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The air of the space had a mixture of scents: chlorine, a bit of savory from the nearby hotdog stand, and a heavy layer of sex. There were a few more people than Paul had expected. Some were new faces, but most of the people were regulars. Having come to this particular Black Park for several years now, he knew quite a few of the regulars.

There were other Black Parks in the city, but this one, commonly called South Central, was his favorite. It had been built up with a pool, a small hotel, and even a restaurant for those who wanted to get a little adventurous. As long as you accepted where the meat occasionally came from, it was tasty, but he wasn't hungry today. Not for that, anyway.

The Clydesdale horse sat back in the recliner, nude with his half-erect cock flopped on his belly almost to his pecs. The sun was warm on his brown skin, and he almost could be happy just relaxing there. Not completely, but close. He would need to get his rocks off before he could be completely happy. And for that, he still had to find the right person.

Every wrist he saw, his eyes checked the bands on the wrists. The color combination he was looking for was speckled white with black stripes. Pure speckled white would be fine, but the black stripes just made it so much more fun.

Not finding any, he instead instead decided to admire the views of the pool. There were about a dozen other bodies, all naked, and most engaged in some sort of sexual act. A couple of dogs were currently holding down and fucking a female cat who was crying out for help. It was a show, as he knew she'd have had to say yes entering the park, but the display was still hot. In a small stand of wood in the corner, a monkey had been bound and blindfolded as an outdoor urinal, and another dog was currently using him. In the shallows of the pool, a leopard was getting an underwater blowjob from an otter, and he couldn't help notice he was being a bit forceful about holding her under.

"Not a bad scene, huh?"

Phil looked back with a little jump. A large dragon, bigger than even him, was standing behind his chair. "God damn, Nel... You should know better than to scare me like that." Nelfir was the only other regular to South Central bigger than Phil, but that was just because of the dragon's pure age. He stood 7-and-a-half feet tall, body tight and toned with muscle under fine green scales.

"Sorry. You just looked so enthralled." His friend sat down in the next chair. "So, find anyone good so far?"

"Not yet... But then I've only been here for ten minutes or so. I'm almost afraid we've gotten all of the blacks at this point."

"Nah.... There's always new ones now and then. Just have to give it a week or two and someone generally turns black."

The two settled into light conversation as they enjoyed the space. Some other furs came and went. A few even glanced at them, but the white bands on their wrists, indicating them both as off-limits or as doms only, instantly turned their eyes away.

Phil perked up as he saw a new face walk into the pool area. She was a lizard, somewhat short and lean. Almost no chest to speak of. But what caught his eye instantly was the wrist band. Black with stars. He'd never actually seen one of those in person. "And got one. Dibs."

He smiled and moved to stand, but Nel suddenly grabbed his hand as he saw her too. "Mm... Well isn't she fine? Why don't you let me have her? Reptile for a reptile?"

"Ha. Fat chance. Been weeks since I've been able really let myself go. Not gonna miss this chance."

Again, Nel stopped him, this time by standing. "Come on. You let me, and I promise I'll get you someone else to have. Today."

Phil stopped and looked at his friend, then back at the girl. He knew parks like this. That kind of freedom, every second waited was another second another dom could see it and grab her first. "How are you gonna find another black for me today?"

"You'll just have to trust me." The dragon smiled and turned. The girl spotted them, and as Nel gave her a gentle 'come here' wave, she blushed and obediently started towards them.

Phil gave a huff and sigh. Damn Nel... He liked the dragon, but sometimes he could be a pain. "Fine. But I'm watching."

The girl came up to the dragon on the grass a short way from the pool, hands held together and rubbing. "Hello, sir."

"Hey there. That's a dangerous color to be wearing here. Permission to let a dom do anything and everything without so much as a 'yes'." He smiled and reached out to take her hand. His white band pressed against hers, and after a second the small LED glowed green. "But I'm sure you already knew that."

She gave a nod. "Yes, sir. I'm happy and... Ready if someone decides to do that. Just... Can you please at least fuck me first?"

His hand came behind her head to pet her a little. "Oh, don't worry. I will. But not because you asked. Get down on the ground." She moved instantly, completely submissive and accepting. Phil couldn't help but became envious. She didn't even know what was about to happen.

Nel moved behind the girl and shifted at his crotch. His genital slit opened and a blood red cock, ridged and veiny, came out. It wasn't the first time Phil had seen it; Nelfir's member was rather small given his overall size, but it wasn't the cock that was his biggest asset.

See, the horse and dragon were known in the park as inflaters. Their bodies could produce incredible amounts of semen by a combination of practice, a blessing of genetics, and some questionably-potent supplements. Phil had swollen many a people with his load, getting their belly thick and fat. But his greatest joy - and Nel's, which led to their actual meeting - was to go all the way with someone.

The girl, who Phil realized hadn't even shared her name, let out a gentle moan as the dragon phallus pushed into her backside. Her tail wrapped around the dragon and the two started a fast, rough rutting. Her chest fell to the ground as she clutched the grass.

Phil grabbed a chair and slid it around to where he could get a good angle to watch. His flopped cock started to swell and he began to stroke with one hand, enjoying the feel of teasing. He could have sucked himself off, but he didn't want to accidentally push himself to blowing if there was even a chance Nel could follow up on the promise. So he just teased and stroked, alternating hands now and then.

The pair went on for a few minutes. Nel would tease the girl by pulling her hair, spanking her occasionally, and otherwise just being dominant to her. She seemed to love it, though, as she moaned and cried with each act.

The shift was subtle, but Phil had learned to see it. Nel moved his legs onto hers, pressing in just behind her knees. He suddenly pulled her up by her hair, panting heavily. "Mm... You are such a good little fuck... I'm gonna enjoy snuffing you."

She leaned her head back, trying to ease his pull as she kept panting and moaning. "Yes... Please... End me..."

Damn, that almost made Phil cum right there. Nel didn't seem to have such control. The dragon pushed in one last time and grunted. She seemed surprised when it hit her. Her hands went to her belly. For a few seconds, it seemed as if nothing was happening. Then her hands started to spread, pushed out by her swelling flesh.

Realization seemed to come over the girl. "Ahh... AH! I'm filling up..."

"Yes..." Nel hissed, still holding her hair so he could whisper in her ear. "Filling up every last inch of you... Save this one." His hand reached down and curled into her sex, which was glistening with fluid.

Another loud moan rolled from her throat. Her belly was now pushing out as if in the early stages of pregnancy. Phil stopped his stroking as he felt himself getting too turned on by the sight. Her belly kept growing, eventually the stretch spreading up to her chest. Her moaning kept going as Nel was forced to push against her belly to keep fingering her sex.

Her mouth started to gurgle with her moans, and she coughed up a load of dragon cum. His load was so filling her now it was coming up. And yet it still wasn't done. Her form began to round, as every bit of her intestines and stomach were filled to the brim. And those being so thin, the cum then began to spread out more, pushing against her from the inside and stretching her like a balloon.

Her eyes turned to his as she continued to gurgle. Even her face seemed to be getting a little puffy. But Phil could still see in her eyes that light of pleasure, of thankfulness that her last moment could be one of such bliss. Nel couldn't reach her sex any more as her belly became too large. He kissed her once, then that arm suddenly squeezed.

Her body, stretched and tight, couldn't take that extra pressure. It happened almost in an instant There was a wet sound of tearing as the girl exploded. Her body became a blast of cum mixed with red. It hit Nel and held him up for a moment before he fell forward onto his hands in the pool, some of it raining down on him.

Some of it even go to Phil, landing on his feet. The horse chuckled and ignored his throbbing, bouncing cock. "Damn... Good pop, Nel."

The dragon, still pouring cum from his tip, reached down and found the one remaining piece of solid left of her: the black wristband. He smiled and licked it clean, then wiped the mess from his face. "Ah... Yes... I needed that."

Phil took a few calming breaths. "Now, what were you saying about finding me someone to pop? You've gotten my cock so worked up I could almost blow right now."

Nel looked back with a smile that almost worried the horse. The dragon stood and walked over, scooping some of the reddish cum from his chest. "I've got your partner right here." He smeared the cum over Phil's tip gently as he took the horse's hand.

Phil watched and was stunned as his own white band flashed green. "Wait... Nel..."

"I've had my run. Plenty of partners... I'd like to go out in my prime. And you've been a great guy to hang out with, so I want you to be the one to send me off."

The horse was so stunned he didn't know what to say at first. "You... Are you sure?"

"I'm sure," Nel answered with a nod. And before anything else could be said, he spun and lowered himself to his back, taking some more of his own cum to finger and lube his hole.

Phil moved almost on autopilot as he knelt down, one hand on his shaft. He watched his friend looking up with a smile. "I... I won't last long..."

"I know." The dragon relaxed back and closed his eyes as if that was the end of it.

It took him a few seconds as he tried to savor the moment. But his body urges that he gave into so much pushed him hard. His cock lined up and he slid in, the mess making the entrance easy. Both of them let out pleasured hisses.

The cock was a bit big for even the dragon at first, so he just went to the mid point. But that was enough for Phil to enjoy it. He let his hips rock there for a bit as his pleasure quickly spiked. That build up put him on a hair trigger, and it couldn't have been 30 seconds before he felt his balls tighten.

Nel tapped his shoulder with a foot. "Come on, Phil... Put that thing in me. Send me out with a bang!"

The horse smiled. Just as he was about to go, he grabbed the dragon's legs and suddenly pushed. His massive cock found room, pushing up and distending the scaled belly. Nel let out a loud gasp.

Then it hit them. Phil came, and the belly rippled as the fluid came blasted out. Like a hose, it surged down his length and into the dragon. They both started to pant and moan from the swirling and pressure. Nel didn't even touch his belly as it began to fill and inflate. Phil was forced to keep himself tight in, locking his flare as deep as possible to ensure it wouldn't leak. "Fuck, Nel..."

"Ah, yes... I can feel it, Phil... Fuck, it feels good." The seconds ticked by as the inflation quickly spread, moving up his chest and gradually to his hips.

Phil couldn't help but feel his usual satisfaction and that deep inner pleasure of watching his sub inflate. The fact it was his friend made it even more special. This was their last time. And what a time it was.

Nel gasped again, his voice gurgling, and he started to dribble cum, a pool forming in his mouth. That impression, that sight, renewed the horse's orgasm, and he groaned as he felt his body flex a little more. The scales were stretched so tight...

Nel cried out in bliss through the cum, and then his body ruptured. The squelch silenced everything for a second as a wave of hot fluid blasted over every inch of Phil's front. He rocked for a second, and then fell forward, going face-first into the mess. He didn't try to get up, only shifted so he didn't breath it. His cock was still running, getting the last of his load out, as he tried to recover.

It took him some time, but he eventually stood. The ground was a mess. So was he. With a little wobbly walk, he went to the pool and unceremoniously jumped in. Underwater, he gave a quick scrub and got all the mess off of him in a light cloud.

When he came up, a few of the other preds he knew were smiling at him. One gave a thumbs up that he returned. The others were already returning to their own private activities. He leaned back on the edge of the pool and looked up at the sky. With a smile, he thought of Nel, and then his mind turned to himself. And who might eventually pop him.