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Amy Lang's First Time

Amy sighed, watching the snow fall outside of her darkened party supply store. The reserve power had gone out, causing the store to slowly cool. The day had been long, and very tiring. After hours of inflating balloons for a wedding in Edmonton, all Amy wanted to do was fall asleep. As she glanced around her store, she noticed a helium tank, sitting just out of an aisle. Perhaps there was something she wanted more than sleep, Amy thought, walking around her work counter and locking the entrance. Amy put up a notice in the window. "Gone home, call tomorrow."

As Amy drove home, the tried to focus on her orders for the next day, but how could one's mind escape the idea of balloons when all one does is work with them? She parked her small jeep in the driveway and slipped quickly into the garage door, shutting it with an absent-mind. Amy slowly made her way to the bedroom, slipping off her work clothes with ease and craving for the warm sheets of the bed. She opened the closet, noticing the clearly marked helium tank sitting in the corner, but ignoring it as much as she could, she grabbed her larger pajamas. Amy side, and sat down on the bed, tugging on her pants to keep them up. She eyed the closet, which she had left open. The helium tank seemed to taunt her, as odd as it could be that an inanimate object could beckon a very animate, but very apathetic woman.

Amy glared at the shiny canister with prejudice. She hated knowing why it was there, and more so, she despised the fact she couldn't help herself. The barely 6' tall Amy finally got up off of the bed and walked over to the closet, pulling the canister out with some frustration, a large helium canister meant for industrial use isn't exactly fit for home use. Tonight, the only balloon she was going to inflate was herself. Amy bit her lip, not exactly wanting to place the hose in her mouth, but not exactly wanting to place it in her behind, for the sake of later use, she simply glared down between her legs. What's with the fear? It's not like anyone was watching. Amy sighed, closed her eyes, and carefully stuck the small hose into her private region, gasping when she realized she had under-estimated how pleasurable the cool rubber on her sensitive skin would be.

Once the hose was to Amy's satisfaction, she slowly turned on the tank's flow, a trickle of cool air slowly entering into her. Amy slumped down on the bed, one hand holding the hose, the other slowly turning up the flow of helium. Amy shivered with pleasure as the bold gas began to fill her stomach, turning the flow to maximum, likely accidentally. She put her hands on her growing stomach, feeling her skin warm and thin. Amy glanced around the room to ensure nobody was home, laying back on the bed and letting the helium continue to flow into her body. Amy eventually began to notice how hard it was to theoritically remove the hose, unable to reach toward her groin thanks to her huge stomach, breasts, and growing arms. Slowly, Amy began to drift off the bed, her head bumping against the ceiling as her feet had managed to sustain most of their weight, keeping her from simply flying off the ground. Despite this, it didn't take long for her pajamas to rip, pink and white bits of her pants and shirt fell to the ground, as her breasts and stomach continued to grow, forcing her to stare at the roof. Amy knew she was in for something big, struggling to reach for the hose, but her arms appeared to be almost useless, having filled to a point where the tension kept her from moving them. She could hear what sounded to be her feet inflating like party balloons after one huge breathe. "Mm.. Oh.. Someone? Anyone?.. I need some help.." Amy whined, feeling the pleasurable tension building from within her pale body. As her limbs became more and more stiff, her breasts continued to grow, stopping just short of her face.

Amy's mouth began to fill with the helium, forcing her to keep her mouth open to release the gas. "Heelp? Nnn.. Please?" Amy's voice had gone far up in pitch, as her body rounded out like a sphere. It seemed clear to Amy that she wasn't going to last much longer. Her behind preventing most of the gas from escaping, filling her mouth faster and faster. "Ohh... help some one?" She squeaked. A high pitched toot escaped from her backside, and Amy's cheeks turned bright red. The small release of gas wasn't enough, and Amy shut her eyes tightly, feeling the tension overwhelm the pleasure, coming together like a wave.


Amy wasn't only overcome by the tension, she was overcome by pleasure and lots of helium. The hose fell to the ground, hissing for a few seconds before coming to a slow stop, Amy had nearly emptied the tank. Her bedroom was covered wall to wall in shrapnel, small latex-like bits of pale skin-colored rubber.