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Going Out At The Bar

The low beat of the music hammered through the club. Laughter was almost drowned out by the rhythm, but the mood in the club couldn't have been better. Solei on the other hand couldn't have been more pissed.

Her entire week had been shit. Her boss had been in her hair for all of it, yesterday her dishwasher had crapped out so she had to wash by hand, and worst of all, she was going through one fucking hell of a heat. Since she had to stay at her workplace and couldn't afford the repair for the dishwasher, she had at least hoped that she could find a way to resolve issue number three over the weekend. But now, she couldn't find anyone willing to give her a good rutting, despite her reeking of prime bitch in heat.

It wasn't that she wasn't one fuckable bitch. She knew she was one sexy wolfess! Her coat was of deep gray coloration, her tits, while not the largest, were round and firm, and she had a cute bubble-butt. So why wasn't a single fucker in this blasted place interested in sticking his dick in her? Did she look too drunk? Sure, she'd had few bottles of beer even before she came here, but it wasn't her fault her heat only amplified the buzz! She wasn't asking much, just a good, hard fuck, She even had dressed up especially for the occasion.

Well, as much as the two pieces she wore could be called something to dress up anyway. Solei had picked out the smallest stuff she could find, nothing but a skirt and a tanktop which did just about nothing to hide her stiff nipples and sodden cunt. But not a single guy had approached her, and it wasn't like there weren't any people willing in the club!

She growled under her breath as she glanced at the pair of foxes sitting on the couch beside her. They'd been going at it for the better part of an hour, slobbering over each others maws and hands down each others pants, moaning without a care in the world. For a moment, she thought about just waltzing over the them, shoving the vixen-bitch aside, ripping of the guy's pants and riding him until he passed out.

But fox dick just wouldn't do it for her tonight, she needed something meatier. She scanned the room again, but the only blasted stallion in the entire establishment was currently sucking off some short tiger. And there weren't any bulls in here either, fuck! She was so fucking horny for some flare now, anything that was thick enough would do it for her now!

She looked again. Cheetah, mouse, badger, dalmatian, fennec, fuck, nothing!


What was that? By the bar?

A crocodile was sitting at the bar, towering a good head over the other patrons. How could she have missed him, he had to be more than two meters tall! Maybe she had just overlooked him in her heated and drunken haze?

Fuck it, didn't matter. A guy like that better be packing some fuckmeat, and she was desperate enough to put all her cards on his gamble.

Getting up proved to be slightly more challenging than she anticipated, the world spinning for a brief moment as she stood up, the alcohol taking its toll. It went by just as quick though, eagerness clearing her mind. While her gait was still a bit unsteady, she made it over to the bar without faceplanting unseemly, but she practically crashed against the reptile.

He was wearing a tanktop and some long jeans, and she immediately swung one of her legs over his, letting her cunt grind on his upper leg. "Heeeeeey there big guy." Solei slurred. "I've got a really horny cunt that needs some fucking. Can you help me please?" As she gave him the best puppy-dog eyes she could in her current state, she let one paw dart between his legs, eagerly feeling for his man-meat.

Please don't have a small dick, please don't have a small dick... she prayed in her head, as she felt, and felt, and - Oh.

Mister Crocodile was packing a lot downstairs. He didn't even feel remotely hard yet, and still, there was some serious bulging going on under her fingers. She didn't know if it was his cock or his balls, but she didn't really now - he promised to have a fat dick, and she wanted it. He had looked at the wolfess impassively so far, and she started to get worried he might be swinging the same way as the horse - she started grinding more desperately, leaving a slick little trail on his pants.

"I've been sitting here aaall evening" she drawled. "in heat. And nobody wants to fuck me!" She ran her fingers over his wide chest and biceps. He might have a few more pounds than necessary, but he had more than enough muscle to spare. She was groping shamelessly as she continued to speak: "Will you fuck me, pretty please? I'm a bitch that needs some good, hard, rutting, and you feel like - " - she have his groin an extra vigorous fondle - "you can do just that."

Finally, he spoke up: "Mmmmh, alright. Let's go somewhere a bit more private though." Fuck, what a deep voice. Almost a growl. It just oozed masculinity. He looked around for a bit. "Alright, let's go to the toilets, I'll just finish this drink real quick" he finally said, nodding in their direction. Aww, was he performance shy that he didn't just want to bend her over the bar counter? Didn't really matter either way. What mattered was that she got some scaly dick up her canine canal.

"Don't leave me waiting sweetie..." she cooed as she sauntered off towards the restrooms. Yes, yes, YES! Solei's mood had instantly gone from rock bottom to penthouse suite, now that there was some dick on the horizon. He might not have been the best looker - his pudgy gut made it clear he'd rather have another drink than go to the gym - but she wasn't really avert to some dad-bod anyways.

She didn't know to which of the restrooms she threw the door open - the men's, judging by the doberman over at the pissoirs - she had complete trust the crocodile would find her by the trail of bitch-scent she was leaving behind.

Patience starting to wear thin, she pulled up the front of her skirt as she beelined for the rearmost stall, fingers diving into her heated cunny, solely to soothe her swollen folds, keep them under control until they got hammered by whatever Mister Crocodile was packing. Solei got on her knees on the toilet bowl, spreading more and more slick juices over her digits, until she could hear the stall door open again.

A shadow fell over her, and she heard the zip of a fly being opened, then a rustle of clothes. Panting like the bitch in heat she was, she didn't even dare look back until she heard - and felt - something hit her thigh with a meaty thwack!

"Oooooh..." she cooed. Now she could actually see his junk, and it made her mouth water. His dick laid against her ass, reaching easily up to her belly, and it didn't even look like he was fully hard yet. Leathery foreskin in the same shade as his scales still covered half his tip. Between his legs, two fat, round balls rolled around in a tight, smooth-scaled pouch, looking heavy and so fucking full!

"Big enough hun?" he asked in that deep baritone. She just whined in response and and raised her rump higher. He chuckled and pushed his knuckles into her sodden puss to scoop up some of her juice and use it to lube up his meat. "You sure you want this honey? I'm not gonna be pulling out."

If looks could kill, he'd have fallen over. "I don't give a shit! Fuck me!" She shrieked. "Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK MEE!" She didn't care if anyone else heard her, not in her buzzed and horny state. Crocodile dick was this close and she needed it now!

The scalie simply shrugged. "If you want to..." She felt him place his cockhead against her lush folds, then slowly wedge it in. A bit slow for her liking, she wanted to get rutted like the bitch she was, but he wasn't fully hard and fffuuuuck he was thick! Maybe he couldn't reach as deep as a horse, but he sure as hell could keep up in girth. And the leathery, soft-scaled texture was something she'd never felt before, scraping delightfully over the insides of her wet tunnel.

Her fuse was predictably short, and he'd barely taken a few measured thrusts that her peak hit her like a brick wall. "Gyyyaaaaah!" she gasped, going cross-eyed as her pussy practically vacuumed his meatstick, hugging him like a fleshy sock. But of course, after being blue-cunted the entire night, she wasn't gonna be satisfied with just one orgasm. "Keep going, stud" she whined. "Don't stop until I can't feel my legs anymore!"

"As the lady wishes" he chuckled. Large, scaly paws grabbed her waist - fuck they're so big too - and then he shoved. Uuuugh, so fucking biiig. He gave her a real stretching, scraping over her insides. Nnnngh, what a lucky catch. He was starting to pick up the pace too, like an engine revving up, every shove of his fuckstick eliciting a combination of howls and whines from the canine. Then, she felt something wet spread through her insides. Wait...

No, no, NO, NO! Of course, it was just too perfect to begin with, he had to be a quickshot. She whined again, but this time not out of lust, but disappointment. "You're done already?" To her surprise though, the crocodile just chuckled.

"Just pre honey, don't worry, you'll get your splattering yet." The way he phrased it gave Solei pause. Just pre-cum? That much? That thick? The way it was already sloshing around inside her? With his size, and his words, was he implying...? She wasn't so wasted that she didn't remember the stories. Guys and gals going out with someone, only to be found as a puddle of cum in some motel room. Bellies and chests bloating up, furs all sizes popped into a wave of spooge. Sure, the guys who could do that were rare, but had she just accidentally stumbled upon a popper? He'd kill her if he came inside! Burst her into nothing but a mess that needed cleaning!

Then again...it was rumored that getting popped felt a thousand times better than normal sex. And her life had been so shit recently.... She wouldn't have to worry about her fucking dishwasher, or her fucking boss anymore if she just got fucked herself, in more ways then one. Yeah, fuck them, she'd just become a messy restroom-decoration.

The wolfess couldn't suppress a drunk giggle-fit at the thought. "Glad you're enjoying it-" the crocodile chuckled "-because I sure am!" He thrust forward, spearing the entirety of his length into her, before pulling back and repeating the motion, picking up his pace. The generous amount of pre was making for the perfect lube, permitting the large male to use her as fast as he pleased. And ooh boy, did he please.

Solei yipped every time he slammed home, the muscle-gutted stud really letting loose, starting to hammer into her relentlessly. She could feel his fat, dangerously-full balls slap against her thighs with every thrust, sloshing with oh so much cream, cream that she'd become too. The thought coaxed another orgasm out of her, her body shuddering against his. Her crotch was already a total mess from her own numerous orgasms, and the pre that spilled out of her.

Then, he hilted himself once more and simply held it in. "Gonna blow it up your cunt, hun!" he growled into her ear. She could feel his the cum-vein at the bottom of his cock bloat up and harden like a steel rod before he fired the first shot of his cream into her. The crocodile came with such force that it made her gasp for breath as the blast impacted her insides. She could even hear the gurgling as he doused her belly with his load. The wolfess' knees gave out, and if not for his vice-grip, she'd have slipped off the toilet. She still had enough strength left though to put a hand on her belly and feel it swell in awe.

First it was just a pudge, then she looked a few months pregnant, and then even more. Warm cum backwashed out of her and ran down her thighs, but with the slab of crocodile meat plugging her up, the deluge of thick cream had to find other outlets.

It began with the feeling of warmth spreading, starting with her ass and chest. "Oh fuck!" Solei gasped out as she could feel the cum creeping outwards, invading other parts of her body, filling them, straining them. It felt simply incredible, like a full-body orgasm, and nothing after this could ever come close to the feeling of getting bloated up. Well, quite literally at the one hand, but she was glad that she wouldn't have to get into a position where she'd have to compare it. All in all, she thought as she felt his load turn her tits into overfilled condoms, this was the perfect way to end the night, and her life.

As her partner lost his grip on her deforming thighs, he simply put his hands on her shoulder, tugging her closer, not giving her any option to escape. Not that she wanted to anyway. "Thanks for that hun" he grunted, underlining his words with short jabs of his hips, shoving as much of his load into her as he could. "Shame we won't be able to do it again."

As she could feel the warmth rise through her throat she tried to answer, but only a bubbling mumble came out: "Thanksh blud..." Only a deep growl answered her. The crocodile hadn't even heard her, too focused on riding his own peak. She would have grinned if she still could, but she could feel his cum starting to push against the inside of her head, making her features grow slack and rounded. Cum, thick and pearly ran from her mouth and nostrils. Any moment now, any moment it should happen...


The wolfess exploded into a wave of white, splashing against the toilet and the walls of the stall. The crocodile wasn't quite done yet emptying himself out, and without a care for the film of goo covering it, put a hand on the back wall, stabilizing himself as he jacked the last his balls had to give into the toilet bowl.

Eric groaned in satisfaction as the last of his orgasm tapered off. What a stroke of luck this girl had thrown herself at him, asking to get popped. That didn't happen often to the crocodile, but never look a gift wolf in the mouth and all that. Well, all that remained of her now were two absolutely soaked-through pieces of fabric and a mess of cum dripping from the wall. Damn good pop, Eric thought to himself with a grin, licking the mess he made off his fingers. He himself had naturally also gotten hit by the blast, but that wasn't anything unusual really. This was going to be a real pain for some poor, underpaid janitor to clean up though! The toilet itself and the entire back wall were covered in a layer of crocodilean spunk, and the bowl was practically swimming in it. The male chuckled as he tried to flush the toilet and all that happened was a few sad bubbles coming out of the cum-pool.

"Clogged right proper!" he said to no one in particular. As he left the stall, he saw the doberman that had been here when he came in. The canine had his pants around his ankles, cock out and knotted up. A few comparatively meager streaks of cum decorated the ground in front of him, and he was breathing heavily. When he caught sight of Eric, he gave him a thumbs-up and gasped: "Nice show dude. Splattered that bitch real good." The crocodile said nothing, merely smiling back has he walked towards the main part of the club. His own clothing was soaked through, clinging to his scales, so a shower and a change were in order. This night might have been over for him, but he could sense the ears and noses turning as he walked through the club, taking in the cummified remains of the wolf-bitch coating him. He'd return another time, and maybe somebody would throw themselves at him again.