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With a flick of the switch, the modest rumble of the small air pump began to resound inside the mostly-empty room that Alexis found himself in. The pink wolf stepped back, looking down to get a good view at what he had hooked the device up to just a minute ago; a stretched-out lump of solid white and blue latex, laid down in such a way that he could see every inch of its flattened frame slowly lift itself up and around once the air began to pool up. The pump’s own nozzle was secured by a zip tie around the base of the balloon’s tail. It wasn’t the most efficient of methods, but it did well enough for its purpose.

While he let the pump go to work, Alexis took a quick look at himself as well—the suit he was currently wearing, specifically. Fitting well and snug around his body, the motocross suit’s lighter hues complimented the wolf’s fur quite well. The blue and pink that comprised the majority of it extending all the way to the matching gloves and boots he had gotten as well, all but his head and tail were covered by the well-tailored outfit.

For him, it was worth the extra expense, one brought to mind by a slew of videos featuring folks in similar gear taking their own toys for a “ride”. The strange appeal that came seeing them rub off against the squeaking latex and vinyl coerced him into getting a set of his own for the sake of experimentation, and sheer kinkiness. Amusingly enough, it proved to be a less costly affair than a good deal of the other things he afforded, such as the balloon he was now letting fill up.

Alexis turned his attention back towards the electric pump, and to the toy at large; in a matter of a couple of minutes, it had swollen up to the point where its general shape could be discerned at a glance. Despite its much simpler, smoother body, the windragon’s form was still a fairly formidable sight to see from a distance. Or, it could be, if the room’s lighting did not reflect against Shiron’s shiny, white middle, the lack of accessories that the dragon usually worse culling any further attempts at downplaying the fact that it was but a mere balloon, even lacking depth in any of its facial features.

The pump continued to do its thing, and as soon as the balloon had reached a point where it looked nice and full, Alexis approached it again, climbing up onto that smooth latex belly and straddling it between his legs. He did not bother to turn off the pump at all; on the contrary, letting it run well past Shiron’s recommended pressure limit was part of his plan. The wolf could feel the latex continue to swell outwards under his weight, excitement building up within him… and under him as well, as the bulge down at his crotch could attest to.

Eager, he ground his hips against the balloon, his ears catching each and every sqrrrrk that came out in response. The pump wasn’t a particularly powerful model, so it carried the advantage of being reasonably quiet as well, especially in comparison to the louder squeaking that was being produced. The wolf’s legs pressed into the inflating frame, his gloved hands digging and kneading into the soft material. There was plenty of space left in it, and just enough time to get the best ride he could out of it.

As he gauged the balloon’s firmness and eased into the rhythm, Alexis glossed over the fact that the balloon’s eyes had brightened up, shifting the big toy into awareness in the middle of being rubbed and squished. A small “Uh—” was uttered out of its mouth, but he was silenced just as quickly by one of the wolf’s fingers, his eyes having set on its painted own. “I’m taking you for a ride.” Alexis whispered, then lowered his hand back down to join the other again.

Shiron could only let out a little whimper in response to that. His eyes shifting towards the pump hooked in to the his tail nozzle, having been lifted up once the latter had gained enough pressure to move and stand proudly—as proud as a balloon like him could be, at least. The continued whrrr of the pump meant that it was still stuffing air into its already-inflated frame; wasn’t it enough for his owner to have him as full as he already was?

Likely not, as the latex windragon could see from the wolf’s grinding picking up not long after. Alexis rocked back and forth on the swelling surface below him, the squeaks growing more pronounced with each volume of air being added into its body. He let out a sigh of relief through his nose as he pressed his crotch deeper in, his length quite stiff underneath the suit he wore, the synthetic fabric making the ordeal all the more pleasurable to him. He wasn’t mounting a motorbike, but what he had was a much better ride in his opinion!

Higher and higher Alexis went as the pressure built up inside the balloonie’s body, his feet soon having lifted off of the ground. He wiggled his legs to try and find some other footing to compensate, but instead just scooted forward along the noisy rubber and hoisted himself up in such a way that he now had his knees planted on the windragon’s body, sitting on it so he was still able to rub and grind against that lovely latex. His tail swayed a few times, and he set himself back into position, glancing up to Shiron’s mildly-distressed face with a sly glint in his eyes.

With that taken care of, Alexis resumed his ride. Squeak-squeak it went as the wolf picked up the bouncing and grinding to the pace he had taken before interrupting himself—he was intent on making up for cutting his own fun short, even if for just a moment. In contrast, the flow of air did not stop for the windragon, continuing to push in and stretch its poor hide with no breaks; although it was at a size where it was reaching twice that of Alexis’ size and pushing past that, only its belly had any signs of bloat in it. The rest of its body was pleasantly plump and proportional to its volume, though it still felt its wings be more stuffed in comparison, housing a good portion of the air in themselves.

It was the least of the worries for the balloon, regardless, as it felt a twinge of tightness build up within its body. An attempt at sitting up to try and address the fact was easily denied by Alexis’ hearty, relentless humping—by that point, the wolf was more focused on getting as much pleasure out of his toy than anything else of note. The windragon could only watch as he began to treat its belly as his personal hump toy, pushing and thrusting his suited crotch and making it squeak and creak against the fabric that covered his body.

A good few minutes went by as Alexis made ample use of his big Shiron toy. He had long lost track of just how big the balloon was, nor did he quite care about it. The windragon had reached a point where it was not getting bigger anymore; rather, its hide only grew firmer to the touch, tighter and wider all around. The pump was relentless in its task of pumping it full of air, well past its usual limit. Movement became difficult as Shiron’s limbs became a little too taut to move well—the short, almost stubby legs weren’t too big of a deal, but the windragon was left remaining in the getting-up position once the pressure set in.

That was a perfect position for Alexis to keep grinding and thrusting, naturally. Shallow pants escaped his mouth as he kept at it, barely bothering to slow down and catch his breath. He couldn’t just up and leave now—he was feeling needy, wishing to get some much-needed relief after working himself up so well…

The creaks coming from the balloon’s middle did not bother him in the slightest, even as they became sharper, more pronounced to his ears. It only made the moment all the sweeter for him. Pressing his hands deeper into the balloon’s belly, he pushed and rubbed against the latex faster, figuring that was the point where he’d get some sort of climax soon enough; Shiron’s face only grew more distressed, torn between being helpless in its predicament and worried that the wolf might just want to go the extra mile for his pleasure. Judging by his increasingly taut hide and his rider showing no signs of stopping, Shiron feared for the worst outcome…

The windragon’s thoughts were derailed as his body reached a point where it just felt like it couldn’t fit anymore of the air in. The balloon’s form let out loud creaks and wobbled as Alexis straddled and vigorously humped into it, having no real give in its surface anymore. Despite that, the pump continued to push forward, sounding like it was struggling, but nevertheless pushing in earnest; the wolf went for the last stretch as well, wanting… no, needing to relieve himself before the toy finished its job. He firmly pressed his hands into the taxed, white latex, legs squeezing tight, his hips thrusting like there was no tomorrow.


Alexis was suddenly met with no resistance once the toy finally exploded, falling down a good foot or so onto his knees amidst the rush of scraps that flew around the room. The pump dropped with a thnk as well, air still coming out of it and pushing some of the debris around. The wolf let out a long, hard sigh, of both contrasting happiness and mild frustration. Despite everything he did, he still wasn’t able to climax; the windragon had beaten him to the race in that regard. At least it got the relief it deserved.

A hand traced down along the suit and came to rest in his crotch—he still had to take care of that. Taking a moment to catch his breath, he stood back on his feet, a little shaky on the legs. He’d have to pull out another of his balloons and go at it again, but in a way, it meant he had an excuse to test out his gear for a little longer. Maybe he’ll treat the next as more of a race, he wondered, stepping off to fetch his next toy for the evening.