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Carnival Games!

It was a hot summer day. Johnny walked beaming. Taking in every jealous or second glance he got from the passing women. He had his arms wrapped around two girls, occasionally grabbing the butt of a third as they walked.

It was almost Johnny's graduation day. 18 years old, he had a full 12 years of school and now he could look into more studies, get a job, he had lots of time in his future.

The three girls he walked with on the other hand. Alexa, Scarlett, and Kari. The four of them grew up together technically. The three of them had spent six years of basic education, then four years of focused study, and already two years on their jobs. Alexa was studying to be a vet, Scarlett was focusing on durable fashion design, and Kari was an athletic's teacher.

Their build's reflected their specialties, Alexa was plumper, more sedentary, hair in ponytail. Scarlett was voluptuous, but otherwise slender, wearing her hair loose in a pretty style, only tying it up to work. Kari was muscular, firmly toned and well tanned.


Alexa "So you're finally graduating basic Johnny honey. What are you planning on doing next? Any area of focus?"

Johnny- "Uhhh..."

Scarlett. "Come on Alexa, Johnny doesn't have to rush or focus just yet."

Johnny laughs- "If I have to at all."

The four of them wandered the summer fair- the smell of junkfood, noisy rides and games. Barely out of adolescence, it was a fun young place to go, especially at Johnny's insistance.

"Hey girls, I was wondering" Johnny asked "Have you all inflated much?"

Alexa and Scarlett blushed. But Kari answered frankly- "All the time, it's part of my exercise routine. Even if the girls I'll be teaching won't be able to inflate for another few years, good to teach them ahead of time!"

"Why do you ask?" Alexa inquires.

"Because I was thinking... be kind of cool if one of you could win the fair's Summer Splash contest" He said, trying to be smooth. His voice cracking with excitement slightly.

Alexa and Scarlett both look at Kari. Kari thinks about it, then jumps a bit when Johnny slaps her butt. "I might be able to..."

Johnny grins excitedly.


The four of them walk over to the Summer Splash contest zone. Every day they were letting women one by one, try to win the pot. You get one shot, bet some money if you can endure the full inflation size, you win double! Otherise, they keep it all. And, today, was time for the BIG splash race!

All the money collected over the entire weeks the fair has been there- the winner of an inflation race gets half of the entire stalls earnings!

Kari watched as the current one-shot player tried desperately to keep together- trying to double her money. Kari mumbles "I've gotten bigger than that...." Right before the woman explodes in front of them. Leading to cheering and gasps from the crowds of women, and a few girls.

"Actually..." Johnny says. "What if...." He starts to whisper... So the three of them lean in. "You all play?" They give him looks of shock. "And.... the winner can move in with me?"

Alexa, Scarlett, and Kari left Johnny immediately to huddle- They whispered to each other.

"Johnny wants to pop us??" Scarlett said, blushing furiously. "He wants to watch us pop ourselves... in public!"

Alexa. "This makes that erection he gets watching popping scenes in movies make so much more sense..."

Kari- "We can't go through with this can we? We're barely out of school"

Scarlett "Didn't he promise that we'd all live together when we were younger?"

Kari "He did- but..." She bites her lip. "He's asking one of us.... what if he doesnt' get one of us he keeps going after other girls?"

Alexa "Almost no other girls get the promise of a man as young as Johnny.... to live with a man right out of school..."

Scarlett "And.... if we pop, we'll be popping together!"

The three of them think.... going through so many emotions at once. Hesitation, Excitment, Loving each other, Lusting after Johnny, fear of exploding, a bit of dread knowing even if they win, they'll lose two childhood friends, so many feelings so quickly.

Scarlett breathes deeply... "Let's do it."

The three of them hug, tightly, and walk over to Johnny. "We'll do it!" They say.

Johnny gave one of the most excited smiles they'd ever seen.


Kari gave Scarlett and Alexa some really quick inflation tips. For the first time, Scarlet and Alexa blew up their stomachs with just their breathing. COmmenting it was really hard. And... while the two fo them guessed that it'd be Kari moving in with Johnny, they still hugged tightly before giong to apply.


Johnny watched excitedly- As Kari, Scarlett, and Alexa walked out in some new bikinis. Scarlett was tugging on her swimsuit.

"This fabric is amazing, it's the kidn I'd always wanted to use in my designs- strong enough to stretch to full sphere size supposedly!"

"If you and Johnny win the pot maybe you can buy some for some designs!" Alexa says.

All three of their hearts pounded as they slid the water hoses into navels.

They all waved to Johnny as he stood in the "splash zone" of the contest.

Over a dozen other young women were participating. Kari looked at their abs and pecs- "Hmmm... none of them look taht experienced...." She commented.

The contest announcer walked around, in her own swimsuit "Last chance everyone? Last chance to join!" Then turns to the participants. "Or to back out."

Johnny looked disappointed as two women unplugged themselves, losing their nerve.

And so- the contest began.

Kari gave Scarlett and Alexa some last second pointers as they began to blow up. All the women blowing upf rom their stomachs first. Getting rounder and heavier. Kari flexed some of her stomach muscles, and her thighs, butt, and calves filled out as her belly drained slightly. Alexa and Scarlett tried to as well, but only had some of the success.

Soem of the other women clearly had no idea how to redistribute the water entering their bodies. The three kept doing their best to redistribute the water evenly. As they were all starting to near spherical size, nearly all the other participants were already moaning and groaing. Theri stomachs far too tense and stretched. And, they began to burst.

Johnny watched wtih rapt excited attention as one by one, the ladies who kept all their water in their bellies blew apart just upon reaching the sphere stage.

The three were flushed, and trying to not moan in pleasure. rapidly they passed how large any of them have ever inflated in private. Kari kept trying to encourage them, keeping the water flowing and wobbling, but never straining one part too much. NO points of weakness.

Sure enough, as Scarlett had said. All participants new bikinis given by the contest were still keeping them decent even as they rounded to five foot, nearly six foot spheres. And, poor Scarlett, despite lasting to the last half of the contest despite not being a notable inflatee... wast he first to go.

"NNNNNGHGGH!! UHHHH!" She moaned tears flowing frmo pressure andp leasure- She opened her eyes, straining, to look at Johnny. "Johnny- I love y-" BLOOOOSH!

Scarlett exploded, showering Kari and Alexa in water and her rubbery scraps.

Both Kari and Alexa groaned as they lost a bit of control, watching a childhoood friend explode next to them. And their childhood crush blushing and cheering at her.... at their... inevitable bursting.

Kari tried to quickly teach Alexa how to "clench" how to focus what's left of your muscles- as they fade away becomign part of the rubbery skin- how to stay together. As long as possible.

Soon, only Kari, Alexa, and one really chubby lady were left. Having stretched to six feet. Alexa tried, desperately. Not athletic by any stretch of the imagination, she had no idea if she was doing it correctly. Proper stresinga nd clenching is supposed to add another foot onto your inflation size... btu she just didn't do it properly.

And she too exploded- her splash soaking Kari further, and some even getting on Johnny and the crowd.

Kari was now alone with the last competitor. The "size over skill" type. Mostly fat that makes their skin looser.... so,s he had to clench. Clench like she never had before. They kept blwoing up, nearl six foot and ahalf in diameter. Slowly... tensely.

Kari was doing every exercise she knew to keep herself together. And her competition was groaining and squeaking. Relying on her size rather than skill.... good thing she doesn't have both. Kari thought to herself.

And then- Kari clenched her eyes and teeth. This was it, she couldn't do it any more. She was going to explode... like her best friends. But then- she heard a splash, and another splash of cold water against her dangerously taut skin. And her hose turned off- she won!

She could bearly hear the crowd as tehy cheered, congratulations and hurrahs. And then, she felt someone hugging her. She strained to open an eye to see Johnny hugging her.

"I get Johnny!" She thought to herself, still straining- she was dangerously full. Ifs he didn't keep focus, she might explode anyway. The strain was so tight, she couldn't even hear waht Johnny was saying. Then, she rolled forward, and Johnny planted ab ig kiss on her lips.

He hugged her tight. "not too tight!" She thought desperately.

Then.... something surprised her.

And that was all she needed.

SHe barely realized what happened as she felt the most intense orgasmic feeling- her skin giving up in a single moment. Johnny tickled her... ever so slightly.



Johnny was sent flying back in a tidal wave of water. The Contest host ran over- "Goodness!" She said "I guess she was fuller than she thought? She was your wife?"

Johnny said- "She was my girlfriend, the three of them were..." He said smiling.

And so.... three beautiful girls he'd known for 15 years... that he fantasied about popping ever since that Birthday with his dad...

"Did anyone record the contest?" He asked.