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“So, this is... it...?”

Alexis lifted the manila envelope up off of the coffee table, twirling it around in his figures. With how much money he and Cookie had to pool together, he was expecting their order to have been shipped in something a little more splendiferous.

Cookie plucked the package from the now distracted wolf. “They could have mailed it in a used shoebox for all I care! It’s what’s inside that matters most!”

Creating a small tear in the corner with one of his claws, Cookie sliced the top of the envelope open. He reached inside, stopping short when he felt something squishy sandwiched between the bubble wrap lining. Pulling out the contents, he smiled slyly to himself before holding it up to Alexis’ face.




Children under the age of 8 years can choke or suffocate on uninflated balloons or broken balloon pieces. Keep uninflated balloons away from children and pets. Discard broken balloons at once. Adult supervision may be required.

Alexis briefly scanned over the printed labeling before glancing down at the plastic pouch. Inside were several crinkled-up shapes, mostly brown in coloring, but also with a slight hint of beige and white. The two femboys ogled at the sight before Cookie made the first move. Removing one of the shaped balloons from the bag, he dangled it in the air by its neck. Isolated from the others, the features on the balloon became more defined. It was made in the spitting image of Cookie!

“See? I told you that site wasn’t a fraud!” boasted Cookie. “Never doubt this cat’s intuition!”

“I never said that you were lying, I just said that you shouldn’t believe everything you see on the internet. And so far, you’re only technically half right. They do indeed make anthropomorphic balloons, but to claim they can magically come alive when inflated? Ha! I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Not missing a beat, Cookie brought out his Intex electric air pump. He slotted the extension cord into a nearby wall socket and attached the balloon’s lips to the tip of the nozzle. With a flick of the ON switch, the pump hummed to life as air rushed into the toy. Its creases vanished as the cat-like shape now started to became more prominent.

“Shoot! We really should have stretched it out beforehand.”

“Eh, don’t worry about it too much. If this balloon is in fact sentient like the website claimed, I’ll be sure to stretch it out reeeal good for you!” laughed Alexis.

Cookie rolled his eyes, “Always thinking with your second head, aren’t you Alexis...”

“Come-on now! We didn’t do this just so we could have a big tea party together! If we purchase more in the future; you can place an order of balloons shaped like me. That way you can do whatever you like to me.”

“Tempting!” replied Cookie. “I could then press my paws up against your face whenever I want, without protest.”

“In your dreams! Speaking of, you should probably stop daydreaming about your feetsies and take the balloon off of the pump now.”

Alexis pointed to the now fully inflated Cookie balloon. The neck had now extended outwards, revealing it to be the tail of the balloon, while its belly and hips were well-rounded from being slightly overinflated. Lacking both fingers or toes, the hands and paws had simple painted on lines and paw pads. A slight smile was seen on its face, just below its pink, heart-shaped nose. The company even went as far as to model a pair of fake chocolate chip cookie earrings, similar to the ones Cookie normally wore!

Cookie yipped as he scrambled to grab the balloon. He pinched the tail shut and flipped the switch to the OFF position, halting the airflow. Keeping the tail in hand, he gave the tip a quick stretch before looping it around his thumb and index finger. Pulling the tip halfway through the loop, Cookie had finished tying his latex copy shut.

They stepped away from the balloon, admiring its beauty. It was clear Cookie could hardly contain his excitement, as he jogged in circles and let out a happy squeal. Alexis however, stood silently and stared at the toy. The balloon stared back; green eyes unblinking. Lifeless.

“When does it start moving?” asked Alexis.


“The balloon, it’s supposed to be animate you said.”

“Oh! I uh, actually don’t have an answer to that...” Cookie sheepishly answered.

“Did it say anything about it on the website?”


“Did it say anything else on the back of the packaging??”

Cookie quickly checked. “Nope. Nothing.”

Alexis sighed as he furrowed his brow. “Told you it was too good to be true...”

“Now hold on, we don’t know that for sure! Maybe you’ve got to wait an hour or something first? Kind of like how swimmers need to wait after eating.”

“I don’t think it works like that.”

“What do you suggest we do then?” asked Cookie.


Turning their attention away from each other and back to the balloon, the toy was no longer lying flat on its back. Instead, it sitting upright with its hands helping to prop itself up. A bemused look was worn on the balloon’s face as it tried to adjust to their new surroundings.

“I don’t believe it...” said Alexis.

“OH. MY. GAWD. AAAAAA-!” screamed Cookie, now rushing over to scoop up the balloon. The poor thing didn’t even know what hit them, now squeezed firmly in Cookie’s arms as it let out a startled yelp!

“They’re so precious! From now on, you’ll be known as Cookie II!”

“Careful with you grip there. Don’t want to squeeze them so hard they ricochet up into the ceiling! Bwahahahaha!”

Cookie shot Alexis a wicked glare. “You’re never going to let me live that incident down, are you?”

“Not in a million years!”


“I think your squeaky friend wants down now.”

“I think so too!” Cookie gently set Cookie II down on the ground. Initially a bit wobbly, Cookie II managed to balance themselves on their hind legs. Not an easy feat with the lack of a proper autonomy! They slowly shuffled around the living room, trying carefully to avoid pieces of furniture and objects in a similar fashion to that of a toddler. It wasn’t too long thought before they lost their footing, tripping over the rug edging and slowly falling onto their back.

*Mraakk!* The balloon wiggled about, unable to pull itself back up.

“Poor thing! Looks like you’ll be needing some help.” Alexis said, walking over to the them. “But, on the other hand...”

Lifting his right foot up and placing it on Cookie II’s belly, Alexis was going to tease Cookie with a taste of their own medicine. “I think it’s time we get to the foreplay.”

Wasting no time at all, Alexis pressed the heel of his foot into the balloon. Not too deep at first, only around half-an-inch inwards so he could get a feel for things. The latex was cool and soft to the touch, and didn’t offer much resistance.

“Mmpf! What do you t-think you’re doing with him?!” stammered Cookie.

Alexis didn’t respond. Pushing even deeper into the balloon caused the latex to wrap around his foot. Despite not normally being his forte, he had to admit that it felt good against his sole and in-between his toes. Cookie II didn’t seem to pay any mind. If anything, it looked like they were in a trance, watching their own belly bulge out and creak from the applied pressure.

Cookie had caught on to Alexis’ games, and was now sporting a semi-erect member. The sight of Alexis mimicking his method of play was hot enough, let alone on a submissive balloon kitty!

“Huh, would you look at that? I was able to sink my foot all the way through one side, to the other, without popping them! Guess this little guy is lucky I just had my claws trimmed. We should hook him back up to the pump so he’ll be tauter and easier to burst.” said Alexis. He held his balance by putting his arms and tail out straight while bending his right leg behind his back.

“No! I know you well enough to realize anything you attach to a pump is good as gone!”

“Aww, that’s too bad! It won’t bother you then if I keep stomping all over him, will it? Probably not since you’re starting to dribble onto the carpet.”

“Wha-?” Cookie lowered one of his paws to feel for himself. Sure enough, pre coated his furred hand when he cupped his penis. It felt so warm, so good in his grasp. He had to jerk his hand away with the urge to masturbate becoming too strong. He inadvertently flicked some of his cum onto the nearby couch, to Alexis’ amusement.

“This is why I cover everything with blankets during my play sessions!” stated Alexis. He stepped back off of Cookie II and leaned in close to their ear. “Your mommy is going to ruin our nice upholstery.”

“I can still hear you! Stop messing around with him and go get the fabric cleaner from the laundry room! Top shelf, between the detergent and the bleach. We can play later.” At this point, Cookie was frantically trying to sponge up the mess with one of the armrests covers.


“Nah?! What do you mea- Ah, forget it! It’ll be faster if I get it myself anyway!”

Throwing up his arms in defeat, Cookie stormed off to get the spray bottle. On his way back, he searched under the kitchen sink for a handheld scrubber and roll of paper towels. The muffled sounds of squeaking could be heard coming from the living room, Cookie was getting pissed now. They were supposed to be having fun together! They’ve waited 4-months for this order to arrive, and the only thing Alexis had done so far was mock him.

Cookie marched his way into the living room with supplies in hand, only to freeze solid in the doorway. He expected full well to find Alexis continuing his abuse on the balloon. Alexis was instead resting on top of his balloon replica, their bodies aligned in perfect symmetry. Cookie II had their latex tail intertwined with Alexis’ tail; his thighs were tucked in too, allowing Alexis to spread his out to the sides. Their arms were interlocked behind their backs as they coddled and supported each other's body. Alexis was nuzzling them under their chin, tenderly licking and kissing the entire length of their neck. Cookie II chuffed in response to the affectionate treatment.

Dropping the cleaning supplies and bucking his hips, Cookie nearly came on the spot. His breathing became labored, and his cheeks were flushed. Wait, was he actually enjoying watching this? Alexis was claiming their shared toy as his own, cucking him in the process! Cookie with clenched fists walked over to the pair and plopped himself down onto the small of Alexis’ back, pinning them in place.

“H-hey! Shouldn’t you be cleaning up your mess?!”

“I think I’ll take a page out of your book for once...”

Cookie forcefully grabbed their tails. He was mostly interested in the balloon’s tail, untying the half-knot and pressing his lips up to the opening. Taking in a deep breath, Cookie blew into the nozzle. Warm air traveled through the length of their tail and into their already swollen gut beneath Alexis, who felt it pool inside of the balloon. The first puff was followed by a second, and then a third...

“Argh...! Alright, alright! You can have him! Just get off of me!”

“You’re not getting off the hook that easily! I thought you liked having your balloons tighter? Easier to pop, you said?”

Alexis whimpered at the remark. He was going to have to learn the hard way to keep his mouth shut. Cookie no longer hesitated with his assault on the toy, resuming where he had left off. The hollowed hissing sound of inflation soon filled the room in a rhythmic fashion. Cookie II closed their eyes and grimaced at the sensation; their skin straining from the lack of space. His stomach was more akin to that of a medium-sized beach ball. Alexis had partially sunk into their body thanks to the extra weight from Cookie above him. There was no better feeling for him than that of riding atop of a still expanding balloon, except for the part of it being done so against his will. It wasn’t enough to stop him from making the most of the situation though, thrusting into the balloon with what little movement he had left in an attempt to get off. Cookie picked up on this when he heard Alexis quietly moaning, which angered him even further.

Why was he liking this? Does nothing ever phase him?!

Fueled by his jealousy, Cookie stopped taking longer breaths and instead puffed in shorter, more frenzied bursts. The two weren’t even able to touch the floor anymore, it wouldn’t be long now! Alexis buried his muzzle into the balloon in preparation for the inevitable outcome.

“Pop... already... you... stupid... balloon...!”


Alexis landed face-first into the carpeting, practically deaf from the detonation. Cookie didn’t fare much better. He leaned forward right before the blast, and the sudden drop in height caused him to roll forward into the coffee table. Neither of them moved for several minutes as they gathered their bearings.

“I might have gone a tad overboard...”

“...You think?” said Alexis. “I couldn’t even get off in time...”

“Same. Blow-to-pop isn’t really my thing. But you almost got me when I walked in on you making out with me!”

“That wasn’t you, you’re Cookie! That was Cookie II, you’re two totally different cats!”

“Riiight...” Cookie shook his head. “So... you think you can go another round?”

Alexis looked at Cookie, then looked at some of the various pieces of rubbery shrapnel sticking to the walls. “Shouldn’t we cleanup first now?”

“Nah. It can wait till later.”