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Too Much To Handle

Jharika flapped her wings and skidded over the pebbles for a few meters before she stumbled to a halt. Sloppy. How sloppy of her. Normally she didn't land this sloppy. But she had been rather...distracted lately.

The gryphoness trotted over the rocky beach of the lake and craned down her black-feathered neck to take deep, refreshing gulps of the cool water. Black feathers covered her entire front, before they slowly faded into equally black fur around her midsection, the dark coloration only broken by the yellow of her beak and claws.

And a slight patch of pink between her hinds.

Stupid heat. It had cost her her prey twice now, by reeking to the high heavens and by constantly nagging at the back of Jharika's mind, robbing her of concentration. The one doe had caught her scent and fled, the other had been spooked by her stepping on a dried-out branch. At least the gryphoness had managed to catch herself an injured wolf, but she knew that she couldn't go on like this. She needed something, or someone to help her with this bothersome itch.

She stepped a few meters into the water She closed her eyes as she drank and let her mind wander to regal, studly gryphons, with their strong shoulders, spread wings and proud, fluffed up chests.

And their heavy, virile balls and long, hefty cocks.

Subconsciously, she started humping the air as she slaked her thirst and thought about how her dream-gryphon would mate her. Would he be gentle, cooing to her while he slowly thrust into her with their beaks entwined? Or would he be rough, forcing his screeching hen to the ground while he staked his claim in her womb.

Or maybe there would be two gryphons, competing for her clutch as they took turns pumping their seed into her? Oh, how divine that would be, with two regal members of her kind trying to outdo one another in the race for her clutch. In the real world, she crouched low to the ground and spurted a trail of clear, pheromone-rich fluid over the pebbles.

Maybe that would get her some attention, she thought, but she didn't have high hopes. At this point, she had to have marked an area spanning several miles with her scent, and still no suitor had shown up. For weeks she had been in heat, her body aching for a fresh, big clutch to carry. If only she could find a donor for that purpose, but the skies were as empty as her womb.

Thinking about this only made Jharika more disgruntled. With a indignant huff, she resumed her drinking. In her frustration, she didn't notice the shadow circling over the lake.

Only when she heard the thudding impact of something large landing on the pebbles behind her, she looked up. She hadn't even noticed. Still sloppy. What if the other one had wanted to harm her?

But given the fact that she was still very much untouched, it was safe to assume that whoever just landed meant her no ill. Looking up and behind her, she caught sight of a full-grown, blue-scaled dragon. Spines crested it's back and two ivory horns curled back from his head. It's ice-blue eyes regarded her with a look of mild curiosity. A few moments passed with them staring at each other before Jharika had enough of it.

"What?" She snapped. "You saw something particularly interesting?"

The dragon raised a horned eyebrow in amusement as he folded his wings back to his body. "You could put it like that, I suppose." The dragon rumbled with a masculine voice. "Saw, and smelled something." Smirking, the dragon trotted past her and lowered his front to drink from the lake himself.

Of course she had to phrase it like that. Of course she had to ridicule herself in front of a stranger. Hm. But perhaps...

Trying to be inconspicuous, Jharika looked him over from the corner of her eyes. He was large, much larger than her, even if that probably had to be expected. If they stood their hindlegs next to each other, she would probably reach just about two-thirds up the length of his torso. Her head barely reached his shoulders.

And he did look strong. Muscular haunches, powerful wings, even if they were folded, and a sturdy looking neck, the entire length of which was put on display before her as he drank. The gryphoness fluttered her wings for a moment in indecisiveness. It was not unheard of for gryphons and dragons to copulate. They could even impregnate one another, which would result in a clutch of the mother's race. it was generally looked down upon to mate outside one's race, but it happened often enough.

She ground her beak. In her position, she wouldn't complain about getting reamed and knocked up by a dragon. She had little doubt he would agree to mate her if she asked him, but there remained the problem of size. She was by a no means a large specimen, he on the other hand was rather studly built.

Only after a few moments of her openly staring at him she noticed one of those blue eyes staring back at her. Raising his head up, he looked at her with an impish glint behind his eyes. "Well, it seems you have seen something interesting as well. May I inquire what exactly that would be?"

Caught red-clawed, Jharika was flustered for a moment, before she reared up a bit. "Uhm, yes, actually, you probably smelled it anyway, and, erm, you're male, so, maybe, you wouldn't mind helping me out?" Babbling and stumbling over her own tongue, great. At least the unmistakable message of "Fuck Me" was tempting enough, she hoped.

"Oh? Not finding any gryphons to sate your heat, so you have to make do with old V'duul?" The dragon looked amused as he turned towards her. Simply marvelous, he was a wisecrack as well.

"Listen, scale-ass if you can point me to one of my kin, I'll be more than happy let them mount me, but I have been searching for weeks and haven't found as much as a feather, so I'll take scales over feathers now, alright?" It wasn't normal for her to be this snappy, but her patience was at its limit, and there was someone who could screw her right in front of her, someone who decided to rather toy with her.

V'duul chuckled. "I'm just teasing you. It's just so easy to ruffle the plumage of you little featherbirds." He straightened up. "But as for your little issue, I'm more than willing to...help." Then, should we go for some foreplay, or should I-"

"Wait, wait, wait." Jharika interrupted him. "First, I've got to check if you're not too big for me. You're not a small dragon, and I don't want you to split me in two." She looked at him expectantly. True, she had to make sure, but she at this point, she might not even have cared if the dragon was too large. Also she'd never gotten the chance to ogle at a dragon's junk before, so this was something she was looking quite forward to all of a sudden.

The blue dragon still had that same self-pleased smirk on his face as he steadied his posture, spread his hindlegs and raised his tail, inviting the gryphoness to look. Glancing past his underside, she couldn't make much out, so she slowly walked to his backside under his ice-blue gaze.

What she saw when she reached his tail shocked Jharika.

She only knew about these parts of dragon anatomy from hearsay, but from what she heard, they possessed a sheath and balls much like gryphons themselves. However, here she saw no sheath.

Which was not that surprising when one considered the humongous sack dangling between the dragon's legs, hanging down all the way to his knees and blocking her view. The gryphoness knew creatures of different sizes and species could be differently equipped, sure enough-but this was just ridiculous. These nuts had to shift and scrape against his thighs with every step. They had to be such an inconvenience for the male's daily life, but sheer amount of seed they had to hold made Jharikas beak all kinds of watery.

"I assume you're impressed?" V'duul's smug voice brought her back to reality. He looked at her over his shoulder. If his his grin would have been any wider, it would have gone down his neck. His smile froze however when she looked back at him with an expression of almost genuine fear. He cocked his head. "What?"

She looked him in the eye, ominously between his legs, and back to him. "...Is that normal?" She finally managed to say. "Are all dragons like that?" She couldn't imagine dragons and gryphons mating if the former's equipment was this much larger in relation to their body. Were all the stories of them doing so just myths?

"You mean these?" With that, the seemingly ever-present smirk returned as the dragon shook this hips, making his scrotum bounce and jiggle. As the two massive orbs swung in their leathery pouch like pendulums, they drew Jharika's almost hypnotically. So big, but then again, just so big! On the one hand, she wanted nothing more than get filled up with spunk by those barrels, but on the other, she feared the dick these two balls accompanied.

"I'm...I'm afraid you're to big for me..." she muttered under her breath, but the dragon had keen hearing.

"Oh, that's it? For one, I can assure you that I am very much an outlier in that regard for dragons... and secondly, my...abnormal physique does not extend to the rest of my genitalia, although I can assure you, you will find my member still more than adequate." V'duul postured in a manner very similar to gryphons when they sought to show off their plumage, before he noticed she still didn't look convinced.

He sighed. "If you want, you can do some, ahem, closer inspection, and see if I am to your liking." Raising his tail high in the air while lowered his front legs, the regal dragon adopted a submissive pose, as if to present his rear for another male to take.

Or, of course, for a curious gryphoness to 'inspect' him. Jharika was still a bit unsure. After seeing the ridiculous size of the dragon's equipment she began to start thinking that this may have not been the best of ideas. The stories she heard were probably just about smaller dragons mating with her kin.

But then again, that pair of nuts just looked so damn delicious! And she really needed to get laid. Well, it couldn't hurt getting a whiff of the male, and see if his cock could fit inside her.

She ignored the dragon smirking at her from the ground like a puppy, and walked up closer towards his groin. Scales covered this part of the dragon, much like the rest of him, but these were tiny, and soft to the touch, she found when she crawled along the ground below to under his belly, with his sack brushing against her back. It almost felt as if there weren't scales at all, just leathery skin. She ignored the quiet chuckle as her feathers brushed against him, nuzzling her beak against his sack, and when she had slipped under him, awkwardly turned around to face his sheath.

To her relief, it didn't mirror the size of the dragon's balls. It looked almost cute, how the wrinkly tube of flesh was nestled into the male's sack. She brought her beak forward, nosing into the sheath and inhaling.

Before she could hold herself back, she let out a delighted chirp. The gryphoness could feel the dragon's amusement rumbling through his body, but she was too preoccupied by the unmistakable, overpowering scent of masculinity. Jharika flicked her tongue over the inside of his sheath and the taste caused her to instantly spurt another stream of feminine juices along the ground.

The female stood up on her hindlegs, and steadied her front legs against V'duul's sack, mindful of her claws. Stabilized this way, she could dig into the fleshy tube in earnest, licking, sniffing and rubbing, heightening her own arousal as she did the same for the dragon.

Soon, she felt something emerge from the wrinkly tube and bump against her beak. The dragon above her groaned as the tapered tip of his cock began to bump against the gryphoness' beak. It grew and grew, brushing past her head as she remained nuzzled into his groin, and the lump of dragon flesh spread over her shoulder, slid between her wingjoints and onto her back.

Jharika could feel fleshy nubs on the underside of the dragon's dick rubbing over backfeathers. It was covered in a wet, glistening, and musky sheen, fluids that had collected in his sheath and now served as coat for his pride. She found the draconid penis to be somewhat similar to one her own kind-both were tapered towards the tip, and if the small bulb still nestled inside the dragon's pouch was any indication, both had knots.

There were also some striking differences however. First, the fleshy barbs on the underside. A gryphon's haft was smooth, dragons however seemed to not only have barbs, but also a far more roughly textured shaft. Gryphons were tapered, yes, but also rather bulbous around the middle, while this one simply grew narrower and narrower towards the tip.

Something gurgled. She raised her head confusedly, before she felt something moved under her foreclaws. A surge traveled through the dragon's sack and his cock heaved heavily for a moment before it spat a line of thick, gloopy white over the gryphon's back and down her thighs. What would be a full orgasm for other creatures, perhaps even other dragons, but to V'duul it seemed, this was nothing more than precum.

Jharika watched for a moment, as a string of white sludge dripped down her leg in a single, viscous string before snapping and splattering loudly, at least to her, on the ground. Unconsciously, she let out a long, needy chirrup.

"If that's the sounds you're making right now, I can't wait to hear you sing when I'm inside you." She blinked as she was snapped out of her lust-induced stupor by the dragon's smug voice. "Or do you still have second thoughts? Maybe I should just treat you to my tongue? That wouldn't be too big, now would it?"

That glorious, thick and ridged staff. Those balls, big enough that she herself might fit inside them and so, so full of cum. She be walking funny for days, and after he pumped her full, she'd look like she was already pregnant.. How big would her clutch be blew that load inside her? She could only imagine.

"Just shut up and fuck me" she said.

"Pardon me?"

"You heard me!" she snapped impatiently, before turning around so she faced the same way as the dragon, before she adopted a similar crouched position, head to the ground and rear held high."I want you to shut that wisecracking mouth of yours and fuck me into a puddle!" Even though he probably couldn't see it, Jharika shook her bottom invitingly. Maybe he would feel her fur brushing against his scales, and still take the hint.

V'duul rumbled out his amusement again. "Well, since you're asking so nicely, I suppose I should oblige." He rose back onto all fours, and took half a step forward, nuts swinging and sloshing heavily between his legs. It took him a few tries to align himself properly with the gryphon's pussy, cock slapping against his belly with each failed attempt and eliciting a frustrated trill from her, he eventually found his mark, and his member was resting against the edges of her lips. "Ready for the ride of your life?" he asked.

Just as she was about to reprimand him, he thrust his hips forward, sinking into her burning snatch with a wet squelch. Jharika let out a long, melodious chirp as she was penetrated, which tapered off into a drawn-out croon. V'duul moved his hips, letting his partner adjust to his size, but still steadily pushing deeper.

The gryphoness was in heaven. The rough texture of his cock was completely new to her, rubbing and scratching in places no gryphon would be able to. His barbs brushed directly against her clit with each shove of the dragon's hips, poking her sensitive jewel. Lewd squelches came from the pair as Jharika rocked back and forth with his thrusts, wings fluttering in their sockets, eyes closed and tongue lolling from her beak.

It didn't take very long for her to reach her peak. The dragon had barely been inside her for half a minute before she started cawing like mad and clenching down around him. She couldn't even hear the dragon's pleased rumble as her snatch gripped and massaged his penis. Her vocalizations only grew more frantic when he didn't even stop for a moment while he fucked her straight through her orgasm.

"That's what I like to hear!" V'duul chuckled. "A pretty little bird singing me a song." She didn't even register the words. She heard him say something, but it was all just noise over the blood pounding in her head and the sizzling feeling in her lower regions. Then she felt something wet and and warm spurt into her tunnel, soothing the fire raging within her. More of the dragon's pre, already filling her up like a gryphon's full load. She couldn't wait to see how much he would pump into her when he actually came.

The larger male was just over halfway in, and his tip was already knocking against her inner barrier, demanding entry. Oh, she couldn't wait until he dropped his load right into her waiting clutch.

Another shove, and she knew she wouldn't have to hold out much longer as her cervix was penetrated, greedily inviting the draconic cock into her most sacred chamber, causing her to soar into another orgasm as the dick roughly bumped against her inner walls. V'duul's sack swung heavily against her rear, lifting her off her feet. She didn't try to regain her footing however. Instead, Jharika simply steadied her hindpaws against his nuts, practically sitting down against them while steadying herself with her frontclaws on the ground. And now, she could also feel the dragon's knot demanding entry against her snatch.

Said dragon now lifted one of his own frontclaws off the ground and used it to grip his petite partner, brushing his digits against her stomach and the pronounced outline his cock formed in her abdomen. He chuckled quietly. "Now we only have to get in my knot, then I'm ready to fill you up." Jharika didn't really respond, she just chirped throughout her orgasm, barely registering the dragon was even talking.

He stopped thrusting as the front of his swollen knot squelched between her lips, and started gyrating his hips to wedge the fleshy bulb in further. His face was scrunched up in a visage of concentration as he tried to hold himself back from cumming before he was fully hilted inside his little lovebird. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, Jharika aided him in his endeavor, by pushing against him with her front legs helping his paw impale her further and further on his spire.

Until, with a wet splop, it was all in. Closing his eyes, V'duul allowed himself a sigh of satisfaction as he managed to ensure that his load would be wholly dumped into the gryphon, but was quickly reminded of her needs as he felt something rapidly tap against his swollen sack. Below him, The gryphoness' eyes has rolled back into her head, the female experiencing a mind-shattering, drawn-out peak as her hindlegs twitched erratically, softly beating against his balls, as if to make them churn up even more fresh juice. Seeing no more point in holding back, V'duul let himself go.

The first thing Jharika felt was all of the dragon's dick, including the rubbery spines and the knot hardening like steel. Then, through the haze of lust and the sound of her own beating heart, she heard it. A gurgling sound, starting somewhere deep within the dragon's sack. She could feel something surging under her paws, the wave of movement traveling up his balls together with the noise, before she could feel his cock bloating up.

He didn't come into her in short, violent bursts as she would have expected. It was quite violent yes, but it was a constant stream, as if an an entire waterfall was being funneled into her cunt. The bulge the dragon's penis had made in her got quickly replaced by her rapidly expanding belly. She crooned softly as the dragon's essence put out the fire raging in her womb. More and more of that soothing concoction flowed into her, more than she could have ever hoped for.

After a few moments, Jharika came down from her relieving high. She could feel her swollen belly, already looking like it was at the peak of pregnancy, and yet V'duul made no indication he was anywhere remotely done. The pressure inside her grew, and she became slightly worried. "Could you...could you pull out? I don't know how much more I can take...I'll let you finish in my beak, I promise."

In response, the dragon chuckled at her. "Sweetheart, I've got a knot lodged halfway up to your womb, I'm not going anywhere." He tugged his knot for emphasis, not budging an inch. "I'm not even halfway done, so I suggest you just sit tight and..." He sighed like he was finally getting rest after some great exertion. "Enjoy it for as long as you can."

"W-w-w-what do you mean?" She asked worriedly. Her stomach was quickly starting to grow uncomfortably tight. "F-for-for as long as I can?"

"What I mean is that I can't and won't stop until you're nothing but a pretty little smear on the ground." Jharika gasped as she felt a wave of warmth creep outwards from her womb. Looking down at herself, she noticed that her belly had stopped growing, but the area around it was now swelling up.

"W-what? How? Why?" She was babbling incoherently as a pungent, salty taste started to creep up her throat. She watched dumbfounded as her haunches and hindpaws started to deform and swell up. Thinking seemed awfully hard all of a sudden.

"I'm quite happy to have found you" the dragon continued. "Thanks for letting me turn you into a cumstain. You've got no idea how handy you...came." The gryphoness pid no attention to the dragon as she felt her shoulders and chest puffing up. She was so lightheaded, so full, it was odd. She just couldn't understand why the dragon was doing that to her.

"Please, just...just let me-hck-go..." She coughed as the salty taste intensified. Why was it getting so hard to breathe?

"Not gonna happen" the dragon stated matter-of-factly. "You were done for the moment I knotted you, and even if I wanted to, I couldn't do anything for you. And I think now it's time for the finale. Sorry, but you're already dead."

Jharika felt her face puffing out, thin strings of draconid cum dripping from her open maw and nostrils. She tried to form words as she felt another surge travel up the dragon's cock. "What..." was all the could get out before with a wet SPLORT, she vanished.

V'duul could immediately feel the pressure around his prick disappearing, together with the wave of warmth splattering against his belly, groin and legs. Despite knowing what happened, he still curled his head downwards to glance under his form.

He was greeted by his cock wildly jumping in the empty air, flinging a steady stream of cum over the already sizable puddle on the ground, and a few lonesome, black feathers tumbling through the air. Chuckling to himself, he raised one hindleg and continued spraying his load over the ground like a dog marking his territory.

He had been lucky to find a naive partner to dump his load into. Maybe now his mate would at least have a chance. She was a cute, pink 'ness, and V'duul had found quite a liking for her, and he would like to keep her around for a bit longer. Maybe now, with his first shot used to burst a pretty little hen, she would stand a chance, and not meet the same fate as this gryphoness.

Not that there was any guarantee, he thought as he finally tapered off and trotted over to the lake to wash himself off of the remnants of the gryphoness. Past experiences showed that a second load could still be enough to turn his mate into a cumpuddle, even if she was a dragoness. But hey, at least he could say that he gave her a sporting chance.

As he rinsed himself off in the water, he threw a last glance over at the splotch of cum that had been the gryphoness. All that remained of her now,-what even had been her name?-was seed seeping between the cracks of the pebbles and a few soggy feathers. "Thanks for helping me out" V'duul said to the white puddle as he stepped out of the lake and prepared himself to fly. "I hope you're not too cross with me if I popped you for nothing."

And with that, he spread his wings and left the lake, together with what had been a gryphoness, behind.