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Office Blowout

Alexis leaned back on the step ladder and ran a critical eye over their handiwork so far, making sure everything was as neat and tidy as it could be. Behind him, his co-worker and friend, Chris, was busy flipping through the pages on a clipboard, head cocked to one side thoughtfully. The private meeting room was a large square space dominated by a rectangular table at its heart, which was in turn flanked by comfortable office chairs. Unlike most rooms in the towering building, this one had no windows, though it did have two doors. One led out into the maze of hallways outside, while the second led into a sizable supply closet.

They had been given the unenviable task of decorating the room for their boss and, considering the fact that he was an old fashioned sort of guy, they’d opted for a more classic approach to the decorations. The pair had selected an assortment of gold and purple streamers to hang from the ceiling, alongside a series of ribbons, draped sparingly here and there to create an interesting display overhead.

“Catering called and said the cake is ready for pickup.” the dragon muttered to himself as he flipped from one page to the next, “Decorations are just about ready. Cards are all signed as well, I collected them this morning. So...yeah, it looks like we’re all good to go! All I need to do now is collect this cake before he gets here and I think we’re good.”

He tucked the clipboard away and spared the decorations overhead one final, appraising glance before continuing.

“While I’m gone, you can grab the last of the decorations out of the supply closet and get them all set up?”

“What are we missing?” Alexis asked as he jumped down off the step ladder.

“All the plates, cups and stuff like that,” Chris told him with a roll of his eyes, “Cutlery. Remember? We hid them in the supply closet so no one would see us carrying them in here?”

“Oh yeah...” Alexis muttered, his memory jogged, “Fine. Go get that cake and I’ll get them sorted out”.

Chris nodded and left the room, dropping his clipboard on the table as he passed, leaving his co-worker to walk across to the supply closet. Pulling open the heavy oak door, he reached inside and flicked on the light switch. The single bulb overhead flickered into life, illuminating a narrow, rectangular room. The walls to either side were lined with long shelves laden various office cleaning supplies.

Since the door only had a one way lock, Alexis made sure to swing it wide open before stooping to pick up a bottle of floor polish to use as a doorstop. Making sure it was securely wedged in place, Alexis began searching along the shelves for the last of the party supplies, shifting his way through the assorted cleaning products.

It took him a long second before he spotted what he was looking for, lodged into place at the furthest corner of the room from the door. It had been crammed into position under a low shelf, half hidden behind several stacks of extra paper for their copying machines.

He saw the bright blue curve of a helium tank first, which only drew his eye to the rest of the supplies he was looking for. Alexis shifted the stacks of paper out of his way before grabbing a hold of one of the tank’s handles. He grunted as he tried to drag it out of its makeshift hiding place, but it refused to budge despite the muscles standing rigid along his arms.

Growling in annoyance, he saw that it had only barely fit into the space beneath the lowest shelves, which had been burdened with some of the heaviest cleaning agents to wedge the helium container firmly in place. Setting his stance wider on the carpet, the canine grabbed the tank with both hands and heaved against it with all his strength.

Wriggling it from side to side, Alexis did his best to free the cylinder without knocking everything off the shelf over it and, after a long second of straining, he managed to yank it free of its hiding spot. He stumbled as it suddenly came free though, losing his balance with a startled yelp. He slammed into the wall behind him and thumped onto the floor amidst a flutter of loose paper from the shelves. As Alexis sat back up, though, he heard a distinctive ‘click’ and turned to see the closet door firmly closed behind him.

“Crap!” he snapped, practically throwing the tank aside.

Bolting to his feet, he rushed to the door but, as expected, it was locked solid. Thinking quickly, Alexis reached into his pocket, pulled out his phone and wrote a quick text to Chris.

I locked myself in the supply closet. Come open the door!

It only took his friend a second to reply, but the message made Alexis groan in annoyance.

I just got into my car. You’ll have to wait until I get back and I’ll open it then.

Come on! I won’t be able to set up the rest of the decorations in here, he text back hurriedly. His frustration was only growing with each passing second but again, Chris responded almost immediately.

Just start blowing up the balloons while you’re in there and quit crying! Get them all filled up with confetti while you’re at it.

Sighing, Alexis walked back to the opposite corner of the supply closet and began pawing through the party supplies. He couldn’t be too mad, he supposed, since any situation that let him interact with balloons was always welcome, but a time crunch and being stuck in a closet did a lot to dampen the excitement he normally felt at such times.

It didn’t take him long to find several bags of balloons and, looking at the packaging, he saw that they were packs of 40” transparent latex spheres. Perfect, he figured, for confetti. But, written across the packaging, in bold letters no less, were the words, “Confetti not included”.

Figuring it must be hidden somewhere with the rest of the party stuff, Alexis knelt down and started sifting through the assorted supplies. Chris must have seen the words and bought it separately, after all. He found everything he’d expected in a neat pile behind where the helium tank had been, secreted away behind another stack of paper; the cutlery, plates, napkins, were all there. There was no sign of any confetti though.

Growing agitated now, Alexis quickly messaged his friend again, this time to ask where he’d stashed the confetti for their balloons.

What are you talking about? It comes with the balloons.

This time, Alexis took a very clear picture of one of the bags to send along with his response.

You’re wrong, buddy.

Awh crap. Sorry Alexis. I’ll stop by the party store after I get the cake and see what I can dig up. Just blow up the balloons while you’re waiting on me and tie them in half knots so we can add in the confetti when I get back. It should only take a second then.

Slipping his phone back into his pocket without replying, Alexis moodily picked up the first pack of balloons and pulled it open. Delving his hand into the bag, he felt the soft, smooth surfaces of the balloons and could instantly tell that they had been made from extremely thick latex. They were obviously very high quality balloons and probably pretty expensive as well. Plucking one out of the bag, Alexis set it over the nozzle of the tank, before pausing thoughtfully.

He was alone in a supply closet, within a private meeting room, at a time of day when no one else would be in the entire building, with a bunch of balloons. The chance of being interrupted by anyone was non-existent and here he was with his favourite toys. The slowly dawning realization had his mind suddenly racing ahead; to all the nice, naughty things he could get up to with these beautiful, big balloons.

As desperately as he wanted to give into those primal urges, though, Alexis pushed them away with a shake of his head. Now isn’t the time, he told himself firmly, and it certainly isn’t the place. Especially not when Chris could reappear at any moment to spoil the fun before it could even get started.

Banishing the thoughts from his mind, he made sure the balloon was firmly in place over the tanks nozzle and slowly turned its valve, releasing a blast of helium into the latex. The orb bobbed to attention for a heartbeat before expanding with a deep, hollow hiss. Alexis shifted as he felt the helium flooding into the balloon with one hand, while the other kept it firmly slotted over the tanks spout. It rounded out quickly under the pressure, its body stretching out on all sides with a soft groan.

Once it was nearly fully inflated, Alexis judged its burgeoning neck with experienced ease and slipped it off the nozzle. Pinching the balloons neck to prevent any of the precious gas from escaping, he turned off the flow of helium. Pulling it close, Alexis couldn’t resist the urge to subtly hug it against his body as he expertly tied a half knot in its neck. He allowed himself a second to imagine what it would feel like against his fur, without the smooth material of his suit separating them.

Snapping out of it, Alexis held up the balloon, already straining against the knot in his grip, and released it. The sphere rose to thump softly against the ceiling overhead, bopping against the tiles noisily, as if determined to distract him from the task at hand. Regardless of the temptation floating overhead though, Alexis picked up another balloon from the pack and slipped it onto the nozzle of the tank.

He quickly inflated it just like the first, filling it with helium until its neck started to form. This time, though, the pink and white furred canine held it away from his body as he half knotted it. Alexis batted it to one side once he was sure it was securely tied, watching it rise towards the ceiling to thump against the first balloon and send them both skidding across the tiles.

Gulping, he grabbed the third, and last, balloon from the first bag and shoved it onto the tanks nozzle. By the time the helium was already flooding into its transparent body, forcing it to take shape, the front of his pants were already outlining his steadily hardening shaft. The hiss and creak of latex filled the room, set his senses burning as he drank them in.

Plucking the balloon off the nozzle once he judged it to be big enough for his tastes, Alexis held it out at arm’s length and tied it in a quick half knot just like the ones before it. When it came time to release it, though, he hesitated, thoughtfully chewing on his lower lip and he cast a glance towards the room’s door, briefly allowing his mind to consider just how good it would feel against that now throbbing, warm length of flesh between his legs.

Figuring that so long as he didn’t go overboard, a little indulgence couldn’t hurt, Alexis was just about to do just that when he felt the phone vibrate in his pocket. It was sudden enough to make him jump, accidentally releasing the balloon.

Pulling it out of his pocket, Alexis tried his best to focus on his friend’s latest text, which was no easy task with the balloon tapping alluringly against the ceiling just overhead.

I’m really sorry man. I got the cake but I’m stuck in traffic here. Still need to hit the party store to see if I can buy a few bags of confetti. I’ll try to take a detour at the next light but it’s slow going. I’ll be back before the meeting but we won’t have much time to spare by then. Sorry I left you locked in there!

Though momentarily annoyed, the emotion only lasted a heartbeat before Alexis’ muzzle curled into a sly smirk as realization dawned; he’d be left alone in the supply closet for several minutes, at the very least. More than enough time, he reasoned, to have a little fun with the three balloons floating overhead. Sure, he was still at work, in a dingy storage closet, but there was no chance of anyone interrupting him.

He’d have to be careful not to pop any of them, of course, but Alexis had been playing with balloons for years now and had a good grasp on how much abuse most of them could endure. Other than that, he reckoned that so long as he didn’t leave any stains on them for the boss to find, then where was the harm? It took very little to convince himself that giving into his animal urges wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Reaching up, Alexis caught the knot of the balloon he’d accidentally released and pulled it down to himself, pressing it close to his body in an instinctive nuzzle. The sphere’s skin tightened in his grip with a low rumble, its already generous neck lengthening further under the pressure.

Closing his eyes to better savour the sensation, Alexis slowly began to rub it back and forth against his chest, making it squeal as it grazed across the buttons of his suit. His rod came to full attention in heartbeats, his tip straining at the fabric of his pants as it grew rock hard. The balloon’s neck rubbed across the mound, which bucked in response to the tantalising contact. It took little more than that to make him start leaking pre.

Breathing a throaty sigh of pleasure, Alexis released the balloon and let it float back up to the ceiling. His movements were clumsy as he hastily unbuckled his belt and slid them down around his legs to pool at his ankles. He kicked off his shoes, only for his pants to follow with a flick of his foot. His tongue practically lolling with hungry excitement, Alexis slipped off his briefs, letting his rod buck free of the soft cotton and sending a pleasant shiver rippling up his spine as cool air caressed his crimson length.

Reaching up, he clapped his hands in on either side of the balloon he’d just released with a hollow thud and pulled it down to him again. Hiking his shirt and jacket out of the way, Alexis spread his legs wide and stuffed the bulbous balloon between them. Pinning it in place between his thighs, he reached up to grab the other two balloons as well, unable to help grinning as he felt them tug against his grip.

With a knot in either hand, he pulled them down from their places on the ceiling. Because of how huge they were, it was a real struggle, even for him, to clasp both of them to his body, one to a side, both creaking gently as they rustled against his jacket. The first orb, between his legs, emitted a deep, reverberating groan as he lowered his weight onto it. The balloons latex skin bulged around his rump, caressing his jewels and the base of his shaft as he settled into place over the vacuum of helium.

Humming contentedly to himself, Alexis reveled in the sensation of the taut latex pressed against his body on all sides, his ears perked to catch each and every sound they made. The warmth between his legs quickly built into a raging fire as he felt his hard shaft buck, leaking pre, as he lovingly nuzzled into the balloons clasped under either arm. Alexis pressed his muzzle into the latex, as deep and hard as he could, before parting his lips to give one an affectionate lick.

With a sigh of longing, he began to rock back and forth on the balloon, massaging his balls with the taut latex. Alexis quickly coaxed himself to an almost painfully hard boner, his shaft bucking with each swivel of his hips into the cushion of air. The sensation of being held aloft by one balloon, with two more pressed hard against his body, made him moan softly as he breathlessly nuzzled into the spheres.

Opening his eyes, he spared another gentle lick for one of the balloons in his hands and finally gave into his base, bestial instincts. Leaning forward, Alexis slumped onto the two balloons in his grip, letting them easily support his torso and leaving the third pinned between his hips and the floor of the closet. His shaft sank into the latex, spattering it with his pre as he shuffled into a more comfortable position on top of all three balloons.

Their surfaces tightened as they were sandwiched between his body and the ground, but he knew that with the carpet beneath them, there was very little chance of them popping. Straddling the orb of helium between his thighs, Alexis started rubbing himself against it, filling the room with the sound of the balloons squeaking against each other with every thrust of his hips. He began to hump it, grinding his cock hard and slow into its surface, making it pulse under him each time his flesh sank into the latex. With pre leaking from his tip and his shaft throbbing to produce more, it wasn’t long before Alexis had bathed the latex in his warm, slippery seed.

Closing his eyes, breathing deep, he inhaled the almost overpowering scent of latex as he buried his muzzle between the two huge spheres supporting his body, nuzzling into the space between them. Humming softly, he kept thrusting into the third toy, bouncing up and down on it as he pounded his rod into the latex, its sides snapping tight each time his hips ploughed into it. Alexis quickly lost himself to the rhythmic squeaking of the balloons, sinking into the warmth and electric pleasure of his bare flesh grinding into the bouncy orb.

The canine dragged his fingers across the balloons under his chest, just to add a deeper, bass rumble to the squeaking symphony already building, rising in pitch as he pleasured every inch of his cock with the toy. It was little wonder he became engrossed in the mechanical humping of his hips while his hands roamed over the others, making them screech as he dragged his fingers across their skin. Feeling just how buoyant they were, trying to roll out from under him as the helium strained at its prison, only added to the fun, the orgasmic joy of playing with his favourite toys washing over him.

Because of this, it was little wonder Alexis didn’t notice some of the latex rubbing off the sides of the balloon between his legs. The transparent material clung to him, anchoring itself fast before beginning to spread like water up across his thighs, glossing over his fur. It quickly consumed the length of his legs and feet, climbing up over his waist at a slightly slower rate.

It engulfed the canine’s hips and quickly raced down the length of his bushy tail, meeting around its tip to completely cocoon the limb. In the wake of this spreading substance, the latex seemed to sink into his body, the natural pink and white hues of his coat fading away in heartbeats, only to be replaced by a rosy shade of pink. Even so, the material still retained a hint of their original patterns.

Oblivious to it all, Alexis was focused on his motions, eyes squeezed tight as he enjoyed just how bouncy the balloons felt under him, blissfully unaware of the fact that the latex sheen had reached his crotch. It crept up across the rest of his body, flowing smoothly over everything in its path, including his suit.

As soon as it had engulfed the cloth, its shape quickly melted away, consumed into the layer of liquid latex solidifying all across the canine’s torso. His jacket, shirt and tie faded away in a matter of seconds, while the tide continued unabated to encircle his arms and hands. When it reached his neck, it surged up over his head and face, utterly entrapping him in latex.

In heartbeats, any sign of his physical body had disappeared, replaced by the opaque transparency of the balloon he was riding, turning him into a literal, hollow shell of his former self. He was a simple balloon, without any entrance apparent across the expanse of his latex form besides his mouth. His nostrils, ears and even tail hole had been sealed shut to ensure no air could escape his new body, while his genitals had already melted to leave a bare patch between his legs so that he resembled a mannequin.

Alexis became aware of his situation gradually and only then because he started to feel very light headed. It took a surprising force of will to suppress the nearly overwhelming urge to simply keep pumping his hips into the balloon between them, but as the strange sense of nausea grew, he managed to halt the motion.

When he went to stand up though, there was a sudden rush of dizziness that sent him stumbling. Instead of falling, he slowly started to float down to the floor at a serene pace. The balloons he’d been supported by, finally free of his weight, quickly soared back up into the air, bobbing against the ceiling overhead as the canine caught his descent.

Stunned, his foggy mind lagging behind, Alexis tried to make some sense of what he was feeling. Lifting his hands, he tilted them this way and that in front of his face, realising that his shirt was absent first. He hadn’t taken it off, had he? He could hear the telltale squeaking of a balloon with every movement, but couldn’t figure out why the helium filled orbs overhead would be making such noise when they were just resting against the ceiling.

Dazed and confused, he clumsily dug into the pocket of his pants nearby until he found his phone. His fingers were slow and stiff, frustration beginning to pierce the haze his thoughts had become as he struggled to open up the forward facing camera on the device. When it loaded up, Alexis stared into his face, the realization of what he had become dawning slowly.

It was hard to tell at first glance, even if he hadn’t been light headed to the point of nausea, since the latex so perfectly matched his previous fur pattern, but lifting a hand and touching his cheek confirmed his disbelief. It was hard to see straight, let alone gather his thoughts, but there was no mistaking the fact of the situation; he’d somehow become a balloon.

Fighting the rising tide of panic following in the wake of shock, he turned off the camera and quickly tried to write a text to Chris. He needed to tell his friend. He needed to get someone to come help him, but his clumsy fingers were too awkward on the keys, only serving to create a jumbled mess of letters on the screen.

Growling in annoyance, the sound oddly hollow, he dropped the phone back onto his pants and turned to regard the supply closet, searching frantically for any sign of what had happened to him and, just as importantly, anything he could use to escape the situation. He had no idea what to do and no idea how he felt besides nauseous and slightly annoyed. It felt like he’d just run a marathon up a mountain, his mind swimming as his vision swam.

As soon as Alexis’ eyes fell on the nearby helium tank though, his thoughts began to clear in a sudden rush, the fogginess plaguing him drowned by a new, sudden desire. He tried to drag his eyes away from it, but the desire began to build, gaining traction and momentum enough to swallow everything else in his air filled head in an instant.

A simple desire washed away any thought of escape or finding out what had happened to him. It was the only clear thought in his mind; crystal clear and as natural as breathing or blinking. It was so powerful, he knew that even if he’d had the inclination to fight it, he’d never have found the strength. He needed to prepare himself for not only the party, but also for Chris.

He needed to fill himself, to be ready. The prospect of ‘for what’ didn’t even cross his mind and he dreamily began to move towards the tank. The desire quickly became an uncomfortable pressure, growing across his temples until it had become a deep, aching hum.

With the headache intensifying, and his thoughts derailed, Alexis hunkered down over the tank and gave into the only base instinct surging through his mind at that moment. He clamped his muzzle shut around the nozzle. Though clumsy, his fingers were enough to crank the valve open. The sensation of helium slowly rushing into his already air filled body was indescribable, a soothing balm to satiate his need, the pressure in his mind already beginning to fade. His vision glazed and he focused on nothing else.

The gas, cold and buoyant, flooded down his neck like a cool draught of water after a year spent in the desert. Like a glutton, he suckled at the nozzle, his tongue guiding the helium smoothly down his throat. Alexis could distinctly feel the helium spreading through his body, evenly flowing through it for a long, delicious moment.

The sensation of his skin stretching and beginning to grow suddenly tighter would have been fascinating if he’d been able to focus on anything beyond the need to consume more. The headache had lifted, replaced with a deep, soothing satisfaction impossible to ignore. Because of this, he was only distantly aware of the fact that he was increasing in both height and size at an alarming pace and it wasn’t long before he felt the pressure beginning to well in his gut. Reflexively, the canine put his hand over his stomach, confirming the fact that it was slowly expanding against his paw pads, the contact making his skin squeak and creak.

Realizing what was happening, Alexis tried to drag his mind out of the satisfied haze it had descended into, fighting against the urge to continue filling himself, but the pleasure was just too much for him to fight. It was like swimming against the current in a typhoon. He knew that whatever was happening to him couldn’t be right, but that thought was overshadowed by the desperate need to continue filling himself, to be as prepared as he possibly could for the coming party. These thoughts swirled around his mind, disjointed and short lived as pleasure flooded through every inch of his new body.

His stomach swelled to the size of a beach ball before he felt the pressure starting to shift to the rest of his body. His butt squeaked softly as it started to grow and strain, quickly followed by his chest as it plumped up. Alexis felt his thighs starting to swell as well, growing thicker and rounder with each passing second that helium continued to pour into his body. He became aware of the fact just as he realized the floor was falling away from his thick feet, his form filled with enough helium to finally lift him into the air.

Keeping his muzzle firmly clamped around the helium tank spout, Alexis gripped its valve with what little strength he had left to hold himself as firmly in place as he could. With every passing second though, his bulging arms and clumsy hands slipped free of their anchor. Try as he might, he simply couldn’t keep himself latched onto the tank’s nozzle with his jaws alone. He slid off it and rose into the air, bobbing against the other three balloons overhead with a soft rustle as he nudged them aside with his bulk.

Reacting on instinct, with the same internal voice that had urged him to begin filling himself up returning to assure him that everything was perfectly as it should be, Alexis reached out his stubby arms and enclosed them around the nearest balloon in a squeaky hug. The sensation that he’d done just as he should have washed through his fragile mind, commending him on a job completed. Content in the knowledge that he’d done everything he was supposed to, Alexis was free to nuzzle into the orb in his grip.

Lost in this haze of happiness, it was another long second before he became aware of the fact that the hiss of flowing helium had ceased. Figuring that it had finally run out of gas, though not before he could fulfil his purpose, Alexis paid the revelation no attention. A hand suddenly closed around one of his ankles, and his ‘stomach’ lurched as he was hauled down from the ceiling, straight into Chris’ arms.

The green dragon smiled indulgently at him. Fully aware of his friends fetish, the green dragon had been very confident that Alexis would fall for his little trap, but he had to admit that the result was better than he could have ever expected. It had taken a little bit of careful planning to arrange everything so that it would all fall as perfectly into place as it had, but once he’d removed the door stop his co-worker had set in place, all he’d had to do was chill out in the conference room. It had been child’s play to make it seem like he was stuck in traffic.

Now, he dragged the balloon canine into a gentle hug and locked muzzled with him, kissing him passionately.

“Oh, you are just the perfect balloon.” Chris smirked, breaking the contact and arching his neck backwards to look into his friend’s grinning face. His voice was soft and reassuring as he stroked Alexis’ sides, low and comforting.

“Don’t worry, Alexis,” he practically purred, “Everything is okay. In fact, it’s perfect. You look beautiful. You’re just missing one last thing. Open up for me.”

The canine balloon eagerly complied, opening his mouth wide and tilting his head back hungrily. Pressing him against the wall with one hand to keep him pinned in place, Chris quickly ripped open a pack of confetti with the other. He poured it down his friend’s throat, watching as it scattered into his spherical body, fluttering this way and that in a shower of glimmering gold.

“Everything went perfectly according to plan.” Chris told him in that same soft, reasonable voice, “I know what you’re like, buddy. I knew all it would take was for the opportunity to be dropped into your lap for you to act the way you did. It’s no surprise you couldn’t resist those big, beautiful balloons!” The dragon chuckled brightly before continuing.

“Even though you knew very well that you shouldn’t be getting up to anything naughty with them. Don’t worry though, you did perfectly. Just as expected. The perfect balloon.”

Chris stroked a tender hand across Alexis’ gut, before continuing in that same calming, reassuring tone he’d been using ever since reappearing on the scene. Despite the pervading sense of strange dread Alexis felt surrounding the entire experience, his friend’s voice was impossible to fight.

“I can tell you’re already having plenty of fun, eh? And there’s only more ahead for you to look forward to. I happen to think you look better this way anyway. What do you think, though? Are you a pretty balloon?”

Alexis could only nod dopily, the idea of disagreeing never even crossing his mind.

“I’m a pretty balloon,” he repeated sluggishly, words slow and halting.

“And you’re having fun, right?” Chris drawled the question, enjoying the taste of every word.  

“Y-Yes” Alexis practically moaned, leaning into his friends caressing hand. “I’m having fun. I’m a pretty balloon.”

“Good!” Chris chuckled.

It was clear that he had his friend under his complete control and the dragon took a long second to revel in the long awaited triumph all the planning had finally led to. He grabbed the nearest balloon floating overhead and dragged it down to him, surprised by just how buoyant the sphere felt. He handed it to Alexis with a reassuring smile.

“You have the confetti,” Chris told him, “But you just need to be a little bit bigger for the party. The bigger a balloon, the better, right? Gotta make you nice and tight so everyone loves you. Go on. Fill yourself up. We won’t need these silly balloons now that we have you.”

Alexis eagerly, if clumsily, obeyed. He undid the half knot sealing the balloon closed and lifted it to his lips. Clamping them down around the nozzle, he let its neck snap open without hesitating. The latex orb closed around the helium filling it, quickly forcing the entire contents into the canine’s already bloated body with a sharp hiss, sending the golden confetti gathered in the bowels of his belly swirling gently like snowflakes inside a snow globe. His body expanded with the new influx of gas, skin starting to grow tighter, though this time it had been almost instantaneous.

The contents of the second balloon, helpfully handed to him by Chris, were swallowed just as quickly as the first. Alexis had just dropped the spent balloon to one side when he felt Chris grip his conical tail, now inflated to almost three times its previous size, with a soft squeak. He turned around just in time to see the dragon attach a nozzle at the end of the limb to the helium tank once more and give the valve a quick twist. The steady hiss of helium flowing into his body filled the room once again.

After his initial use of the tank, combined with the balloons he’d just consumed, Alexis had almost tripled his original size, which was quickly becoming cumbersome in the narrow supply closet. His head tapped against the ceiling overhead, while his sides bulged around his bulbous gut, the latex squeaking ominously as it tightened. With the fresh flood of gas into his body sending tremors of pleasure tickling through the entire expanse of his girth, Alexis barely noticed the added pressure of his friend smoothly climbing onto his back.

Straddling the confetti filled canine, Chris was easily able to reach the third and final balloon. He spared it a brief hug before handing it over to Alexis and stroking his hands along his co-workers now vast flanks adoringly. Alexis’ skin squealed under him as the dragon bouncily shifted into a more comfortable position and leaned forward. Shuffling close to his friend’s ear, he continued to whisper it, drinking in every moment he was in complete control.

“You’re going to get so big,” he hummed, “Don’t worry though. You look so much better like this. You’re the perfect balloon for our party”.

“So big...” Alexis mumbled dreamily, “Perfect for the party.”

His grin only broadened as Alexis’ stubby hands quickly undid the half knot in the transparent balloon and fed the helium into his gaping maw. It combined with the flood of gas pouring into his body from the opposite end, the two torrents meeting in the centre of his gut to send confetti swirling around the spherical chamber.

He finished off the final balloon in one gulp and tossed it carelessly aside, content to revel in the steady hiss of helium penetrating the tip of his tail. His limbs stiffened and bulged, rounding out more and more with each passing second as his taut, round sides began to press against the shelves on either side. His stomach creaked as it touched the carpet and continued to fill regardless of the added pressure. Static charge rippled across his skin, tickling where it leapt from one point to the next, causing the confetti to stick to the lining of his round stomach, which was quickly starting to melt into his bulging chest.

“You’re such a hungry balloon,” Chris chuckled, “You just can’t get enough, can you?”

His response was a contented purr from the bulbous chamber of air between his legs. Partly because he couldn’t help himself and partly because he knew just how good it would feel for his captive co-worker, Chris began to run his hands over the expanse of latex under him, stroking Alexis’ skin tenderly, the barest whisper of his fingertips bringing a pleased hum from his toy.

Just as he’d expected, a quiver ran through Alexis’ stretched skin at the contact, a soft, but echoing moan emerging from his lips. His tail twitched and Chris knew that if it wasn’t securely fastened to the helium tank, it would have been swaying from side to side in pleasure.

Chris began to grope the latex, surprised by just how stretchy it still felt; when he pressed down on Alexis’ sides, he could feel them bulge as the gas inside his body shifted. Despite how easily he kept his shape under the dragon’s added weight, his hands still sank into the squealing latex, especially along his sides and gut. The tank continued to hiss, making the balloon canine reverberate under him as it thrummed through his hollow body, adding a new, distinct sensation to the mix.

Alexis’ mind was devoid of any other thought at this point besides the pleasant caress of his friend. With Chris’ soft voice still echoing around inside his empty head, all he wanted was to devour more helium and become even bigger for the coming party. He was, after all, only designed to bring joy to others. Chris’ voice whispering in his ear did nothing to help bring him back to his senses.

He barely noticed the fact that his body now took up most of the supply closet, but as the helium tank hissed on, his skin only tightened against the shelves to either side. Alexis’ latex bulged around their edges and corners, before the building pressure started to knock some of the cleaning supplies off them. Some clattered to the floor, while even more got caught between them and the wall, indenting his expanding skin. It wasn’t long before the shelves themselves began to splinter and crack, coming apart under the growing pressure.

While he was bulging, filling the entire closet with a series of hollow groans and squeaks, Chris was also coming dangerously close to the ceiling. As he hunkered down over Alexis’ broad back, the helium tank suddenly ran dry. The dragon breathed a heavy sigh of relief, his breath misting across the pink hued latex beneath him. Perfect timing, he couldn’t help thinking as he shifted on his co-worker, accidentally knocking over a tin of polish in the process.

“Don’t worry,” he said softly, speaking directly into one of Alexis’ ears. “You just reached the perfect size. Isn’t that exciting? Look at what a pretty balloon you turned out to be.”

His balloon nodded dopily and softly parroted the words back to him, which only made the reptile’s smirk broaden.

“The party is going to be starting soon.” Chris told him, sliding a hand down Alexis’ sides one last time, letting them come to rest poised over his captives sleek skin. “And you’re just what we need to start it off with a bang...”

That set Alexis’ hazy mind off on a new train of thought that filled him with just as much pride and joy as the prospect that he’d reached his full potential; all the new ways his new existence could end. The graze of his friend’s claws across his sides brought that new desire plunging to the fore of his mind, anchoring deep. The very thought of bursting had his tail swaying behind him like a puppy, if a lot more sluggish and unsteady given just how full to the brim with helium it was.

Chris gave his sides a gentle squeeze, just enough to confirm that Alexis had grown as tight as he was likely to before popping and indeed, it was a small miracle he had survived as long as he had with all the supplies digging into him.

The dragon had, of course, expected him to expand a lot, but had never dreamed that Alexis’ would have been capable of absorbing all three balloons and an entire tank of helium as well. Grinning broadly, he arched his razor sharp claws into the balloons sides, bursting him with a momentous boom. Scraps of latex exploded in every direction as Alexis’ disappeared in the blink of an eye, filling the small room with a detonation of air that sent the few remaining cleaning supplies that had somehow remained on the shelves careening through the air. It obliterated the last shelves still standing, sending their contents crashing to the floor, adding to the cacophony of noise.

Chris slammed into the carpet with a grunt amidst a flurry of golden confetti. The blast sent the single light bulb swinging overhead, throwing its gloomy light back and forth like a pendulum. Above the ringing in his ears, he only barely heard the sound of the room’s door opening. Looking up, the dragon saw his boss standing in the doorway, silhouetted by a group of executives in sharp suits.

Sitting up with a shaky smile, Chris could only meekly mutter, “Happy Birthday s-sir.”