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Super Big-Dig Speedrun

In Super Big-Dig for the Turbo Game Guardian (Released in 1996), it took approximately ten pumps to burst the second boss, Tawn the Alligator. Earlier Bouncy enemies in the level took three, and the Huntresses took five. There was a warp-space in the stalagmites of the fourth dripping cave room, and the music in Sodden Caves II ruled.

Riley’s mind was abuzz with varying degrees of trivia in the haze of the grind. She had entered what others would call a ‘gamer state’, and it would take nothing less of an apocalypse to snap her from it. By her current count, her grind for the Super Big-Dig global glitchless speedrun had been going on for roughly fifty-two hours. She’d been kept up so far by a steady supply of discount sodas and not nearly enough dust-less snacks.

Riley Durmont was a worldwide class gamer. She currently held the speedrun records for Star Control I, Star Control II: Return of Hartcore, the Planta’s in Peril mission in Turbo Milono Starshine. She regularly placed in the top five in national Street Combat II tournaments, and has won two of them outright. She was a paid sponsor, lived entirely off of winnings from multiple tournaments, and her physical copy collection crested well over three hundred games. She was in no uncertain terms, a gamer.

Which is exactly why the current grind for the world record of the obscure game, or in particular the difficulty of attaining that goal, was royally pissing her off.

C’MON!” she cried, shaking the controller as the stupid Bouncy enemy took off her hit point, sending her character into hitstun, and therefore costing her her run. “Stupid-ass RNG enemy spawn!” She grit her teeth and waited for the game to reset yet again. “I can get sub-sixteen minutes... if this goddamn game will goddamn cooperate!”

She was currently doing the patented ‘weird girl’ sit on her couch. Her knees to her chin, her arms wrapped around her legs to hold the controller at a less-than-optimal fashion. The dim glow of the television reflected off her large, square glasses, and her youthful, pretty face seemed paler than usual in the dismal lighting. Her light brown hair was very long, due to a lack of her ever cutting it from laziness, and was currently done up and held back in a clumsy attempt to keep it out of her face. Still, the simple headband was doing a crappy job and strands kept falling into her vision. She wore her favorite oversized t-shirt, patterned with a green crocodile print, and black short shorts. Her black socks went all the way up to her knees, though no shoes or sandals with it.

She was an attractive young woman, but thin as a rail due to her lifestyle. Flat as an ironing board, and while her ass was nice and toned, there was not much to work with. Genetics seemed to wish to spread her hips and behind out a bit more, but her diet thwarted every attempt. If she had ever wanted to, she’d bet she could get a boyfriend in little time. Of course, there had never been any want to on her part.

“Stupid weird pervert game…” she mumbled under her breath as she lost milliseconds on a mistimed mash blowing up an enemy. The game was built around blowing up the enemies, who happened to all be beautiful women in varying states of monster flavor, up like balloons and bursting them and reaching a goal. It was well put together despite itself and Riley couldn’t deny that it could be a fun platformer if not grinded for three days, but it definitely reeked of a weird director’s vision coming out unabated. Riley didn’t want to admit that… it was kind of… appealing to her in a closeted way. She’d never admit it, not to anybody. But she’d probably be looking up the sprite work later, and maybe some fanart if anybody else had heard of this game.

Any enjoyment of the game left her again as Tawn the Alligator Girl refused to burst as the game’s input delay ate Riley’s ninth pump. “Fuck!” she swore as loud as she could as yet another run got ruined by the game’s imprecise control reception. She jumped to her feet and continued her tirade. “Stupid ass goddamn stupid imprecise piece of shit game!? I hit A! I motherfuckin’ hit A!” To punctuate her rant, she spiked the controller as hard as she could at the T.G.G, and the game cartridge sticking from the top.

It’s reception to the game severed, the TV instead displayed static as Riley stood fuming. She pushed up her glasses, took a swig of her soda, and bit her nails a little. She took a couple of deep breaths like her anger counselor told her to do, and slowly tried to regain her cool. “...don’t be broken, don’t be broken…” she mumbled as she bent over and tried to stick the cartridge back into place. The discontinued piece of garbage had cost over two hundred dollars.

She only exhaled her sigh of relief when the start screen reappeared on the television. She returned her way to the couch, controller in tow, and was about to retake her position of play before stopping in confusion.

The game always opened with the main character, a small blue man in a latex suit and black beard named Jojiro, appearing out of a bursting balloon. This time however the start screen proceeded without him. Riley cocked her head, trying to figure it out. “I glitched it? Am I invisible now?” She was about to get up and start readjusting the cartridge again, before the screen flickered once more.

The entire room was instantly bathed in a bright blue light, and Riley shielded her sensitive eyes from the flash. “Shit!”

When she blinked them free of blotches, there was a figure standing before the console. He was short, yes, not any real taller than one of her discarded two-liter bottles, but it was him. Jojiro, the protagonist, armed with his picturesque pickaxe/bicycle pump combination weapon. He seemed to waver in the space like a ghost, and seemed no more real than he was on the box art.

Riley rubbed her eyes, but still the twelve-inch tall specter remained. “I must’ve fallen asleep at some point…” she mumbled, stretching her arms over her head, causing her shirt to rise up and expose her pale stomach. She was used to weird dreams at night. “Makes sense… I’ve been going for a while-”

She was cut off from her out-loud thinking by Jojiro the miner, who ejected the bottom end of his pickaxe directly at Riley. The bottom shot out with a pixelated sound effect, and it trailed a long hose and nozzle. It soared through the air no thicker than the cable of the controller and managed to embed itself directly into Riley’s belly button. She yelped in surprise as she felt the impact and the instantly secure connection. “H-hey!?”

Jojiro was instantly confident in the connection, and in an oft-repeated animation placed the now-pump mode pickaxe on the ground and placed his hands on it’s head. He pulled it up and with a fast motion, pushed it back down again with a loud hiss sound effect.


Riley had her hands around the hose and was going to try to pull it out when the air pushed its way into her. The effect was far from a subtle one as with a loud hiss of air, Riley’s stomach suddenly ballooned out from underneath her shirt, puffing out into such a state that she appeared several months pregnant. Her thighs joined it as well, swelling up several inches to match her newly gained proportions. Her belly obtained a shiny, latex sheen to match the newfound balloon nature, and in an instant her short shorts were tight around her thighs and butt, pinching the skin. In its completion, the single large inflation took less than a second.

Riley gasped loudly at her new belly, laying her hands on it gently. “Wha-what?! What the fuck?!” She rubbed herself gently, feeling the new sensitivity her belly had. She gingerly patted herself, listening to the hollow drumming noise it responded with. After only a second of hesitation, she pressed her palm inwards, feeling both the springing resistance and hollow sensation. She felt her cheeks grow red at the sensation despite her current situation.

“What the fuck is going on?!” She whispered to herself. Riley tore herself away from looking at her own stomach and back up at the figure that was the cause of her inflation.

It was staring blankly and did not emote. It didn’t seem to show any signs of cognition of Riley’s inflation, but did raise it’s arms again to ready the pump. Riley watched it intently, and gasped when it brought the pump down once more.


There was another loud hiss, and to match, Riley’s body responded once again to the pump. Once again, in less than a second her body ballooned outwards almost a foot, or at the very least 10 inches. Her belly bore the brunt of the air and grew almost as large as a yoga ball, but this time, Riley’s breasts joined in the venture. Normally flat as a plank of wood, Riley was suddenly in possession of proud large C cups, blowing up like perfect circles inside of the confines of her alligator-print shirt. Farther below, her thighs had expanded once more as well, with her ass spreading out beneath her to try and frame her stomach. Her thighs and hips had now swelled far out from her frame, swelling to sizes that far eclipsed the expanse of her shoulders. Coupled with her belly’s expanse it gave her a distinctly bottom-heavy appearance as she gleamed with both the latex pressure she had somehow attained, and the soft beginnings of a light sweat she realized.

Riley rubbed herself instinctually, feeling the pressure that had moved its way throughout her entire body. She hated to admit it, as it confirmed all that she had been trying to deny for a while now, but it felt good. Really good; the pressure that invaded every inch of her body brought light, airy sensations across her skin. She felt like a balloon, and was enjoying it immensely.

Despite this, she still really wanted to know what the fuck was going on. “Hey! Hey! C-cut it out!” She didn’t really know what to say to the little character. “I’m not an enemy! I’m not a fuckin’ Bouncy or whatever!” She rubbed small circles on her breasts and proceeded to cup them.

Jojiro, for his case, did not acknowledge her pleads whatsoever. His only reaction was to raise the pump once more.

“Hey, wait, don’t-!”


The pump went down. Once again Riley ballooned outwards several more inches. Her breasts took the primary force this time; she shot up from large C’s to packing huge watermelons underneath her shirt, and her tight, puffy cleavage shot into her chin. Her belly served to push her ballooning boobs into her face as it in question had found a few more inches to puff outwards. She felt her shorts pinch her skin, no longer covering anything more generously than her ass. Yet more her thighs had ballooned, and she felt them rubbing against one another with a light squeaking sound. She did her best to spread her legs apart to make room for her belly, and her shirt rode up higher on it.

She breathed out loud in large gasps, trying to keep her calm. Not just in stress though as every single puff of air brought more sensations across her. These rippled across her belly and tits and called out for her to enjoy the transformation into a balloon, to rub and caress her pressurized body. She ignored it and called out loud to Jojiro again. “W-what the fuck!? Stop it! I’m not a fuckin’ balloon!” She grimaced as she considered that, yes, she was now. But she didn’t care about the semantics.

Evidently neither did he, and Riley thought hard for a second. What was causing it to blow her up? When was it going to stop? Would it stop?


She didn’t even notice it bring the pump up, and was caught off guard by the next rush of air. Riley gasped aloud as she blew up a few more inches, her belly growing larger once more. She felt herself round out slightly a bit more, both in the chest and ass, but felt a different sensation. It felt like an odd feeling of the couch pressing against her back; normally due to her lithe frame it barely pressed against her lower back, she now felt it equally across the entire expanse of her back. Was she expanding outwards there as well? Was she completely rounding out into a sphere?

She moaned as she cupped herself. Her breasts had become far too tight in her shirt, like a separate pair of balloons she was poorly hiding. Down below, she was all too aware of her shorts’ tightness along her growing ass, and beneath them, her panties were pressing against her to the point of discomfort. She made a soft, keening noise as she fruitlessly reached down to her crotch in an attempt to relieve any of the pressure below. She was not quite sure how, but it didn’t matter; her belly was in the way and the attempt bore no fruit.

Riley glanced down into her chest again, and noticed again simply how tight her shirt was. She could see her latex flesh bulging over the side of the alligator-print shirt...

“...Son of a bitch.” She whispered. She got it. Riley’d popped that alligator girl over a hundred times in her attempts at glory.

“Hey! Hey!” She cried, clutching her chest, and more specifically, her shirt. “I’m not Tawn! I’m not that boss! Stop it! Don’t pop me!” Riley hugged herself protectively, and heard the creaks that emerged from her chest.


She squeaked as she blew up again; her belly grew larger, and she felt herself round out a few more inches. She was becoming absolutely massive by now. She’d started only a five foot five girl, thin as a rail. By now, though, after her inflation, she was swelling to almost a 7 foot tall balloon when sitting down and completely dominated by her midsection. In the soft light of the television, her body gleamed like a soap bubble in a bathtub, waiting to be popped.

She wriggled her legs to try and relieve some of the pressure that was mounting within her, and was greeted by the sound of seams popping away. She suddenly felt open air upon the sides of her thighs and was instantly aware that her shorts had torn away in one fell swoop. She moaned loudly from the back of her throat and caressed her sides. She hated how good this felt, growing so large.

The large balloon wiggled on her couch, trying to do something, anything that isn’t just being helplessly blown up.

“I’m… not that fuckin’ boss… S-stop it…” She moaned.


She shut her eyes and hissed as she blew up again. She felt her arms begin to puff up as well, starting at the base. Her belly rounded out even more, turning her less from a separated series of spheres and closer to one colossal, gleaming orb. Her panties clung to her lower hemisphere dutifully, cutting into her ballooning flesh, and Riley moaned loudly as she felt them grow painfully tight. Her shirt, overly large and stretchy before her inflation even began, steadfastly stretched to match her expansion. Her breasts, while still growing, were utterly dwarfed by her stomach, leading to her steadily becoming closer to that one billowing balloon with several bumps to round out the silhouette that she seemed destined to be.

She was growing far too large. Far too tight, and Riley shut her eyes and made a squeaking noise as she felt the pressure building inside. It was getting hard to move her arms, and she instantly missed being able to rub herself to relieve the pressure. She was caught with a flurry of thoughts and emotions. A desire to grow larger, a fear of an almost imminent explosion, and a whirl of analyzations that could stop this scenario.

How many pumps had it been? Riley couldn’t remember. She thought six. How many could she take?


She whimpered as another pump went into her. Her thighs bulged as she rounded out more. She was titanic now; almost ten feet tall, and her thighs had ballooned into smaller half-spheres on her lower hemisphere. She gave a relieved gasp as her panties finally split away, freeing her from the confining, cutting feeling. Her arms bulged and finally her last vestiges of free movement were robbed from her. She was relegated now to simply wriggling her hands, feet, and her head.

She panted and moaned as more and more pressure washed over her. Behind her gasps she heard a soft noise: the quiet creaking of overstretched rubber. She heard it, and softy whimpered at the noise. She was full. So very full.

That was seven pumps. She’d taken more than any other enemy in the game, she subconsciously realized. So, in conjunction with the game’s rules, she’d counted as a boss. Jojiro must identify her as Tawn the Alligator. She’d taken ten pumps to pop.

Riley bit her lip, closing her eyes. Could she take that? What if she outlasted the ten? Would he stop? She had no other option but to hope, and try her best to stay in one piece.


“Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh…” She moaned loudly as another pump forcefully shoved air into her. She managed to swell only a few more precious inches, feeling that sensation of tightness spread across all of her skin. There was the small sound of a few seams popping on her stretchy shirt, and her breasts ballooned outwards once more. Still, the shirt proved just as determined as she, and steadfastly held together despite the overwhelming force behind it. It did no good at hiding her nipples, however, which shone out as wide, hard bumps from beneath the print. Her entire vision was blocked by herself; she could only manage to view the top of her shelves against the wall, but she was distinctly aware of her head almost touching the ceiling. She was so aggressively massive, and the constant sound of overstretched rubber never left her ears. “D-don’t pop…” She whispered under her breath. “Just… just two more… Nnnf~”

She didn’t even realize how hot she was. She cracked her eyes open just to be greeted with her smoky, fogged up glasses. She had been panting from almost completely naught but pleasure now. The sensation of the pressure trying to leave her, trying to blow her into a billion pieces, was beyond anything she’d felt before. She grunted as she wobbled slightly, wriggling her extremities if applicable. She was a colossal balloon, desperately holding onto anything that would keep her in one piece.


She cried out as another pump penetrated her. She didn’t swell much at all. Barely an inch or two. But the pressure that had been pressing against her every moment of the inflation roared in her ears, and she gasped and cried as it did. Her breath came hot and steaming, and she felt the sweat that moved from her face and down her latex, gleaming body. It ran down her expanse like water down a windshield, and down her ass and nether regions. Riley’s whole body gleamed and trembled with the pressure within her. She dared to open her eyes a fraction of an inch, and from the corner of her eye, she could see that her body had turned transparent; she could clearly make out the multicolored shelves of games through the pale red sweaty rubber of her own breast. “Uhnf… nnnnf~... oh-OH!”

Riley was suddenly aware of a new sensation. A release of pressure, only a few strands short of euphoric in its presence. Air, rushing from her nipples and farther below, her womanhood in hissing bursts. She gasped and moaned as each spurt escaped her overpressured body, each one a grasp at freedom from the overflowing pressure. The trembling, overfilled blimp of a gamer girl wobbled, gasped, and moaned in the pregnant seconds following the inflation.

Riley had started small; a rail thin short, brown haired girl in an oversized t-shirt and oversized shorts. She’d been transformed in a matter of minutes into an almost spherical, gleaming, twelve foot tall balloon on the cusp of explosion.

Her glasses were useless to see, and even behind the steam, Jojiro was simply a blue blur behind her transparent belly. Nonetheless, she tried to see him lift the plunger for the final, tenth pump. She whimpered to herself, clenching her fists, willing herself to not pop. Every single ounce of concentration she had left coagulated on the single minded thought to not burst.

“I-I’m… nnf~ ... I’m not going t-to… oh… oh… t-to pop…” She repeated to herself.


Time slowed to a crawl. The last flush of air, no less monumental then the nine prior. The instant it hit her, Riley knew it was too much. She was already too full. A balloon overfilled, a bomb primed to blow. This air could’ve been a single thimble full, a puff from a kiss, and it would’ve been enough to burst her into a million pieces.

And Riley knew it.

“A-ah, ahhhh, oh OH OH FUCK YES~~~!


Riley finally popped, disappearing in a single thunderclap into a storm of pale latex shards. The room, already disorderly with trash and debris, was quickly thrown into a downright unrecognizable heap of her possessions. Game cases, soda bottles, and chip bags were joined by Riley’s own scraps of large and small shards of pale, latex-like skin alike. More identifiable remains, such as her socks and shirt, lay either in large pieces or otherwise unharmed save for the stretching.

Her glasses had migrated to behind the couch, while her wig of long brown hair lay draped across it like a discarded prop. As the blizzard of Riley’s shrapnel finally ceased to swirl, Jojiro retracted his pump, then gave a thumbs up to an unseen player. A pixelated tune played from the television behind him, accompanied by a series of text:



SCORE: 186000