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Shower Thoughts

“See!” Alexis’ chipper tone reverberated off the tiles on all sides, “I told you it would be fine. See how easy this was?”

Roderick regarded him with a baleful glare for a long moment. The balloon windragon had crammed his considerable bulk into the bathtub and now lay on his back, with his shoulders propped against one wall and his lengthy tail curled against the other. His pink and cream furred companion laid across Roderick’s bulging stomach, wearing one of the most infuriatingly smug smirks he’d had in a very long time.

“I wouldn’t call it easy” the navy and grey latex dragon told him, “Or comfortable. If this is what you call a success, I’d hate to see what you think a failure is.”

“But I was right, wasn’t I?” Alexis prompted with a soft chuckle, his tail starting to slowly sway from side to side above his bared rump.

“I suppose...” Roderick told him with a grimace, the loud squeal of straining latex filling the bathroom as he shifted slightly under his friend. “Though I wouldn’t exactly call this me fitting into the shower”.

Wedged into place like he was, there was very little room to maneuver. His vast wings, pinned between his back and the tiled wall, were already starting to ache irritably. It didn’t help that Alexis’ weight was pressing down on his body, adding to the pressure, though Roderick wasn’t about to start complaining. Not when he could feel Alexis’ groin pressing against his sensitive skin.

For such a slender build, his canine companion was definitely well endowed. Roderick had no adornments between his legs, but that had never stopped him from admiring Alexis’ equipment from time to time. It was hard not to notice it pressing into his bulbous gut when the bathtub barely had enough room for both of them at once.

“It’s fine,” Alexis smiled encouragingly, “I knew you’d make a great shower buddy!”

Roderick’s latex skin squealed as the canine shifted on his gut, reaching up past the dragon’s shoulder to fumble around with a thoughtful expression. There was a metallic squeak as he found the knob and, a second later, warm water splashed softly against Roderick’s head. Even for a balloon, the relaxing effect of feeling the droplets patter against his skin before rolling down his neck in thick rivulets was immediate.

The sounds of water striking latex filled the bath room, followed by a wet squeal as Alexis shifted once again with a contented sigh, closing his eyes and resting his head on his folded arms as spray washed over him. It misted in his bubblegum pink fringe, seeping into his fur to noticeably loosen and relax his entire body in a heartbeat. The electric hum of the shower reverberated softly as an undertone to the pattering water against Roderick’s skin, creating a soft tone that soothed his ears just as much as the warmth soothed his body.

Under those conditions and considering Alexis’ lax nature, it didn’t take him long to doze off. He was only sleeping peacefully for a few minutes though before the canine was roused from it by the sound of his pillows skin squeaking softly. He groggily opened his eyes and was midway through an expansive yawn when the dragon spoke.

“Enjoying yourself?” Roderick’s voice was laced with sarcasm.

“Mhmm.” Alexis hummed with a bright smile as he stretched his aching arms.

As he came back to his senses, he caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of his eye and half turned to see the tiles just beyond the rim of the bathtub covered in a thin sheen of water. Though shallow, it had spread outwards from where they lay until it formed a puddle in the room. It was then that he also noticed a light mist of steam hanging in the air around them.

“Alright” he sighed, “Fun’s over, I guess. We need to get out and clean up that mess”.

Alexis shifted on top of the dragon, reaching for the faucet behind his neck, but his hands slid down Roderick’s grey stomach with a loud squeal that reverberated through his entire body. Grunting, he tried to use his legs to push himself upwards, only to find them trapped between his companions hind legs, which were braced against the wall behind him and Roderick’s lower body. They closed in on his limbs from all sides, pinning him firmly in place.

“Hey!” he snapped, pushing his hands down into the dragon’s gut in an effort to pull himself free, “Ugh, let me out of here!”

His hands sank into the latex under him, but slid to either side as Roderick moodily grunted and tried to shift his bulk with a loud series fo wet squeaks, filling the room with the protests of his stretchy skin grinding against the ceramic tub. Alexis thumped down into his chest with a grunt, watching wide eyed as the windragon wriggled from side to side, teeth grit with effort. His wings shuffled weakly behind him but no matter what way he turned, it seemed there was no way to free himself from the bathtub.

“Oh no.” Roderick said with a note of concern to his tone, realizing what had happened a second before the canine.

Under the continuous stream of warm water from the shower head overhead, the air within his body had heated up enough to start expanding, stretching the dragon’s latex skin enough to further wedge him in place. As the realization struck, Alexis began to struggle against the slippery latex pressing in on him from all sides, his hands skidding across Roderick’s chest and gut, leaving shallow furrows behind in their wake.

Roderick’s struggling intensified as well, bucking under him to make it even harder for his canine companion to find solid purchase. His head slapped back against a hanging shelf on the wall behind him, sending its contents spilling down around them. They rattled and clattered against the tiles at his back, and one must have hit the faucet, since the pleasantly warm water suddenly turned scalding hot. It sprayed out of the shower head, pattering against Roderick’s head and neck in a loud, hollow rhythm.

“Shit!” he snapped, “Ow! That’s hot!”

“I know.” Alexis gasped, “I can feel it too, you know? Just get us out of here!”

With his adrenaline rising and panic threatening to drag him under, he flailed fruitlessly against the dragon, his hands skidding and slipping across his sleek latex skin. His fingers arched deep into the material but it still offered no purchase to drag himself free. As he struggled, he became aware of the room beginning to fill with steam and quickly glanced over his shoulder at the ventilation switch on the wall behind them; turned off and well out of his reach. Not only that, but the bathroom door was already closed, meaning that there was no way for the building heat to escape. His struggling created eddies swirling in the air around them as it blasted through the now thickening banks of steam on all sides, moisture glistening on the nearby tiles and mirror.

Alexis used every ounce of strength he could muster to try to squirm his way free but without any leverage, it was hard make any headway. Not only that, but he could feel the latex beneath him straining more and more with every passing second, stretching as the air within the dragon expanded even further. He felt the column of Roderick’s tail growing at his back, adding even more pressure to the mess.

Despite his panic, though, another sensation quickly began to build; the warmth of the water and steam combined with the thrashing of squeaky, wet latex under him sent a surge of lusty warmth through his hips. He could feel the material softening under him, letting his thickening length sink into the undulating latex in a way that brought a strangled gasp of pleasure from his lips. He could feel the warm air inside of Roderick pressing against his throbbing shaft as it lengthened and hardened, slipping clean out of its sheath in an instant.

Before he knew it, Alexis’ struggles had slowed down, replaced by a deep sense of lust that stretched all the way from his hips to the very tips of his toes. Instead of lurching against the squeaking, furiously wriggling dragon, Alexis began to rub himself against Roderick’s skin. The latex dragon paused, eyes narrowing dangerously as he realized what was happening.

“Alexis!” he snapped, “Stop rubbing your junk on me, and start thinking of ways to get me out of here!”

Roderick flexed his mighty wings as much as he could, gritting his teeth with effort while the limbs screeched against the tiles at his back. The thick column of air that served as his tail was already bulging towards its tip, straining against the knot there as it wriggled uselessly from side to side, trying to buy him just a few inches of freedom to work with. The rest of his body was wedged firmly into the bathtub, its rim beginning to dig into his burgeoning gut.

The room continued to resound with the sounds of wet latex squeaking against tiles for another long second as the dragon did his best to drag his bulk free of his confines. Alexis, on the other hand, simply threw his arms around Roderick’s bulbous gut, nuzzled into the latex and murmured softly to himself. His hips worked back and forth as much as they could, sandwiched between the balloon dragon’s tail, his legs to either side and gut in front. He wove them into the slick material, adding pre from his throbbing cock to the warm water as he felt the latex steadily expanding. Slumping back against the shower wall, Roderick heaved a monumental sigh of frustration.

With water still pattering against his head and neck in a steady stream, he looked down at the canine snuggled up against his body and allowed himself a moment to focus on the red hot length of flesh grinding into his stomach.

“Sorry big guy,” Alexis said plaintively, looking up at the dragon through his lank, dripping wet bangs. “I can’t get out either.”

As if to exemplify this point, he wriggled his hips back and forth, which only made his cock buck in excitement between them. It leaked thick drops of pre onto the dragon’s skin, only to be washed away by the water, in a heartbeat, leaving behind a slick sheen.

“Oh yeah” Roderick drawled with a lusty smirk, “And I can feel how hard you tried. I bet you absolutely hate this, right? Lying on top of a huge, squishy, wet balloon as it inflates under your body, hmm? Pfft, who could ever like something like that, right?”

“N-No!” Alexis stammered as his breath hitched in his throat, “I really did try!”

“Oh yeah, I can feel how hard you tried” Roderick chuckled huskily. “And yet, here we are, with me inflating under you by the second and you grinding one out on top of me. What started to get you hard first, I wonder? Is it because you can feel the warm air inside my body, hm? Or was it feeling me struggle under you? The sound of my wet skin rubbing and grinding against everything around us? Or all of the above?”

Alexis gulped up at him, unwilling to admit that his last suggestion had been right. When he didn’t respond, Roderick smirked brightly and wiggled his gut from side to side, making the canine rock with the motion and sending fire lancing through his exposed member. It dragged a strangled gasp of pleasure from Alexis’ lips and he used the momentum to start idly grinding into his companion’s stretchy, deliciously warm latex skin. With Roderick’s words echoing in his ears, it was impossible to resist the nearly animalistic instinct to keep his hips rocking back and forth.

“Hmmmm,” Roderick hummed, deep enough for it to reverberate through his entire body, adding a new edge to the multitude of sensations already threatening to overwhelm Alexis. “You’re really getting into this, aren’t you? So much for getting out of here, I suppose.”

His long tail creaked loudly as he twisted it, testing just how stiff the thick limb was. Even his arms were beginning to feel tight, despite how pliable his latex had become under the scalding hot water. Still, the windragon could feel himself expanding with every passing second, could feel every object digging into his sensitive skin. With the air inside his big squeaky body continuing to expand, he could tell it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened.

Grabbing Alexis’ hands, Roderick dragged him as close as he could and bent his stiff neck down until their muzzles were practically touching.

“We don’t have a lot of time.” he told the canine urgently, “So if you’re going to do your thing, you better do it fast before all this heat pushes me over the edge. I can feel the pressure growing, even without you lying on me. So come on, give me everything you’ve got while you still can!”

Releasing him, Roderick watched Alexis half-slip and half slide back down into place between his bulging legs. The canine nestled back into place between the taut air chambers, his rock hard cock dragging along the wet material to send orgasmic pleasure coursing through his body. Gasping, he dug his hands into Roderick’s chest, arching his fingers deep to anchor himself in place as he spread his legs wide, letting his rod sink into the dragon’s gut.

He waited just long enough for his edging to pass, before giving a hard, solid thrust into him, pressing his hard cock into the bouncy latex. With a gasp, he let Roderick’s body take the pressure and bounce him back into the tail grinding against his rump, rocking his body in time with the motion to work himself up into a quick, hard rhythm, bouncing gently back and forth. The sound of his gasps joined the steady squeak-squeak-squeak of wet latex being humped, alongside the splash of his knees in the steaming water collecting beneath them.

His hands worked across Roderick’s chest and stomach, squeaking and squealing as he stroked the bulging latex, gripping and mauling with every surge of lust coursing through his cock. Every time he plunged them into the dragon’s skin, he could the warm air shift under him with the added pressure.

“Hmmm, that’s it” Roderick hummed, the sound reverberated through his entire body, “Come on, we’re both almost there, and I know you wanna pop before I do.”

Grinning lustily, the dragon began wriggling under Alexis again, stretching his bloated wings and arms as wide as he could in the cramped confines of the bathtub to create a crescendo of squealing and tight squeaks, music to his companion’s ears. It was a monumental effort to spread his now bulging legs as wide as he could, allowing him to weave his hips from side to side, adding to Alexis’ already nearly overpowering lust. He could feel the motion stretching the latex across his thighs and lower gut, which only put more pressure on his belly for the pink canine to rub himself against.

“That’s it,” he cooed, water spilling down over his muzzle in a constant stream, “You’re almost there. Keep going like a good pup.”

His tail swayed and twisted, the knot at its tip strained towards it limit as he moved with Alexis. He could feel the thick pre cum leaking onto his latex, slathering it in liquid strands. His gasps were coming heavy and fast now, his hands raking across the dragon’s swollen gut as he urged himself towards climax, pressure building through him like an almost physical weight. It spread until it reached his balls, making them tighten with every bounce of his hips. Not only was every inch of his cock caressed and stroked from balls to tip by the pliable latex, but he was enclosed by it on every side as well.

His member bucked and suddenly, the pressure in his body loosened as he came explosively on Roderick’s bulging gut. He shot long, thick ropes of seed across the latex, sent it arching through the air with thick throbs of his solid cock as pleasure erupted through his hips. He clawed at the dragon, gripping him as hard as he could as Alexis rode out his orgasm, spraying cum all over his slippery latex. It shot all the way up to Roderick’s chest and neck, splattering against his grey latex.

“That’s it!” the vast dragon praised him with a victorious smirk, reaching up to stroke behind Alexis’ ear, “You came so much...”

Alexis collapsed across his bulging, bloated stomach with a huge sigh, every muscle loosening at once in the aftermath of his explosive orgasm. His talking pillow wasn’t wrong; he’d carpeted everything within shooting range with his thick seed. Roderick stroked down Alexis’ cheek, hooked his hand under the canine’s chin and lifted it up off his gut. His tongue lolled, shoulders heaving with exertion as he tried to catch his breath and all the time, the dragon grew bigger and bigger, inch by inch and second by second.

Roderick’s thick pillar of a neck creaked ominously as he bent down, straining his skin to its limit as he pressed his lips against Alexis’ in one last, deep kiss. Alexis responded in kind, their tongues twining together as water flowed down over both of them, the cushion of air beneath the canine groaning loudly as it bulged out over the side of the bathtub, spilling water onto the bathroom floor with a splash.

Roderick closed his eyes a split second before he disappeared under Alexis with a thunderous boom. The force of his destruction blasted the water gathered on his form and collected at the bottom of the tub across the entire room in a near tidal wave. Stunned suddenly back to his senses, the canine dropped to the bottom of the tub with a loud ‘THUNK’ and groaned in sudden pain as he clutched at his elbow.

It took him a second to register the water suddenly pelting down on him from above, scalding him even through his luscious fur. With a yelp, Alexis scrambled back to his feet, slipping and sliding on the tattered latex underfoot and lunged for the faucet. Grabbing it, he wrenched it to one side with a screech and the flood of searing hot water suddenly subsided, leaving behind a thick, swirling cloud of steam.

Dragging in a breath, Alexis lay his head against the tiles above the faucet and exhaled heavily. The sound of steadily dripping water filled the room and, already cringing in anticipation of what he was about to see, he turned to survey his ruined bathroom. The floor was covered in a puddle of water inches deep, while everything while else was coated in dripping perspiration.

Well, he thought, this is going to take some time to get back in order.