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In an empty-looking room somewhere out there, the balloon dragon that found himself inside stirred awake. A sudden wave of dizziness washed over him as he came to consciousness. What happened? He thought to himself, trying to recall just how he ended up where he was—he had made his way out of his favorite bakery not too long ago, walking back home down the street as usual. One turn around the corner, and then sudden darkness…

It was hard to gather his bearings so soon after he had woken up in the unfamiliar place. His eyes glancing about to make sense of his surroundings; not a lot of furniture save for a couch, and a handful of something that looked just like… tanks? Canisters full of something, hard to tell from where he was and with the dim lighting in the room. He could make out the hoses connected to a few of them at least—what for? There were no balloons save for himself, that he could see at least. Maybe it was just a storage area of sorts? He noticed one of those hoses trailed along the floor, the rubber material going all the way over to him, and up.


Any gasps of surprise that came out of the toy dragon’s snout were muffled by both the hose that was stuffed down his throat, and the duct tape wrapped around his muzzle that kept it nice and stuck in there. His arms were free to move, thankfully enough, so he was able to reach up to try and pull the hose out of his mouth. Unfortunately, however, the tape had been placed tightly enough so that even his best efforts proved fruitless in prying the thing out; whoever had shoved it in there did too good of a job, and his having the muscle strength of an inflatable—naturally—helped little in his predicament.

The dragon’s constant squeaking from all the pulling he was doing filled up the room, noisy enough for him to not notice the other presence that walked in and approached him. Only after he felt a gray claw grab at his own and move it away in a somewhat forceful manner did he relent, his eyes shifting away from the hose and moving to the side.

“You aren’t getting that out anytime soon, you know,” the windragon standing tall before him spoke up, a bemused smirk on his face after watching the green balloon struggle for that brief moment. The other dragon’s eyes widened in response—was he the one that had taken him there?! He recalled a figure trailing him before, but he hadn’t thought much of it… at least until he had somehow been conked out along the way and woken up in where he now found himself.

Before he could think much about it, the windragon gave him a big push with his claw, enough to shove him onto his back with a small squeak. He was still a little too dazed to defend himself—not that he really could, as being full of air made it difficult to stand his ground. “Now you be a good toy and stay there; not that you can go anywhere!” The other balloon exclaimed, poking the hose going into the dragon’s mouth. He walked over to the group of canisters nearby, an almost joyful squeak in his step, and reached for the valve of the one that the hose was plugged into.

With a quick twist, the air contained inside began to flow with a modest hiss. It soon reached the dragon through the hose, and sure enough pushed in with little fanfare. “Mm-mmphh!” He could feel his smooth, latex body stretch out ever so slightly to fit in the air starting to fill him up; it was no less familiar than any other time he had pumped himself up whenever he was a little too low on pressure, but the situation at hand made it hard for him to enjoy any of it.

A couple of twists of the valve later, and the rush of air went faster, with the tank’s hissing growing louder as well. The windragon—Roderick—seemed satisfied enough with the airflow, stepping away from the canisters and getting up closer to the now inflating balloon. Before the dragon could try to stand up again, Roderick’s paws pinned him back down to the ground, pressing into the soft, malleable material. Even without that much air currently filling his new toy up, he could feel his surface stretch out very nicely. The pressure slowly building up inside, nudging his claws outwards.

“You’re all ready now.” The windragon uttered, shifting his position around so he pinned the inflating dragon’s tail underneath him, his claws continued to keep him more or less pinned down—he wouldn’t need to after a little while, once he was tight enough to not be doing much movement at all for the foreseeable future. A few muffled protests from the swelling toy came out, but Roderick ignored him for the most part, save for a loud yelp after he prodded the area between those smooth thighs; there was nothing there at all, save for that single entrance on the dragon’s backside. The windragon’s smirk widened into a grin in response, and with a bit more shifting around, he positioned himself so something else was now poking against the opening.

If the green balloon could blush, he definitely would; he wriggled and moved his limbs a few times, but nothing he did could stop his captor from lining up with his tailhole and pushing himself in with a hearty squeak! The windragon let out a grunt of pleasure from feeling the other dragon’s walls wrap around his rubber prick so nicely. He made the right choice in picking this lovely toy for some proper playtime, he thought, and he was sure to make the most out of his newest balloon.

Voicing out another grunt, the windragon pulled back some, then went right back in with a good thrust. “Nngh!” He stifled a groan while doing the same thing again, getting into a steady rhythm with humping. “So tight! Hope you don’t, huff pop just from this…” Roderick’s pounding picked up, trying to match the pace at which the dragon was swelling up without going too hard.

All that extra pressure strained the balloon’s hide further, but he still had plenty of stretch in himself, thankfully enough—whether it could be enough to make him last through the ordeal was another question, however. “Mmnh…” After several minutes of squeaks and creaking coming from the two balloons, Roderick’s thrusting slowed down to a stop. Slipping out of the toy and standing up with both paws on his hips. He looked down to the still-inflating balloon; he was a good few feet bigger by now, with a wider girth all around, and feeling fittingly tighter as well… but it still wasn’t enough, not for him at least.

Leaving the dragon alone for a second, Roderick walked back up to the cluster of tanks and grabbed the valve to twist it further—but before he did so, an idea popped into his head. He shifted his claw to a hose draped over one of the other tanks. Taking ahold of the end of it and moving it down, he shoved it right between his rear, a devilish smile on his face as his plan unraveled itself in his mind. He made sure it went in deep enough for it not to slip out before going for that tank’s valve. With no hesitation he turned the flow up, a squeak and a brief gasp coming out of his muzzle as soon as he felt the air push into his own hollow body.

“There we go…” He cooed to himself, turning his attention back towards the dragon balloon again. He wasted little time moving back to him, a little awkwardly with the hose in him now hanging from his behind. Roderick got himself in the same position as he was just moments before, rubbing himself against the toy’s lower half. “I’m sure a toy like you could appreciate a better way to get pumped, wouldn’t you? No need to respond—I want to see how big you can get, all the way to the end… and how loud you’ll pop!”

Roderick’s shaft felt like it had grown a bit bigger on the way, but it did not stop him from pushing himself into the balloonie’s backside. A louder, sharper creaaaak came out with the tighter fit the windragon had to go through, but he eventually managed to stuff himself deep inside the dragon.

Already worked up from before, he began to hump his toy nice and quickly once more, the air filling him up making for quite the stimulus alongside the constant squeaking from grinding against the tightening latex below. As Roderick fucked the balloon into a proper climax, his length started leaking some of the air inside him, and right into the dragon’s body, pumping him up in a much more literal manner!

The feeling of the green balloon swelling faster alongside with his thrusts drove the windragon into a frenzy, the loud cacophony of rubbery sounds echoed across the room with the two balloons rubbing against one another. Despite the amount of air rushing out his cock, Roderick wasn’t losing too much air in the process, his own gray-and-navy hide starting to stretch out in order to fit everything the hose was stuffing him with. He’d leave it be for now, he thought—he could just pop it back out as soon as he was done with his toy.

The other dragon couldn’t struggle or wriggle anymore; his limbs were becoming too taut for him to move them, his wings getting firm and puffy enough to double as pillows to rest on. The creaking from his body grew louder by the second, a clear sign that he was nearing some sort of limit… one he was unsure of but was probably bound to find out at the rate he was inflating. His eyes darted from side to side, torn between his worry about the building stress in his hide, and the somewhat-conflicted pleasure from how nice and full he was getting, coupled with the pounding he was taking.

“S-surprising how you’ve managed to hold up so far,” Roderick said in between their stifled groans and sharp squeaks, his paws lightly digging into the overinflated green latex. “Just… just hold on a little longer for me…”

By the sounds of the increased creaking, the dragon wasn’t sure if he could last as much—however long the windragon was planning on keeping it up with the pumping and humping. Roderick himself was already inching closer to the other balloon’s size; easily doubling his original size, if only a couple or so feet short of surpassing him. The dragon wasn’t getting bigger anymore either, but rather, he was feeling tighter as more air flowed into him.

Any last words that he tried to muffle out were drowned by all the squeaks and creaking coming from his body—he was in no position to help himself anymore. Roderick thrusted into his tailhole faster, harder, getting a little impatient about edging his climax before the balloon blew, barely even paying attention to how big and firm he was becoming in the process. His paws pushed deeper into that taut surface, putting more strain on the dragon’s body than he wanted to feel. Just a bit further, the windragon thought, as he went in for a deep, hard thrust into his toy—

BANG! “F-Fuck!”

The balloon dragon underneath him went off with a sharp explosion, leaving Roderick with nothing but a flurry of green scraps littering the floor, scattered all over by the immense release of pressure and the air still flowing out of the hose once plugged into the toy-gone-bang. He didn’t pay much attention to the scene, however, too worked up to worry about anything but getting off. He sat up, gray paw moving down to his shaft and starting to jerk away without abandonment, a plethora of squeaking accompanying his every stroke. The hose stuffed in his own hole still pushed air into him, stretching him into dangerous territory—but he didn’t care at all as long as he could still get off.

“C’mon, almost there…”

Even as he got tighter and tighter, he did not stop his stroking. His hide creaked a little too loudly for his own good; the pressure inside building up to where he couldn’t bend his tail or wings anymore. He put all his efforts into rubbing himself off as much as he could; thoughts of the dragon balloon popping still fresh in his mind and helping him plenty. As his body reached its limit, he let out a hefty moan, his shaft twitching and spurting strands of his warm goodness all over the remnants of the former toy.

Roderick didn’t get any chance to bask in his afterglow before he gave out with a loud POW almost immediately afterwards, further littering the floor with gray-and-navy scraps of latex, mixed with the green shreds that were already there. The leftover pieces, some stained from the windragon’s climax, were left as the only evidence from the scene that had taken place—the hissing from both tanks still going on as the hoses blew air into the room, eventually running out long after the pair blissfully popped.