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Bunny Goes Bang

They spotted each other from across the club.

Amidst the flashing lights and swirling mist from the fog machine, the lean form of the young bunny twisted and moved his body fluidly to the beat of the music and the bodies surrounding him. His tight, neon-yellow shorts and mesh tank top left nearly nothing to hide on his light-brown fur, accentuating every curve, every bugle, every line of his contoured, lithe body.

And Zag had to have him.

The tall, athletic Friesian stallion reached back towards the bar and gripped his drink, tilting it up to his muzzle and draining it in one long draught. He could feel the stirring in his lions, packed as they were into his dark-wash jeans, and he stood up from the bar stool to keep any uncomfortable binding to a minimum. Setting his empty glass back down, he moved towards the mass or writhing, grooving bodies, his gaze never once leaving the lean rabbit he had picked from the herd. The toned, black-furred stallion's eight foot height easily allowed him to navigate the throng of people, each step taking him closer and closer to his target.

Finally, he stepped up behind the shifting form of the bunny boy, his thick forearms coming down around the smaller male's waist to gently hold him against his larger frame, the boy's head coming up to just past the middle of his torso. To his credit, the brown-furred lapine barely paused in his motions, settling in comfortably between the lightly striped arms of the horse behind him, changing up his stance slightly so his perky rear gently brushed against the denim covered crotch of the man behind him. Taking the actions as acceptance, Zaggy began to sway his hips in time with the bunny's movements, letting the smaller male guide them on the dace floor as the heat in his groin began to grow, his sheath starting to swell in its restrictive prison.

They swayed and grinded among the dozens of other forms moving to the music, but they never broke contact. Zaggy's hands traced over the flat stomach of the smaller lapine, teasing down towards his belt line but never crossing it, just enough to entire the other male. The bunny kept up his fluidic motions, his backside almost constantly in contact with the stallion's groin, rubbing across it and applying light but noticeable pressure.

Only when the current song died down and the music began to change, did the smaller rabbit turn around to face his dance partner. His eyes lit up at the sight of the tall, fit and handsome equine, nose twitching as his face broke into a grin. "Thanks for the dance, hun," he giggled, tracing the thick forearms with his own paws. "Nice to see even big guys like you aren't afraid to move it out here with me."

"Oh, I've been watching you for quite a while, " the Friesian answered with a smirk. "Hard to keep my eyes of such an...enticing figure."

Another playful giggle, and the bunny did a slow spin for his new acquaintance, showing off his trim frame inside the revealing clothes. "Mm...you like?" he said, putting a bit more seduction in his tone. The stallion responded by taking one of the lithe lapine's hands and gently putting it on the noticeable bulge in his jeans, making sure the rabbit could feel it pulse.

"I like. Very much."

Practically purring, the rabbit tugged on the tall horse's arms encouragingly, leading him off the dance floor. "Then how about we go somewhere more...private?" he suggested, not waiting for an answer as he led the larger male towards the back rooms, his curvy backside swaying and bouncing with each step. Zag just grinned and followed behind eagerly, letting the smaller form of the bunny boy take him to where the real show would begin.

The door clicked shut, and then locked as the stallion took in the small, private room at the back of the club. It was more or less spartan; a queen-sized bed, small end table and a modest bathroom. Just enough to suit the needs of any eager club-goers who wanted to add a little spice to their night. Looking towards the bed, he grinned as the lean bunny boy perched on the end of the mattress and gave him the traditional 'come hither' look, to which he easily responded. With each step closer, the growing bulge in his jeans wobbled and throbbed, drawing the attentive eyes of his partner. "See something you like?" he nickered, mirroring the smaller male's words from before.

Licking his lips, the rabbit reached up and caressed that heavy bulge, fingers beginning to work on the button and zipper of Zaggy's jeans. "Let's get a closer look," he winked, deft paws undoing the pants and helping to free the beast within. The bulging fabric of boxer briefs popped out of the fly, material straining as it struggled to hold in the stallion's growing arousal. "Oohh....someone is an eager boy," he giggled, tracing the outline of the rising head through the fabric.

"Nngh...you have no idea," the Friesian panted, shrugging himself free of his shirt and tossing it to the side, his firm pecs and rock-hard abdomen rippling under his coal-black coat. He could practically feel his balls churning with the need for release, the week-long struggle of work and life having left him backed up and needy. Whether this rabbit knew it or not, he was going to be getting a ride he'd never forget.

Small brown paws tugged at the waistband of those underwear, pulling them firmly out and down to let the restrained package free, letting out a small gasp as the stallion's heavy, pendulous balls flopped out in front of his muzzle, followed by a sheath easily as thick as a soda bottle, the blunt head of an equine cock poking out from its stretched entrance. "Mmmm....you are a big boy, aren't you?" he murmured, leaning in to nuzzle the fat, leathery balls as they pulsed and churned against his face. Between his ears, he could feel large, fleshy tube of cock stretching out from the sheath, sliding along his scalp.

Zaggy groaned as his balls were rubbed with that ultra-soft fur, making his leg twitch as he shivered. His large palm cupped the back of the rabbit's head as he watched his cock grow along the line of his scalp, its heavy shape gaining inches by the moment. "Why don't you open up and find out?" he said, gently tugging the smaller male's head backwards, causing him to gasp and open that muzzle wide enough for the stallion to push his thick, blunt tip past those cute lips. "Mind the teeth, sweetie," he smirked as he watched the rabbit's eyes widen as his muzzle was stuffed full of growing horse cock.

"Mmmph!" the bunny boy's surprised exclamation was muffled by the sheer size of the beast filling his maw, causing him to gulp on instinct as it pushed inside. He could feel it pulse and throb on his tongue as it filled his mouth, stretching his jaws wide as the stallion held his head firmly, pushing the growing shaft in deeper as it grew. His gaze fell to the horse's sheath as it continued to disgorge more and more thick, veiny flesh, inch after inch. The flat head pushed towards the back of his throat, making him gag softly, but Zaggy's firm pressure was insistent, and soon he felt his throat being forced wider to accept the intruder.

Grunting out as the tight passage of gullet was pried open by his swelling dick, the Friesian tossed his head back and groaned happily towards the ceiling as the wet tunnel surrounded his cock, pushing his hips forward as the muffled gagging noises sounded from between his legs. "Nngh...yeah babe...keep swallowing....we're getting there..." he said in a low, lusty tone, his fingers massaging the rabbits scalp.

With no real choice in the matter, the twinkish bunny tried to relax his throat as much as possible even as it was filled with more and more throbbing stallion shaft. He could feel his neck bulging out from the sheer size of it, its shape clearly visible under his fur as it sank deeper and deeper. His nostrils were filled with the dominant musk of a stallion in need of rut, dulling his senses and encouraging him to worship and service the huge male, even as it started to get harder to breathe. He couldn't fit the large horse if he tried, so instead he struggled to calm his breathing even as the flat tip pushed deeper into his gullet, jaws creaking as they stretched wider and wider.

Passing the halfway mark, Zaggy felt his growing cock shudder and throb, sending the first gush of sticky precum straight down the rabbits gullet and into his gut, and he stamped a hook in delight. ""Aww yes...your mouth is getting me so worked up," he panted, giving a few shallow thrusts into that straining maw. He could feel the wretching of the smaller male under his palms, and he stroked the back of the lapine's head comfortingly. "Shh...I know you can't swallow it all, little guy. Don't worry...I won't choke you," he chuckled, grunting again as another thick shot of precum pumped down his neck. "Just...mmf...need you to get me worked up is all!"

The bunny's paws were pressed against the thick, corded thighs of the stallion as he braced himself against the invasion of his throat. To distract himself from the pressure in his gullet, he felt up those heavy orbs in front of his chin, hefting them in his palm and groaning at their weight. This stallion was clearly backed up, and he could practically feel the nut slosh with so much pent up seed. He was definitely worked up alright!

After letting the smaller male gag around nearly half his cock for another minute or so, Zag slowly began to pull himself free of that stretched maw, feeling his flared head drag against the warm tunnel on the way out, until the rabbit's lips bulged and popped off his blunt head with a lewd schlorp!. Grinning down at his conquest, Zaggy allowed the bunny to cough and hack as he caught his breath, gently stroking his heavy shaft as it pulsed to full size, rising up along his chest as it grew nearly too thick for even his hand to wrap around. "You okay there, little guy? Bite off a bit more than you could chew?"

Catching his breath, chin still dripping some horse precum, the rabbit looked up and gasped loudly as he saw the true size of the beast the Friesian was packing. "H-Holy hell!" he squeaked, flopping back on the bed as the stallion stroked his massive erection. "J-just how big is that thing?"

"Ohh...this guy?" Zaggy drawled innocently, taking a step forward and letting his ponderous cock flop forward, landing with a hearty smack on the lapine's chest, the pulsing fat flare just below his chin. "Thirty-eight inches, my sweet little treat. And you're going to take every last one of them," he grinned evillu, watching as a fresh spurt of precum covered the bunny's torso.

Blinking, the bunny gaped like a fish as his brain processed those words, not even noticing how sticky his chest was now. "Wh-what? Th-there's no way I....hey!" he yelped as he was suddenly flipped over onto his stomach, the bed springs creaking as the weight of the stallion was added to the mattress. He was suddenly very aware of a thick, warm weight resting along the small of his back, causing him to shudder.

"You will be," the Friesian snorted, holding the smaller male firmly by the hips as he grinded his throbbing, leaking maleness through the soft fur. "Don't you know its rude to get a stallion all worked up, then flake out?" Keeping his grip on the brown-furred lapine, Zaggy took hold of his massive cock and guided it back underneath that cotton ball tail, pressing the flat head of it against the exposed pucker. Another thick jet of precum pumped out, coating the entrance and the fur surrounding in with its sticky fluids. "I would bite that pillow if I were you..."

The bunny boy moaned as he was manhandled by the much larger stallion, letting out a gasp as the thick head was pushed against his rear. "W-w-wait! Just let meeeeEEEEEE!" he squealed as the blunt head pushed hard, stretching his tailhole wide around the invading girth. Aided by the copious precum it popped in with a lewd slurp, forcing the next jet of precum to lance up inside the lapine's passage and lubricate the way. Panting hard and squirming, the bunny tried to wriggle free but he was held firm by the equine atop him, letting out another loud groan as the cock inside him flexed and pushed deeper again, several thick inches cramming themselves inside. "NyyyaahhhhhhH!"

Zag smirked and grunted low in his chest as the struggling squeals of the bunny below, as he worked his thick cock in deeper and deeper, feeling the velvety warmth of the smaller male spread around his throbbing spire. "Mmmmff.....scream all you want, cutie. The walls are....nnnghh....soundproof!" he snorted, bucking his hips forward as he forced the smaller frame to stretch around his meaty member. Reaching around the front of the bunny, his hand rubbed over the growing bulge in the rabbit's abdomen, feeling himself pulse under the stretched hide as he pushed himself in. Pulling back just an inch or two he let his cock spurt another great gout of precum up inisde the rabbit before bucking back in, gaining depth with each hard thrust. "Nnff! Fuck you are tight!"

Gulping breath in great gasps, the lean rabbit yowled and cried out as each barrelling inch was shoved inside, feeling his body stretch and warp to fit the massive intruder as the stallion continued to buck. He could feel his belly bulging with the pendulous horse cock cramming inside, looking down to see the shape of it under his fur as it rose and filled him more. "N-noo...." he wailed, legs quivering as he struggled - futilely - against the larger male's grip and weight. "It...its....soo biiiig..." he moaned, holding his stretching abdomen in both paws as nearly two feet of stallion shaft was shoved up into his lithe frame.

Nibbling over the rabbit's lengthy ears, Zaggy murmured against his fur as he kneaded those hips. "Yeah,...it is. You felt if before this...and you know you wanted it," he snorted softly. His hips gave another buck, the lewd schlorp of more horse flesh being crammed in, precum squirting out of the distended hole. "Be honest....this is exactly what you wanted when you led a big stallion like me to this room."

Panting hard, the bunny felt his cheeks burn as those words sunk in deep, just like the huge dick invading his insides. He did want this; he was a size queen at heart, and stallions were his weakness. Another hard shove makes him gasp for air, that blunt battering ram forcing itself in deeper still, the bulging shape of the flared head up under his chest now. "Nngh....y-yes..." he whimpered, feeling it flex and gush more preucm inside his ruined passage. "Y-you're....you're bigger th-than....than I...."

"Oh I know," the stallion smirked arrogantly. His hips bucked again as his heavy, swinging balls clapped off that soaked rear end of the rabbit below. "But look at you...allllmost to the base," he huffed, arching his back as he drove in firmly, ignoring the wail from below as he felt his sheath kiss that gaping hole. "Aaand there it is," he rumbled, rubbing down the front of the bulging bunny belly. "See? Knew you could do it, cute stuff!" To demonstrate, he shuffled his knees forward and rose to a crouch atop the bed, lifting the impaled rabbit in his arms as he hung suspended from the three feet of cock crammed inside. "Mmmff....you feel great as my newest cock warmer..."

Flailing lightly, the bunny groaned as he was lifted up and hung from that massive dick, feeling each pulse of the stallion's heartbeat as he securely sunk around the heavy base. "Ooh.....oh gods..." he hiccuped, his belly gurgling as it rounded out slightly from another heavy gush of precum. He could taste the equine's salty musk in the back of his throat, making him hiccup again as the cock surged inside. "I...I can't..." he babbled, feeling lightheaded from it all.

"Don't worry," Zaggy snorted as he held those hips firmly and drew his own back several inches. "I can do all the work!" His words were followed by a sharp buck back inside the stretched bunny, balls slapping loudly as he hilted once again. Another withdrawal, and shove back in. "Mmmf....hope you didn't have any plans for the rest of the night," the horse grunted as he worked into a steady, firm pace of driving himself inside his bulging cocksleeve. "Because you won't be leaving!"

Each thrust of that massive spire bounced and jerked the bunny atop it, making his bulging form wobble as it was lewdly distended over the throbbing mass of stallion meat. His belly sloshed and glorped from the thick deposits of precum being pumped inside, the sheer girth of Zaggy's cock now making sure nothing could escape. "Ahh! Ahhhhh!" the rabbit squealed as he was pounded and filled like some perverse sex toy, his abdomen and chest forming the shape of the huge cock filling him as the stallion rutted away, snorting and grunting like a feral beast. He could feel his insides sloshing with the thick precum, bulging him out even more than the cock itself as his fur creaked and stretched to accommodate it all. "Ooohhh my gods!"

Bucking up swiftly and firmly, the Friesian took hold of his paramour and lifted him off the bed fully, stepping off the mattress as he continued to pull and push the bunny along his dick. "Wall," he grunted. "Hold it." Barely waiting for the rabbit to comply, he held him around the hips and picked up the pace, jackhammering his way into the bulging male, shoving nearly a foot of cock back and forth with each thrust. The formerly lean bunny pushed against the wall with his quivering arms as best he could as he was fucked mercilessly against it, the cock bulge in his chest pressing between him and the cool wallpaper. Despite the soundproofing of the rooms, anyone would have been able to hear the steady thump-thump-thump of the rabbit's body impacting the surface as he was fucked silly.

The pair rutted hard for several minutes before Zaggy could feel his balls tense and tighten. "Nghh.....almost time for the big show, cutie," he wuffed, panting slightly from the effort of pounding the smaller male senseless. Taking firm hold of the rabbit, he pulled back from the wall and walked them to the bathroom, pushing the suspended lapine into the shower stall. "Hope you're ready to clog the drain."

"Wha--aahhhhhHH!" the rabbit wailed as the harsh pounding resumed, flattening him against the cold tile of the shower as Zaggy thrust in hard and deep, those wrecking balls of testicles clapping of his rear each time. The lewd clapping of flesh on sticky-precum-covered flesh echoed through the small room as Zaggy pounded the smaller male like he would a mare - were he interested in them. Heavy snorts followed as his thrusts grew slower and more forceful, and the bunny began to squeal louder as his stomach bulged out around the blossoming flare. "N-nnooooo! I-I cant!" he wailed, flailing weakly as the stallion pounded in deep, his fur showing almost every detail of the swelling cock inside.

"Too....late....FUCK!" the stallion roared, letting out a pleasured whinny as he shoved in to the base. His balls clenched up and pulled towards his groin as they began to unload, his cock surging several inches thicker as the first shot of cum hit the rabbit like a sucker punch, driving the breath from his lungs. The lapine gurgled and gasped as he was filled by a torrent of thick, hot stallion cream, feeling like someone had set off a fire hose inside him. His stomach rounded out quickly, sloshing and glorping as the thick fluids pumped inside and he hacked up a mouthful as it sprayed from his nose and mouth. Zaggy held him firmly, hips mashed together as he bred the poor bunny, watching with satisfaction as his conquest swelled and bloated.

With each surge of cum inside, the lapine bulged and grew, his chest and stomach now distended greatly past anything resembling pregnancy. The shape of the horse's cock was all but covered now as he felt the hot, stick seed beginning filled his body parts. His hips and butt began to glorp and swell, followed by his legs as the potent jizz tried to find new places to collect. Arousal spiked and filled his senses as the bunny realized his balls were surging larger as well, his own cock out and plumping up as even his genitals filled with the stallion's seed. "Nnngnghhh.....ohhho gods....uunnnnnnffff" he squealed, squirming to no avail as he continued to inflate and fill, his modest shaft leaking a steady stream of equine cum in a futile attempt to relieve pressure.

Zaggy watched as the bunny cum balloon grew larger and heavier, pulling his cock down with its weight as he continued to unload, his heavy balls pumping out nearly a week's worth of backed up cum. "Sorry cutie," he huffed, as the rabbit's arms, shoulders and now his head began to bloat and swell, stifling the cries and wailing moans. "But you just had to have the stallion!"

Cum dribbled and poured from the lapine's mouth as he bloated larger, his hide creaking like rubber as his insides were packed more and more. His swollen form squeaked into the smooth shower floor as it pressed against the glass walls, the sounds of his struggling body growing louder and louder as he pressed against the cubicle. The glass walls creaked slightly as they were spread apart by the growing bunny boy, the surface threatening to crack...when it all ended with a wet SPLORCH! The rabbit's form exploded into a massive white puddle, coating the entire inside of the shower and even the stallion himself as the bunny became no more. The remains of his form dripped and splattered down the tiled walls as Zaggy stroked himself off, adding a few more streams to the mess as he backed away. "Mmmff....fuckin' A," he panted, letting go of his heavy cock as it dropped and swayed between his legs.

Taking one of the complimentary towels, he sponged off the last remnants of the bunny from his abdomen and cock, tossing the used towel into the slowly gurgling shower drain as it filled halfway up the tub. "Thanks for the sweet ride, cutie," he chuckled, pulling himself back into his clothes as he stuffed his softening dick down the left leg. He still reeked of musk and cum, but only knew it would help attract his next partner. Chances are this one would make it through, now that the edge was taken off his balls, but you never now. Flicking off the lights, he exited the private room and left it silent, save for the slowly burbling drain in the bathroom.

"Wonder what his name was...?"