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It was perhaps the most eclectic of arcade collections Shannon had ever seen. Nestled in a small side room of Puffed Crust Pizza, the motley assemblage of game machines ranged from your classic coin-ops, to light gun games, one fighting cabinet, and perhaps the most unique of them all.

Next to Heckin', the cartoon anthropomorphic animal fighting game, there was the pride and joy of the room; a magnificent booth of polished pink and black steel, plastic, and arcane metals known as Pumpers.

Shannon had never mustered the courage to pull aside the curtain and peek in, too absorbed in her pie or the other crazy games to really be entranced by a cartoony air pump and a seemingly Barbie-esque gal with impossible breasts. It was the definition of "sex sells" by way of lovingly crafted, if poorly marketed arcade machine- yet it had never grabbed her attention.

Of the few friends and employees she knew, only one had tried the game for any length of time; and the plump pizza-serving gal had sworn up and down the thing was either broken or cursed. Still, in the years since the economy had recovered, Shannon found herself a college grad and in need of a job- and thus began her stint at Puffed Crust.

She'd almost immediately put on weight, as if the very air of the baking dough swelled every employee so as to better resemble their bloated pies. The owner, herself a rather ponderous gal, was quite taken with the new poundage; and gave her a raise on the spot after she broke two-hundred and thirty. Rumor had it the lady bought herself a cake when she reached five-hundred pounds; but nobody knew for sure.

So it was that she found herself locking up at night, the last to leave, and doing the routine check of that cheerfully wood-paneled arcade room. Brushing a wavy brown lock away from her eyes, she did one last look for stray quarters- and made eye contact with Ms.Pumperella herself.

The impossibly buxom cartoon blonde looked every inch the playboy model- albeit so hyper inflated she all but bust the seams of her own machine. Shannon wondered absent-mindedly if the poor girl was proud of all those curves, finding herself oddly sympathetic as she looked down upon her own full bust and rounded tummy.

Movement caught her eye, and she jerked her head up back towards the machine- yet there was not a thing in sight. Movement again, but too fast to follow- so she allowed her gaze to slide away, towards the corner...

She caught the barely perceptible wink out of the corner of her eye, and darn near shrieked. For a moment she could've sworn that saucily extended finger twitched, a beckoning summons towards her naughty, bubbly throne. Of all the horror movies and novels she had heard of, all the thrillers and mysteries with serial killers and haunted places- none had involved something this absurd. Besides, curiosity was a powerful emotion.

It also tended to have dire consequences for cats.

Shannon took three halting steps forward and pushed aside the curtain.

Inside was a more muted dark brown and cherry red, though the pink theme swiftly resumed up near the screen. The usual quarter slot was cheerful, and the cushioned chair inset into the back of the cabinet was stunningly pink- and strangely new looking. As befit most cabinets, there was a quick succession of strangely detailed drawings showing the progression of pumping; a generous few handfuls to start with, twins that looked fit to burst her shirt, and up to bazooms that more resembled giant pale balloons than anything else. A pink and puffy question mark appeared after, indicating possible higher heights for this ballooning gal- though Shannon could scarce imagine such sizes.

She deposited fifty cents, and sat down with a grunt, looking the pink tire pump over for any blemishes or malfunction. Finding none, she followed the bubbly instructions onscreen to push the button near the coin slot, and settled in.

Immediately, Ms.Pumperella appeared- a beautiful buxom blonde with a cheerful smile; and a saucy look in her cartoon eyes. There was pneumatic, and then there was this woman- looking for all the world as if an inflatable love doll had been magically combined with a real flesh and blood woman.

“Thanks for choosing my arcade machine, Pumpers, where you’re guaranteed to have a swell time. First things first though, I'm 21 and over, so give your ID or drivers license a scan, and we'll get to playtime."
That was a new one for her, but Shannon did as asked; and a series of bubbly letters flashed onscreen detailing her height, weight, age, and the other essentials.

"There you are hon, looking good! Now tell me darlin’, don’t you wanna give me a bit of a boost up here? Mmm, go on- push that plunger down and see what happens.”

“I- gosh... hope nobody finds out I tried this thing... well, if you say so.”

“Course hon, this private session is just for us.”

Shannon blinked, unsure if she heard the smooth, sultry tones right- and decided it had to be a trick of the programming. With that, she put her hands on the plastic and gave it a pump.

There was a real, pneumatic hiss as the pump worked easily, sending a jolt of virtual air onscreen- and a tiny ticker in the upper left corner showed a bubbly number 1; and Pumperella giggled slightly. The already quite tight buttoned shirt onscreen shivered slightly around her bust, and the digital girl let out a coo of pleasure.

"Hehe, that tickled... go on, give me a few more..."

Shannon did as asked, beginning to wonder just where the "game" here really was- and if she'd really just paid fifty cents to watch a digital girl's boobs inflate. Still, the pump worked easily, smoothly, and each push down caused the milky white globes to swell further.

Now the shirt was barely holding on, a few buttons valiantly clinging to life before the enroaching march of balloon bust.

"Mmm, that allllll you got?"

"W-well...no...but, what's the objective here? Do I collect coins? Control you in some fashion? I can't just make you bigger...right?"

Shannon was not entirely sure why she bothered voicing her concerns aloud, and was even more shocked to hear a response from the surprisingly high quality speakers.

"Hehe, no coins here darlin', just keep making me as big as you want... Nobody forces much else sweetheart, and what would be so wrong with pumping me up more? I know you want it..."

She winked, and Shannon's jaw dropped in surprise and horrified realization, as something about this inflatable southern belle began to dawn on her.

“C-can you hear me?”

A breathy giggle was her only response, beyond a saucy finger extending to point out the details of Shannon’s IRL personage.

“What’s my name?”

“Shannon L Yanderson, aged 24, weight…ooh, quite a plump one aren’t you- two hundred and ten pounds; though from the pressure on that seat, I’d say you’ve blown up a bit.”

She giggled throatily, one hand pressing into her swollen bosom while she puffed out her cheeks- a fair imitation of the real girl.

She could hear. She could respond.

"H-how does this work? How do you work?"

There was a breathy chuckle through the speakers, a surprisingly real accommodation.

"The real question is, why are you asking me?"
"Well, you're responding- right?"
Strangely enough, it felt polite- among the most real of conversations she had held in days, with anyone. She made a conscious effort not to dwell on the depressing reality that this buxom blonde was a better listener than most folks from her University days.

Much though she loathed to admit it, the virtual gal had a point- why WAS she bothering to ask a glorified assemblage of code and art assets?

“If you want a girl’s number, you’ll have to play along- keep pumping, and I’ll spill a little…depending on how big you make me.”

Shannon raised the pump.

The next burst of air strained that digital shirt to the limit, the woman’s tits so inflated it may as well have been a bra. Shannon peered closer, and Ms.Pumperella offered a saucy smile, then winked- gesturing towards her expansive bosom.

Shannon gave the handle five pumps in quick succession, though the third tore her shirt to pieces- revealing milky white beachballs! Said humongous boobs were capped with pink nipples that shone like bubblegum being bloated ever larger by the moment.

“Ooohhh, d-don’t stop there, keep pumping!”

Well, you want a pair of weather balloons for tits? You got em.

She pumped again, and again, and again- sweat beginning to trickle down her scalp from the effort. The digital girl cooed and moaned, putting any pornstar to absolute shame in a matter of moments- for her groans were all too real. She was NOT acting, and decidedly NOT programmed to strain a hand towards her dripping nethers, reaching around her enormous, swelling breasts…

Something gave Shannon pause, some look in the girl’s eyes, a flash of intelligence and desire lurking behind the lust. Reluctantly, she lowered the pump handle one final time, and shook her head slightly- clearing the fog of desire building inside, if only for a moment.

"A-are you happy?" It was a strange thing to ask a digital woman, a few dozen lines of binary code and supposedly programmed responses, but it felt...right. Besides, wasn’t she…more than that?

Abruptly, the beautifully rendered blonde shimmered, pixels flashing on and off, an angry line of red appearing for an instant across her cheek. A stifled sob shook the woman onscreen, and a thick chain materialized for but a moment, trailing from a wrist to some point offscreen.

"I... Wish it were so. Most hardly play with me, but some boys...they come in here and... They pump. N-not just me... I usually can't see them, but I can hear them. I try to...shut it out, make them stop but... They just use me."

Shannon shuddered, sucked in a breath for strength, and responded in a halting whisper.

"I'm so sorry. I know what it's like to be used...discarded. Treated like a...well, a piece of trash. You aren't trash though, Pumperella- you're beautiful. I don't know how you came to be, but I think you're a perfectly lovely woman."

The words were out before she even realized it, and a blush steadily overtook her- but it paled in comparison to the woman onscreen. Her cheeks burned red, and the color spread steadily downward, turning the yoga-ball sized boobs into pinkish bubbles of virtual air.

"Hehe, cute bubbles, Pumperella!" "Why thank you sweetie, what a lovely thing to say. Mmm, now where were we, before I got all maudlin... ah yes- Pump for info eh? Well, you've earned a little now.

I've been in this arcade longer than it was ever a pizza joint, before the current owners, or even their fathers'- don't go tellin' anyone, but I'm an old broad."

"How old? Where'd you come from?"

"Best I can remember is, this place used to be a fine club; the place men would go for whiskey and cigars, women and wine. Tweed suits, nice hats, and dancers like you wouldn't believe. Lots of it is hazy, but I remember nearly busting outta my fine white shirt even back then."

"What happened then? What turned you into...this?" Shannon was on the edge of her seat- belly pressed firmly into the console in front of her.

"That's just the trick doll, I don't right recall! Ahh, if I could... I just know what I was, and what I am now. I'm no ghost, not really... but I'm not exactly a livin' breathing God-fearing gal either."

Shannon frowned a bit, and bit her lip in thought for a moment. "I'm gonna help you find out, somehow. I'll comb through some records in town, maybe ask my boss if she knows at least where the cabinet came from."

"Oh bless your heart! If I could give you a hug darlin', I would. Even if you'd just get lost inside this canyon!"

Shannon giggled despite herself, and found the idea rather disturbingly alluring. Warm wetness began in her core, and she felt a tiny droplet find her panties. She fought it for an instant, and then...she gave in.

Taking the pump in one hand, she all but shoved the other down her work shorts- and stopped.

"M-may I?"

"Oh dear, if I could help you along somehow... I would. Go ahead, you've more than earned it."

“But, you said…”

“Hon, have your fun- I’ll allow it, and even encourage it. I get to choose here, now, and I choose to be pumped so huge the screen shatters as you explode in bliss… all for me.”

And so, she did just that.

“Mmmm that’s it darlin’, keep at it- almooosstt thereeee... reach around that fat gut of yours, you overgrown sow- mmmrruufff...”

Shannon did as told, ever so thrilled with being ordered about by this puffed-up maven of the digital realm.

On and on she pumped, making those beanbag-chair sized hooters into right proper loveseats of air. All the while she stroked her own canyon, heedless of the noise either girl made. Digital moans melded with real, un-enhanced shrieks of pleasure, and such was Shannon’s bliss she hardly noticed when her own bust bulged ever so slightly with each spasm of ecstasy.

“Nnngghhh bigger, bigger, pump me til I BURST! C’mon you beautiful naughty girl... burst for me...”

With an earshattering bang, both women exploded- one into scraps of digital latex; the other into a pleasure so complete, she wound up spraying the LED monitor.