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Jonathan Sr. - Birth of a Popper

Johnny laid back in his bed, thin coat of sweat covering him. Boxers soaked in cooling cum. He held a tablet in his hand. Moans, squeaks, and rubbery groans erupted from it- Even having started to lose count- he pumped his now sore erection- already throbbing with excitement. Waiting for the inevitable triplet explosions.

Mary grumbled across the bedroom. But he ignored her. A thin sheet of plastic was placed across the floor and walls. Johnnys' "baby maker" was totally spherical now- taking up most of the bedroom- stretching nearly ten feet wide and tall- Johnny spared her a glance, to admire her massive form- wobbling from numerous baby kicks. But returned to his video. Mary only sighed- knowing he was still at it.

On the screen Johnny watched himself- and the three Popper-Hookers he hired a few weeks ago. All three were giant spheres- transparent, coated with sweat- shivering and pulsing from pressure as Johnny rubbed his cum soaked cock against them. It was an expensive night, but the resulting video was worth it.

Worth it...

For a brief moment, Johnny thought about his obsession with popping ladies. How bad it was that he'd even pay girls' organizations or families just to pop them. Even when he had, and would continue- to seduce more naive gals to bursting for him anyway.

But he didn't spare it any more- grunting- trying to hold in his next blast of cum as the first smallest hooker started to scream orgasmically- right before she blew apart...


But you all get to hear the answer to why Johnny is so obsessed!!!!

Johnny's first real encounter with popping happened when he was just a boy. On the cusp of his awakening sexuality. Johnny had an unusual childhood in that he really only had one home- just the ladies who ran it kept changing.

Johnny was raised in a large house mostly alone, one, two, three, sometimes even as many as five or six women would be raising him. Taking care of him. Then one day- they'd all disappear. And new women came in to take over.

Johnny wasn't dumb, he suspsected what happened. The girls at school would tell him how they changed mothers cause their previous ones exploded. And Johnny had seen ladies explode on TV and video games. So he guessed his rotating crop of mothers were exploding- he just never knew when or where-

And also unusual about Johnny's childhood, his father would come by. Almost no other kids had a dad, and while he didn't live with Johnny, Jonathan Sr. would come by to check in on him. Johnny felt really lucky having a dad- the only person who didn't eventually disappear.


One day, johnny's three mothers came by and each gave him a big hug and kiss. He was trying to play videogames- but they insisted. It was only after all three of them left did he realize that they probably were going to go explode... Well, they were only his mothers for a few weeks, so it was okay.

Johnny just played his game all afternoon. A party game in which all the ladies take part in mini-events, tug of wars, vollyball, etc- Johnny was playing a "Pop Last!" minigame based on the real sport- he mashed the buttons as they popped on screen, trying to keep his character the smallest. When someone opened the door- he ignored them for now- it was probbaly his new mothers.

"Johnny-" came his father's voice-

"Oh... hi dad" was all Johnny said, surprised his dad had showed up. He kept mashing buttons.

"Johnny... after you're done, I want you to come with me." He said-

"Okay... where?" Johnny said- his character at her limit- just trying to keep her together long enough to win the mini-game.

"To my place-"

Johnny slipped- surprised- his father had never taken him to his house before-! And he watched his character explode into hundreds of shards- right before the other did-

"Oh-okay Dad!" he said, dropping it and getting up.


Johnny got inside his father's large limosuine- Jonathan Sr. was really good with money apparently- they drove to one of the tallest towers and walked inside. outside was a fountain showering a massive sphere of a woman, and a man holding her up.

They took the elevator up- to the very top of the building.

Johnny's father explained that he was an important man, and a successful one-= which not all men can say- But soon he asked Johnny what he thought of girls and women. JOhnny wasn't sure how to respond- he was getting to that age, but was still embarrassed by it.

Well, today Jonathan Sr was going to show his son how he felt about women.

And the eleveator opened to a huge huge huge penthouse. Jonathan just stared- at first at how big it was, and then the maids his dad had working for him. They all wore maid clothes, some were even skimpier like underwear or swim suits- and all of them were inflated! not a lot- just a belly, breast, or butt- Johnny couldn't help but stare- even as his dad led him into the penthouse.

Thy walked into anotehr huge room, this one with sheets, blankets, but then tiled and slanted down to a big drain. Inside this room were three HUGE ball women. "These women are pregnant with more brothers and sisters for you Johnny- more chldren for the world" Jonathan Sr explained. The women had sheets and clothing draped over them=- preserving their modesty. And expressed happiness finally meeting Johnny Jr.

As they left, Jonathan Sr said that he hopes he has another boy, he's had hundreds and hundreds of children, but Johnny was the only boy so far.

And then, he led Johnny to the "balloon room"


This room was huge, gigantic- more like a gym tahn any room in any house. There were beds, air tanks, pumps, poles gong up to the ceiling-

But what made Johnny blush with embarrasment were all the women. Dozens of ladies dressed in various colours and designs of lingerie, rubber, latex, silks- And floating boobing against the ceiling, several more already ballooned into balls- with thin strips of rubber, latex, or fabric preserving their modesty.

Johnny took a nervous step in, then looked down. The floor was already covered in rubbery scraps.

"Those belonged to your most recent mothers' Johnny" Jonathan Sr. said- "And, I've taken you here because you're going to be going through some changes soon, becoming a man." He walked his son through the hall, all the ladies sitting their watching or chatting- "And, in my opinion, a Man pops Women. It's waht I am, what my father was, and what I ant you to be."

"Men these days are getting squeamish about it. Women are popping each other more often than men are-" He scoffs. "Well, not me, not you, and not any other boys I may have. And so, for today- as you enter manhood- I wanted to give you a gift- your first lady to make explode."

Johnny blushed-a nd looked at all the ladies- and the ones on the ceiling. He'd never even thought of girls before- and now his dad wanted him to explode a lady dressed in sexy underwear??????

"Making a woman explode is a wonderful thing Johnny- it shows taht you love them, that you think they're beautiful, and it makes them feel so wonderful right before they tear apart." He pets a nearby woman's chin. "And- some people believe- being popped by a Man gives them the best Heaven where they can inflate and pop all they like."

Johnny kicked the scraps on the floor, his head light, racing, and heart beating hard.

So Johnny.... want to choose one? Johnny looked around-

It was actually a while- but he ended up choosing a tall blonde lady in a blue latex pair of panties and nipple-pasties.

Johnny had seen inflation all the time on TV, in public, in books, learned about it at school... but this was different. His father hooked up a hose into her belly button. Johnny was going to pop this women, because he thought she was pretty, and she was going to pop for him, and happy to do it. And his dad wanted him to- because it's what strong men do...

He watched as the sexy blonde lady slowly grew into a huge sphere- big and round- he felt his heart racing- almost hurting- and, she clearly tried to stifle, or at least hold back her moans- but she couldn't stop all of them.

She realy was happy-

Then, when she was transparent, and nearly shaking with pressure- Jonathan Sr unplugged the air tank, and hooked up a hand pump to her belly button instead- and handed the pump to Johnny-

Johnny's head felt funny again- and- it took all his strength, but he pumped- and she squeaked and moaned- he pumped again- it was a bit easier again=- and then he kept pumping- hearing the groans of her skin, and stretching agony- until

She exploded- into millions of pieces, he fell down from the sudden gust of air, and just watched- dazed as creamy scraps of rubber rained down around him- his father laughed, and the other ladies giggled-

He'd done it- he made a woman explode because he thought she was pretty.... it felt....



Johnny and Jonathan Sr popped the rest of the girls that day, as a father-son bonding experience, before Johnny was brought back home and new mothers were waiting for him.

Johnny to this day still didn't have any brothers- his father probably just had Johnny in him and that was it. Well, maybe- Sr. was still blasting ladies to bits-

Johnny held on as long as he could- before releasing his blast of cum- watching the hookers explode on his tablet.

"Can't wait to watch you explode sweetie!" he shouted to Mary- who only grumbled again in rsponse.

Finaly- he could sleep-