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"You really think you're going to win?"

"Yeah I do! I'll bet we whip your asses next week!"

"Oh you bet, huh? Want to put your ass where your mouth is?"

"Please. Like you've got any chance of beating us. Sure. Got something fun in mind?"

"Yeah I do. Losers go splat. Right after the game. Under the bleachers. Me and my girls or you and yours. Winners get to do the fucking. Losers get to pop. Sound good enough?"

"Mmmf. You've always wanted to pop me. Fine. It's a bet. But I'll be the one popping you, Ashley." The mare stared down at the skunk with a wry grin while she boasted, "And don't think for a moment I won't enjoy watching you puff up on my load."

Ashley let out a warm grunt of breath and took a step closer to the buckskin colored mare. The skunk was a good two feet shorter than the larger girl, but she was no slouch. Both were fairly athletic and curvy in their own right, but the mare had much bigger tits largely because she was simply so much larger all over. It made looking up at the cocky horse a little more fun for the skunk. "Maybe I have. Maybe you're the one who keeps trying to get in my panties every year after the big game just so you can see me do the bloating. Either way, one of us is going to get burst, so make sure you rub one out before it's you."

Six cheerleaders stood staring at each other as the team captains made their little bet. Ashley, a skunk, was the captain for her team. To her left stood Catherine, a vixen, who was more chubby than the teams usually allowed, but her huge breasts packed tightly into her little top earned her a spot on the team. Her nimble nature helped as well. To Ashley's right stood Victoria, a Doberman, built large and toned, muscled like an amazon. Opposite them stood Courtney, the leader of her team, a large, buckskin brown mare. To her left stood Babs, a perky, curvy blonde haired mink with her own plump set of tits to rival Catherine's. And to Courtney's right stood Poppy, the smallest of the bunch with a nearly flat chest. All six of the girls stared at each other with eager little glints in their eyes. They wanted to win the big football game next week, but more than that, they each wanted to pop their counterpart. Babs already had a noticeable chub building in her skirt.

With a snort, Courtney tossed her blonde hair and looked to her team mates. "Come on girls. Let's go practice. And no nutting for the next week! Gotta make sure you've got a nice, FAT load for our friends here." She turned on her heels and walked off, ass swishing behind her. Poppy turned and followed, but Babs lingered for a moment to wink at Catherine and then puff her cheeks out before giggling and turning to follow.

Ashley looked at the other two girls beside her with a conspiratorial grin. "When we win, I'm gonna love watching Courtney and her girls burst."

The week went by without incident and both teams showed up to the game. The boys on the football teams played hard. The cheerleaders leaped and shouted, urging their team on as hard as they could.

Ashley stood tall and proud in her outfit, a shemale like her two other teammates who she made the bet alongside and the other three girls on the opposing team. All of them had similar outfits on. They were skimpy cheerleader's uniforms that clung tightly to chests in order to show off breasts, skirts that were a little too short in order to show off toned asses whenever they jumped. Had the six been female like the rest of their teammates, there would be a slight little cleft in the front of their panties, but each of the six shemales sported a plump bulge of hefty cock and balls under their skirts, making for some impressive downstairs jiggling every time they jumped and leapt into the air or did a cartwheel.

On Ashley's side was Catherine, a red fox with lush red fur and deep brunette hair to accentuate her higher notes of white muzzle and chest. She was chubbier than the other girls, though not fat by any means. Her physique was softly padded and plump in places with a noticeably fat ass. Every time she leapt into the air, her hips were put on display, as was the jiggling package between her legs, larger than all the other girls'.

A doberman, Victoria, stood on Ashley's other side, the most toned and athletic of them all. She was downright Amazonian in her physique, with modest breasts and a thick ripple of muscle anywhere that her outfit wasn't covering. The rest of her had to flex against the fabric of her uniform to go on display.

The rest of Ashley's cheer team stood behind or around them, cheering their team as hard as they could, a mix of female, shemale, and herm alike.

Courtney was the tallest of them all and stood on her side of the field cheering as hard as she could. The mare had thick thighs and a toned physique. Her chestnut brown fur shone with a sheen of sweat from her exercise while her sandy brown hair held back in a ponytail bounced behind her. Two fat breasts snuggled tightly into her top, held in place by her sports bra.

Catherine's opposite was Babs, a curvy, flexible, and svelte mink with a rich, golden blonde hair and ivory white fur. She leapt the highest into the air, did the most flips, and contorted herself on the sideline in a show of her athleticism. It also served to show off her positively massive breasts, the largest of Courtney's cheer group. They wobbled like fat watermelons in her top every time she moved.

Opposite Victoria stood Poppy, the smallest on Ashley's team, a sweet little mouse, skinnier and flatter than any other cheerleader on the field, but no less enthusiastic or energetic. She tossed her lush red hair every time she did a cartwheel or leapt into the air and she spent half her time in moves with Babs, showing off how the two contrasted in shape and physique.

The game raged on while the boys on the field played as hard as they could, unaware of the bet that the cheerleaders had made. It was the big game of the year, after all, and there would be several bets like the one the cheerleaders were all hoping that they would win. By Monday morning, there would be several more empty seats in classrooms and many more lush and delightful stories about after the game and getting to finally collect on a bet, an ass, and a cum stain.

When the final seconds ticked down and the horn sounded to end the game, the crowds cheered and jeered alike to their winning and losing teams. Courtney and her team stood on the sidelines staring at their counterparts while Ashley's team leapt and cheered, celebrating their victory.

Courtney snorted derisively towards her teammates, "Guess we lost. Damnit all. I wanted to win that one!"

"Look on the bright side," came Babs' perky, high-pitched voice, "At least we get to get popped!" Standing there, the mink's panties and skirt were already sporting a rather noticeable swelling and bulge.

Courtney snorted again and looked down at her friend, grumbling, "You've always wanted to get burst at a football game, Babs. Sheesh. Could you be more excited?" She reached over and flicked a finger against the bulging, already wet tip of Babs' growing erection, causing the mink to shiver just slightly.

Behind them, Poppy huffed and stamped a foot on the ground, "Nnnf... I was hoping I'd finally get to fuck Victoria. But she's gonna be fucking me."

Across the field, Ashley looked over at her rivals and waved, motioning to Courtney and her two partners, then pointed to the bleachers and then down, signaling that they would be waiting under the bleachers for their after-game prize and then turned to pull her two team mates off with her, the three of them glancing back with wide smiles at their soon-to-be dates.

Poppy, Babs, and Courtney watched them walk off and disappear under the side of the bleachers. The mouse sighed out heavily before kicking at the ground, "I guess we gotta go over there and pay up, huh?"

With a heavy sigh, Courtney nodded and gave a flick of her hips and hair. Babs, though, was busy trying to stuff her growing erection down into her panties to make the trip across the field easier for herself.

With a snort from Courtney, the three set off across the field to meet their waiting dates.

Under the bleachers, Ashley and her girls sat waiting. The area under the stands was dirty, scattered with discarded popcorn bags, bottles of drink, the occasional condom or thick, gooey stain, though not enough to hint that anyone had been popped during the game. Usually there would be at least one generous splatter, though it seemed as if everyone had kept themselves saved up for the after-game celebratory parties where the fun would be a lot more raucous and there would be a lot more onlookers.

There weren't any particular places to prop up or lean against save for the beams that held the stands aloft, but no one had complained before. Ashley and Babs both had used the underside of the bleachers for a little mid-game fun in previous years, and tonight would be no different. Though on her side Ashley was the only one of her team to have visited the underside before, she found her teammates lounging easily against some beams, measuring themselves up against what little positioning there would be so that they could properly thrust into their partners.

By the time Courtney and her girls arrived, Victoria had already disrobed and Ashley had both her skirt and panties off. Only Catherine kept most of her uniform on with only her panties removed. All three lounged around with their hands on their dicks, patiently waiting, and as Courtney, Babs, and Poppy came into view from under the side, Ashley called out to them, "Hey there, losers! Ready to go splat?"

Courtney and Poppy stopped at the edge of the bleachers, but Babs advanced forward, hands moving off of the straining bulge in her skirt so that her fat dick could spring free of her panties and lift her skirt upwards. It bobbed fat and pink in front of her, the tip swollen fat and already drooling pre. She walked right up to Catherine and pushed up against the vixen, cock to cock. The vixen's own ruddy prick throbbed hard as it came into contact with the mink's, the fat knot at the bottom flexing and bulging a little as a lazy gout of pre splashed upwards and against the underside of Babs' cock. The mink looked down with a wide grin as both hands wrapped around their dicks.

"Jeez Cathy... your dick's HUGE!" came Babs' exclamation of excitement. Both of her hands pulled around the vixen's cock, squeezing it, neither hand enough to wrap fully around the vulpine prick. The squeeze and stroke earned a moan from Victoria, who nodded and smiled widely to her date. Babs ground forward, hands wandering back and forth over both cocks, comparing sizes. Her own was a bit smaller than Catherine's, but only Courtney who was so much larger than anyone there could have had a bigger dick. Babs shifted her hips from side to side as her dick rubbed against Catherine's, steadily comparing the two in size. "I knew I had a fat pecker, but this thing's gonna really split me open." One of Babs' hands slipped under her own skirt to start pulling her panties down and off of her hips in a hurried motion to free her aching nuts and get herself ready for Catherine's fat fox cock.

Ashley let out a playful laugh at the little show, "Looks like Babs is pretty excited to get turned into a muddy cum puddle. What about you, Courtney? Poppy?" Her own cock stood hard in her hands, bobbing and drooling pre into the night air. It wasn't anywhere nearly as large as the soda bottle that Catherine sported or the slightly smaller one that was jerking around hanging from Babs' hips.

As Babs and Catherine busily compared dick sizes, Poppy had eased towards Victoria and had a hand resting on the doberman's cock, a long, plump rod with a thick foreskin hanging from her hips, nowhere nearly as large as Babs or Courtney, but no less plump. The mouse looked up with an embarrassed little squeak and gave a little nod before starting to pull her clothing off. She was much smaller than any of the other girls and much flatter, but she had a fat pair of balls jiggling between her thighs. The mouse looked up to the smiling Doberman and then down again before nodding once more, "So uh... how do we do this? I don't want to just kneel down in the dirt."

In response, Victoria reached down to wrap her hands around the mouse's waist and hoisted her upwards onto one of the crossbeams supporting the stands. She planted Poppy's rear down right onto it, then scooted up against her to push her already swelling dick against the mouse's backside. "Like this," she said with a lush grunt before snuggling her tip between Poppy's ass cheeks and starting to push her plump tip against the mouse's asshole.

Poppy let out a delighted little whine of breath and reached down to take hold of her balls and lift them upwards, giving Victoria a more clear shot at her hole. The press of the dog's dick tip against her made her shiver and her chubby little dick jerk upwards with a spurt of pre, an eager admission of her own excitement at the proposition of getting burst.

Victoria snorted out and smiled a toothy grin before pushing again and sinking her cock into Poppy, wedging the mouse open on her shaft. That earned a lush little whine from the mouse before she leaned back a little, still held mostly aloft by Victoria's strong arms. Muscle lightly rippled over Victoria's figure as she thrust forward, greedily cramming her dick into Poppy. The Doberman's thick, Amazonian figure tensed slightly, showing off her biceps, the muscles of her pecs, and the thick, toned glutes she used for all of her acrobatic maneuvers on the sidelines.

Poppy simply moaned out in heated anticipation. Her little tits shook slightly on her chest, the mouse's breasts barely over an A-cup in size but perky with swollen nipples nonetheless. They shook as Victoria's shaft entered her backside. The mouse trembled slightly in pleasure and anticipation of what was going to come, her popping on the Doberman's cock and heavy load of spunk. As she held her own balls and thought of the coming explosive orgasm she would experience, she stroked her hands up and down her bloated nuts, shuddering and thinking of the tables being turned and Victoria being the one to burst. The thought of both of them popping made her dick jump and spray a clear line of pre up her belly, earning a delighted snort of breath from the muscled Doberman shemale busily settling in to fucking the life out of her.

Meanwhile, Babs and Catherine had stopped comparing dicks and were staring, both of them wide-eyed and a wide smile on Babs' face. She gave one of Catherine's heavy breasts a squeeze before sneaking in for a kiss on the vulpine's muzzle. "Can't let them get too far ahead of us with the fun, can we?"

That earned a high-pitched giggle from Catherine who looked to Babs and then down along the mink's curvy figure. "I suppose we shouldn't," came her reply, obviously filled with a heated, lusty little huff. She stared at Babs's tits, the heavy, slightly sagging mink breasts wobbling there in front of her, almost as large as her own and capped each with a thick, puffy areola and fat nipple, a rosy pink in color and as obviously engorged as the mink's drooling dick down below. Catherine slipped her hands to Babs's chest and lifted each breast upwards, squeezing at each one in turn before she leaned in to wrap her lips against the mink's nipples. She suckled on the left one, then the right one with a slather of her tongue and teeth, enough to make the skin of Babs's teats shine with saliva in the soft stadium light filtering in through the stands.

As her tits were sucked, Babs let out a groan of breath and shoved her hips forward against Victoria, grinding dicks once more. The shemale mink gave a flick of her tail before pulling her hips slightly backwards, starting to extricate herself from Catherine's grasp, much as she clearly didn't wat to pull away from the attention that the vixen was lavishing onto her body. The allure of the bottle-thick fox cock jutting from Catherine's hips was clearly a source of allure for the mink, though, and she'd been thinking about getting popped all night long, even before she knew that she was one of the bet's losers, though in her mind she was clearly a winner.

Hands pulled down to grope at Catherine's dick once more as she leaned forward and whined playfully into the vixen's ear, "I'm gonna bend over one of these beams so you can really rail my ass and grope my titties. I love it when they get played with. They're biiiig and heavy and when your cum's filling 'em, they'll be nice and soft and even heavier for you to play with."

Catherine groaned out as her eyes rolled in her head at the thought of the mink bloating up on a massive load of cum. The fact that Babs wanted it just made her dick spurt a clear glob of pre across the mink's stomach and her hips shudder forward in a slight hump.

"Get on with it, you two horn-dogs!" came Victoria's voice over their shoulder. The Doberman was already balls-deep into Poppy's ass and thrusting in slow, steady humps upwards into the softly squeaking and moaning mouse. She looked back to her partner with a little grin, "At this rate Babs is never going to get popped. But don't worry, Poppy," Victoria said to the lush little mouse speared on her canine cock, "you're going to feel my fat, hot load soon enough."

Poppy's ears flushed a deep pink and she nodded to her partner, finally letting go of her balls once Victoria was all the way inside of her. She moved her hands along the Doberman's shoulders and arms, feeling the muscle there as Victoria thrust into her again and again, the raw power contained in the canine's physique. Poppy again let out a tender whine of breath and whispered back, "I hope it's a big load."

"I'm getting to it! Sheesh! Let me enjoy the anticipation a little, huh? Like you've never seen a girl excited to get snuffed." came Babs's reply to the Doberman. The mink looked back to Catherine with a devilish smile and then spun on her heels. The motion lifted her tits into the air with a wobbling jiggle and made her cock spin a syrupy line of pre in front of her before she moved to face away from Catherine and present her fat ass to the vixen. Babs leaned forward and propped herself against one of the cross-beams, legs spread with her weighty balls dangling between her legs. She reached back and took hold of her ass, then spread her cheeks to put her perky pink pucker on display for Catherine. Looking back, Babs licked her lips and tossed her blonde hair to the side, out of her face. "Now stick that dick in me and turn me into a fat, bloated, and burst condom, you fucking fat-dicked mink popper." Babs gave her ass a little wiggle while smiling widely, inviting Catherine into her.

The vixen moved forward, one hand on her own dick and the other moving to stroke over Babs's ass for just a moment before she pushed the tapered tip of her red fox cock against Babs's ass cheeks and between them. Her tip brushed up to that pink pucker before pushing against it more firmly, and with a groan of breath and a push of her hips, Catherine began to slide her dick into Babs's backside. The mink watched with wide eyes and a wide smile and a breathy moan of anticipation.

"Which one do you think will pop first?" came Ashley's voice as she looked up and along Courtney's much larger frame.

"Poppy. She's small and Victoria's got a fast load. Cums real hard. Catherine has a lazy orgasm. Babs will swell slow," said Courtney in reply.

The response made Ashley's ears perk up and a smile spread on her face, "Doing your research, huh? So what about me? What's my load gonna be like?"

"Fat. Thick. Decent pace." Courtney snorted that last out, still looking at the other two couples and not at Ashley.

The skunk's gaze lingered on the very obvious swelling in Courtney's skirt, the clear outline of a fat horse dick straining to be released from a pair of too-small panties. Ashley let out a playful chuckle and reached out to give the tip a squeeze, earning a disdainful snort from its owner. "Seems like you're lying to yourself, Courtney. You want to get popped as much as those two do." Ashley's fingers slid under Courtney's skirt and took hold of her panties, then pulled downwards, sliding them from the mare's hips and freeing her dick.

The heavy horse cock sprung into the air, rising from under Courtney's skirt. It was a solid brown in color, much like the mare's chestnut coat and had a fat flare on the tip with a bulging medial ring. Ashley stared at it for a moment while Courtney insistently didn't and kept her gaze on Babs's ass getting plowed by the vixen. Ashley's fingers slid up and along Courtney's length to right behind her crown and gave a slow, teasing squeeze and said, "This would've felt great up my ass. But you get to enjoy my dick instead."

Courtney snorted again and pulled her hips and swollen cock away from Ashley's fingers before she turned and leaned down enough that she could plant a kiss on the skunk's lips, "Tease. You going to put it in me or not?" Her hands had meanwhile begun working her skirt free and allowed it to ruffle down around her hooves before sliding up to pull her shirt up and off of her, making her bereft of her uniform like the other two girls had done. Her own breasts were hefty, though not nearly as large as her mink teammate's, but her dick was easily the largest of all of them, thanks mostly to her own large stature. It hung fat and heavy from her hips with a pair of drooping, wobbling brown horse nuts.

Ashley nodded up to her partner and smiled before reaching over to slap the mare's ass. "Bend over and kneel down a little. I couldn't fuck you standing up if I tried, even if I had a stool to stand on. You're a good two feet taller than I am," she said in response to Courtney's movement. It was enough to set her on edge and make her shiver in anticipation of the sex she was about to have with the handsome mare. Her dick strained from her hips, plump and a deep ebony in color with a rolled foreskin draped up and across her tip. Two fat balls lightly furred in the white of half her fur pattern jiggled between her thighs. An oozing, milky streamer seeped from the skunk's tip, hinting at how pent up she was. "I haven't gotten off in a couple weeks. Been saving up just for you," she said with a conspiratorial wink.

Again, Courtney snorted at the skunk. She turned to face one of the beams, then took a few steps to the side, moving around it so that as she bent over, she would be facing Babs and Poppy. Doing so, her dick leapt and slapped at the underside of the beam she leaned against. "I want to watch them pop. Or let them watch me. Whoever goes last," she said, starting to kneel down to the skunk. She had to squat about a foot downwards, and the position spread her cheeks and her thighs widely, putting them on display for Ashley who had followed along behind Courtney to get a good look of the mare's deep brown pucker.

The skunk let out a playful grunt of breath before resting both hands on Courtney's rear and squeezing at those plush ass cheeks. "Don't worry. I'll make sure you watch your team splatter before you join 'em. This is going to be the best fuck of your life. Last one, too," she said, leaning in over the mare's back and positioning her cock between the mare's cheeks. Ashley pushed forward slowly, sinking her cock tip against Courtney's asshole, letting her feel the pressure of the skunk cock seeking entry into her body and the oozing pent up load promising to burst her. She held there for just a moment, listening to the meaty slap of hips against ass from the other two couples and the distinctly different meaty slap of horse dick twitching and flexing upwards to slap against the wood of the cross beam every time Ashley teased her dick forward against Courtney's hole. She kept the teasing stroke up just long enough to earn a disdainful snort from Courtney before she finally pushed forward and began properly sinking her cock into the mare.

That tight hole slowly opened around Ashley's cock, squeezing gently against it as it pushed forward, rolling the skunk's foreskin back along her cock head once the tip popped in and spread Courtney properly open. The mare exhaled slightly, having held her breath in anticipation of the entry, but now that Ashley's dick was inside of her, she relaxed a little and leaned forward enough that her tits could drape against the wood she leaned on. Ashley leaned forward against Courtney and slid her hands around the mare's middle, taking a slight hold on her as she thrust forward and into her body. Deeper and deeper her cock sank, opening Courtney up until her hips rested against the mare's ass like her teammates' hips did against the other two shemales.

A chorus of delighted little moans and whimpers started up under the bleachers as the six shemales set to making love with each other, three of them intent on loosing their loads and three of them happily destined to end up as gooey puddles spread across under the bleachers to get washed away or soak down into the dirt. All six of the shemales, though, groaned out in pleasure at their respective partners and the anticipation of what was to come.

The heated slapping and schlucking of flesh against flesh filled the air as the three pairs made love to each other, taking their time with their partners and enjoying themselves in a manner that they wouldn't have at one of the popping parties. Babs always had pushed herself to quick orgasms under the bleachers as had Ashley, both of them trying to get off during halftime and pop their partner so they could get cleaned up and return to the game as refreshed and energized as they could be after a good, hard popping. Now, though, even the overly horny mink was moaning and rocking her hips in a slow and steady pace of pleasure.

Victoria leaned in against Poppy and nibbled at her neck and then her tits, pulling at one nipple and then the other while the mouse squeaked out softly and happily. Both of the Doberman's arms held tightly to the murine's ass while she thrust, determined not to let the mouse slide from the beam she was sitting on. Poppy, meanwhile, stroked her own dick with one hand and Victoria's muscled chest with the other. Both shemales had relatively small breasts compared to the other four, but Victoria's muscles rippled even through the wobbling expanse of tit flesh, giving Poppy a sensation of power looming over her, giving her pleasure with every firm thrust up and into the mouse's ass. The Doberman's cock surged inwards with every roll of her hips, swelling just a little as her balls slapped against Poppy's tight little ass cheeks.

Breathing in the thick scent of sweat and aroused mouse, Victoria nuzzled in firmly against Poppy's neck, her groans of pleasure matching the mouse's soft squeaks and delights at having her ass reamed by that cock she had been dreaming about. Poppy's own prick stood hard against her stomach, pressed against her balls and Victoria's sculpted abs. At each thrust, the doberman's stomach rippled against Poppy's cock tip, stroking at it and causing it to twitch wildly. The steady stroking sensation left a clear streamer of oozing pre across the Amazonian abdomen that was matched only by the slowly growing puddle of prespunk oozing across Poppy's own trim tummy.

Behind them, Catherine pushed into Babs, grunting and huffing warmly while her partner moaned thick and heavy whining breaths into the air in a clear show of her horny neediness. The vixen's arms rested around the mink's midsection as they pulled close together, enough to wedge Catherine's knot against Babs's greedily suckling pucker. With a roll of her hips backwards, Babs teased at Catherine's knot, hinting at its entrance into her body when her time would come to pop on the vixen's load. That earned a little whine from Catherine who leaned forward a little more and slid her hands upwards along Babs's soft, white furred stomach to the underside of the mink's dangling breasts. She gripped at them, hefting the fat mounds into her fingers to feel the supple and soft flesh dimple and distort in her grip while Babs let out an appreciative groan of breath. Catherine responded in kind, her own little groan a little softer just as her hips pulled backwards and thrust in, then again into Babs, filling the mink's ass over and over with her heated, red fox dick. The motion set the mink's plump ass and heavy tits to jiggling and swaying in Catherine's grip. The vixen's own lush assets set to lightly jiggling, her fat breasts resting down against the mink's back.

Both Ashley and Courtney watched their teammates enjoying themselves in the throes of passion and the promise of a pleasurable popping. Their eyes wandered across the naked shemales as they breathed and humped against each other, Catherine a lot more gentle and slow than Victoria and Babs a lot more noisy than Poppy.

Courtney looked back to Ashley as her ears folded back and a slight flush spread in her cheeks. Below, Ashley's hand had wrapped around the raging erection jutting from Courtney's hips, her fat horse dick slightly flared already and oozing a stream of precum in a steady, unending drool. The mare let out an almost inaudible moan, then snorted sharply and looked ahead again, trying to hide both her embarrassment at being caught and her excitement at getting her final fuck.

The mare's hands moved down to grip around her fattened mushroom tip, stroking at the flare while behind her Ashley started to thrust a little more in earnest. Her hips slapped against Courtney's, setting the mare's ass cheeks to lightly shaking and her plump balls wobbling back and forth between her spread thighs. Courtney's dick gave a jerk in her fingers as Ashley ground inwards, teasing at the mare's prostate with her plump cock tip.

"I'll make sure you're last, Courtney. I know you want to watch it happen to them," Ashley whispered into one of the mare's ears. The statement earned a wordless clench around her dick, a sensation almost akin to a gripping hand or a suckling muzzle, enough to tell her that Courtney both appreciated the consideration and would really enjoy getting to watch the show her teammates would become.

Meanwhile, Poppy let out a sudden, squealing moan of breath. The other four girls turned to look at her in time to see a fountain of cum erupting up and over her head, spraying the mouse's hot spunk across her front, sliming down her tits and her muzzle and making a thick puddle against her belly while Victoria thrust all the harder. The mouse came hard, shuddering in pleasure at the sensation pulled out of her thanks to Victoria's eager and insistent humping. The Doberman clearly wanted to get off and clearly wanted to burst her partner, but Poppy's orgasm, so sudden and so quick to get dragged out of her hinted at more than just eagerness. A flush had spread on her cheeks visible through the thick ropes of cum splattering across her lips and muzzle and into her hair, one that was visible even to Ashley who had the worst view from behind Catherine's larger frame.

Babs simply moaned out, "Fuuuuck... look at that hot load that could've been popping you right now, Victoria."

To which the Doberman replied with a happy whine of her own breath, "Nnnf! But it ain't so I ain't! Now let me... mnnh... concentrate... so I can make Poppy a poppee." She barreled forward against the squealing mouse pressed against her hips, Victoria's groin pressed firmly against Poppy's rear. Both of them huffed and snorted in pleasure as Victoria's thrusts grew short and rapid while the pounding thrust of the Amazonian doberman's hips made her muscle stand out in stark relief.

The streamer of jizz fountaining from Poppy's dick flopped and arced through the air with the thrusts, a steady and growing wet sound of the impact filling the air, the press of Victoria's hips growing wet and sticky with the flowing rivulets of murine spunk oozing down from Poppy's belly.

The mouse took hold of her shaft with one hand and a cum slicked breast with the other, working at herself, stroking her swollen nipple and spurting dick. She cried out sharply, "V..Victoria! Ahh! Cum in me!"

A hot, playful snarl rose from Victoria's lips as she shoved forward once more, groaning out sharply. Her hips began to quiver and her ass cheeks clenched. Behind her, Catherine whined out playfully between her thrusts into Babs, "Look! She's cumming!"

Heated pulses of canine spunk erupted from Victoria's engorged shaft buried deeply inside of Poppy's backside. A veritable flood of cum surged up through her dick and into the mouse, flooding her bowels and swelling them inside of the little cheerleader. The sudden push and flood of cum into her body made Poppy cry out in pleasure again and both she and Victoria looked down to watch the swelling bulge of the mouse's stomach rising upwards into the air, puffing rapidly on the burst of cum.

Victoria continued to groan and huff and playfully snarl as she lightly humped against Poppy's filling ass. The whole time she stared at the mouse's swelling belly, her prize in the bet for their team winning. Poppy stared as well as her belly plumped downwards and pressed against her spurting shaft, lifting it upwards and pointing her orgasmic flow of cum to arc up into the air. The pressurized streamer spouted high above Victoria's head to come slopping down over the doberman's muzzle and hang in ropes from her lips. That just made Victoria lick at the slick streamers with her playful growling in time.

Poppy swelled and thickened as the other four girls watched, they eyes moving over her figure as her belly lifted upwards, then her ass downwards and her slim sides puffed up more and more rounded. Babs played with her own tits, stroking the fat, dangling orbs with Catherine assisting, her attention to her fat mink breasts growing more insistent as Poppy's breasts plumped outwards, her nipples rounding out and her areola puffing up and thickening like rising dough. Each tit grew fat and rounded, significantly smaller still than any of the other shemales, but fat compared to what they were. Each heavy mouse breast wobbled to the side, hanging heavy against her rounding, ball-like stomach.

Victoria finally moved a hand from Poppy's hips to grab at her belly and stroke at it, hand pushing in against the swelling flesh to make it dimple downwards with a rippling pressure. "Feel that? All my hot cum in ya? Totally gonna burst ya', Poppy. Unnh..." came her teasing voice as the mouse's arms swelled and her legs bloated up. The doberman's load surged steadily through her, rapidly swelling the smaller mouse outwards and upwards against er body.

Ashley leaned against Courtney and nuzzled to her neck as she humped into the mare. "She's already so big. Such a quick pop for such a little mouse... you'll take a lot longer to burst." The words earned a derisive snort from Courtney, but the hand on the mare's plumply swollen dick, furiously stroking, beating off to the sight of Poppy rushing towards her splattery end told a tale of the horse's horny desire to see it actually happen.

A gurgling squelch rose from Poppy, cum spluttering from between her lips upwards in a thick, oozing flow. Her cheeks bulged out sharply and her little button mouse nose swelled up. Babs cried out with a shout of joy, "She's gonna blow!"

Poppy groaned and gargled through the flow of cum spluttering from her mouth as Victoria's jizz suddenly erupted upwards from her strained nipples, spraying in twin streamers of heated cum. The mouse's entire figure jiggled and shook, the creaking sound of her coming popping filling the air as her body strained to contain Victoria's load. The heady, creaking strain grew rapidly louder in the air as the mouse bulged all over, her belly wobbling, her ass jiggling, even her dick bloating and swelling like a growing balloon, still fountaining cum into the air between her and Victoria.

With a sudden BLORT, Poppy exploded, liquefying and spraying outwards in a msssive blast of canine spunk and mouse that coated up Victoria's front and splashed down into a thick puddle at her feet, spreading rapidly through the dirt and oozing from the crossbeam that she had been getting fucked on. Victoria leaned forward, her dick now free from the burst mouse to fountain her heavy load into the air in a steady, twitching streamer of cum.

"FUCK that was good!" Victoria cried out sharply as her hands moved to work at her dick, pumping the rest of her orgasm outwards to join the mess she made of Poppy.

Behind her, Babs humped back hard against Catherine, groaning her own whines of pleasure in time with Victoria's. One of her hands moved down to her engorged mink cock and started to stroke at it while thick sprays of clear, oozing pre splattered into the ground at her feet. "Ohh fuck fuck fuck I wanna pop next, Catherine. Cum in me so I can pop, too, and be a cum puddle just like Poppy is!" She bit at her lower lip and lifted her ass into the air, gasping and huffing out in a clear desire to get her splattery prize.

Babs rolled her hips hard backwards against Catherine, then clenched around the vulpine cock buried in her ass. The rolling pulse of trained mink anal muscle pulled and milked against the ruby red fox dick and filled the air with a slowly steadily increasing sound of squelching horniness.

Catherine matched the sounds of Babs's asshole pulling on her dick with whining huffs of breath and sharp thrusts forward into the lusty minkess. Her hands stroked and rolled across Babs's breasts, massaging at the heavy pillows and pulling upwards against them then downwards, stretching them slightly before sliding her fingers down and across the mink's perky pink nipples, tugging at them. Each stroke to the massive mink tits caused Babs to shudder and grind back against Catherine, earning an appreciative whine from the vulpine. Each of the mink's nipples rolled like rubber nubs through Catherine's stroking fingers while plump areola dimpled under her grip.

A low little groan slid from Victoria's mouth as she finally came down from her orgasm and turned to watch the fox and mink humping. Her dick was still hard and jutted from her hips while rolling dollops of spunk oozed across her length and down her balls. From the other side of the bleachers, Courtney let out an appreciative little whinny while looking over the cum-slicked, muscled Amazonian doberman's form.

Behind her, Ashley ground up hard against the mare's backside, thrusting slower than Catherine was pushing into Babs but with no less enthusiasm for the fuck she was sharing with her counterpart. The skunk rolled forward against Courtney's rear, arching upwards to grind her dick in against the underside of the mare's prostate, making Courtney jump in surprise and groan deep in her chest. Ashley responded by leaning down and forward to slide an arm around the much larger mare and grip against the base of her fat equine cock, squeezing and milking upwards at it. She whispered into Courtney's ear, "Let's make you cum. See if I can get your cock to pop before Babs does."

The teasing statement made Courtney's ears flatten against her head as she turned to look at Ashley, shooting her a deep glower mixed with the decidedly unhidden embarrassment at her own horniness. Her hands were working and stroking rapidly against her cock tip, milking and squeezing at the tip, working herself feverishly towards a nice, thick orgasm like Poppy got to enjoy before she burst. Every pull against her turgid equine shaft made her tip bulge out as if it was about to flare up and spill her load across the ground. The thick skunk cock plugging up her ass and pushing in deep to prod and stroke at her prostate didn't help any, either, and just made her dick twitch hard upwards into her hands every time Ashley thrust into her. The repeated clapping of fat skunk balls impacting against her own nuts made Courtney's ears twitch. The sound mimicked the fevered thrusting coming from the show in front of her.

Meanwhile, Babs's moaning and Catherine's grunting had grown in pace and volume. The mink's ass was lifted up and into the air while her blonde tail flicked back and forth. The pounding vixen's hips had set the mink's rear to jiggling and her fat tits wobbling back and forth with every thrust. Catherine's own breasts rested heavily atop Babs's back, cushioned atop her spine and jiggling just as much, though not as wildly as the mink's breasts. The meaty smack of Catherine's hips against the mink's mimicked the sound of Babs's breasts slapping together, barely held aloft by Catherine's fingers still stroking and pulling at them, kneading and stroking the heavy orbs.

With the thrusting growing more intense, Catherine's knot began to plump up, slowly, causing her to let out a heated gasp, "B..Babs! I'm... I'm going to cum! My knot... I need to... knot you!" She thrust forward, cramming the bulb of flesh against Babs's already stretched out pucker.

The press of that fat bulb and the vixen's words made Babs groan out in desire. She pushed back, meeting Catherine's grinding roll of hips forward against her rear, doing her best to help work that knot into her and lock the vixen's dick tightly within her body. A roll of her hips and a wet little slurp signaled its entry, the orb of red fox cock meat popping through Babs's anal ring and into her body.

With the pressure released on it, the heavy knot swelled outwards, thickening up and locking Catherine's dick tightly inside of the mink. Its owner let out a heated cry of breath and arched forward, her hips jerking back and forth roughly while she rose up against the mink ass she was pushing into. The increased motion made Catherine lean forward with her arms wrapping more and more firmly around Babs, pulling against her to make sure her hold remained tight and her breasts didn't go slipping free of their perch on the mink's back.

"Another one of your girls is about to pop, Courtney," came Ashley's voice in the mare's ear, loud enough for the other girls to hear, though.

Victoria rolled onto her heels with a squelch into the muddy cum puddle around her feet. "Can't wait to see Babs burst. Love those fat tits of hers," she said, dick still hard and her hand on it once more. She stepped across the little alcove the remaining five were in and walked up to Courtney. With a squeeze, she pulled a milky spurt of cum out of her dick to arch against one of Courtney's breasts.

That earned a grunting whinny from the mare.

"I..I'm... I'm cumming!" shouted Catherine, suddenly, as she shoved forward against Babs's ass, cramming her hips tightly against the mink's creamy white cheeks and thighs. Between her legs, the vixen's balls jerked and jumped in her pouch as inside her dick began to fountain her cum into the mink. The flow was slow but steady, coming in short pulses much thinner than Victoria's had into Poppy, but no less as copious.

Babs straightened up just a little and moved her hands down to her belly, stroking at it for a moment before her digits moved to her dick and continued to work at her cock. It was already dribbling and drooling, swollen thick in the hint of a coming orgasm. The moment that her belly distended downwards to push against her cock tip, she came, hard, right against her belly and her drooping tits. Heated wads of mink spunk splattered out across her slowly swelling stomach and her jiggling nipples poking out through Catherine's gripping fingers. It landed in thick puddles across the ground beneath her.

But it was the mink's belly swelling that her attention was really focused on. As soon as her dick was twitching and jerking, she let go of it and moved her hands back to her stomach, feeling the way it plumped outwards and pushed down against her dick. As soon as she could, she pushed against the sides of her cum-filling gut and thrust into it, making a cleavage for her to fuck.

The sight of the horny mink fucking her own cum-gut made Courtney groan out a heavy breath, "Fuck... fuck you Babs... gonna..." She arched her hips forward, her fat equine flare puffing outwards as hot spunk lurched from her own dick, the heated spray glancing across Victoria's thighs, her dick, and her balls, splattering into some of the thick cum oozing down the Doberman's legs to mingle with her load and what was left of Poppy.

Ashley let out a heated moan of breath, "Fucking hell Court. Keep milking my dick like that. I wanna cum in you before Babs pops. So you can feel it, too. Know it." She shoved forward, humping into Courtney's ass with heavy thrusts, each one shoving the orgasming mare forward and making her dick spasm out heady pulses of spunk that could have been meant for her but were instead meant to wet the ground before she joined her own puddle.

Meanwhile, Babs kept humping against her belly, her hands wandering against it as her dick made a mess of her snowy white fur, sliming and slicking it with her heated jizz. The mink's belly rolled again and again with the force of her thrusts and the pulses of cum spraying from Catherine's jerking fox dick buried inside of her. The pace of her bloating was far slower than Poppy's swelling, but Babs continued to thicken no less.

As Babs's stomach began to overflow her fingers and properly jiggle around against her grip, Catherine straightened up and pressed her hands down against the mink's rump. Her digits sank into the plump cheeks as they too began to rise upwards, cushioning in and around the vixen's sheath and her balls. Babs's thighs squeezed back against the vixen, trapping the shemale's thick, pulsing nuts against her swelling body. When the mink's thighs began to plump, Catherine let out a whine, "Babs... you're swelling up..."

"I'm your condom, Cathy. Fill me up and burst me!" Babs cried out in pleasure while the slow load of spunk continued to flow into her. The pleasure of being filled and stretched raced through her body, making her every fiber tingle and sing out in delight. Her belly felt warm and full, heavy against her fingers while her asshole clenched and tingled with a heated pulse around Catherine's dick. As the warmth of spunk spread through her, slowly rising in her body, her nipples began to burn with the heated cream slowly flooding into them. The mink's pink teats began to plump and swell, growing like berries round and fat before her breasts, already jiggling with their soft fatness, wobbled harder and began to sag more, plump upwards and outwards. They had hung heavy like pendulums from her chest, but as Catherine's load poured into them, they began to round outwards, puffing outwards more and more. Babs looked down with a moaning gasp of breath to watch as her breasts inflated, turning into swollen, sagging condoms. With a little SPUP, her belly button popped outwards and thumped against her fattened dick still thrusting up into her swelling gut.

Ashley let out a low little moan of breath and humped up harder into Courtney at the sight of Babs finally starting to look like a proper condom. "Ohhh... gods... Courtney I'm almost there..." Her hips slapped against the mare's ass, pounding a little harder and heavier into her, slapping her balls against the mare's own large, twitching ones. As Courtney's asshole worked and milked around the skunk's cock, Ashley gave it the attention it so clearly and desperately wanted, a good, hard fucking with a fat dick. Her bloated prick surged upwards into the mare, throbbing heavily as heated spurts of pre began to slip out, hinting at her coming orgasm.

The steady thrusting and the sight of her teammate being turned into a condom just made Courtney cum all the harder. Her cock bucked and bounced against her belly, slapping wetly as streamers of cum splattered from the heavy tip, arching again and again across Victora's legs and her own canine cock.

In response, the canine pushed her dick up and against Courtney's muzzle, against her lips to smear a few drooling wads of her spent load against the mare's palette. Courtney responded with a whining moan and began to lick at Victoria's cock, her broad tongue slathering up against the underside in a slow, lolling embrace.

Her eyes, though, were locked on the swelling mink across from her. Her gaze drifted over Babs from the side, looking across her swelling middle. Already, the mink's stomach had pushed downwards to make her look immensely pregnant and her sides had pushed outwards from the tone and trim, shapely figure she once had to a puffy, rounded one that made her hips and waist disappear in the swollen expanse of mink flesh. Her breasts jiggled and bounced against that belly, both of them so swollen they looked more like basketballs than breasts with fat cones for areolas and huge bumps for nipples on the end. As Courtney watched, Babs's arms began to swell and thicken, puffing up a little more quickly than her thighs had. The swelling spread downwards through the mink's arms like to balloons blowing up, and below, the same happened to her calves, though they stretched and swelled even more quickly than her thighs had, and in moments, Babs's legs looked like two large trunks.

A huge, warm wave of liquid pushed up suddenly into Courtney, filling her ass and making her stomach swell. Against her rear, Ashley humped up hard and wrapped her arms around the mare, whining out with a heated breath and no little more warning that she was cumming than the sudden rush of pressure pushing into Courtney's ass. She could feel the heated spunk flooding into her, pushing and swelling into her body and bloating her belly just like Babs's and Poppy's had before her. As the first wave of jizz pulsed from the skunk into her partner, Ashley moaned out into Courtney's ear, "Gotta... make sure you... pop last."

Hearing the skunk's statement, Babs's ears perked up and she looked over to watch as Courtney's belly puffed outwards, a sign that her time to be a burst condom was rapidly approaching. "Oh man oh man... we're getting popped together, Courtney!" came her excited voice, a little heavier now with the weight of cum inside of her.

Behind her, Catherine continued to lightly hump and whine, staring at her partner as she swelled larger and larger. The vixen's dick hadn't slowed down at all in its volume or pace, though the flow overall was slow. It was heady, though, pulsing constantly in a never-ending streamer into the mink shemale.

Babs's arms began to lift upwards and out to the sides as they swelled, the slow pace allowing her body to take in far more cum than most could with a quick and heavy load. They swelled larger and larger, rising upwards and beginning to stand out from her sides some. Her hands swelled and puffed up, fingers thickening and bloating more and more, growing tube-like in a few seconds.

Courtney's belly had already swollen like Babs's had, though it took her far less time to stretch and swell considering Ashley's load flowed a lot more quickly into her, flooding into her. The lush warmth spread rapidly through her, outpacing Babs's growth but with no hope of catching up before the mink would inevitably burst. Courtney's sides puffed outwards, her ass pushed back into Ashley's lap, and her balls sagged downwards, all swelling and plumping up more and more on the skunk's heavy load. It raced through her body, stuffing every crevice it could find and then swelling outwards, turning Courtney more and more into the bloated, cartoonish figure of an inflated balloon mare she was meant to be. The thought of being burst on the skunk's load raced through her mind, causing her to shudder and moan out sharply. Her lips grazed and pulled along Victoria's dick, smothering it in kisses. Just as Courtney's breasts swelled and started to puff up, Victoria's grabbed at them and began to roll them in her fingers, roughly dimpling the inflating flesh in her palms.

Across from the trio, Catherine and her soon-to-be-puddle worked onwards to their pleasurable mutual reward. Babs's neck had puffed outwards and she was rapidly licking and smacking her lips together. "I can taste cuuuuum," she groaned out sharply just as her cheeks started to puff outwards. They swelled and jiggled, growing fatter and rounder while her lips thickened as if she had some work done. The mink's nose puffed up like her nipples had before, and quickly, her head started to thicken and round out some.

"You're almost there, Babs!" came Catherine's voice, high-pitched and still heady with her orgasmic pleasure these long minutes. "Pop for me!"

Cum continued to spray from the mink-turned-condom's cock, but heated little streamers of cum began to fountain from her obviously overstretched and overstrained nipples. As her eyes bulged outwards, swelling and bloating, spunk began to drool from her mouth and her nose. A creaking rose in the air, a sound that most never got to enjoy due to heavy and fast-flowing loads, but the mink could hear it in the air and reverberating through her body. She could feel it, too, a growing tightness and strain spreading through her that sent bolts of strained pleasure through her, a feeling more intense than anything she had ever felt before. From her round, swollen ears, to her bloated, massive toes, Babs could feel the strain pressing through her, growing by the second as the pressure grew inside of her, the hot vixen cum desperate to find its way out of her and splatter her across the underside of the bleachers and the mud. Babs gurgled out loudly, gasping for breath. Her whole body jiggled and shook, massive in size from the vixen's slow load allowing her to better accommodate it and her body to truly reach its ultimate limit. As the creaking grew loud enough for all the humping, thrusting shemales to hear, Babs finally shouted out, "AHHHH! It's happening... I'M POPPING!" to the chorus of the creak suddenly rising in timbre just before she exploded with a heady BLORT. Her whole body exploded outwards, liquefying in a massive spray of cum that fountained up and splattered back entirely across Catherine's body. The huge puddle of cum and mink rushed out across the ground, oozing out in a massive wave that spread onto the feet of even the humping Ashley and swelling Courtney.

At the sight of her teammate finally getting the popping she always wanted, Courtney let out a moaning whinny of breath. She was rapidly on her way to joining the mink. As Babs burst, Courtney's arms and legs had begun to swell and thicken, much more rapidly than the mink had, and she could already taste the cum in her mouth flowing upwards.

Ashley pushed hard against Courtney's ass, grinding her groin into the mare's plump and swollen rump, "Mmmf... almost there... almost your time to pop, too, Courtney," came the teasing and obviously pleasured voice from the mare's popper.

Courtney could only whine and groan out against Victoria's thrusting dick slobbering oozes of spunk across her muzzle. The mare continued to bloat, her body filling more and more. The heated spread of cum pushed through her, stretching her arms and swelling them, bloating down her shapely legs, and even making her dick sag and hang lower with the weight of skunk cum pulsing into it. She cried out softly, "Ohhh fuck... feels so good..."

Catherine stepped up, her whole front still oozing and dripping cum and Babs, then reached down and began to stroke along Courtney's still spasming dick while her own still hard and cum-pulsing fox cock sprayed cum up and along Courtney's side. The double treatment from the vixen and the canine finally made the mare blush deep in her cheeks, a feeling of almost embarrassment at getting so much pleasure from being treated like this, like she was both a cum-rag and a cum-dumpster. She knew, though, she would soon be a cum-puddle.

The heady flow of cum raced through her, sagging her breasts and belly more and more, making her torso more rounded than she could have imagined even after watching two of her teammates get burst like she was about to be. As the flow of cum spread into her neck, she coughed up a huge wad of spunk, right across Victoria's dick and into her lap, the remainder of the heavy jizz oozing from her lips as she moaned out again. Slowly and steadily, her whole body swelled, the heat pressing through her, the pressure rising and racing into her extremeties. When it hit her muzzle, finally more than a quick burst, she let out a gurgling BEEEELCH of breath, eyes going wide in surprise at the sudden increase in pressure in her skull. She could feel the heat rising into her brain, behind her eyes, in her cheeks and lips and nose. All of her burned with the rising pleasure and passion and lust of getting her final fuck and being burst.

Ashley suddenly straightened up, arms shooting into the air while sweat dripped from her brow. She shouted out, "One, two, three, four! Who's a cum stain, nothing more? Poppy! Babs! Courtney!" Her team mates looked up with wide grins, straightened up, and joined the cheer, "We just won, we'll never stop! Now it's time to pop, pop POP!" and in unison, the three began to chant, "POP! POP! POP!"

Courtney watched the celebration through the haze of cum flooding into her, listened to the cheering voices of the victorious shemales celebrating. She couldn't help but feel the energy and the pleasure that only a cheerleader could bring, and with the chanting girls standing around her, two dicks pushed against her bloated body and a third one stuffed inside of her, she began to cry out as well, "I'ma... condom... Gonna POP! Clean me up... with a mop!"

She exploded with a heavy, wet SPLACK, spraying outwards in a blast almost as massive as Babs's burst, enough so that when she popped her hated spunk and slime sprayed up and across all three of the remaining cheerleaders who each let out a whooping cheer of breath, delighted at the sight of their last rival finally popping.

Ashley fell slightly forwards onto the cum-soaked beam in front of her and into the puddle of spunk flowing at her feet and mixing with the puddle Babs became. She gasped and groaned out before looking up to her teammates. Victoria was slowly stroking herself with a handful of cum that had sprayed across her. Catherine was still cumming, her dick jerking now and then as the streamer of jizz flowed into the air. The team captain looked to her friends and smiled widely.

"What a game... what a celebration. I'm glad we won."

Victoria nodded, grunting out, "I'm glad you popped Babs, Catherine. She really needed to enjoy that."

"What about Poppy?" asked the still squirting vixen.

"Came hard, like a damn vice on my dick right before she burst. Woulda never guessed her pussy could get so tight."

"You see Courtney blush while I was fucking her?" asked Ashley.

"I think the damn moon saw her blush," came the Doberman's reply.

They stood around a few moments more, all breathing heavily, waiting for Catherine to finally come down. When she did, Ashley straightened up and began to wipe cum from her front, slinging streamers of it into the puddle at her feet. "Feel like going to see if there are any boys left in the locker rooms who want to pop us? I feel like celebrating, too."

"Thought you'd never ask," came the chipper reply from the Doberman, followed with a silent, panting nod from the vixen.