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Nothing disturbed the peace of night. At least nothing that made much of a sound. If one looked closely, they might have seen a dark figure clinging to the walls of the manor, disturbing the symmetry. Silently, slowly, the figure crept up the masonry, using the tiniest nooks and crannies for purchase. Hot, arid air brushed over the figure, but it didn't seem to care as it climbed upwards to a balcony in the upper floors.

The figure was a lithe, lanky fox, unseen and unheard, although there wasn't even anyone around here who could do either. He had snuck past the manor's guards at the front gates, but there weren't any at the house proper, and thus, he continued his ascent unimpeded. There was the slightest jingle emanating from the vulpine though, created by the flasks and pouches strapped to leather belts crossing over his chest in an X-shape. Not that this was loud enough to be heard by anyone but the fox himself of course. He had taken great precautions to ensure he could move as quietly as possible. No rustling clothing safe for his loincloth, and the belts were strapped tight enough to not jiggle around. While technically not completely silent, it was close enough in the vulpine's mind. He made nary a sound as he hefted himself onto the balcony, at least nothing that could be heard by anyone but him, and that was good enough.

So far, so good, he thought as he glanced around. It was dark, yes, the little moonlight providing not much vision, but of course, someone like him had come prepared. It might as well have been bright as day to the vulpine.

There was no door that led into the room the balcony belonged to, simply a decorated archway, letting fresh air in. Not that anyone would have to be worried about catching a cold in these parts - even in winter, temperatures stayed comfortable enough to walk around with little clothing.

He cast those thoughts aside as he peered into the room proper, searching for something. He had been contracted to send a very specific message to the family owning this estate, and this was the room he was supposed to deliver it in.

There! At the far end of the room it was, a large, richly decorated bed with silken, dark-red sheets with golden tassels. The bedding of someone rich, someone who could afford to pay for such extravagances outside of the areas guests would usually see. A figure was lying on the bed, slumbering peacefully, unaware of the unbidden guest. The fox practically slithered forward between small tables and finely woven rugs, forwards toward the bed, careful not to trip over anything. On the bed itself was, sound asleep, the reason why he was here. The leopardess laid there on her side, breath going steadily, blanket pulled up halfway to her chest. Barely an adult, she looked like an incarnation of innocence.

And he was here to remove her, permanently.

Not that this was entirely his decision of course. He was an assassin, and he first and foremost cared about pay and a satisfied customer - he had a certain reputation to uphold after all. His marks were up to his employers, and someone was paying quite handsomely for him to remove this particular young woman.

The vulpine procured a small piece of cloth from a pouch strapped to his belts and a tiny vial of liquid from another. Pouring the contents of the latter onto the former, he pushed against the feline's shoulder to turn her on her back, and then held the cloth over her nose.

He was no common assassin. Anyone with a knife and a crafty nature could achieve the same end result as he could. But he was no ordinary assassin. He was hired if someone not only wanted somebody removed, but also send an unmistakable message. Then they hired The Liquidator.

The leopardess stirred and groaned as she was turned over, before she inhaled deeply from the cloth, then she was quiet again, chest rising steadily. The liquid wasn't anything particularly dangerous, the vulpine had merely ensured she would not wake up for about an hour. More than enough time, he thought as his eyes wandered across her body, as he felt a slight tinge of desire in a certain spot beneath his loincloth.

The fox didn't exactly know just who his employer was. Some nobleman of course, given that he had been able to afford the assassins considerable fee. And given the target, it was most likely some rival of this family, trying to get back at his foe or something like that. The assassin didn't particularly care about the squabbles between the houses, so long as the price was paid for his services. And figurative backstabbery in the higher ranks paid quite handsomely, at least for him. Sending a message via the Liquidator was expensive, but clear.

Well, not literally clear. More like written in white goop on the walls, floor and ceiling.

He pulled back the blanket to reveal the leopardess in her entirety. While her head was framed by brown, smooth hair spilling over her shoulder, she wore a white, thin, almost gauze-like nightgown, something that certainly wouldn't have been proper to wear around strangers. Of course, what did that matter when she was asleep in her bed? The nightly intruder naturally had no objections to that line of thought.

He leaned down and ran a paw through her silken hair, before cupping her head and lifting it against his own, meeting lips with her. She didn't react of course, even when the forced her jaws apart to let his tongue explore her mouth cavity. The feline barely moved as he tasted her saliva and wrenched her tongue around with his.

But her mouth was merely an appetizer for the true fruits her body held for him to plunder. Moving his hands down, the vulpine tugged her nightgown down her shoulders to reveal her chest. Anyone else wouldn't have seen much in the meager light, but he could see her breasts more than clearly. Despite her relative youth, the leopardess seemed to already have fully bloomed into a woman, with her breasts being round and firm, truly a sight to behold.

But they shouldn't remain merely a sight, the fox reaching out with both paws to firmly grasp those luscious mounds, feeling the soft flesh, while his mouth latched onto one of the perky nipples. She gave the most tender of groans at that. Was she reacting to the stimulation? The drops he had let her inhale wouldn't prevent that.

He savored the sweet, firm flesh of her breasts, lathering both her her nipples up with his spit before opening his maw wide and taking practically half a breast into his maw, almost immediately followed by a sharp intake of breath from the young woman. Her breathing started to get increasingly labored as he hungrily suckled on her blooming teat. Only when it was absolutely drenched in saliva he mercifully pulled off with a plop that would have sounded almost deafening in the silence of the night, if it weren't for the feline's heavy breathing. She even bucked her upper body against him a bit as his maw left her bosom, as if trying to chase that sensation.

The vulpine grinned surreptitiously as he slid further down along the bed, completely pulling off the blanket as he did so. The feline's nightgown reached down to her legs, but everything from her upper body was bunched up around her waist. He easily heaved her up for a moment to pull all of it completely off her body and tossing it carelessly over the bedside, before laying his gaze on that special spot between her slightly-spread legs.

Only to have it blocked by a pair of velvet panties. Bother. Oh well, no one could say he would really mind extra wrapping like that. Putting his paws on the straps to pull away that last piece of clothing too, he felt something that made a small smile creep onto his face. He was a professional, sure, but that didn't mean he couldn't have a bit of fun on his job.

"Did the little kitten wet herself, hm?" he whispered amusedly to himself as he smelled the female arousal staining her panties. But that was nothing in comparison the marvel that was the crevice between her legs. That perfectly pink, puffy flesh of her cunt. It was swollen and glistening, the fur around it neatly trimmed and just begging for someone to take it and stake their claim in it. Of course, the vulpine would be all to happy to do that.

Slurp. Her lower lips tasted like nectar as he lewdly slurped against their mushy surface, causing the female to squirm and moan under her breath. The fox spread her legs to get better access to her honeypot, to which she responded with softly humping into his maw. Then, she shuddered for a moment and a particularly rich splash of fluids shot against the vulpine's snout. He Licked everything up with gusto, before pulling back and looming over her. The rather flushed-looking leopardess had her share of the fun, but now, it was his turn. He put a hand beneath his loincloth.

Of course, there it found a droopy, already somewhat engorged sheath and an abnormally plump set of balls for a fox. They were about as a big as tangerines, but of course, he knew that this wasn't the end of it yet. His hand went further to touch the ring of metal wrapped around he base of his ballsack.

Immediately, he grit his teeth and almost keeled over at the intense warmth suddenly spreading throughout his nuts. Normally, his equipment would be considered above average for a fox, but nothing particularly noteworthy, neither in size nor in output. That was, until the magic in the ring did it's work and magnified his load to such a degree that anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves at the end of his dick would soon end up as a wet, messy splotch of fox-seed. And the continued use of said magic also had the side effect of gradually, but permanently enlarging his genitals.

That's why people hired him. Anyone with a knife and some wit could stab someone in the back, but how many could fuck someone and then pop them into a pool of sperm? That was when you knew, whoever hired the Liquidator has a serious grudge against you, they didn't just want to remove someone, they also wanted a side of humiliation to go along.

The fox could already feel the magic working its way into his nuts, packing his cum-stores tighter and heavier. His loincloth would only get in the way at this point, so he pulled it aside. Merely a slight speck of red was peeking from his sheath, but his balls were already in the process of becoming overfull before the magic did enough work to let them really plump up, but that was no reason to waste all that perfectly good cum. Stepping over the leopardess, he crouched down over her head.

"Did the little kitten drink her warm milk before going to sleep?" he whispered teasingly, with one paw stroking his sheath, the other prying her muzzle open once more. "We should make sure, no?" His dick was barely hard, just a little chubby poking out of his sheath, but he was already leaking like a faucet. So he simply pulled her muzzle over his genitals to let his male milk flow over her tongue.

And she was quite grateful, by the looks of it. He could feel her raspy, feline tongue lapping against his sheath, causing it to swell quicker and pumping even more of his cum out. "Greedy kitten" he growled quietly, but lustfully as she guzzled down the product of his nuts like a proper, high-born girl should. Soon though, his flow slowed down to a drizzle as his sack grew and got bloated up to its limit, starting to dangle against her throat.

"Good girl-aah" he gasped the night air brushed over his balls. They always became very, very sensitive when they approached their full size, hanging low like ripe oranges. His dick was at half-mast, with the knot still dormant in his sheath, but ready to pounce a tight opening, should it happen reveal itself.

Everything was ready. His sack had filled out. She was naked and needy. Her cunt was slick and sloppy. Time for the fireworks.

Shuffling down her body while leaving a small sticky trail on her chest and belly, the fox positioned himself between her legs, cock resting against her sloppy pussy-lips. She was truly, squelchingly wet down there, her muff swollen to a degree that would make any male weak-kneed. He couldn't wait any longer, he would give her the ride of her life, quite literally, right now.

He pushed forward with a grunt, sliding into that arm, wet orifice. She responded with a soft moan of her own as her legs twitched seemingly involuntarily for a moment, before the vulpine gripped her ankles for more leverage, allowing him to quickly hammer his bulging cock into her, wasting no time on being gentle anymore.

The magic that allowed his genitals to grow worked best when it got an already pent-up sack to work with. As a result, he rarely ever took care of his needs outside of his contracts, to ensure a smooth procedure and swift procedure, as it could happen that time was of the essence. Naturally, that also meant that he was quite sensitive. Not sensitive enough to blow early of course, but sensitive enough that any hole would feel like heaven to him.

This youthful leopardess though, was more than perfect already. Just tight enough to properly grip and massage a male, but not so tight that she clamped down uncomfortably. Ohhh, and the sheer wetness of her. Every time he pulled or pushed, her tunnel clung to his member for just the tiniest moment before releasing its grip with a slop! The canine allowed himself a genuine smile. This was the kind of contract he enjoyed most.

Plap-plap-plap his bloated, swollen balls slapped against her soaked groin as he humped into her, while she squirmed and mewled quietly. Sure, the tincture knocked her out cold for a while, but a bit of stimulation still went through to her brain. And that little bit seemed to do a whole lot for her. Poor sensitive girl. He wondered how she would have been in a romantic relationship. Would she have been a bashful maiden, quivering at the slightest touch? He could imagine her perfectly in that role.

The fact that she had the body of a goddess made that thought only better. The fox was a man of business first and foremost, but that didn't mean he couldn't appreciate something nice when he saw it. And the naked feline, with a small smile on her face and writhing in his grasp, was just that.

Releasing his grasp on her right ankle, he leaned forward over her chest and gently grabbed one of her nipples with his teeth, the other between two fingers and caressed them both. That really seemed to get her going, her squirming increasing in intensity. She tried to buck against him, but he held her down by the firm flesh of her tits. Little breathless gasps and squeaks escaped her as she lapped at the air with her tongue, searching for her lover.

And the fox was all too happy to answer her. Leaning forward even more, he let his muzzle meet hers, their tongues dancing and intertwining in a sloppy kiss. A shame he'd have to turn this beautiful girl into a puddle of jizz, but a job was a job. At least someone got to thoroughly appreciate her before she got burst.

As much as he wanted to just keep humping and licking her though, his own balls started to complain loudly about the load they had to bear, gurgling and sloshing with thick, compressed seed. They yearned for release, and so did the vulpine. His knot was stretching his pulsating sheath to its limits, begging to freed. His breathing was going at least as heavy as hers, and the area around their joined crotches was soaked in female fragrance by this point. Her insides were similarly soaked, just by waves upon waves of pre-cum.

The fox curled a hand around her back and with a grunt heaved her up to let her limp body sit in his lap. She practically fell into him, and his dick almost slipped out of her, but he just managed to catch her and break her fall. Resting for a moment, stabilizing her with one arm, he used the other to take her own arms and drape them over his shoulder, and then the same with her legs around his waist, making it look like she was embracing him.

Putting a hand on the back of her head, he resumed humping into her with short jabs of his hips. "You've been a good girl" he whispered in her ear. "Good girls deserve rewards, and I'll give you a big, big reward you will never forget." All he got in response was heavy panting into his ear of course. She would be out for at the very least another two hours, but realistically, she would get popped long before that. In the morning, the lords of this house would find their daughter turned into something for the maids to clean up.

He would make sure of that, he thought as his knot finally popped out of that awfully tight sheath and got immediately smothered by her plump pussy-lips. The canine could feel himself being on the verge of bursting right there, but he couldn't without his knot locking them together - that would result in a big mess, but in a mess that didn't involve a feline splattered all over the room. His time was starting to run short, he had to knot the leopardess now.

Curling his arms under her armpits and gripping her shoulders, he pulled her down and started hammering into her as hard as he could with her sitting on top of him. Holding her like that of course also meant that her voluptuous chest was mushed against his own, their fur tickling each others nipples. Although, hers were probably more sensitive for that.

The vulpine's knot was kissing against her lips , yearning for entrance, yearning to be fully encased in warm, wet female flesh, and it seemed like this yearning should soon bet satisfied. Each hump pushed the swollen bulb just ever so slightly further into her quivering snatch, chasing her from one small peak to the next.

One final shove, one final hump did it then. The foxes knot popped into the feline and immediately ballooned out to it's full size, sealing her cunt as tightly as it sealed her fate. Now it was certain - when this pretty noble lady would leave this room, it would quite literally be in rags, the rags used to clean up what was left of her. In a small part of his mind, he almost found it sad. She probably wasn't even really involved with whatever feud was going on between the houses, and yet, she had to pay the price. Oh well, a job was a job, and he wasn't in the position to question his employers motives. And now to finish this particular job.

He exhaled heavily focused on being quiet, as pure, mind-numbing pleasure rushed from his between loins up his spine, and into his brain. His nuts lept inside their sack with joy as they unloaded themselves, and jumped with such force that they actually slapped against his groin. An in the relative quiet almost deafening GLUCK sounded out from his shaft as it dumped out a massive batch of fox-batter. The leopardess shuddered as if she was struck as the first stream of cum rushed into her belly.

The first shot already gave her already a slight pudge, and the vulpine assassin was far from done. Each jerk of his dick fired another load inside of her, first making her look slightly plump, then pregnant, then really pregnant. She was shuddering in orgasmic throes the whole time, all the while she had a content smile on her face, unaware of her incoming undoing.

As her belly bloated, so did soon enough other parts of her body. The fox could feel her thighs growing against his own, and her chest followed moments after that. Soon, he was unable to hold her as tightly as he had any longer, her growing belly pushing her away from him. She had turned from a slim young looker into a balloon of fox-seed, and soon, she'd be something to be scraped off the walls.

Another jet fired from his cock, another bit by which her feet and neck swelled. "Gluuurg..." she groaned wetly as cum started to fill her throat. Maybe by now she would be aware something was wrong, at the very back of her mind. Not that she could do anything about that anymore, with her face and toes rounding out. "You've been such a good girl," he whispered in a hushed voice "taking everything I've given you. You deserve to see this through to the end." Her end of course, but that didn't really matter to him.

Her entire feline form wobbled for a moment, cum leaking from her bloated nipples and the corners of her mouth, her body quivering under barely contained pressure, before with a wet BLARP, she dissolved, sending a wave of cum over the bedsheets, the headboard, the floor, and of course, also over the fox. His balls however, weren't fully empty yet, sending forth another pearly-white stream to splatter against the far wall. But he couldn't just let all of that spray everywhich way, so he scrambled to where he had tossed the now ex-felines nightgown, picked it up, and wrapped it tightly around his prick. The fabric immediately grew dark and heavy with spunk, with a steady drip-drip-drip of some of it escaping.

Most of it got soaked into the silken fabric though, allowing the fox to take a breather without being too distracted by his own ejaculation. He perked his ears. Nothing. No shouts, no thumping of boots. Not even the slow shuffling of investigative feet over the floorboards. It appeared that his little escapade here had gone unnoticed. Good. That meant he didn't have to hurry. For nearly a minute, he just stood there draining the last of his balls into the makeshift condom.

When the assassin could feel his orgasm coming to a close, he pulled the now thoroughly wet piece of clothing off, and let it drop onto the ground with a wet shlop. Then, taking off his loincloth, and held it in front of his softening dick. Milking out the last few drops from the very bottom of his sack, he smeared the thick cream all over the previously relatively untouched loincloth. Then, maneuvering over the largest puddles of fox-seed on the ground, he stepped towards the head-end of the bed and put the small, but soaked piece of garment in the middle of the cum-stained pillow. That would make it unmistakable, by whom this deed had been done. True, given the condition of the room, it wouldn't be hard to guess, but he liked leaving a little personal touch behind.

He didn't usually pat himself on the back, but in his mind, this had been one proper splatter. Now, it was time for him to leave the scene behind, with what remained of the cat...well, remaining here. Again, he usually wasn't someone to be overly proud of himself, but his handiwork here was something to be admired. Large pools of cum were slowly turning into dried, impossible-to-wash-off stains, the room was heavy with vulpine musk, and all that was left of the room's former occupant were several pieces of clothing, now little more than cum-soaked rags, and the former occupant herself, now little more than the aforementioned stains.

And with everything done and said, it was time for him to leave. On the way back to the balcony, the vulpine picked up a dress to clean off the worst globs of his seed of himself, then tossed it aside. Yup, job well done, he thought to himself again, as he climbed over the balcony, hand and feet properly cleaned up, and started his way back down, into the night, leaving behind a leopardess turned spunk.