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Personal Inflation Safety Guide

A gift for TheHeliumTiger

Congratulations, you have made the first and most important step to having a good time by choosing to watch this guide. If you are a returning user then congratulations anyway! Reviewing safety materials is almost as important. Keep in mind that the following footage will show someone dressed down to their boxers. This video will show what an inflating body looks like, so we must show signs of tension in the skin. If that still makes you uncomfortable, then please feel free to switch to the suited version from the menu.

For anyone who is attempting inflation for the first time, welcome to the world of inflationism! Do not feel nervous for what you're about to do. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people partake in inflating themselves everyday. It is nothing to be ashamed over, and making sure you have a great time is easy. All that it requires is personal care to your equipment and to yourself.

There are many kinds of equipment to inflate oneself, but we shall focus only on one of the most common tools of the trade today: the air tank. Specifically, we will learn on what not to do when handling a tank. To demonstrate the proper procedures on using a tank, we shall be entering the abode of an experienced inflationist.

Here we have a young but tired lad who has just came home from a rough day of classes. He has agreed to help budding inflationists with this guide. Say hello, Stain.

"Oh? We're doing this now? Well, that's good timing then. Hello, everyone! I'm here to show you there's nothing wrong with these fantasies that keep appearing in your head."

That's right, Stain. He'll also show that, as long as you follow proper safety rules, there's nothing to worry about either. Since our volunteer implies that he's ready, let's waste no more time and begin.

"Hnnnngh... hup! The folks already told me I should start simple, so let's go with a classic!"

Indeed. That canister probably looks familiar to almost all of you. This is a typical gas tank that is common among not only inflationists but also the general populace. It is important to note that containers at this standard size contain 250 cubic feet of pressurized gas. Any six-feet person who is very stretchy cannot handle more than 110 cubic feet. The most important rule for inflation safety is to know your limits. Nevertheless, you shouldn't worry. These tanks are also available in smaller sizes, and your local hobbyist shop can help you find a "practice size" that is right for you. Don't be afraid to ask.

"In other words, don't go for the first large tank you find and empty all of its contents in you, dummy~"

Watch how Stain puts the hose in his mouth. He makes sure that it is more than just the end that's against his lips. It is important to make sure the tubing is resting on your tongue. Otherwise, the hose might slip out and start flying all over the room!

"Wouldn'f wanna blac eya!"

While Stain is undressing and turning on the tank, let's take a closer look at said tank. This canister is in good condition. That is because he makes sure he takes care of his equipment. There is nothing worse than a knob or handle that detaches in the middle of use. It is important to check the pressure gauge and oil the joints to make sure your tools are in ideal condition. Most importantly, do not use a tank that's too old! Canisters can only have so much care before age makes them malfunction. Do not use tanks that are more than 15 years old.

Stain has agreed to lay on his bed while he does this. This will give us a good side profile of an inflating body. The first signs of inflation begin as we see his stomach bulging out. Stain has a body type where his mid-section will become the largest feature. This is the most common inflation type. For now, do not worry about this. We will go over body types in a future lesson.

The stomach starts to expand further. At this point, his belly is about the size of a size-regulated basketball. For many first-timers, this is usually the point we recommend you stop to let your body adjust. Despite it's size compared to how big most inflators end up at, the body has already gone through a large amount of pressure to stretch and distend. We recommend that you check to feel how "full" you are by gently pressing your hand into your inflated belly. Slowly and gently feel how deep it goes to see how much tension your skin is under. It is also a good idea to leave yourself inflated for several minutes to "exercise" your stomach. For anyone else with different inflation types, we will cover your first sessions in the body type lesson. In any case, checking the inflated area with your hand to see how deep it goes inside is generally good advice.

Now we have reached the point where the body looks more than someone having a few pints down at the bar. You should notice how the chest begins to pull itself. This is where the stomach area is starting to "absorb" more of the body in itself to expand its capacity. It is absolutely natural and nothing to panic over if you notice this. While it is not visible yet, the back has also started to "round out" by developing into an outward curve.

Take a good look at Stain's thighs. You can see that they appear to be widening and shortening at the same time. However, only the widening part is true. As we gaze over towards the hips, we see that they have started to grow past his thighs. They are pulling on the skin to increase its capacity. You can tell not only by its appearance, but by the sound of the skin creaking. Creeeak... As you become more experienced in inflation, you'll find that your body will find many ways to hold as much gas as it possibly can.

We can see that the same process has started to happen to his shoulders now that his chest is as round as it can get. The biceps and thighs continue to puff up as they sink deeper into his hide. It is important to note that is this when mobility starts to get very limited. Once the stretching starts to affect the elbows and knees, bending those limbs becomes difficult as they'll feel like they're being pulled back. That's why, when inflating alone, you shouldn't go to sleep!

"Wha? Humf? Ou fuff!"

Here we see the consequences of one of the biggest mistakes anyone can do in action. Stain tries to go for the handle, but his arm is now too puffed up. It struggles to reach towards the handle let alone be able to use its full strength to turn it off.

"Hey, yer neerby righf? Coud usef a hanf here!"

At this stage, Stain's forelimbs are bloating up. He realizes his foolishness on wasting time as he tries to go for the hose. However, he doesn't have the strength to resist both his arm trying to move back to a neutral position and to pull the hose that's deep in his mouth. Soon, he's unable to hold on to the hose any longer as his palms puff up and his arm springs back to its resting position.

"Noh! Yer neerby righf? Cum in and helpf meh!!"

Both the arms and legs are now rendered useless at this point. Their joints are now absorbed into that growing mass. His neck is now gone and his head starts to sink in. Stain attempts to spit out the hose, but his cheeks are too puffed up. They are squeezing tightly over his lips, effectively making that hose stuck.

"Thif isn'f funneh! I neef helf!! Hrmph...!"

With most of his body absorbed into his growing midsection, the gas affects Stain's entire head. His lips puff up slighty, causing that hose to get stuck even more. His ears bloat up fully while those eardrums burst open. Air hisses out both his nostrils and his ears, but it's not enough to offset the amount of gas flowing into his body. You can probably hear those earlier creaking sounds along with my voice at this point. To anyone who is helping someone inflate, a good rule of thumb for a near-full partner is to pay attention how loud their body is creaking. Creeeeeeeaak!

"Hnph... mfh...!!"

Here we see the signs of someone being full. Take a note on how red the front of Stain's abdomen is. This is a warning that the skin is reaching its tension limit. His hands and paws are puffed up to the point where all they can do is twitch. Even his eyes are puffing up into uselessness as they're now unable to rotate to direct his gaze. In this stage, the body will no longer grow bigger. Instead it will start to get stiffer in a last-ditch effort to resist the gas's natural tendency to make room.

"Nnfph... wmh... dnfph... amph... tmn... thff...!"

Now Stain will be an example on the consequences of failing to regard on what not to do in regards for inflation.

"Nnfph...! Hlph... meeeeeeiiiiiii...!!"



What was once a happy-go-lucky college student is now nothing more than tattered scraps floating gently down over his bed and a pair of boxers. The hose continues whips across the room violently, showing the only hint on what has happened here.

We shall review three rules on what not to do when inflating alone for safety:

#1. Do not inflate yourself when you're tired. For some, the sound of a hissing hose is enough to put anyone to sleep.

#2. Make sure the way to turn off whatever is inflating you is as close as possible and easy to use.

#3. Keep track of your size to know when your limbs are going to struggle to move. The moment you are having trouble, be sure to spit out the hose before it's too late. A flailing hose is better than bursting to pieces.

Now here are three rules that we learned that you should do for safety:

#1. Check on your equipment every month or so; don't use old equipment.

#2. Make sure wherever you insert the hose is deep inside to prevent it from slipping out.

#3. Check how full you are by gently pressing into the most inflated part of your body.

Thank you for watching our entire demonstration from beginning to end. We have a huge mess to clean up, so this is goodbye for now. We hope to see you again in the next lesson.