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Charity Pop

The hips of the dragoness switched back and forth as she strutted down the hall to her brother's room, her naked body flexing in the cool air, raising her cellphone in her hand to eye level to grin into it. Orange patterns gleamed almost like runic tattoos across her dark scales as her grayer underbelly flexed, her huge, sumptuous bosom bouncing a bit with every step she took as she teased her viewers: “Okay, opening the door...”

She winked as she slipped her way carefully into her brother's room, and covered her muzzle to suppress her giggles as she looked at the bed, where her twin sibling had passed out in a sprawl half-under a sheet. Not that it did much to hide his tremendous endowment: she turned the phone around as she approached, pointing it so they could see the mountainous bulge beneath the sheets, that was making them rise and fall with every sleepy breath of the male Breeder.

The dragoness reached in front of the camera, wiggling her fingers before she carefully grasped the sheet and turned it open, then she purred low in her throat at the sight of that half-erect beast. The dark-fleshed shaft sprawled up her brother's relaxed body, pulsing powerfully, a heavy, mighty beast of a cock that was already almost three feet long.

That sleepy, drooling serpent pulsed with each breath the dragon took, and his sister licked her lips before she reached her hand carefully down to gently massage one of her brother's massive balls, whispering into the camera: “Now, Rez is a pretty heavy sleeper, and he had a long day on top of that, so I don't think we'll have to worry about him waking up.

“Now, this is a charity livestream, boys and girls, so send those donations in, and for every donation, I'll take things here one step further. But because I don't want people saying Rey's just milking a good cause, I'm gonna make the first donation...” She winked into the camera, as her thumb pressed down on the 'SEND' button to do just that... with her brother's credit card, of course. “...and get things started hot.”

She leaned down, making sure the camera had a good view of her as she nuzzled hungrily into her brother's massive balls, mouthing, kissing, licking slowly up those heavy, seed-laden spheres. She purred low in her throat, those lovely vibrations making those huge orbs swell and throb even heavier as Rez gave a pleased sigh in his sleep, his mouth quirking in a dreamy smile as his shaft shifted across his body and stiffened slightly as a thick glob of pre leaked from the tip.

Rey raised her head with a low rumble of pleasure, then grinned at the screen of her phone, loving the comments she saw scrawling across the wide screen, the begging for more, the thrill. And donations had started pouring in as well, she saw, the dragoness feeling a bit of warmth in her heart at all the good she could do for the world... and an excited flex of her needy body as it rumbled in delight at how bad she got to be even doing something nice.

“Ooh, you want me to pick things up, huh? She teased, winking at the camera of her phone before she buried her face back in her brother's massive balls: not because of the donations, but because that was her favorite place to be. She nuzzled and mouthed them, her free hand rolling, massaging over a gargantuan sphere, shivering in delight at how heavy and full they were: he'd been so busy today he hadn't even had time to get any release, and that meant his already-generous nuts had swelled tremendously, larger and fatter than beachballs at this point.

Just the way she liked them.

She kissed teasingly over one huge orb, grinning against the fat nut as her eyes gleamed up at her cell phone, watching more donations pour in, along with compliments, wheedling, egging on. She winked at them, then slid upwards, stroking up the base of her sibling's shaft, working her hand over the thickening cockflesh as she ground herself against him and whispered to the camera, as her brother gave a low groan and shifted in his sleep: “Don't you love the sight of this?”

She grinned as she switched the camera view so she could scan slowly up the massive size of that huge cock even as she crawled herself over her brother, her legs spread, her thighs already glistening with her eager arousal just from breathing in the delicious scent of her brother's hypervirility. Her brother's endowments were incredible, and she knew she was lucky to have him all to herself... although to be fair, there weren't many others who could ever hope to handle a male like him.

Especially without the amulet she wore around her neck, which kept her safe just in case 'accidents' happened. Like the one she was likely going to have tonight, with the livestream cash continuing to pour in.

Rey grinned as she looked at the comments flowing across chat before she reached a hand down, sliding, stroking slowly across that thickening pillar of flesh of her brother. It throbbed, four feet of colossal cock, a little more than half his height. With how pent up he had been it clearly ached for release as it pulsed near his head, Rey careful to keep that pillar of penis pushed slightly aside to avoid his thick pre spurting out across his face and waking him up before she had even gotten started.

She shifted her grip, kneading along that fat pillar and tilting it upwards as she stood with a wink, holding the cell phone up to almost touch the ceiling as she posed with one arm wrapped around her brother's majestic malehood. He stirred in his sleep with a rumble, hands gripping the sheets for a moment as his head lolled to the side, but then he groaned out as he mumbled: “Mmm... more...”

“Hear that? He wants it as bad as you guys do!” Rey almost exclaimed, barely able to keep her voice down as she licked her lips and rocked her hips forwards, grinding her pulsing, aching clit and the moist, needy lips of her sex against that titanic tower of throbbing thickness.

Then she turned herself around, tail raised as she ground her ass back against that huge, fat pole of male-meat, her back arching with a low purr of pleasure as she carefully stepped one foot delicately on one of his massive, swollen balls. He whimpered a bit at the feeling: not in pain, but rather in pleasure as that orb – equal parts sensitive and strong – churned with his hypervirile essence, his shaft stiffening as it released a thick glob of pre that spurted high into the air, and thankfully splattered down with relative quiet onto the tossed-aside covers on the floor.

She got her other foot onto the second boulderous ball, aiming the camera down so her audience could see his oversized orbs, how her feet slightly sank into the skin of his sac, but how those throbbing meat-moons were large and heavy and solid enough that she was able to stand on them with ease, the heaving pulsing that traveled through her toes sending shivers of delight up her spine as she firmly ground her ass back against his humongous spearhead.

She managed to push herself up a little higher, her long legs flexing with eagerness, her rump shifting back as her luscious ass pressed itself over the tip o that imposing pillar. She arched her back with a gasp of pleasure, grinning up at the camera before she awkwardly shifted her grip around, glancing back over her shoulder as her breath quickened, making sure she got a shot under her tail so that they could enjoy the sight of his tapered, pointy tip pushing its way into her tailhole.

There was admittedly something incredibly hot about looking down at the screen of her phone, seeing not only the comments and the excitement scrawling across it, but also the sight of her own rump as she pushed down, letting gravity carry her down that thick pillar, pre and her own liquids helping lube the way for that mammoth member as it steadily pushed and stretched her wide, groaning in bliss at the feeling of her ass being invaded by that immense impaler.

Rez groaned again in his sleep, his hips bucking, his hands grasping at the mattress as his head lolled back on the pillows. His breathing roughened a bit as he mumbled in his sleep, as Rey bit her lip to contain her whimper of ecstasy, her hips bucking as she forced herself down his length, as her sex spasmed and an orgasm tore through her body, making her breasts heave, her body shake, her legs spreading wider as she squatted her way down his prodigious pole.

She squeezed on the phone, breathing hard as she shifted the cellphone around to hold above her head, gasping quietly for breath as she grinned and grasped the visible bulge of the shaft in her belly, the tip clearly outlined as it dug upwards towards the cleft of her generous bosom.

She caught it just at the perfect angle, drooling a bit as she looked up at the image of herself on the screen: or, more appropriately, the image of her huge breasts with that beautiful belly bulge beneath, and the sight of her body protruding even further as a thick spurt of pre erupted into her body and made her taut hide punch outwards visibly for a moment before that sloppy cannonade settled.

She flushed in pleasure as she rocked her hips hard, her sumptuous ass swallowing more of that massive cock, grinding herself firmer down that huge, heavy pole of meat as she shook with delight. Her head rolled on her shoulders as she struggled to keep the cameraphone aloft, not able to concentrate enough to read the screen anymore, but doing her damnedest to at least keep it focused on her as she panted quietly and bit back her whimpers.

Her brother's cock flexed within her and he groaned, shivering, his own head rolling on the pillows as his knot formed at the base of his pole-like shaft. His hips bucked as he moaned out in his sleep, a bit of sweat gleaming on his scales as his toeclaws curled, his tail switched back and forth, and his massive, aching balls throbbed with desire to release.

Rey knew she didn't have long as she rode that massive member: with her twin brother asleep, he wasn't exactly going to be able to put any effort towards holding back, after all. But she was still determined to put on as much of a show as possible as she gasped quietly, rocking her hips down against his huge knot, gyrating her body as her ass clenched and her sex spasmed, her orgasm spurting from the swollen lips of her cunt, leaving a wet stream of need across his boulderous balls.

She guided the camera down as she tilted her body backwards, groaning as she felt that huge, heavy shaft bulging her body further, her eyes rolling back in her head, a bit of drool dripping from her jaws even as she struggled to give her eager audience the best view on the house. They got to admire that huge bulge as the camera scanned down her body, then see the flexing wink of her sex, the wetness that spilled in a needy stream from her, and pressing against her asshole, that basketball-sized, beast of a knot.

She gritted her teeth as she rocked her hips downwards, grunting in pleasure, shivering in need as she rocked her hips hard, and she nearly dropped her camera as, with the weight of her own body, the strength of gravity, and raw determination, she was finally able to buck her hips downwards and force that fat thickness into her asshole, gasping and shaking in delight as her eyes rolled in her head. Her brother's body bucked beneath her with a moan, before he thrust his hips hard enough to bounce her upwards, and Rey lost her balance as she fell backwards on his body, gasping out as her back collided with a wet slap against Rez's chest.

He grunted in surprise, his hands automatically gripping her as he groaned out, his legs flexing, his hips bucking. He made a short, jackhammer thrust into her, then grit his teeth as his eyes half-opened, sleepily staring off to the side, still thinking he was dreaming as he slurred something that vaguely sounded like his sister's name.

His mouth opened, and he panted hard as Rey flushed on top of him, her hips bucking back against the rough pistons of his hips, his knot jerking and slamming up and down inside of her ravaged, reamed ass as her body bulged with the shape of his cock, with the thick squirts of his pre. Her head rolled back as she clutched the covers with one hand, and fought to keep the phone aloft with the other, treating her viewers to the delicious sight of her form bulging with her brother's shaft, of a thickness filling up her throat before, with a loud 'glurk!' a fountain of pre blasted out of her mouth and into the headboard.

Rez pounded into her relentlessly, moaning and gasping loudly as his eyes rolled back in his head, not aware that this was real, that he wasn't just masturbating furiously in bed in the middle of a wild dream. Rey's cries were muffled by the thick, sticky seed blasting out of her jaws and nostrils now with every thrust as her body began to bulge with the sheer amount of pre that was pumping into her... and she knew he hadn't even orgasmed yet, as his cock only now began to stiffen like steel inside of her, making her feel like hot, thick metal was filling her up.

Her legs spread wide, her hips bucking as she orgasmed almost violently. With a 'hrk!' and a gargle and a 'rrrggrk!' she wrenched her head back and forth as her hands dropped to either side, the camera on the phone just managing to catch her vomiting more pre in thick, gluey arcs through the air as her belly visibly inflated, taut scales groaning as they struggled to hold together already.

And then Rez dropped his head back with a loud moan, his eyes closing again: his churning balls thrummed and pulsed powerfully as his shaft bulged inside of his sibling, slamming several hard, short thrusts upwards into her before he arched his back hard enough to lift his sibling on his body, groaning out as the first true volley of his seed exploded upwards into his sibling's body.

Rey's eyes bulged as her whole body shook from the power of the orgasm: the sheer amount of cum that flooded her in that first single blast was enough to double, treble the size of her bloated belly, turning her once svelte body into a comically-overinflated balloon. She gargled, before her eyes rolled back in her head as all that pressure struggled to find an escape, releasing in the only way it could: from her mouth.

“Hrrrkrk! Gkkkrrk hrak!” Thick arcs of her brother's essence blasted from her jaws, painting the walls, as what little could escape around the huge knot corking her reamed ass blasted out in short, pressurized sprays. She shook violently, clenching the phone, camera jittering as it captured all of it: the sight of her body bloating, the impossible jets of seed from her jaws, the way her body quaked and struggled to contain the power of her brother's orgasm.

Blast after blast erupted upwards into her, filling her with his potency, fattening her, bulging her out further and further: cannonades of thick seed as her eyes rolled back in her head, and Rez blinked before he squeaked as he realized he was very much awake, and trapped beneath a growing boulder of cum-inflated dragoness. He tried to struggle, but Rey's body had grown so fat and large atop him that it was like attempting to roll a small moon off his body as the bed groaned beneath their combined weight.

More and more seed blasted into her: his hips shuddered and thrust on their own as his back arched and he pumped thrusts hard into her, grunting and gasping in pleasure. His hands pushed into her back as Rey finally dropped the phone, which bounced off the bed and landed in a sticky mess on the covers, but managed to fall with the camera still recording so the awed audience was able to watch as Rey's body grew and grew, until her bulging belly gently touched the roof above and nearly overspilled either edge of the mattress, the bed shaking violently from the vociferous movements of the dragon before Rez gritted his teeth as Rey cried out: “Hrr it crrmmssss- GGRRRRK!”

Rey exploded in a massive blast of seed, like a water balloon pumped a thousand times its capacity, the eruption of semen smashing through Rez's room and covering the entirety of it in his own essence. Walls, floor, ceiling, gaping camera, all of it were splattered with a thick layer of his cum as Rey all-but-vanished from sight in the white tidal wave that flooded from her erupted form.

Rez was left laying, staring at the sticky ceiling above as fat droplets of seed slowly spilled down from it, the entirety of the room repainted white with his load. Then, slowly, his face twisted in a moue of distaste as he looked moodily down at himself and his pulsing, massive shaft, the head of that huge cock booping gently against his own snout before he mumbled: “Oh come on.”

He slowly, stickily extracted himself from the bed, glowering at it before he shouted pointlessly as he helplessly shook a fist at his dented, lopsided bed: “We're trading rooms! You can clean this mess up!”

With that, he huffed and sloppily staggered his way out of the room to have a quick shower before he went back to bed, once again cursing his hyperproductivity, and his ever-mischievous twin sister.