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Becoming The Balloon 2

Randy sat at his desk half heartedly tapping at the keyboard. His eyes kept drifting back to the clock on the wall, just over a quarter of an hour to go before the holiday weekend. He read through the contract one last time then submitted it, one final job before he could have fun. His phone buzzed and he slid it out then jumped at the picture he'd been sent. Helen wearing nothing but some very skimpy lingerie, light glinting off her pink rubber body. He moaned softly and quickly hid it out of sight. They'd arranged a meeting a few days back and ever since she'd been teasing him. As soon as he was out of here, he'd head to meet her. She wanted to know all about how the ballooniefying potion had worked and he was hoping to get another dose. As if to tease him the minutes dragged as the clock finally reached the hour he jumped up. A few pleasant words with his co-workers and he was gone, striding through the chill air towards their arranged meeting spot. He was a little anxious as to why she wanted to meet in a restaurant rather than her shop, it would be a bit public for anything she had planned.

He reached the restaurant and looked in to see if he could see her then jumped as he was hugged from behind. Her soft pink arms stroked over his chest, the slight hint of her rubbery scent making him blush as she held him tight. She squeezed him softly then let go. Randy span to find himself face to face with the amazing balloon vixen. She looked a bit bigger, as if she was slightly overinflated and the slinky red dress clung to her. Her rubber body squeaking at her every movement. “Hey there baby how did it go?” She purred stroking a hand over his side as she slipped and arm into his and pulled him towards the restaurant. “Isn't it a bit unusual that you wanted to meet here. I didn't know balloonies ate?” Randy said as they walked towards a table. “Oh I can eat, some foods are easier to digest for us than others.” She said “Didn't you try it out when you were a balloonie?” She added as she slipped into a chair with a squeak. “Umm I was a bit busy.” Randy confessed with a blush. “Mmm you're gonna have to tell me all about that.” Helen purred.

Her rubber body squeaked as she dropped into a chair and he sat opposite her, running his eyes over her amazing latex form. Noticing where he was focusing, she smiled and took a deep breath, swelling her boobs out to stretch her dress. He gasped as she squeaked softly then jumped as a waitress arrived. He looked through the menu to cover his blush but every time he snatched a look at the air filled vixen, she swelled herself out a touch bigger. The waiter returned and took their orders. Helen surreptitiously swelling herself out every time he looks at Randy. Flustered he turns to take their order to the kitchen walking into an empty chair before stumbling away. She giggles and turns her attention back to Randy. “So, what did you get up to as a balloonie?” She purrs. Randy blushes and lowers his voice but begins to tell her. “Well most of the first day I was just getting used to my new body. I kinda popped a few times.” He admitted making Helen smile, she was well aware just how fragile her body could be but for a regular fur the sudden change would have taken some getting used to. “Oh really? And how did you do that?” She said. “Well the first time was trying to unlock my front door, turns out my keys were a bit sharp.” He said blushing. “And then catching on a counter top made me blow.” He continued. “Oh really, and then?” Helen said. “Well I went for a swim in my pool, but well. An air filled body doesn't sink so I figure I’d fill myself with some water.” He said. “My you' were getting used to your body quickly if you figured that out so soon.” She said. “It didn't quite go as planned.” He said. “I pulled my tail nozzle over one of the pool jets.” He said making Helen laugh once more. “Oh I can tell where this is going, we've all done it.” Helen said. “Got lost in the pleasure and by the time you realized you were getting tight you were too big to get free.” Helen said “You shouldn't feel embarrassed until it happens twice, or sixty five times. One of these days I'll remember to shut the pump off in time.” it was Randy's time to laugh, he'd already seen how into inflation she could get, it wasn't too hard to believe she's popped herself that many times.

After a brief interregnum as their meals arrived and Helen lent forwards. “So, once you were comfortable what did you do?” She purred clearly digging for some more lewd stories. “Well I went to one of the balloonie clubs I'd been too nervous to go to. And I might have met some guys” He admitted. “Oh, really how many guys?” Helen said. Randy blushed but then noticed the vixen was on the edge of her seat. Leaning in desperate to hear every word. SO much so that he reached out to move the candle in the middle of the table closer to him, He didn't want her next accidental pop to happen in the middle of his date. “Oh, just four.” He replied blushing but seeing her huff. “Mmm someone's ambitious.” She said voice full of admiration. “Well we had a lot of fun on the dance floor and then they invited me for a round.” He said drawing his story out to tease her. “There was a really cute guy a slim fox and we started by Sixty-nining while the other watched. They hadn't been expecting a shemale but by the time we were done they didn't seem to mind.” he dropped his voice just in case anyone was listening in and continued. “. The cute fox bent over for me and I couldn't resist. The big bull ended up in front of me. Turns out with no gag reflex you can really go wild sucking someone off. But he had amazing stamina. The other two, a chubby wolf and a really buff dragon took turns behind me. They'd managed to cum twice by the time I got the bull off and the cute foxie had taken at least four loads and almost painted the carpet white with his own.” he could see her squirming and dropped the lewdest details. The bull was so pent up he practically inflated me with his cum and that got them so excited the took turns puffing my cock up until I blew, all over the dragon.

His stories had the vixen huffing softly and a deep blush had spread over her cheeks. It was nice to get her all hot and bothered for once but she soon regained control and with a deep breath swelled her body even more, stretching her dress to the limit with a squeak that made several of the other patrons look over. She lifted a foot beneath the table and Randy jumped as it pressed against the bulge in his pants. She raised her glass to take a sip to hide her blush as she felt the tent he was pitching in his pants. Only to find her glass was empty. She blushed even deeper then gently pushed it towards him. “Run and grab me a refill, would you?” She purred and he reluctantly stood up, trying to make the bulge in his pants less obvious as he set off for the bar. He snatched a glance over his shoulder and saw her fanning herself with a napkin. And that only made his rod throb harder.

He hurried to the bar and dropped the glass onto the counter. “Umm another Sex on the beach.” he said nervously when the barman walked over. The tall wolf smiled as he made the cocktail looking over at Randy's date. “I've heard they can be really fun to play with, nice and bouncy. You're a lucky guy” He said with a smile and a wink making the bunny blush a deep crimson. He picked up the drink and hurried back, dropping into the seat opposite her once more. The desert arrived and he picked up a spoon, watching as Helen attacked her ice cream. He couldn't take his eyes off her and she knew it, swelling her body to make him moan as they talked. He couldn't help but notice many of the other patrons looking their way. Guys and a few girls struggling to hide their interest in the inflatable vixen while their partners glared. His embarrassment soon gave way to pride, they were jealous that he was with her.

Eventually Randy couldn't resist any more. He just had to bring it up. “So, um you mentioned maybe getting another dose of the nanomachines. Would you be able to transform me again?” he said nervously. “Oh yeah that, well I had a dose, but I'm afraid I've already used it.” She purred and his face dropped, he'd so hoped he could experience the lightweight joy of being a balloonie once more. “If I recall I slipped it into your drink while you went to get me a refill.” she purred and he gasped. “I have to say I was a bit worried you'd notice but, well I can be very distracting when I want to be.” She purred swallowing another breath of air to swell her boobs even more. Randy blushed then looked down at his arm, was it a little greener? He stroked over his fur and was sure it felt a little rubbery.

“Mmm looks like it's starting to work. If you want to be the centre of attention just stay right there but if you'd like somewhere more private.” Helen purred and her eyes flicked towards the bathrooms, his only chance of sanctuary in the busy restaurant. Randy jumped up quickly, shivering as a deep blush spread across his fur. Already he can feel the change beginning, faster this time just as she said it would be. He tried not to rush, hoping the dim lights would hide his fur growing shinier by the second. Behind him Helen smiled and stood up. She picked up her bag and walked slowly after her new toy, flicking a few notes onto the table as she passed. She slipped easily through the crowded restaurant, rubber body squeaking as she sidles past the busy tables. A few eyes track her across the floor but most furs were too nervous to make their interest obvious. She reached Randy just as he arrived at the bathrooms and found the male stalls locked. A gentle pressure on his waist guided him to the next door. And she felt him tremble as she pushed the door open wide. Randy gulped but he can feel his body changing fast and stepped in. A crimson blush spreading on his now latex skin. The soft click of the lock behind him allowed him to calm down at last.

He spun to face her and huffed. His body already feeling sensitive with the changes. Hints of rubber clearly visible under the brighter lights. His anger at her risky trick was fighting with just how arousing that risk had been. Before he could really figure out how he felt she moved in. Her lips pressing against his in a passionate kiss that ended when she blew into it. Randy jumped but he felt his body swell slightly, the latex that was slowly replacing his fur spreading even more. He could feel his shirt growing tighter across his chest and the waistband of his jeans is starting to dig in. He reached for the buttons but Helen caught his hands first. “Ah, Ah. I want to see you swell out of them.” She purred then leant in to kiss him once more. Pressing her rubber body against his. She guided his hands to her back and the touch of her warm rubber made him huff. She blew into their kiss, feeling him swell against her then slowly pushed his hands down sliding them under her backless dress. Randy wasn't too surprised to find nothing beneath it and his heart raced as his fingers sank deep into her ass.

Helen moaned softly as he explored her body and returned the favour reaching up to stroke over his ass. Her body pressing into his as her rubber fingers slid under his increasingly tight pants. Another puff and he was straining the waistband. She pulled a hand free and fumbled blindly in her bag until her fingers found her upload collar. “The new serum shouldn't need this but better safe than sorry. And I think it looks cute on you.” She purred slipping it around Randy's neck and pulling it tight with a faint squeak. Helen had to fight with herself to step back but she needed to get a good look at him. Already is swelling boobs had pushed his shirt out, the buttons digging into the fabric. Hints of green rubber peeked through the gaps his swelling body had created. His ass has swelled nicely too. His waistband digging deep into his latex hips. The bulge between his legs made Helen huff but she needed to stay focused on her experiment. So far everything was going just according to plan. “Take some breaths for me babe, nice and slow to swell yourself out.” She commanded and Randy nodded He huffed, swallowing air like a good balloonie and she watched his breasts and hips swell. His skin grew even more rubber as it grew, creaking against his clothes. “Ahh My clothes are getting a bit tight.” Randy panted. “Don't worry just keep going. they won't be tight for long.” Helen replied eager to watch the show.

Randy let out a soft moan and started to take small breaths, swelling himself out slowly to please his mistress. It didn't take long for it to have effects. His shirt grew tighter and tighter until a button gave way suddenly. It flew off to ping against the wall. Moments later another button failed this time bouncing off the sink. Randy gasped and squirmed as the fabric that had been tight moments before was suddenly loose. He took a deep breath, chasing the amazing tightness but Helen pressed a finger to his lips. “Slowly, savour it.” She purred and he nodded, whimpering with need. He did his best to go slow but it felt so good and soon he was huffing, another button popped off with a snap and ping. Randy moaned loud only to yelp as a kiss from Helen silenced him. “Careful, don't want to get caught, do you?” She whispered then blew tortuously slowly. He moaned into her kiss as she blew again, so slowly. He swelled out with her warm air, moaning lewdly despite her kiss as he grew tighter. Buttons burst one after another to bounce off Helen's tightly inflated breasts and with a gasp the final one gave way. Randy moaned out as his shirt fell away and the cool air caressed his naked body. Helen slid the ruined shirt off and reached up to grope his chest. His boobs were even larger than hers and the squeaks made the vixen purr. “Now let’s see how much those trousers can take.” She said blowing again, this time harder.

Randy moaned happily as she blew him bigger and tighter and soon had to lean in to maintain the kiss. “This is getting kinda hard, promise not to moan.” Helen said breaking the kiss. “Oh?” randy started to say then gasped as Helen locked lips with one of his nipples. She blew hard and he had to cover his mouth to stop from moaning out. Even so a low lusty groan slipped from his lips. She jumped to his other breast and blew hard, swelling the tight latex orb bigger than her head. Randy's own head was swimming and it was only the vixen's hands on his ample rump holding him up. The waistband of his pants was digging deeper into his hips with every breath but his rubber proved stronger and the buttons popped off with a snap to clatter to the floor. Helen tried to slide his pants down but he was too big instead with a smile she started to blow again stretching the fabric more with every breath. Randy moaned out feeling his body growing dangerously tight and stroked over his drum tight rubber skin with loud squeaks. Helen took a final deep breath and blew, either way something was going to pop. Randy let out a sigh of relief as he felt his pants starting to tear. As they gave way he slumped down moaning loud unable to hold back as his body surged out. He knelt panting before Helen but was amazed to find he still had to look down at her. He was huge and as he raised an arm he gasped. He could see through to the wall behind her. He was so overinflated his latex body was stretched right to the point of popping. “So much for no moaning. Just hope no one heard.” Helen huffed booping him on the nose. But he could tell from the flush colouring her cheeks she has enjoyed every second of that.

Helen walked around Randy stroking over his balloon body. “Mmm perfect, not a single blemish or defect.” She purred as she studied his latex. She chuckled as she stroked over his breasts and they squeaked loud under her fingers. “Still thick enough to hold together, you can tell how thick a balloon is by the tone if you have enough experience.” she said as her hands brushed over his thigh with another squeak. “Just under 15 gauge. Getting a bit thin for a balloonie.” she said then stroked over her thigh with a deeper squeak. “I tend to keep around fifty.” She added she hugged Randy from behind with a squeak. “Gonna have to shrink back down before you can slip out of here.” she said finger dancing across his green rubber body. She pinched his nipples with a loud squeak and moaned as Randy gasped. A gentle twist and they began to hiss. Randy let out a moan but quickly grabbed his muzzle keeping himself from howling out. The feeling of air rushing from his boobs was just too much to keep quiet. He groaned and moaned pushing back into Helen as she coaxed air from his overinflated body. After a few minutes Helen could sink from standing on her tip toes. She was starting to feel the effects of the deflation too, a rosy pinkness of lust slipping into her white latex. She huffed as she walked around to kneel in front of Randy then bracing against his knees slid her muzzle between his legs to lick over his overinflated cock. Randy gasped at the wet squeak then panted. “Do that again and I won't be able to hold it.” Helen huffed in need then smiled as she spotted the tattered remains of his pants. “Oh I know just how to solve that.” She purred reaching out and wrapping the fabric around her hands.

Helen stepped up, standing on Randy's thighs then reached up to slowly wrap the strip of fabric around his muzzle, pulling it tight to keep him from making a sound. “How about a little test?” she purred leaning in to plant a kiss on his nose. She lifted a foot and slip the soft rubber of her paw pad over his huge rod. Randy grunted and groaned but the gag kept him from moaning too loud. She huffed and stroked up and down slowly then turned her toes to press her soft claws against his rod. The threat of a pop made him gasp but even that was muffled and she stroked over his cock with a loud squeak. “I think that counts as a success.” Helen huffed before planting another kiss on his nose. She stepped back to drop between his legs once more and lent in to wrap her lips around his cock. Randy whined and shuddered as she licked over his rod. Helen began to bob, slowly pushing all the way to the base. She held herself there, tongue playing over his huge shaft then sucked hard. Randy's moan was just stifled by his gag and his eyes went wide in bliss. She sucked again and this time his cock let out a loud hiss as she sucked air from his body, swelling her own as he deflated.

Helen slurped over his cock between sucks and enjoyed every squirm and moan from her shrinking partner. A few minutes was all it took for his rod to start spurting pre as well as air. And Helen swallowed greedily, speeding up her bobbing to push him to his peak. A sudden tearing made them both jump and Helen gasped as rips spread over her dress. A jagged V growing between her breasts and twin tears up her thighs. She moaned out and dove onto his cock bobbing fast to push Randy over the edge. The gag wasn't enough to hush his moan as he came. Cum exploding into Helen's mouth in heavy spurts. She deepthroated his rod letting him fire every drop down her throat. As his huge orgasm dribbled to an end she slowly pulled off. Swirling her tongue over his long rod to catch every last drip he had given her. She pulled back licking her lips and smiled down at the now smaller Randy. “You look cute like that.” She purred standing up. Randy still felt a little tall but Helen towered over him. Her dress barely holding on. Noticing his attention, she rolled her shoulders to push her impressive bust against the dress and watched his eyes go wide as even more stitches popped. “How about you get dressed?” Helen huffed. Randy looked down but his clothes had been torn to pieces. There was no way they'd fit even if they had survived. She laughed and reached into her bag. “Here's something much more appropriate for your new body.” She said passing it to him.

Randy pulled the bag open and gasped. Helen had clearly planned this from the beginning. She reached in and pulled out a pair of white lace panties. “These first, make it a show.” She purred. Randy plucked them from her hands and stood up, he spun slowly to show off. His balloon body squeaking with every movement. Randy bent down and slowly pulled the panties up. The squeak made him bite his lip and he shivered as they cupped his ass. He was still a little overinflated but it just made it feel so good. Randy pulled the waistband and let it snap back against his hip and smiled as he saw Helen blush. She was enjoying this as much as he was. He stroked over the soft lace tugging lightly to outline the bulge his cock left in the fabric then reached out to take an equally lacy garter belt from Helen's hands he wrapped it around his waist, huffing at the tightness then fumbled with the zip. It took a few seconds to get used to his new ample rump but he managed to tug it up. The burr of the zip echoed through his body and he was unable to suppress the moan. Helen shushed him then handed him the matching stockings. He rolled them up his legs one at a time, the unfamiliar feeling increasing the pleasure. They stopped at thigh hight with a wide lace border and he hooked them into the garter belt. Once again he was reminded that he was slightly bigger than Helen had planned. Having to stretch the suspenders to hook them on. But the added tightness was amazing, he could feel everything hugging his body as he moved. Sensing this Helen jumped up and pulled him close. A deep breath swelled her against him and she blew to further stretch the sexy lingerie.

“Looking good let’s see how you look in a skirt.” Helen said as she handed him a miniscule black pencil skirt. He stepped into it and pulled it up slowly with another amazing squeak then buttoned it tight. A spin was enough to lift the hem of the skirt giving her a flash of the panties “Mmm you look amazing.” Helen purred as she ruffled through the bag once more. “No need for a bra, they just look off on balloonies, no weight to hold up after all.” she said to herself as she searched then pulled out a large bundle that she unfolded into a sleeveless fishnet vest. Randy's eyes went wide as she stretched it in her hands. “Always a good idea to wear something with a little give and I know you'll love how this feels.” She said as she handed it to him. He took it eagerly and pulled it over his head gasping as the fine tight weave hugged his latex skin from all angles. “The only thing better is latex. But we just want to turn heads not to get arrested for indecent exposure.” Helen said as Randy turned to look at himself in the mirror. It was amazing, he could feel himself tenting at the sight of his transformed body. And gasped as Helen slid behind him. Her hands stroked over his breasts smooshing them gently to make him moan as she pushed her hips against his ass. She reached down to grab the final piece and eased his arms through the cropped leather jacket, it left his midriff bare, showing the fishnets bellow and she eased the zip up, hiding his massive breast but leaving more than enough cleavage to show them off. “Just one thing left to finish you off. Hope you've practiced walking in heels” Helen said as she lay the tall stilettos before him. He slid his stocking clad feet into the shoes and stood up with only a slight wobble. He looked amazing, a real balloon babe. The tall heels made his ass look even better and his every move made his body squeak.

“Time to strut you stuff babe.” Helen said standing up. She slung her bag over her shoulder and before he could get cold feet unlocked the door, pushing Randy out into the restaurant. He froze as he stepped into the big room but no one was looking their way. “Don't worry, let them look, savour it.” Helen said pulling him close against her side. At least next to the giant balloon vixen he wouldn't stand out rand thought as he let her pull him through the crowds. It didn't take long for their appearance to have an effect. A sudden hush, whispered conversations, the clatter of dropped cutlery followed them through the crowd. Helen walked on seemingly ignoring the attention but her tail was starting to wag and randy felt his own bunny tail joining in. all the attention was intoxicating. He could feel all the eyes on him. Undressing him in their minds. The door swung open and they stepped out into the night, the cool breeze playing against Randy fur felt amazing, everything felt so sensitive in this form. “how about we head to my shop and we can explore your new body some more?” Helen said. “That would be amazing.” Randy replied leaning into the big vixen. She pulled him close and turned to walk with him down the street. It wasn't too busy so randy felt he could relax but he could spot a few furs looking at them. Trying to hide the fact they were ogling the pair. He couldn't stop himself from staring at Helen though. The street lights glinting off her latex skin almost made her glow. It was only when he looked down, he realized he was shining too. He hugged Helen tighter delighting in the look of a fox who spun to see the source of the squeak then looked on in open mouthed awe as they passed. “Having fun?” Helen said with a chuckle and randy had to smile. “It's amazing.” He relied. “For us it's second nature, we're made to be sexy, the centre of attention, desired by everyone. You'll get used to it, and learn just how to flaunt your body.” She said. Hugging him back. “So what do you want to experiment with first?” she asked as the shop came into view. Randy hesitated, there was so much to find out. “How about inflation, I want to try that some more.” he said and Helen smiled. “Good choice, you're going to enjoy this.” She purred as she pushed the door open wide and slipped into the shop.

Helen reached back to flip the sign to closed. She tended to stay open at night for her more select clients but they would understand that she was entertaining. There were usually only a few staff this late and they too would enjoy the time off. Most had already made their move having guessed her intentions and a glance at the main cash register confirmed her assistant had already taken his leave probably with one of the air filled girls. He'd left everything she'd asked for ready though and Helen sauntered towards the desk. As she walked, she took deep breaths. It'd hadn't been hard to spot that Randy like her when she was bigger ad the dress was already a write off. She might as well send it out with a bang. With every step she gained another inch. Her ballooning body pushing against the fabric, stitches popped and tore with her every move until with a loud ripping her dress came apart, ruined silk falling around her to leave her naked before Randy. “That's much better.” She purred as she looked around. A large raft would be the perfect place to experiment. “Be a darling and fetch that for me.” she purred pointing to a huge six person raft on a nearby shelf. At once Randy hurried over to obey. Tottering slightly in his heels in his rush to impress her. He dropped it just where she pointed, right in the middle of the store. He couldn't help but look around at the many shelves of toys and balloons, each one making his heart race. He turned back to see Helen lugging a large box over, the word 'pumps' scrawled crudely upside down on the side. She dropped it on to the raft with a thump then smiled down at Randy. “You might want to be lying down for this. And I'd suggest losing the jacket if you want to keep it. Everything else should be stretchy enough.” She said.

Randy lay back on the raft and watched as Helen pulled some unusual adaptors from the box, some he could recognize and a few more he could work out how they worked but some were a complete mystery. One resembled a thick dildo and Helen smiled as she lay it down. “We'll save that one for later.” She said then smiled as she pulled out a smaller one. “there we go a universal one way valve. Hold still while it put this in.” she purred rolling him onto his belly easily. He felt her grab his tail and the strange sensation of her untying the knot there. The whoosh of escaping air lasted only a moment before she had fitted the valve. “we can try other places later but for now it's all about the pumps.” Helen said as she stroked over his ass, finger squeaking against his rubber cheeks. The raft rocked suddenly as Helen jumped aboard and she straddled Randy facing away from him. He moaned as she dropped onto his back. “I've got a fun little game.” she called her tail bouncing off his long ears. “Try to guess what each pump is.” She lent back, looking over her shoulder and dropped a simple blindfold between his paws. “No peeking to cheat.” she said leaning over to grab something from the box as he slid it on. He was completely at her mercy and could feel her moving against him. She could do anything to him and that helplessness made his heart race.

He could hear her sorting through the box of pumps then the moment of silence made him shiver in anticipation. He felt his tail twitch as she pushed her chosen pump into the valve then shivered at the high pitched hiss of her pulling a handle back. She pushed the handle down hard with a loud high whistle like hiss. A tight jet of high pressure air lanced into his body and somehow he could feel the pressure of that small jet, though it barely made him swell he knew it would be easily able to pop him if she had the patience. She drew the handle back with another hiss and he whined with need. Only to gasp as another high pressure jet was forced into his body. He could even feel the heat of the pressure of the pump and it made him gasp. After a few pumps he was ready to guess. “Is it a bicycle pump?” He panted and felt Helen straighten up. Something, the pump maybe landed on the raft in front of him and he pulled his blindfold up. “An excellent guess. It's from an old bicycle's attached pump. Slow but some real high pressure. Good for on the go.” she said as he looked over the small pump and it's long needle like nozzle. “They can be pretty versatile too, the strangest use I've seen was one of those was a living inflatable babe who just slid that needle right through her skin. They're more resistant to popping after all and she blew herself bigger as air hissed from the hole.” Helen said her kinky story making him huff. “Blindfold back on, let’s see if you can be lucky twice.” She said reaching into the box once more.

He slid the blindfold back down to wait and felt her push another hose into the valve. A loud click made him jump and he felt more than heard the whir of an electric motor. Air rushed into his body fast swelling him fast and he groaned as he ballooned, his clothes growing tighter, squeezing against him. He felt his ass swell and lift Helen up as she let the pump push him out beneath her. Another click and it stopped leaving him panting. “Got to be a hand held electric one.” he said and she bounced on his ass. “exactly right, but that was easy. Get the next one and I'll give you a reward.” she said standing up. The raft rocked as she stepped off it and he heard a few thumps as she dug through the box. A louder thump made him jump and the raft wobbled beneath him as Helen lent it to plug a long hose into the adaptor. The long breathy hiss of a handle being pulled back was accompanied by a whoosh of air. Low pressure and a touch ragged but it still swelled him out more than the others. It was the biggest displacement of any of the pumps yet and he howled out as she drove the handle down with another louder whoosh. He moaned as he ballooned. The huge gusts of air swelling him out a few inches with every pump. “Mmm getting big cutie. Figured out what it is yet?” She called over the huffing of the pump. Randy groaned loud but managed to pant out a reply. “It's, it's got to be a double action stand pump.” He panted before moaning again. The intense pumping stopped and he waited anxiously for her reply. “Well-well, it seems you do know your pumps then.” she purred reaching out to lift his blindfold. “Time for your reward, someone needs to shrink a bit.”

She stood with a hand on her hip as she considered her options then smiled. “How about we see how big you're willing to get first.” She called pulling the pump over once more. She placed her feet on the base. Hooking them into the custom grips she had made out of some old sandals then grabbed the handle. It whooshed as she pulled up and Randy watched her balloon body bounce as he swelled. She drove it down hard and he moaned in a mixture of the pleasure of inflation and the erotic show of her body bouncing. Her boobs were squeezed together as she pushed down and she had to squat to force the piston down. She was too light to use her weight instead pulling up on the footplate as she forced the handle down. Her own body squeaked loud as she pumped. Making an amazing duet with the squeaks of his own ballooning body. She stretched and squatted in quick rhythm blowing him tighter and tighter as the shop lights glinted off her body. Soon she was panting, her body echoing the effects such a rapid pace would have on a normal fur. Randy moaned out with every puff. He could feel the air rushing into him growing warmer as she abused the pump. Somehow the clothes she had given him were able to survive being stretched well beyond their original size but they pushed back against every inch he swelled out making him moan in near orgasmic bliss. Soon his feet were hanging over the edge of the raft but she kept pumping pushing him bigger and bigger. Randy's skin faded from a deep green through a translucency to an almost crystal green before Helen stopped pumping. “I guess that proves the new rubber formula works. The first version would have blown apart ages ago. The vest and stockings probably helped too.” she added stroking over the fabric stretched to the point of breaking on his tough rubber body.

She stroked over his thigh. Then stood on tiptoes to pull the adaptor from his tail nozzle. She let him hiss for a second then tied his nozzle tight. Randy had shrunk by a few inches but still felt drum tight and guessed he was about fourteen feet tall. “Roll onto your back for me.” Helen said and his body squeaked as he obeyed. “Oh My.” Helen gasped as she saw his hugely inflated cock, nearly as wide as her arm. “I've never been happier to be made of rubber.” she purred jumping up onto the bed. She tugged his panties down then let out a long lusty groan as his cock sprang free. The squeak of rubber on rubber made them both gasp as she fondled his huge balls then licked over his tip. “Damn baby you're so big.” Helen panted hugging his cock against her. Smooshing it between her huge boobs. She knelt on his huge thighs bouncing to stroke his huge cock with her entire body. The squeaking drove Randy wild and his cock jumped, spurting pre over her huge balloon boobs. Once he was nice and slick, she stood up, feet sinking into his thighs as she guided his tip between her legs. The squeak of his tip parting her lips made him gasp and Helen moan. She dropped slowly on his rod. Randy moaned out loud as she slid down inch by inch. The tightness drove him wild. He could feel her stretching around his rod. He reached up to grope her huge breasts and gasped as she clenched down onto his rod. A strange pressure built within his balls. If felt like a building orgasm but different. He reached the peak suddenly. His huge cock throbbed as air whooshed through his rod. He felt her boobs balloon I'm his hands as she swelled. Helen threw her head back and howled. She began to bounce and Randy groaned as the pressure began to grow once more. He looked up lovingly at the vixen as another jet of air swelled her out. “Ah yesss, I think I've found my new favourite pump.” she panted out reaching out to play with Randy's huge boobs.

“Don't hold back baby give me more.” She commanded and he groaned as his body rushed to obey, a huge jet of air exploding from his cock. He could feel his body shrinking as she grew, trading his air for her pleasure. Watching her pant and moan on his cock filled him with the desire to him to please her even more. “That's it be a big boy and pump me up.” She panted out. He started to buck up into her firing salvo after salvo of air blasts into her as if he were a huge pump, made just for her. His pace soon became a slight problem, he was shrinking too fast for her and she lent in to kiss him. As he puffed her up she blew into the kiss, swelling him out with air he longed to pour back into her vice tight pussy. Randy began to huff deeply, swallowing air greedily to add to her own. Soon she was pushing twelve feet tall and her bounces drove him deep into the raft. Another pressure was growing in his heavy balls, a true orgasm this time and he began to moan out with his need to fill her up. “Not yet, not yet, hold it like a good toy.” Helen huffed as Randy whimpered. She let him fill her tighter and tighter but he knew he couldn't cum until she let him. She rode him for a few minutes more watching as his resolve weakened but he still held back, even as he whimpered and moaned with her every bounce. A soft hiss made Helen jump and she felt something ballooning against her plush ass. His balls were inflating with the effort of holding back. Helen lent in to kiss him and had to bury her face in her cleavage to reach his lips. She twinned her tongue with his for a moment then broke the kiss. “Give me every drop baby. Cum for me hard.” Helen ordered. Randy's orgasm hit hard instantly. His hips bucked up into her as a huge spurt of his cream swelled his cock even more. It exploded into Helen's pussy like a ruptured water main almost lifting her from his cock. She had demanded every drop and almost before he could think his hands hand rose to grab as much of her ass as he could manage. He pulled her back down, struggling against the force of his massive orgasm. As he hilted again he hit a new peak pouring gallons of his hot creamy jizz into her with every jump of his cock. He could see the huge streams of jizz landing inside her hollow body, painting the insides of her pink crystal rubber body white. He was giving her so much it was forming puddles inside her breasts but she kept bouncing hungry for more even as the huge load swelled her past sixteen feet. With a final spurt that almost left him unconscious Randy's orgasm ended as explosively as it had begun and he flopped back onto the raft. He looked lovingly up at his mistress as she returned the expression, her hands stroked softly over his skin, gentle squeaks easing the strain of the effort she had demanded from her toy. Randy flopped back exhausted.

She let him recover for a few minutes and soon his eyes opened once more. It took Randy a few seconds to realize that Helen's appearance had changed. At first all he could take in was the immense size of the vixen, towering over him. But his offering had more of an effect than that. Her boobs had surged out under his load and her belly was rounded, her hourglass figure giving way to that of a pregnant goddess under his load. “Mmm baby it's been a long time since someone really bloated me up.” Helen purred when she saw him stare at her belly. A hand stroked over the expanse of pink and white rubber with a loud squeak that made them both moan. She lifted off of him slowly then stood up. Only then did he truly see the scale of her. He jumped up and gasped, his long ears only just reached her hips, she was huge and he tiny beside her. But as he looked around the shop, he spotted something that made him stop. What he had thought was a tiny toy whale revealed itself to be a full size pool float. He was huge and his vixen was beyond enormous. “Mmm you look so cute like that baby.” She purred reaching down to grab him under the arms. She lifted him easily and pulled him into a hug. Lips locking with his as she pulled him into her cleavage.

Helen held him tight and walked across the shop floor, her long strides bouncing him in her cleavage. Her target was the warehouse door, oversized to admit the biggest of the shops stock. She lifted the door easily in one hand, her huge size letting her overcome the weight effortlessly. She had to kneel to slip through and looked around for her next plaything. A large array of compressed gas cylinders stood in their protective cages against one wall. And she walked over turning Randy so he could see her destination. “Hope you're ready to get bigger again. Time for a crash course in gasses.” she said as she looked over the many on offer. Her huge body was just perfect for manhandling the larger tanks and she dropped them onto a cart. She pushed it back into the store, Randy riding in her cleavage like an unusual broach. Until she found the air raft just where they had left it, if a little sticky. “Mmm we might need something bigger for me to sit on.” Helen said grabbing Randy and gently dropping him to the floor. “Pick whatever you like.” She purred, pushing him towards the shelves with a fond slap on his balloon ass. He hurried off, like a kid in a candy shop looking over the aisles a huge pillow like balloon caught his eyes and he reached out to stroke over it. The thick rubber squeaked under his fingers and he huffed. It was made to be an advertising blimp and was emblazoned with the shops name but it would make an amazing pillow for his vixen. He hefted it over his head and hurried back to her smiling wide and caught sight of her hooking up tanks to long hoses. Her size made her a touch clumsy and he took the opportunity to ogle her ass as she bounced from tank to tank. She spun to face him without warning and Randy jumped. “Enjoying the show?” She purred and he couldn't help but nod. Helen smiled and plucked the pillow from his hands then dropped it to the floor. She straddled it with a loud squeak then reached out to pull randy close. Slipping him back between her boobs. Where he belonged.

She reached for the first tank and pulled it close. Helen raised the hose to his lips but kept the tank out of sight of the bunny. “Breath in through the hose and out through your nose. Try and guess what they are. An easy one to start.” She purred as she spun the valve. The low density hit at once but there seemed to be no other effects for a few moments. The realization he was growing lighter hit him suddenly. Just as he began to float free of Helen's breasts. She caught him and pulled him back into her cleavage, smothering him in her gigantic boobs around him to hold him down, for now. “Got to be helium.” Randy called out and Helen smiled. “Got it in one.” she said then let him go. He slipped from her boobs with a loud squeak and flailed trying to grab anything. He spun, tumbling and looked down at her as he fell upwards. He was about to panic but he suddenly came to a stop as he bounced into the high ceiling. “That wasn't funny.” He huffed looking down at her. “Well it taught you how risky it can be to play with helium untethered, don't do it outside unless you happy ending up miles away. It takes a few minutes of huffing to exchange enough helium to start dropping. And some of us had to learn that the hard way.” Helen replied. He tried to push off the ceiling and found he could stand up, upside down on the roof. Looking up at the huge vixen below him. He gasped at the strange sight. It felt strangely right to stand this way, his buoyant body pushing him up feeling just like gravity usually pushed him down. It was surprising just how quickly he became used to his upside down world and that only grew easier as Helen inflated a few balloons sending them floating up to join him. She let him play for a few moments then bouncing up on the pillow grabbed him and pulled him back.

She pushed another hose to his lips and when he wrapped his lips around it, she spun the valve. “See if you can figure out this one.” She said as he took deep breaths of the gas. He felt weight returning as the helium was diluted out but other than that nothing, He was growing tighter but that was all. Filling up breath by breath with no other apparent effect. The huge boobs holding him in place and squeaking with his every move were a little distracting but he was sure it should have done something special by now. “Is, is that just air?” He huffed and felt Helen laugh. “Yup plain old air.” she said. “That's cheating.” Randy said pouting only to gasp as she stroked over his rubber body with a squeak. “A touch I admit but without a purge the gasses tend to interfere. I'll do a real one next I promise.” She said reaching for another hose. He slipped it into his mouth and she turned the valve. Randy took deep whooshing breaths and this time the effects was immediate. The helium had made him feel literally light, this was metaphorical lightness. He laughed happily, sucking down lungfuls of the gas as he squirmed against her, a happy warmth filling his body. “Got to be laughing gas.” He said with a giggle and Helen rewarded him with a hug. He reluctantly took the air hose and with a touch of sadness breathed deeply clearing the gas from his system. “So how does that work?” He asked. “Well it's not at all like with furs. Theirs is a physiological response. Your body can recognize gasses and the effects they have on you are programmed in. There are a few standards but the effects can vary from balloonie to balloonie or not exist at all. For quite a few helium comes with an almost alcoholic effect. Not great when mixed with the flying away thing though you'd have to admit so I edited that out.”

She pulled a fourth tank close and Randy took the hose eagerly. This time there was a hint of bitterness to the taste of the gas and as it filled him he felt a growing sleepiness, he yawned wide and tried to lift and arm but it felt heavy, then he realized it didn't just fee heavy, it was heavy. He could feel his body sinking deeper into Helen's boobs with every breath, but the gas made him feel at peace, completely contented to lie back in his mistress cleavage, letting her take charge of him. He yawned again and only Helen's hand stroking over his cock kept him from drifting off. That touch made him moan and purr. He was completely content, everything just felt right and he could stay here for ever. “So what is it?” she asked breaking him from his sleepy daze. Randy paused for a second then spoke. “Got to be sulphur hexafluoride.” He said. “Now that's a surprise, seems our bunny knows his gasses.” Helen said clearly impressed. She offered the air hose to him before he drifted off and a few minutes later he was wide awake and ready for more. Time for something a bit more difficult and a touch dangerous. She said as she grabbed the next tank. He breathed deeply and Randy could swear the gas tasted spicy somehow. He felt as if he was growing warmer and with a groan his cock surged out, rock hard as the gas filled him. He struggled to concentrate and tried to take another breath but Helen had closed the regulator on the tank. Whatever it was it had been programmed to be potent. “It's flammable so it's got to be something like butane.” Randy panted Helen nodded making her boobs bounce and just the thought of that had him spurting pre. She stroked over his belly then slid his cock between her fingers jerking him off slowly. “just right, though any of that range will have the same effect.” she said between his moans. “Though remember not too much and be careful to avoid any open flames or sparks. Blowing apart can't hurt you but it's no fun waiting a few hours to reform. Get the mix just right and you can even go off without warning. Some like that risk.” she said as he squirmed. “How about you?” she said and suddenly a lighter, rendered miniscule in her hands was pressed to his nipple. He gasped and moaned out. A little flick and he'd blow. His cock responded at once jumping between her fingers as he came. His creamy seed splattering over Helen's legs. She gasped and flicked her finger over the lighter. Nothing. “It's not full and anyway I there's no way I can use it with fingers this big.” Helen said. “but it's good to know someone likes a thrill. Now let’s get your head cleared before you swell up again.” she said as his cock was already starting to rise.

“Now how about the opposite. This one will take a while.” Helen said as another hose was pushed between his lips. Helen turned the valve all the way and Randy huffed down deep lungfuls of the flavourless gas. He couldn't keep up with the hose and found he was swelling slowly. After a few minutes of that and with no apparent effect he tried to reach up to pinch the hose, hoping to slow the flow and shrink down a touch. But his arm felt as if it was made of lead, not heavier as such, and not as if he was tired but a strange immobility. The more the gas filled him the more he struggled to move and right before he was completely paralysed Helen closed the valve. He could tell Helen was waiting for an answer but it was a real struggle to move enough to reply. “Could be CO2” he managed to pant at last. “You're worryingly good at this, sure you haven't been studying this behind my back.” Helen replied. “It's a bit of an odd one but it's made for stores just like this one. High CO2 concentrations are programmed to place a balloonie in an immobile state and relaxed state. Some people enjoy it too, being on display. Furs coming in to look up at you, craving your body. And they never can resist a touch can they. It can be quite a thrill to spend a day as an exhibit. If you want there's always openings on my shelves for a sexy shemale bunny.” Helen added then raised the final hose to his lips. Not the air one this time. Coming out of a CO2 trance would need something more powerful.

He could feel his strength returning and once he was able to move, he reached up to pull the hose from his lips. “Oh, so someone does like to be a touch helpless.” Helen purred as she closed the valve. “I can work with that.” She added smiling wide. She stroked over him and felt him shudder under her fingers. The two huge inflations had left him bigger than before but he was still nicely smaller than her. She hugged him against her then sat up on the huge pillow. “Looks like I've a bunny toy all of my own.” Helen purred as she stroked over his rubber body. Just lie right here, I've got to get something. She leaving him lying on the pillow and walking off in search of a new toy. He heard a growing thumping from behind him but didn't try to look, happily settling into the role of her toy. A huge purple buck inflatable sailed over his head to land in front of him, his big butt just inches from Randy's nose. The huge toy was posed lying on his belly like many pool floats but was much bigger. Even large enough for Randy to ride in his current state. He felt Helen's hands slip under his shoulders and she lay him on the toy's back, face down. He was still trying to puzzle out her plan there when she climbed up behind him and a huge weight slapped into his butt. “I decided to make some changes. Hope you don't mind.” Helen purred as she hotdogged his ass. Her cock was huge even accounting for their difference in size. Now it was Randy's tun to be grateful he was currently made of rubber. It was the only way he would ever take her knot and he could tell by her hard thrusts she meant him to.

He began to pant in anticipation as she grabbed his hips and slowly pulled back. Her pointed tip slid between his cheeks with a loud squeak and he gasped as she pushed forwards, pressing her tip against his tight backdoor. She pushed forwards gently grinding against him for a few moments as pre drooled from her tip. Then when he was nicely lubricated, she pushed in slowly. His eyes went wide and a loud groan slipped from his lips as she drove her huge cock through his tight ring. Her every move made him moan out in ecstasy. Helen slowly pushed deeper, finger sinking deep into his balloon butt as she held him down. She could hear the squeaks of his own rubber cock against the toy's vinyl and that urged her on. A few shallow thrusts helped open him out and she pushed in again. Moaning in satisfaction as her knot bumped against his ass. She rolled her hips grinding that huge knot against his tight back door then lent in to lie on Randy's back. Her gigantic boobs pressed against his head and she began to rub them against him with loud squeaks. Her hands stroked over the toy to grab his shoulders and Randy gasped as she pulled back all the way to the tip. She stayed, arched over him for a few seconds then drove in with a hard thrust. She moaned out, biting her lip. “Mmmph, haven't done this for a while. Still it comes back to you fast enough. Like riding a bicycle” Helen huffed as she slipped into a nice rhythm. The slap of her hips meeting Randy's literal bubble butt rang through the shop growing louder as she grew rougher. A cock this size would normally have him whimpering but his new stretch body took her easily, there was no pain for balloonies, unless they wanted it, but an almost endless supply of pleasure.

Helen started to pant raggedly. Her body feeling tighter as her huge orgasm built. “Ahh baby time to teach you all about inflation sites. With a nice hot puff up that tight rump.” She panted out and Randy shuddered beneath her. He moaned out as his own orgasm hit and he painted the big buck's belly with his rubbery cream. The tightness around Helen's cock skyrocketed and she moaned hitting her peak moments after Randy. Thick spurts of cream led the way lubing his tight ass and she pushed forwards driving him deep into the buck. Randy gasped and moaned as his ass was forced open wider by her knot. With a sudden pop she slipped in tying him tight to her rod. Helen groaned at the intense pressure then let loose. The loud phwooosh pushed Randy into another orgasm as Helen's air rushed into him in a huge gust. His body swelled out beneath her. The vixen shrinking as the Bunny ballooned. She bucked against him to add even more pleasure riding his ass until their internal pressures equalized. Randy moaned out happily as she swelled him to the same size as her then she reached out, sliding her hands under him to grab his big boobs. “Let you get a bit too big there, gonna have to shrink you down to blow you back up.” Helen said. She used the leverage to pull her knot from Randy's ass then as he moaned out pinched hard. Air hissed from his boobs as she once again deflated her toy to a much more fun size.

Helen stood up on shaking legs, she rarely let herself get this big and riding the cute bunny's butt had been intense. She looked around and pulled out a bag of huge ten foot balloons. In her huge hands they somehow looked small. She ripped the bag open and dropped a few into Randy's hands. “think you can blow these up for me.” She purred and grabbed his hips pulling him back to lie on the buck's back legs pressed into the Buck's hindquarters. She watched him puff the big balloon up slowly, his body shrinking and swelling as he blew then lent in to kiss his backdoor. Her tongue played over his still slick rump and she watched the balloon bounce. Swelling out as he moaned into it. She blew steadily into his ass, his moans music for her ears as she puffed him tighter. Her hands stoked over his rump as she blew again. Feeling his bubble butt swell on against her muzzle as he grew out. In response he blew harder into the balloon swelling it to full size. “What should I do with it?” Randy panted. patting the drum tight rubber. “Pass it here.” Helen commanded reaching for the untied balloon, she pulled it back the slid the balloon between her legs sinking onto the latex with a squeak as she guided the open nozzle to her ass. She moaned as she pushed it into her rump then started to bounce, every bounce on the balloon swelling her out a bit more. He raised the next balloon to his lips and Helen smiled, pressing her muzzle between his cheeks once more.

Helen blew slowly, keeping him topped up as he puffed the balloon out. Only blowing in to his ass as he blew into the balloon. Randy was still new to being a balloon himself and unlike a normal balloonie he didn't keep track of his internal pressure. As such he kept breathing in between puffs, unaware Helen's own breaths were keeping him from losing any air. With every unnecessary deep breath his body grew a tiny bit tighter. Soon that balloon was full too and Helen told him to tie it off. Randy was about to raise the next balloon to his lips when the vixen grabbed his hips and with a huff flipped him up and over to land on his back. Randy landed with a thump. “Wha-?” he panted to the huge pin fox only to gasp as she licked over his cock. She snatched the uninflated balloon from his hand then grabbed a second, pressing them to his nipples the thick rubber of the nozzles tight around those sensitive nubs, pushing in to make them hiss. Helen watched the balloons as they began to inflate then kissed Randy's tip once more. She pursed her lips and began to blow down his thick rubber rod. He could only moan, air whooshing in through his dick as hissing out from his big breasts. With every puff Helen swelled his cock and the air hissing from his boobs hissed louder. The balloon beneath the vixen was starting to run low and she grabbed the next swapping them out with a squeak. This time she bounced harder, forcing more air from the balloon to keep her bigger than Randy, just how he liked her. She would need more rubber for that and she raised the flat balloon to her lips gulping it down in an instant.

With every bounce she sank deeper into her mount and she made sure to pour much of that air into Randy's rod. She looked over the tanks recalling the ones he'd enjoyed the most. Filling him with her own air was nice but he she couldn't maintain the size difference and inflate him quickly; at this rate she'd take all night. Not that wasn't fun but the real joy of inflation was going too far. She reached out to pluck the two balloons from Randy's nipples then tied them together with one knot. Her own balloon was pretty much empty so she lifted off it as well. She jumped up onto the buck and hugged Randy tight nuzzling into him, as their lips met she blew softly. She felt the smaller balloonie shiver beneath her and huffed. Every breath made him pant and gasp. With one last hug Helen slid off the buck. She grabbed the bag of balloons and slipped it into Randy's overinflated fingers. “Blow some more up for me I've got to get some things.” She purred hurrying towards the accessory aisle. She glanced over her shoulder and smiled. He was starting to outgrow the buck and his rubber body still had plenty of give. A detour to grab a bigger toy seemed in order.

She strode down the wide aisle, her hips squeaking against many of the display inflatables and balloons. Most of her stock was made for regular furs and even her oversized macro toys would be a bit small for what she had in mind. There was one aisle that would have what she needed and she turned towards the small section reserved for commercial pools. A few small bouncy castles made up the majority of the display toys as many of these were too large to really show off but she hunkered low to pull out a huge box that normally required a forklift to move. Inside was a huge raft over forty feet to a side, just perfect for her plans. She hefted the box, wobbling slightly under the weight and set off towards her accessories section. A handful of hoses and adaptors later and she was headed back towards Randy. She laughed as she approached, he had taken her words to heart and filled the space with huge balloons.

She tossed the box down with a thump and knelt to try and open it, her huge fingers fumbled with the tape. Her huge size had some disadvantages. Eventually it gave in and she tore the thick card open. Helen unfolded the huge raft, kicking the big balloons aside with loud thumps. Her body jiggling with every kick. She could hear randy huffing and decided to tease him even more. She picked a tight balloon and stomped hard on the thick rubber. The squeal of protesting latex filling the air as she pushed down against it. It blew apart with a huge boom and she smiled down at him. Her huge body bouncing as she strode over to tower over her smaller, but still huge, friend. She lent in, her massive bust pressing against his muzzle to grab a balloon then stood up to tower over him once more. She flourished the balloon then dropped it between his legs and watched him whimper as she stomped down on it. The rubber squeaked as she ground her heel into it, smooshing the huge balloon against his thick cock then with a hard push it popped with a loud bang, making him jump and moan. She looked over at the many balloons but they could wait. “Blow this up for me now.” She purred pointing to the raft then turned her attention to the jumble of tanks.

Helen reached down and stacked the many tanks carefully. Her huge size made her strong but clumsy and dropping a tank would make a mess. Finally, they were all lined up and she dug out a rather expensive electronic gas mixer. Much easier to control than the standard valves at her current size. A few minutes more fumbling and she had the tanks all plugged in and the thick output hose in her hand. Helen spun and huffed seeing Randy sprawled on the raft. Legs open wide to tease her. He was completely surrounded by huge balloons. One under his head as a pillow. Between his legs he held a huge clear balloon, his own rod pushing deep into the rubber. Clearly the bunny has enjoyed watching her ass bounce as she struggled with the hoses. Helen walked over quickly, stepping up onto the raft and striding over to Randy. “Enjoying the show.” she cooed then spun before he could reply. She flicked her tail high then sat hard. Driving her ass deep into the clear balloon and pushing it down onto his cock. She started to bounce hard. Making the balloon squeak under her rubber butt. With every bounce she landed harder, sinking deeper into the balloon that couldn't take any more. It popped under her ass with a loud boom. Randy yelping as the burst rubber whipped his cock then grunted as she landed in his lap, his cock bouncing against her belly. Helen squeezed her thighs around his rod. Rolling her hips to grind against it and soon had Randy huffing loud. She reached out pulling another balloon close and pressed it to his tip. Hearing Randy moan as she drove the balloon down on his cock, watching it sink in like a lewd needle. With much the same effect. The balloon exploded with a loud boom that made Randy squirm. His cock throbbed and squirted pre over her belly.

Before the boom had stopped echoing she had another pressed to his rod and moments layer another bang rang out Randy jumping and moaning beneath her. She plucked a shard from her bust and wolfed it down. Bursting balloon after balloon on his rod. It didn't take long to run out of balloons but Helen wanted more rubber. Her new plaything liked it big and she was going to give it to him. She bounced up off his cock and lent over, grabbing the long hose she had prepared earlier and a bag of her more unusual balloons. Helen closed her eyes to concentrate on the gas mixer, she wanted to make the perfect cocktail for Randy. The main component was simple air, he was going to grow for her. Next was a gust of helium, just enough to make him light but he'd stay this side of floating. A big burst of CO2 to make him her submissive pet, just how he liked. Helen hummed as she considered her mix so far, then added a small dash of butane, she wanted him sensitive. A nice dash of nitrous oxide finished her mix, just enough to make him a little tipsy.

Helen opened her eyes and reached for the hose then stopped as a smaller tank caught her eye. Her own special mix. She had made it to activate a balloonie's pleasure receptors, enhancing every touch into intense pleasure. But it couldn't just be added to his mix, it was too powerful. Helen was used to it but to Randy it would be literally orgasmic. She would need to carefully manage the doses. Helen reached out and fumbled a second hose onto the nozzle then spun the valve. She eased the hose into her ass the picked up Randy's hose, huffing as the gas went to work on her huge body. She crawled over slowly watching him pant then pressed the long hose into his ass. A quick blink to activate the mixer and it began to hiss. Randy moaning as he began to balloon slowly. She could feel her own body swelling much slower and gulped down a huge breath of air. Her gas was making her latex form tingle but the flow wasn't enough to keep her bigger than Randy on its own. Helen watched him swell for a moment and he huffed seeing her ballooning just as fast, her big breasts bouncing and growing as she swallowed air.

Helen grabbed the new balloons and ripped the bag open, pouring them out between his thighs. She picked one up and blew hard, swelling the giant donut out fast. Once it was tight, she spun it in her paws then raised it high, licking over the hole. They were big enough for a regular fur to use as a swim ring but it took a hard push to sink the ring down his cock. As it slid down she kissed his tip and blew, swelling his cook a few inches bigger in the ring. The gas filling her boosted the sensitivity of the bunny just as the ring squeaked loud on his rod and he moaned loud, pre exploding into Helen's mouth. She lifted off his cock then blew another balloon out, slurping over his rod as she slid it down to press into the other ring with a squeak. She started to alternate, making him moan as she blew into his cock then gasp as she played with the growing tower of rubber cock rings around it as she added one after another.

Soon only his tip poked from the tower of brightly coloured rubber rings and Helen began to slurp over it making her toy moan and huff. She began to blow into his cock, swelling it even larger until the rings began to creak. Her nose squeaking against the top most of the rings as she bobbed. Satisfied Helen jumped up and pushed the rings down firmly then rising onto her tiptoes she straddled him. Her tight pussy kissing his tip. She dropped hard landing on the ring with a thump. Randy let out a shout of pure pleasure as every one of the balloons squealed, transmitting their vibrations straight into his rod. The squeaks and squeals of rubber on rubber only grew louder as Helen started to bounce. She could feel Randy's cock throbbing as the balloon around it pulsed under her ass. She wanted more and bounced hard, making the ring bulge out lewdly. She grabbed the knot and tugged hard. Watching the balloon neck out as she pounded her ass down into it drover her wild. Helen growled and slammed her ass down hard, feet leaving the raft with the force of the bounce. The ring came apart with a boom, shards whipping Helen's ass as she plunged through it to sink a foot deeper on his rod. The next ring groaned under her rump, almost popping, and Helen started to bounce again. It wouldn't be long until it did.

All the while the hose poured air into Randy's ass, swelling the cute bunny bigger by the second. Helen realised he was almost as big as her and lent forwards, lying on the tower of donuts to grope Randy's huge balloon boobs. She pinched his nipples with twin hisses and felt his cock throb in her. Then the balloon vixen latched on to one of his breasts, biting lightly to make him hiss again. Helen murred as the gas filling him started to swell her out too. She blew replacing the air she had taken with her own lust boosting filling. Helen switched to his other breast, drinking his air then blowing him tight with her own. One hand played with his free breast as the other stroked down her side to the ring holding her up. She bounced on it with a thump to make him hug it then began to grind against the balloon, her clit pressed into the tight rubber. The balloon creaked as she pushed her fingers into the shiny vinyl then with a hard jab it blew apart dropping her another foot down his rod.

The next balloon couldn't take the impact and it too burst between them making the pair moan. With a squeak Helen pushed up of Randy's boobs to sit on his cock once more, now she had enough rod to really bounce and she lifted high. Slamming down to blow another balloon apart with every brutal bounce. Making her bunny pant and yelp with every boom she sent ringing through his massive cock. In return he flooded her tight pussy with pre, the gases filling him dissolved into it making her head swim. He had grown so big and she had become so tight that his huge cock was slowing her bounces. The loud squeaks of their passion making them moan together. The balloons under her just wouldn't pop. Instead she sank as deep as she could and began to rock, pushing her ass deep into them as they squeaked on Randy's cock. Helen giggled as a lewd idea occurred and pushed deep on him then clenched down on his rod as hard as she could. Squeezing her breasts together to tease her bunny. Randy responded just as she knew he would. He huffed loud, cock throbbing as it tried to fill her womb with pre. But she was too tight, his juices had nowhere to go. Helen huffed as his cock swelled out within her. The balloon cock ring didn't stand a chance, ripped apart by his massive rod as it swelled.

Helen jumped as the balloons beneath her all burst at once. Relaxing her grip on his rod in surprise. She plunged down his shaft as pre erupted from his tip like a geyser. The force of his juices was so powerful it managed to cushion her landing and her plush bubble butt landed in his lap with the softest of thumps. His cock fired again bouncing her up as he bored her belly. “Oh baby, and that's just pre, don't you dare pop me before you blow.” Helen panted as she began to bounce in his lap, her own cock thumping between Randy's boobs. The bunny moaned lustily. Between the gas filling him and the pleasure she was inflicting on him he was almost completely helpless. But he wanted to please her even more and reached up with heavy and to squeeze his balloon boobs around her thick rod. Helen moaned and rocked forwards, fucking the bunnies boobs as she rode his cock. “Ahh that's it, you're amazing." She panted their tightly inflated bodies squeaking loud. She reached out to grab his nipples pinching then to make Randy gasp. She dropped forwards to press her boobs against Randy's. She kissed her bunny then blew swelling him out more. She was starting to worry his load really would pop her and she needed to lose pressure. And where better to put it than Randy. With every breath his boobs swelled out, pushing against her huge cock as she bounced on him.

Not just pressure was building in Randy's balloon body and he was soon huffing and moaning loud. His cock throbbed with every bounce making Helen moan too. She could tell he was trying to hold back like a good little pet and lent in close. “You're amazing little bunny. Now cum for me.” she whispered in his ear, pushing up to slam down on his cock one last time. Thrusting forwards as she dropped to push her cock into his mouth. Randy obeyed at once, hips bucking and moaning loud as his cock pumped. Huge spurts of cum and gusts of air poured through his rod and into the balloon vixen swelling her fast. Her rubber skin began to creak pushing her over the edge moments later. Randy gasped as Helen clenched down on his cock then felt the rod in his mouth throb. A thick spurt of vixen jizz filled his mouth and he swallowed quickly, drinking down her lust boosting cream as he unloaded his jizz into her belly. Like her his cream was infused with the gases filling him and Helen felt herself growing weaker and hornier with every huge pump. The mix seemed a little rich, the air tank diluting his mix must have run dry. She was about to check on it when Randy moaned even louder. Bucking up into her as his cock unleashed an enormous torrent of cum. Helen howled, belly and boobs surging out under the explosion of hot creamy jizz. Her body replied with an even bigger spurt, flooding his muzzle with her cream. Randy swallowed greedily, swelling his belly so as not to waste a single drop. Their mutual orgasm began to slow but it still took a few minutes before they ran dry. Helen lay on her hugely bloated pet, murring softly as she stroked over his dangerously taut skin. His hands slid down her back to grope her bubble butt, she felt even tighter than he was. Helen pressed a hand against Randy's boobs. “You just don't blow up do you.” She said with a huff. “I know just how to make you boom. My turn on top.” Helen added slowly lifting off his rod with a lewd slurp.

She had to push up onto her tiptoes to lift from his rod and smiled happily and she knelt, licking over his massive cock from base to tip. Being rubber really did have some advantages, she thought as their mixed juices filled her mouth. After a few seconds to savour the taste she reached down to grab the hose up his butt. It would be in the way there but she wondered where to put it instead. Pulling it out slowly made Randy moan and his cock bounce just inches from her nose. That would work just fine. Helen grabbed his cock. Squeezing lightly as she held it still and pressed the house to his tip. Randy could only moan as it sank in, still hissing. Seeing him moan like that made the vixen jealous and she lent back, grabbing a simple air tank and another long hose. She huffed as she slid it deep into her pussy then span the valve on the tank. Another soft hiss made them both moan. Randy watched on in awe as she began to swell fast. Helen slid a hand under Randy's hip and flipped him onto all fours before spreading his ass cheeks with a loud squeak. The squeak of her tongue on his backdoor made him gasp, only to moan as she blew hard. She grabbed his stubby tail and pulled him back against her. Cock thumping between the bun's buns. Squeaks filled the air as she rocked against him. Hotdogging his butt with her slowly swelling cock. “Ready?” Helen purred stroking over his rump, admiring how bloated and tight he had become. The gas filling him might have left him too weak to support his own weight but his ballooned belly and boobs took up the slack. Holding him at the perfect height for her.

Randy nodded eagerly and Helen pulled back to line up. Pressing her thick rubber cock against his ass with a loud squeak. She pushed against him but he was so tight it simply slid him across the raft. She grabbed his tail again and pulled hard feeling it stretch. Finally, she sank into his rump with a loud squash and dual gasped. He was so tight around her. Almost crushing her cock, and it would only get better as he grew. Already his feet had left the raft and his arms hung uselessly. Only his belly and boobs holding him up, both growing rounder by the second. Helen pushed forwards until her knot was pressing against his ass then held there moaning. Every time her cock bounced to spurt pre it bounced her bunny up off the raft to land on his belly with a lewd thump. Once he was nice and lubed up she grabbed his hips, pulling back slowly then driving back in. He was so tight she could only go slow but that only made it even more intense. His balloon body squeaked loud as her massive rod pushed in. She slowly sped up, every thrust a little easier as she flooded his ass with her slick pre. She moved her hands from his hips to his belly, squeezing and stroking it as she fucked him. “Lie on my back, please.” Randy begged then gasped as she lifted up then pushed forwards giving him just what he wanted. Her huge boobs smooshing against his back as she thrust down into him, pressing his bloated belly and boobs into the raft as they swelled out.

The hose pushed into his cock continued to hiss the whole time making him moan as it bloated his already tight body more and more. Meanwhile Helen was swelling too her breasts and butt bearing most of the change. but her cock was not far behind. Stretching Randy's ass even as it grew tighter. He had grown so tight the swelling had spread out, rounding every inch of his body as it grew bigger. “Not going to lie I really thought you'd have popped by now, but you've still got plenty of give.” Helen huffed hugging him tight to prove it and making his belly bulge even more. Soon it had lifted her so high her feet couldn't touch the raft the raft. Letting his swollen body carry her weight as she bounced on his ass, driving her cock into him with loud squeaks. “You mean I can still get bigger?” Randy huffed in amazement. Not being able to believe he had gotten this big. Helen gave him another squeeze feeling how much give was left in his rubber skin. She was a self taught expert on judging balloons and as long as there were no defects she could grantee a pop to within a single puff. “Oh I'd say you've got another ten percent bigger to grow before you boom.” Which created a bit of a problem. they were growing at the same rate and her judgment of her own capacity put her limit at no more than six percent bigger.

Her only hope was her building orgasm, that would even things up. She didn't mind popping but she wanted to be sure Randy burst like a cheap party balloon. Helen sped up as much as his tight ass would allow. Her heavy balls bouncing against his hugely bloated orbs. With every bounce he bulged out, moaning loud at her passionate love making. “Ahh here we go, ready to burst cutie?” Helen panted. Her cum bloated balls pulling up as she prepared to unleash a tidal wave of cream. “Ah ahh yess make me pop.” Randy gaped back right on the edge of his own orgasm. Helen pulled all the way out and put all her effort into her final thrust. Slamming down into Randy with an ear splitting squeak. She squished him beneath her as she drove deep, grinding her knot into his tight ass. The loud thump of her knot slipping through made them both gasp. “Oops.” Helen panted but it was too late. With a howl Randy came, soaking the raft with his jizz as his ass rippled on her cock. It was too much and with a lusty yell Helen let go. Her huge load surged into his ass bursting through the internal valve to balloon his belly even more. He moaned loud into the raft feeling his body stretch with loud creaks. He was gaining nearly a foot with every pulse of her cock and his own orgasm barely slowed it. Even though he was painting the raft white. With a gasp he realised his latex skin was growing transparent under the strain. He could see Helen above him and the raft through his bloated arm. As he grew bigger he grew tighter and Helen huffed raggedly. She couldn't hump at all and the pressure around her cock was so great her load was starting to backwash into her body, swelling her about as much as it swelled him. Now it was her turn to round out, the massive inflation softening her body as it rendered Randy almost round. Eventually he was so tight nothing could get through and her orgasm dribbled to an end without popping him. Helen tried to pull out but she was stuck tight, she wasn't sure she'd have been able to pull out anyway but knotting him made it impossible. She tried to reach back to the hoses stuffed in her pussy and ass but she was too bloated to get anywhere near “Oops, shouldn't have knotted you. I'm gonna blow.” Helen huffed and felt him shudder in excitement. He knew he wouldn't outlast her by much.

The hoses hissed, steadily filling the helpless balloonies. Making their rubber bodies creak and groan as they grew inch by tortuous inch. Every squirm and creak of stretching latex an explosion of pleasure. Randy was rounder than Helen but she'd made his new body to grow, feeding his lust for inflation. And the very load that had been meant to pop him had instead reinforced his straining form. Helen made one last futile attempt to pop her bunny. Hugging him tight and trying to crush him until he popped. But she was too overinflated. Her arms pushed out by her ballooning bust even as she tried to push in against him. She huffed as her body squeaked loud then let out a warning groan. “Ahh come on cutie, burst before I -” But she was cut off by her own boom. The pink rubber vixen blowing apart with a titanic bang. Randy gaped as he felt her blow above him. Shards of pink and white rubber rained down around Randy, sticking to his shiny, drum tight form.

After the boom had stopped echoing through the store Randy tried to move. More to see if he could, he had no intention of shutting off the hose that was slowly swelling him out. But he found he couldn't. The gases filling him weighed him down. It was too tempting to give in. To let the hose swell him up until he popped. The shards of Helen sticking to his skin made his body squeak as it swelled under them and the extra sensation made the balloon bunny purr. He looked at his arm and huffed, the once deep green had faded almost to transparency, he could see the many toys they had played with through it. As his latex skin swelled out began to creak louder. Groaning under the pressure building slowly within him.

Randy closed his eyes to savour the pleasure of inflation. Feeling every part of his body swelling out at once. The hose pouring air down his cock has swelled his member massively and ballooned his balls out like giant beachballs. From there the heady gas mix had spread, swelling his belly out hugely and ballooning his rump big and tight. As Helen has found to her cost. His breasts had grown almost as large as his belly, leaving him trapped atop then, arms and legs unable to reach the raft even if he wanted to. But the hose continued pouring air into him and the growing pressure began to swell more than just the erotic areas of the bunny. The sensation of his arms and legs bloating out was a deeply unusual but strangely erotic one. And it only grew stronger as it spread until every inch of his body was growing, cheeks bulging out and even his long ears inflating slightly. Randy lay panting on the raft feeling his latex body stretching out until with a creaky groan it stopped. The hose was still hissing but his rubber skin had no more give. Randy could feel his internal pressure building fast and let out a loud final moan. He gave in, letting the pressure win as the intense pleasure of a popgasm took hold. His balloon body blew apart with an enormous boom that shook the store knocking balloons and inflatables from the shelves. Soon the only sound was the soft hissing of the hoses as green rubber confetti tumbled down like snow. Randy sank into the deep pleasure filled sleep of a popped balloonie.

Randy woke slowly from his dreams of inflation. The soft whoosh of air filling him up growing louder until he realized it was no dream. He opened his eyes and looked down at his rubber body, fully repaired and returned to its normal size. Her followed the whoosh and creaks of a pump and saw Helen bent over it her boobs bouncing as she filled him back up. Behind her he saw the mess their explosions had made, toys and balloons lying in a heap in the aisles. All of them covered in pink and green shards of rubber. “Welcome back.” Helen said dropping the pump hacker and walking over to stroke down his side. “How long were we out?” he asked the vixen. “Oh only a few hours. There was a lot of rubber to work with so it was nice and quick.” she replied. The pink vixen offered her hand and pulled Randy to his feet. “So, enjoyed yourself?” she purred as she stroked over Randy's side with a squeak. He nodded eagerly and huffed happily as she pulled him into a hug. After a few minutes Helen stepped back. “It’s getting late, well early actually, and I've got a store to sort out.” She said as the first hints of dawn began to tight the sky visible through the store's skylights. She helped Randy find his clothes and walked with him to the door. “Call me when you want to meet up again, tonight was fun.” She said unlocking the door. She planted a kiss on his cheek then watched him walk down the street. Once he had disappeared from view, she turned back to survey the mess they had made. It would take a while to clean everything up but it had been more than worth it.