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The Bursting Brunette

Stan's apartment was always a mess of random junk from various adventures. There was a spiked conch from his first diving trip, a balled up parachute from that fateful incident sitting between a limited edition copy of H.P. Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness" and a miniature bronze anvil; both were prizes Stan had won in bets against friends.

Stan was quite a fan of notable daredevils, like Evel Knievel and Alex Honnold; along with his wide array of borderline stolen artifacts was a small array of daredevil memorabilia. There was a patch of Knievel's suit, one of the water bottles Honnold had carried up the face of a mountain, and a small model of a steel barrel used to survive the Niagara Falls.

However, Stan's true weakness was being a sort of 'yes man'. He would accept any challenge his friends may or may not have actually created, and the latest of these boastful bids was a result of flirting, drinking and mild teasing between Stan and a long-time friend; Thea herself was an interesting conversation piece. She was a girl involved with a staggering number of fetish scenes, yet in love with the most vanilla of men.

According to her latest venture there was a sort of fetish people had for being blown up like balloons. Her bet was to try out this mysterious experience and film it. Of course, Stan accepted. A film to repeat endlessly while she's over? A chance to totally blow away his biggest rival? How couldn't he.

Within the first hours of the morning, Stan fetched the required materials from a local party supply store, bought a new camera and returned home. His thirst for challenge parched from all the errand running.

Stan struggled with the camera's stand, sorting it out roughly over the rough carpet as cautiously as possible, until the tripod finally found equal ground. With that out of the way, all he had to do was the deed at hand.

Stan fetched a glass of water and a small pink pill from his kitchen counter; The pill was a gift from Thea, apparently a necessity for the challenge. Although Stan had barely any knowledge of the so-called inflation community, what few search results came up seemed to warn of a awfully unusual danger.

Once the pill was swallowed, the dare devil tore off his clothes and looked over his scene. The camera was set up facing toward the upper half of the wall in order to keep his inflating body in the frame. A set of two four foot tall gas tanks stood upright, connected through a black hose which came to an end with a liberally lubricated chrome tip.

Determined to get over any hesitation, Stan shoved the ice-cold metallic tip up his rear. Stan's flaccid member grew slightly more solid as he grew comfortable with the hose's nozzle stuck firmly into him. Moving slightly off-camera, Stan began to turn the valves on both tanks until a rather soothing hiss began. Not satisfied with how slow he expected the bloating to go, Stan turned the valves a bit further, until the hiss became clear and loud. When he turned back to face the camera, he was already feeling dizzy.

Although Stan felt confident, he felt peculiar. For one thing, he felt incredibly light-headed. Just switching his weight from one foot to the other felt unnaturally buoyant. Within a few seconds, his stomach began to grow outward. Stan looked like he had swallowed an entire thanksgiving turkey before the first minute passed.


A guilty and yet faintly pleasurable feeling ran through Stan as he released some of the helium, thankful that the hose didn't fall out and end the video's take. Stan felt a pang of worry as a tight feeling spread across his chest. While he struggled to keep his feet on the ground, his nipples rose on his pudgy pectorals. While Stan was typically a man with a swimmer's build, the inflation was unhindered and mutated his body shape.


Stan bit his lip as his now chubby thighs squeaked against each other, his hands instinctively covering his now rock-hard erection, sporting a pose not unlike a seductive woman; his body befittingly voluptuous and curvy. While time passed with a constant hiss, Stan's belly had grown enormous along with his now massive rump.

Squeak! Errk..

Stan bit his lip as he stroked his bulging boner; having now distended slightly. The pleasure mixed with his daydream dizziness and left him in his own world, bouncing slightly and remaining fleetingly in weightlessness. Furthermore, the tension beginning to show only made his self-pleasuring session ever more potent.

Squeak! Squirk! Phsst!

Stan blushed a faint pink, the same color blotched across his enormous belly and over his bulging thighs and arms, the gas-assisted shot of cum having flown off screen, dripping from the roof while his prick silently hissed.

The surface of Stan's chest was so round and large that it begun to block his view of his unsurprisingly over inflated cock. Stan grimaced as his abdomen continued to expand, having grown quite spherical while his limbs, head and manhood evaded the growth for now.

What truly terrified him, was the pressure in his crotch. Stan's erection felt incredibly tense, almost painful. To the watcher, it had grown incredibly inflated along with his testicles; now the size of grapefruit against his oval-shaped penis.

However, Stan kept his drive to complete Thea's challenge. There was no way he could burst.. he was far too swell a guy. But the drunken daydreaming of his own end did do a good job of convincing him of the reality in his fear. Even if Stan wanted to end his inflation, the hose was far out of his reach now. Stan couldn't move his arms nor legs. And as he bobbed against the ceiling of his apartment's roof, the fear only continued to grow alongside his ever-expanding shape.

As much as Stan tried to reject the thought of bursting, the frothing of pre from his bulging manhood and the constant hiss of the gas did well enough to dismiss the possibility of survival. At least he got a nice view of his living room from the roof.

Stan felt so alight with pleasure. Somehow, being so tightly filled was comfortable. Although, the odd pink discoloration across his entire bloated body was a bit strange. And the more that he thought about it, the weirder the hollow feeling inside became. Stan even wondered if he could be considered human at this point.

A slight pain woke him from his hesitant comfort. A straining sensation akin to the one in his now barely recognizable prick spread across Stan's entire body, specifically his rear and his belly.

Errrk.. FLUMP!

The sound was sort of like a party balloon being exhaled into; Stan's tongue probed his super inflated mouth, finding the familiar features still in place although quite dry. His lips proved impossible to budge, the gas having somehow tightened them shut.

Stan could simply tell he wasn't going to last much longer. In the camera's view, Stan's over-inflated lower half began to fill the upper portion of the screen. His ballooned feet and toes wriggling in frame.

The further the expansion continued, the less cushioned Stan felt. It was more like being in the center of a giant bubble, with your arms and legs being pulled painlessly away from your body, while it itself is the cause of the strain. It wouldn't be long, now. It was almost although he could feel the gas pushing against his fragile body.

Rrrk.. Tss..

Stan shut his eyes tight, feeling a light pressure behind them along with a second orgasm, which went almost unnoticed aside from the semen froth dripping into the camera's frame. Stan could hear his end coming. The concept of being drum tight seemed to fill his mind and reduce him into a wriggling madman for the camera to capture.

Rrt.. Rrrrt.. Crrrk..

Stan couldn't help but imagine walking in on such an oddly erotic moment; Spying his bloated form creaking against the proof as his body gave up it's duty to become a balloon in full. But the loud, vibrating noises reminded him of his unfortunate scenario.


The final give of helium hissed from the canisters as faintly recognizable rubber scraps rained down over the room; A large portion of the pink rubber still dangling from the roof. When Thea came to collect her money, she was instead greeted with one hell of a mess and the keys to a new apartment. Of course, the video was uploaded to youtube. Big Brunet Busts for Audience was the founding title, reaching an amazing amount of hits almost overnight.

Of course, Thea never really explained how that little pink pill worked over the night's drunken chatter. Not that it mattered now.