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The Package

Alexis laid on the expansive couch dominating the middle of the apartment he shared with Zanos, sprawled languidly across its deep cushions. His roommate had only been gone for five days, but already, their shared dwelling was showing signs of the pink canine’s lazy habits. Before leaving, Zanos had somewhat optimistically left a list of chores for Alexis to tend to in his absence; simple enough instructions, that Alexis had promised would be followed to the letter, but which he’d also promptly ignored the second his roommate had departed. Maintaining the apartment had never been his idea of fun and, even after such a short amount of time that much was extremely obvious.

Teetering towers of dishes and plates were piled high in the sink, the countertop alongside it practically covered in splotches of old food and trays. The trash can to one side of the kitchen was overflowing as well, giving the entire area behind the couch a distinctly ‘abandoned’ quality that wouldn’t have been out of place in a post apocalyptic setting. Uneven stacks of mail and bills occupied every other available space the apartment had to offer. All in all, it was an utter mess.

Given the impression Alexis had left in the couch’s pillows over the last few days, it was safe to assume that he wouldn’t be getting up anytime soon to begin a spontaneous cleaning spree. In fact, he had every intention of continuing to ignore his friend’s instructions. Sure, Zanos would be upset for a few days, but he would eventually get over it and end up doing all the cleaning himself, which suited Alexis just fine.

A sudden knock at the door made him glance towards it, his eyes narrowing balefully in irritation. He didn’t want to interrupt the intimate relationship he was building with sloth for anything short of a fire, and the way he saw it, there were only two kinds of visitors they got; a solicitor, or their landlord. He pointedly cranked up the volume on his TV, hoping the uninvited guest would get the hint and leave him in peace. Instead, a second, harder knock came at the door, rattling it on its hinges.

“I’m just here to deliver a package!” a voice called.

That got Alexis’ attention. He couldn’t remember ordering anything online, but it wouldn’t be the first time a late delivery had arrived long after he’d forgotten about it. He’d always looked at them as presents from himself. There was also the fact that the only mail they’d received in the last few months had been bills, despite his roommate’s best efforts to stay on top of them, so this was certainly out of the ordinary. Muting the TV, he heaved his carcass off the couch, sparing a reluctant groan for his troubles as he walked across to the door.

Peering through the peephole, he watched as a feline in the trademark blue uniform of their local postal service hopped back into their van and sped off. Pulling open the door, Alexis looked down to see a small package sitting on the doorstep. Curiosity piqued, he leaned down and picked it up, surprised by just how light it felt. Tilting his head to one side, he ran his eyes over the label plastered across one side, hoping it would list the contents. Instead, he felt his excitement beginning to grow as he saw that it was addressed to him, not Zanos.

Humming thoughtfully to himself, Alexis brought the package inside and kicked the door shut in his wake. Traipsing across to the kitchen, he swept an area of the counter aside to create some space. He pulled open a drawer and rummaged through the mess of utensils inside it until he found a pair of scissors. Using them to open the package, he found a typed note on top of some packing foam. His excitement only growing with every passing second, Alexis picked up the note. It read:

Hey Alexis!

Just a note to remind you that I’ll be back from my vacation at the end of the week and, as I said before I left, I expect the apartment to be spotless by the time I get there. I’ll also remind you that the last time I went away for a few days, I came back to a dump. To help avoid that little fiasco again, I’ve decided to include a little motivation with this note to help you along. See you soon!


Alexis snorted as he came to the end of the note, unimpressed by his roommate’s hollow threats. He casually crumpled up the note and tossed it carelessly on the kitchen floor, before delving into the packing foam, curious despite himself to see what his friend had sent him. After a second of rummaging, he found a large, vacuum sealed plastic pouch. Turning the thick, transparent material over in his hands, he saw what appeared to be the bulky shape of a large, neatly folded balloon inside.

Hardly daring to believe his eyes, Alexis quickly opened the package and pulled out the neatly folded bundle of latex. It rustled softly in his hands as he unfolded it, the material sleek to the touch, discovering that it was larger than he’d expected but also very oddly shaped. On top of this, it wasn’t just one solid colour like most balloons; it was a mixture of a bright, pastel shade of white and vivid pink.

Leaving it sprawled across the box it had arrived in, Alexis rushed to his bedroom, heart thundering with growing excitement. Kicking aside a pile of dirty clothes, he dragged open his closet and rummaged through the sizable, disorganized stash of inflatables piled high inside. He found a small electric pump and tipped over a box of balloons as he dragged it out into the open.

Hurrying back to the living room, Alexis dumped the bundle of latex on the floor of the apartment, where he figured it would have enough room to grow as needed, and quickly found an opening in the material, though it’s appearance only served to further perplex him; it seemed more like a tail than any traditional sort of neck he’d seen on other balloons. Slotting it over the hose of his pump, he flipped the switch with a shrug.

It whirred into life with a soft hum, sending a steady flood of air into the toy. Its body puffed up instantly, the latex pulling taut around the air for a heartbeat before beginning to stretch with a hollow hiss. Slowly, Alexis watched the balloon begin to take shape on the floor of the apartment, his head cocked to one side impatiently.

It was another long second before his jaw dropped as the realization of what he was looking at finally dawned. He’d been right; it was a tail, not just any old nozzle. Added to that, the body of the balloon was quickly unfolding into the familiar shape of a very large Lugia. Alexis recognised it as a Shiny variant of the popular Pokémon, which explained its white and pink colouring.

The sight brought a grin to his muzzle; if Zanos thought his gift would do anything other than help Alexis procrastinate, he was sadly mistaken. He had no idea what sort of motivation the unique balloon was supposed to provide other than as a very basic bribe to spur him into motion. His grin only broadened as it continued to fill out in front of him, rising into a tall, standing position, its broad wings unfolding steadily to either side. The balloon’s pose was perfect for the Legendary, he couldn’t help thinking; standing tall on its two stubby legs with its long neck arched high imperiously, balanced with its long tail flowing in its wake, the spines along its back standing taut.

Alexis maintained a steady stream of pressure until the balloon had puffed up to what he judged to be just under its regular size before flipping the switch off. The last thing he wanted was to overinflate his newest toy and he’d always liked a generous amount of give in his balloons. It just made cuddling them better, as far as the canine was concerned.

It squeaked softly as he pulled the pump free and quickly tied off the nozzle at the end of its long, thick tail. He let the knot slap back into its body with a tantalizing, hollow thud, before jumping back to his feet. Walking around in front of the Shiny with a cheerful bounce to his step, he let his eyes roam appraisingly over the curves of his newest toy, drinking in the sight of its soft curves as it stood motionless in the middle of the room.

Alexis had never seen anything quite like it before and considering his interest, it was rare for a balloon to surprise him, but this one certainly did the trick. He had no idea how Zanos had managed to get his hands on something like the Lugia, but he sincerely hoped his roommate could get more in the future.

Unable to resist the urge any longer, Alexis stepped forward and swept his arms around the Pokémon’s thick waist in a firm, squeaky hug. The latex bulged out around his arms under the pressure, tightening against his body as he looked up into its face, arched over him. Alexis paused, his smile faltering as he thought he caught a glimpse of the balloon blinking. His brows furrowed in confusion as he stared up at the Shiny. No, he thought, it couldn’t be. It was just a big squishy toy filled with air. There was no way it could have moved on its own.

Proving him wrong, though, the Pokémon suddenly lowered its head to stare straight into Alexis’ eyes, making the canine’s breath catch in his throat. Its mouth opened and he had the sudden, terrible impression that it was about to try to eat him, before a deep, commanding voice issued forth from its throat.

“Release me at once!” it said.

Stunned, Alexis could only stare dumbly up at the latex Pokémon, wide eyed and mouth gaping. He had no idea what he was seeing but one thing he knew for certain was that it couldn’t be real.

Apparently in no mood to repeat itself, the giant balloon Shiny used one of its thick wings to swat the canine away from its bulbous gut with surprising strength. The blow sent Alexis stumbling backwards and straight into the couch he’d vacated only a moment before, with enough force to make him tumble over its back with a startled yelp. His impromptu summersault was abruptly halted by the apartment’s floor a heartbeat later.

Alexis groggily reached overhead with an agonized groan, caught the lip of the nearby coffee table and used it to haul himself back onto the couch. He winced as he rubbed at the back of his head, sending spikes of pain shooting through his scalp. A squeak made him glance up towards the Lugia as it craned its neck to look down at him with an arrogant smirk.

“Wow!” it drawled, “Apparently, on top of being a downright slob, you’re clumsy as well. What a fine specimen you turned out to be, eh? There’s not much I can do about one of those traits, but I fully intend to work on the other.”

Alexis watched as the balloon turned away from him and panned its gaze across the apartment. Its mouth twisted into a disgusted scowl as it surveyed what could only be favorably called ‘wreckage’ surrounding him. As the air filled toy turned this way and that, its tail looped lazily in its wake, knocking over an already uneven tower of letters on a nearby table. The Pokémon didn’t even seem to notice, but he saw its tail sweeping across the apartment floor, scattering debris.

“Hey!” he called, holding out a hand as if to stop the destruction, “Watch what you’re doing, you’re going to trash the place!”

The balloon scoffed loudly and casually swept a wing over the kitchen table as he turned back to face Alexis, sending a mound of dirty plates crashing to the floor, the sound of the cutlery and porcelain smashing filling the apartment. The canine had a sneaking suspicion that the Shiny had done that one on purpose.

“This place is already trashed,” the Lugia told him adamantly. “I don’t think anything short of actually setting it on fire could make it look much worse.”

“Exactly!” Alexis practically yelled, “It was bad enough already! I don’t need you, whatever you are, making it worse! Come on!”

“The shame about this entire situation,” the legendary commented, as if he hadn’t said a word, “Is that this place was probably nice before you got your grubby hands on it”.

He waddled his way across to the couch with one last flick of his tail, which overturned a footstool blanketed with unopened mail. The piece of furniture was scarcely big enough to accept the Pokémon’s bulk, but that didn’t stop him from squeezing himself into it opposite Alexis, filling the apartment with the deep, rumbling squeaks of protesting latex.

Though it pained him to admit it, the noise set his senses on fire; they were exactly the kinds of sounds he was used to hearing whenever he was getting frisky with any of his own toys. He grunted as he was shoved aside by the Lugia’s bulk, though, his ribs thudding into the arm of the couch painfully. That was before the Pokémon stretched out on the furniture, taking up as much space as he possibly could. He pushed his stubby legs down to the opposite end of the couch, where Alexis was already squashed into the corner.

Shifting his position, the Lugia casually pressed Alexis’ face against the arm of the chair with his thick, broad latex feet. Alexis barely managed a squeak under the sudden pressure before the material tightened uncomfortably against him, cutting off any further protest.

“While you’re down there,” the Legendary told him casually, “You might as well make yourself useful for a change.”

The balloon picked up the remote control, unmuted the TV and settled into the couch’s embrace. Alexis froze, every muscle in his body tensing up as he tried to wrap his dazed mind around the order he’d just been given, senses still spinning from the fact that the toy Zanos had sent him was sentient. Despite his lazy habits, a part of him rebelled against the Lugia’s commands, but it was a small part, easily pushed aside in favor of discouraging any more of his tormentor’s scathing behavior.

With no other options, he tentatively opened his mouth and extended his pink tongue. Resisting the urge to gag, the pink furred canid lapped his tongue across the broad sole of the foot pressing hard into the side of his face. Glancing up past them for any sign that his action was appreciated, he saw the Lugia still languidly watching TV, expressionless. Gulping, Alexis licked its foot again, and then a third time, his tongue dragging roughly against the artfully curved latex, bathing it in his saliva.

He quickly moved onto the second one, resisting the urge to cough as he lapped up specks of dirt that had stuck to the Pokémon’s feet from the apartment’s floor. The taste of fresh latex, though, was practically overpowering, sending his senses spinning before they even had a chance to adjust to the new situation. He covered them in broad, long lashes of his tongue, sweeping from the Shiny’s heel all the way up to the balls of its long toes.

“Oh come on!” the Lugia muttered disgustedly, “Is that really the best you can do or are you just trying to piss me off you little runt?”

His feet pressed harder against Alexis’ face, crushing him mercilessly against the arm of the couch with a deep, hollow groan from the latex. While getting smothered by a giant balloon wasn’t exactly the most unpleasant experience Alexis could have imagined, he usually preferred it to happen on his own terms. Resisting the press of the balloon didn’t seem like an option, not with him as unfit as he was and especially not when his hands simply sank into its pliable surface without applying any real force. Again, with no other options presenting themselves from thin air, he resumed his new duty.

This time, he drew his long tongue back and forth across the balloon’s thick feet, working its tip into the gaps between the Lugia’s toes as much as possible, swamping them in his saliva, cleaning every inch of them he could reach. It was another long moment before the Lugia heaved a heavy sigh.

“Stop,” he commanded, tone laced with disappointment, “Your lack lustre performance is nothing short of depressing, though I have to wonder if that is down to laziness or your sheer uselessness? Either way, you don’t even make a mediocre foot scrubber. I guess it’s my fault for expecting better.”

The pressure suddenly let up and Alexis breathed a sigh of relief as the Lugia swung his legs down onto the floor before rising back to his considerable height, towering over the canine.

“Go on!” the balloon snapped, “Sprawl back out on that couch like you were before you inflated me. I’m sure you weren’t doing anything more productive with your day...”

Still dazed and confused, Alexis obeyed, stretching out on the couch with a pained groan. At this stage, he figured all he could do was obey the balloons stern voice in the hope that it would start to lighten up and take it easy on him. The entire experience so far reminded him of a nightmarish fever dream, but as he tried to take a second to think, his already fragile focus was shattered by the rustle of the balloon swatting aside another pile of letters, sending them fluttering across the apartment.

Alexis had scarcely settled into position before the Lugia turned around, cocked its long tail high into the air and sat straight on his face. His head was squashed back into the deep cushions of the couch with surprising force. Alexis’ hands instinctively scrabbled at the bulging hips filling his view, but his fingers slid harmlessly across the latex without finding purchase. Despite its air filled construction, there was surprising strength and weight to the Legendary Pokémon.

When he realized that it would be impossible for him to shift the balloon off his face, Alexis’ eyes fixed on something nestled between the Pokémon’s ass cheeks; a small, puckered hole that he’d missed before. While the Lugia lacked any form of genitals, it definitely appeared that it still possessed a tail hole, and it was stuffed right in his face.

As this realization dawned, the Shiny suddenly shifted around on top of him until that tight hole was pressed firmly against the tip of his muzzle, wedging it firmly in place between his rear and the couch cushions.

“Go ahead,” that deep voice came from somewhere high above, reverberating strangely within the Pokémon’s hollow body, “Get to work down there, doggie. Give me your best rim job.”

As Alexis tried to drink in this new task set literally in front of his face, he heard the balloon idly clicking through the TV channels and the realization only made him feel even worse; this Pokémon was utterly dominating him without so much as the slightest hint of effort. Opening his jaws as much as he could, he poked his tongue timidly past his lips and touched it to the tight, small hole embedded in the balloons rump. He’d been expecting the Lugia to react in some way to the contact, but it just continued changing channels, evidently highly unimpressed.

Alexis’ warm breath washed across its rump, creating sheen of condensation on the latex as he started to gently lick its rectum. His tongue swept clumsily across the hole, first up and then down, before he flicked his tip from side to side, lubricating every inch of it he could reach. With it wedged right up against his muzzle like it was, he made short work of lathering it up. Delving his tongue as deep as he could between the Shiny’s ass cheeks, Alexis discovered that he could part the puckered hole’s outer lips, although it presented more resistance than he had expected.

Panting, his jaws already starting to ache from the pressure of the balloon’s rump pressing down on his face, the pink furred canine worked over the Lugia’s anus as much as he could. As he did his best, the balloon reached down to rub its stomach with one thick wing, scowling as it apparently considered its size, making no remark on his playthings wasted efforts under his rear.

“You didn’t even blow me up right!” he commented instead, “I thought you were into balloons? The least I was expecting was for you to be able to inflate them properly. What an absolute, abject failure you turned out to be. Never mind, you can correct your mistake now. You might as well while you’re down there. Blow me up bigger, dog. Go ahead! Make me even more superior to your pathetically small body.”

While a large part of Alexis rebelled against the insults the balloon was hurling at him with abandon, he knew he wasn’t exactly in a position to do much about it. He’d already tried to escape from under its bulk and it had gotten him nowhere; he simply didn’t have the leverage or the physical strength, so instead, he nuzzled into the balloon’s ass cheeks with a loud squeak. The bulk of his tormentor shifted over him, getting more comfortable as he sandwiched the canine between his rump and the couch’s cushions.

Alexis inhaled as much breath as he could through his nostrils, sealed his lips around the Lugia’s ass hole and blew it straight into the Pokémon’s rectum. The tightly puckered hole parted under the powerful flood of air and his warm breath flowed smoothly into the balloon’s body with a hollow hiss. It wasn’t easy to breathe, surrounded by so much latex, but he was a veteran balloon lover and did his best to pump breath after steady breath into its body, the hole in front of his nose opening and closing in time with his heaving chest.

Forming a seal around it with his lips, Alexis’ cheeks bulged as he filled his lungs to the brim with another breath before blowing more air into its body. The overpowering scent of fresh latex filled his senses, adding to his light headedness, while the hollow hiss of inflation blocked out all other noise. The Lugia began to swell over him, its curves rounding out and hardening second by second. Alexis could feel the latex pressing against his palms tightening with each frenzied breath he exhaled into the balloon, just as his cheeks began to ache and strain.

The Shiny’s stomach tightened, his stubby legs growing rounder and rounder with a series of grating squeals, the spines along his back standing rigid. Still, it heaved a disappointed sigh and, apparently growing tired with his fruitless channel surfing, it slapped a wing down on Alexis’ stomach, pinning him down as he stood back up, dislodging the breathless canine from his rear with a loud ‘POP’.

Alexis flopped back onto the couch, panting heavily as he tried to catch his breath, senses spinning. The sound of a chair being overturned brought his attention back into rapt focus however, and he groggily sat up to see the balloon brushing the large piece of furniture aside with its tail. Next, it swept a broad wing across the floor, clearing the middle of the apartment behind the couch in a heartbeat, gathering all the clutter it had knocked over into messy piles to either side.

“Such a mess.” the Shiny muttered as it worked, “You really did let your friend down, didn’t you? Do you just get a kick out of being a disappointment or something? Because that’s all you’ve been since before I even got here. You’re too lazy and unmotivated to even clean the apartment. You’re also terrible at foot bathing, and you’re even worse at blowing anything up. Given your preferences, I thought you could at least inflate me nice and tight, but wow. You just utterly failed at that too!”

Another chair followed the first after the Lugia had apparently decided it was taking up too much space. A coffee table slid across the floor, before being upturned with a casual flick of his wing, sending plates and cups flying through the air, shattering against the wall.

“Were you born this way?” the balloon asked him, casting Alexis a brief, disgusted glance, “Or did you decide to become a useless sack of waste overnight? Please, enlighten me.”

The pink canine’s mouth opened but no words came out; there were none that he could think of that would justify the state of the apartment to the Shiny Pokémon. As he wracked his brain for any reply, the balloon swatted aside a kitchen stool, which crashed into the oven and knocked over a dirty saucepan with a ringing clatter.

“I thought so,” it sneered, “You’re just disgusting.”

Once he was satisfied with the space he had created, the Pokémon flopped onto his back and sprawled out across the apartment’s floor. Splaying its legs, the Lugia craned its neck to look down the length of its plump body at him.

“Let's see if you can do even the most basic of functions correctly,” it said, “Pleasure me. Missionary style. Think you can handle that or do I need to draw you a diagram?”

Still lying on the couch, chest heaving from his previous ordeal, Alexis could only gasp at the intruder for a long heartbeat. Apparently, that was too long for the Lugia, who rolled its eyes impatiently, a low growl building in its throat.

“Get up!” he roared, “Get up now and get over here! Are you stupid, deaf, or both? There’s no other excuse for your stupid expression!”

Sweeping his long tail through the air, he soundly whipped the column of latex across Alexis’ face with a solid, hollow thump. Scowling in annoyance, his frustration growing anew at the balloon’s treatment of him, Alexis rubbed his cheek sourly. Even so, he stood up with a sigh of his own and quickly stripped off his clothes. Annoyance was one thing, getting slapped around his own apartment by a balloon Pokémon was quite another.

Tossing them aside, he obediently straddled the Legendary’s bulging belly, disappointed as he felt his rump sink into the latex; it wasn’t nearly as tight as he would have liked, though it was a lot better after his forced rim job. Even so, and despite the situation, it wasn’t long before his cock started to harden with the latex stroking against its sensitive surface.

Leaning over the domineering Lugia, he planted his hands firmly on its chest and began to bounce his hips into its skin. His motions filled the room with the deep, bass creak of the balloon’s huge body pulsing under his weight, and it was only a matter of heartbeats before Alexis’ rod slid out of his sheath to press eagerly against the latex skin.

“Really?” the Lugia asked contemptuously, “I don’t even have a cock and I feel sorry for you with that thing. Guess it’s suitable for your stature though.”

Grinding into the balloon’s stomach, Alexis did his best to ignore his tormentor’s comments as he quickly hardened to his full girth and length. Arching his rump into the air, he let his shaft line up smoothly with the Lugia’s tail hole, his tip gently sinking into that sweet indentation to anchor it firmly in place. Then, with one viciously hard thrust, he sank himself to the hilt in the Pokémon’s body, parting its puckered seams and sliding home into what felt like a smooth, long nozzle; a passageway designed to seal the air inside the balloons body, no doubt. It closed around his shaft, clutching at his bare skin almost painfully tight, gripping every inch of it.

“Oh, congratulations!” the Shiny told him, tone dripping with sarcasm, “You managed to find the hole. Well done! Should I give you a dog biscuit for doing such a nice job?”

It laughed, the sound echoing through its hollow body as Alexis started to pump his hips back and forth, desperately trying to build up a steady rhythm as best as he could with the latex undulating under his weight. The inner sleeve stroked his sensitive rod, massaging it as he began to leak pre into it, lubricating the way with each firm thrust of his hips. Every new drop of his pre throbbed its way up his pulsing cock, sending a wave of pleasure flooding from his base to tip, before spurting his juices into the Lugia’s body. Despite himself, it wasn’t long before he started panting again and, of course, the Pokémon picked up on that fact immediately.

“Getting tired?” it teased, “Already? No wonder, with a body like yours. I’ve seen more meat on rodents. Clearly, your pathetic physique isn’t up to the job. I mean, have you ever worked out a day in your life? Even for an hour?”

It scoffed, rolling its eyes as Alexis continued to slowly hump away into it. After everything he’d been through already that afternoon, he couldn’t help thinking that it was a wonder he was even still standing; every muscle in his body was already burning red hot, and though that just meant that they matched his lust, his body simply wasn’t willing to move any quicker than it was.

“Your stamina is also awful,” that deep voice rumbled in his ear, “Probably because you’re such a lazy slob. Just a guess though.”

Stretching to one side, the Lugia found the electric pump Alexis had used to blow the balloon up in the first place and dragged it closer to himself. The Legendary Pokémon firmly slotted its lengthy hose into one side of its mouth, before flicking on its switch. Immediately, the little machine hummed into life, filling the apartment with the steady hiss of air flooding into the balloon’s already bulbous body.

“You’re so disappointing,” it told him as Alexis bucked into its tail hole, “I bet you’ll even pop before I do. Come on, see if you can prove me wrong with that weak little body and pathetic stamina of yours.”

The pink canine could instantly feel the latex stretching under his hands; the Lugia’s stomach starting to round out in seconds. He did his best to push the sensation aside, to block out the continuous whirring of the pump and focus on the pleasure coursing through his body instead, all in an effort to prove the damn thing wrong. He set his attention on the Pokémon’s voice, on the contempt that had bathed every single syllable it had uttered since its ‘birth’.

Somehow, he found a reserve of strength buried somewhere deep inside his battered body to quicken his fumbling pace. Gasping and panting, he squeezed his eyes shut and gripped the balloon’s chest tightly, anchoring himself in place with his claws as his hips slapped into the Lugia’s.

“Is that really your best?” the Shiny asked cockily, “C’mon little doggie, I’m gonna blow before you do! I can feel it. Just give up now and slink away with your tail between your legs like the bitch you are.”

Alexis grit his teeth in furious concentration as the balloon quickly filled up under him, lifting his feet off the apartment’s floor. His muscles, already on fire, burned with fresh pain. Despite that, he could feel pleasure surging through his hips, causing the pressure in his balls to build with each thrust. It wouldn’t be long now, Alexis knew. He was going to win!

His rod suddenly slipped out of the balloon’s tail hole as its curves tightened, growing harder and harder by the second under him. Coated in his pre, it was too slippery for the inner sleeve to keep a firm grip on him anymore. Alexis desperately tried to ram his member back home into the Legendary’s body, but the puckered entrance had grown too tight for him to penetrate anymore, the air trapped within the latex now straining against the stretchy material.

Unwilling to let that stop him from proving the Lugia wrong, Alexis hammered his cock into its hips instead, grinding his length into its skin as hard as he could.Determined, he panted through gritted fangs, moving by instinct alone, working his hips into the balloon as fast and hard as he could. Its curved stomach wasn’t offering him enough traction though, and he quickly slid down, straddling the Lugia’s tail to grind himself into the cleft between its bulging ass cheeks. With them massaging his slick, crimson flesh, he quickly felt that pressure return, electrifying his muscles.

Alexis grunted loudly as he suddenly came, spraying his seed across the Shiny’s pastel white body in thick strands. His cum splattered against the balloon’s distending skin as it erupted from his bucking length. Releasing a shuddering gasp, his heart pounding in his chest and ears, he collapsed forward onto the Pokémon’s burgeoning stomach.

Groaning and grunting alternatively with each breath, Alexis’ mind swam in the afterglow of one of the best orgasms’ of his life. It had scarcely begun though before it was sidetracked by the soft vibrations rumbling through the taut latex under his head. Alexis’ eyes snapped open as he suddenly saw what the Lugia was about to achieve.

“Wait!” he roared, scrabbling at the balloon’s stretched skin, “Stop!”

He reached for the hose, but after his humping, he didn’t have the strength left to claw his way up its body. Alexis’ eyes met the Lugia’s, now perched atop a thick, straining column of stiff latex, and the Pokémon winked.

“Good luck cleaning up the mess, asshole!” it grinned.

The Shiny laughed, the deep bass rumble half muffled by the hose fed into its mouth, and the sound was suddenly cut off by the deep, concussive roar of the balloons detonation. Latex blasted across the apartment in all directions like bullets, the suddenly released air sending debris scattering.

With his ears ringing from the explosion, Alexis groggily sat up and blearily peered around the room, taking in the wreckage with a surreal sense of detachment; even the furniture had been blasted backwards a few feet, while letters fluttered lazily through the air. Huge scraps of white and pink vinyl littered the room, plastered over every surface he could see, from the walls to the ceiling. Many of them were still dripping with his seed.

Sighing heavily, Alexis weakly crawled over to his pants and pulled out his phone. Calling a cleaning service, he begrudgingly scheduled an appointment for the following day. The apartment would be cleaned for Zanos’ return, but he certainly had no intention of doing any of the hard work. Rising, he found the remote control lying on the floor, flopped lazily back down onto the couch without even bothering to move it back into its original position and flicked on the TV.