please don’t explode... “ She rubbed herself plaintively. “I don’t wanna pop!”

Her creaking was growing louder and louder. Her whole body was straining like overstretched rubber. The balloon bursting in her hand shot back to her mind as before her eyes and Kasey watched her body turn slightly transparent from the pressure. She mewled as she saw swirls of confetti and glitter swirling within.

Her whole body trembled, shaking with pressure as the groans grew louder and louder. She felt an erotic rush at her nipples as bursts of air were forcefully ejected; she could hear them hissing from within her bra, and she gasped at the feeling. She was shaking, trying with every muscle and every shred of thought to keep her overfilled balloon body in one piece.

The creaks stopped coming in waves, instead staying in one long sound. It grew higher and higher, louder and louder. The young amateur magician grabbed at her hair, pulling it in a panic with both hands. She whined, “Nonononononononono! Pleasedon’tpoppleasedon’tpoppleasedon’tpop!

Her whole body trembled and shook as the creaking hit it’s crescendo. Kasey wobbled for millisecond, barely enough to realize. She gave a loud cry of surprise and finally released ecstasy as her whole body swelled several inches before…


Kasey exploded into a blizzard. Confetti and glitter roared like a deranged evil spirit through almost the entire apartment, covering every unfortunate object in a fine layer of silver paper. Shreds and scraps of pale latex joined the multicolored storm in showering the room and commingled together in a natural way. After several seconds of air moving about, the glitter finally began to fall to the floor.

The mirror was shattered in the blast, and Kasey’s magical accouterments were reorganized amongst the carnage. Several new things joined them; a pair of heels separated amongst the room. A wig of purple hair now lay half-in an open sock drawer, while her pink and incredibly overstretched panties have managed to make it back into her closet. A black top hat had managed to make it to the living room alongside her discarded wand. Her black jacket, somewhere, a white glove somewhere else. Finally, her glasses, unhurt in the explosion somehow, lay next to the Wally Wizard book.

It had been opened to the back page by the rush of Kasey’s bursting. There, the cartoon wizard stood leaning on a block of text.

Wizarding Wally is not responsible for any mishaps, goof ups, and unforeseen magical mistakes that befall amateur magicians partaking in this book. For any spell inquiries, please dial 521-633-7932 in Witch-i-taw Swamp, New Zealand. Wally Wizard thanks you for the purchase of this book and wishes you well on your path to magic!

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