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Logan's Gym

The day turned to night slowly. It was Khen's day off, but he sat in the car, looking at the clock, urging it on minute by minute. Just outside was the most typical sight of the city: a liquor store, a supermarket, and a gym. The liquor store, Khendar knew from personal experience, sold far too many varieties of cheap vodka and the raccoon at the counter kept hitting on him, her beady brown eyes glued to the buck's plump behind whenever she thought he was not looking. He did not mind it, but he was not interested. The supermarket, until a week ago, was the only reason Khen ever bothered to come here. But, then he met the other stag.

He was brown-furred, and bigger than Khendar in every way. The buck's cock and balls bulged out of his shorts as he stomped towards the gym, the sheer weight of that maleness threatening to rip the fabric apart. His belly could easily contain the smaller buck, a cream-colored boulder that stuck out from under the navy blue gym shirt. Even as heavy as he was, his muscles carried his bulk with ease. His antlers made the spikes on Khen's head look like twigs, their branches impressively wide, polished to a shine. His handsome, plump face reminded Khen of old paintings of a deer monarch; a face used to commanding respect and admiration, eyes looking at the world he owned.

Khendar thought nothing of their meeting until he was halfway through his workweek, and stopped over at the supermarket next to the gym again. Again, he saw the buck, and this time, let himself fantasize. He imagined those large paws holding his hips, and shivered. Just the thought of taking that immense cock wobbling in the big buck's shorts had Khen's own dick throbbing with need. He decided to be a little creepy. He watched the fat deer stomp into the gym every night after that, leaning back in his seat so as to avoid the other male's gaze, a paw on his crotch, rubbing slowly. More than once, he started, wondering if a pleasured gasp revealed him, his excitement growing all the more the next time. But, simply looking would not do. Khen wanted that meaty stag!

Tonight would be special. Khendar saw the bigger male waddle into the gym, watching the buck's tail wag between his heavy butt cheeks. Tonight, he wore black shorts and the same navy blue shirt the smaller deer saw him in, first. Khen got out of his car, straightened out his costume, and followed.

The t-shirt he chose for his little show was a plain gray, and his shorts were extra baggy, military green things he dug out of the back of his wardrobe. Khendar was not about to risk exposing himself when he stared at the buck while he worked out. And, in case he mustered the courage to speak with the big, handsome stag, those pockets had enough room for a pawful of condoms and lube. Khen took a deep breath, and went into the gym.

“Hello! Welcome to Logan's Gym!” the cheerful, skinny cheetah at the desk chirped up at Khen the moment he stepped past the door.

“Ah. Hello.”

“You're new? Wonderful! Let's get you started! We have-” the cheetah began, but Khen raised his paw up.

“Please, not so loud. I want to buy a membership.” the buck bowed his head, and nodded to a corner of the gym he could see a bit of navy blue and black.

“Of course, of course. We'll get you started with the beginner's package, then. That'll be nine hundred and nine.” the spotted feline grinned at Khen, the fake cheerfulness replaced by what Khendar was certain was the vilest expression of greed he ever witnessed on any creature's face.

“Nine hundred and nine? What do you take me for, a-” Khen stepped back, his voice becoming a quiet growl, only to have the cheetah raise a claw up to his smiling lips.

“Look. You're not the first guy to come in here to ogle the meat. Pay the admission, and I'll keep quiet. Hell, I'll even look the other way if you two fuck. Not like there's anyone else here who'd give a crap.”

The cheetah took Khen's money, tapped some keys, and soon the buck held a water bottle, key-card, and a fancy-looking members-only t-shirt. It was navy blue, just like the big stag's. Khendar thanked the cheetah, and headed for a set of machines he knew very little about. Near as he could tell, they were for working out his legs, so he sat down, adjusted the weight randomly, and did a set.

It felt about right. In fact, it was perfect for watching the other stag. Just seeing the big male bench press was a show worth the admission price. Khen could imagined he could hear the huffs of exertion, the smell of a sweating, fat buck drifting over him. He lost count of his own reps. The stag's belly showed from under his shirt, his legs spread enough to give an even better view of his bulge. If only he could get closer...

Mustering up courage, Khendar stood from the machine, wiped it clean of whatever sweat would have adhered to it if he actually worked out, and walked over to the barbells set up against the wall. Just a few feet from his fantasy, Khen panted shamelessly, his erection beginning to strain his shorts rather badly. Pretending to paw through the barbells for a weight he needed, the smaller stag tried to think of something cool and interesting to say. Arousal tied his tongue and strangled his brain. All he could think of were the sort of cheesy pick-up lines he heard at the local bar once from a shabby fruit bat desperately trying to score.

Just as he decided to open his mouth and greet the deer, eyes sliding up from his heaving belly and crotch towards his face, he felt his grip fail on a barbell. With a deafening clang, the fifteen pound weight fell back onto the shelf, slamming aside two of the smaller barbells in an instant. Thankfully, Khendar hopped out of the way before all three crashed to the floor, but when he looked up, cheeks reddening and ears flattened, the cheetah at the desk glared at him, and the buck he was staring at sat up, eyeing the accident with a small smile.

“Hey. Do you need any help?”

Khen coughed, shook his head, and quickly shoved the barbells where they belonged, making a show of reading every number before sliding the weight unto the shelf. Khendar's cock softened quickly. He could feel the big, handsome male's gaze on him. This was precisely the worst way to meet anyone! Even if all it turned into was a one night stand, Khendar would hate to even imagine the kind of story it would make.

He retreated to a squat bar, and fiddled with the level. Predictably, it was set to the other stag's height. Reaching up to the bar, Khen sighed. He just wasted a ton of money, just to end up lifting weights alone, at night, with the deer of his wet dreams just a few steps away. From the sounds behind him, the big guy was chatting quietly with the cheetah at the desk. This was it. In a couple of minutes, they would come over to kick him out.

Already, he could hear the heavy stomps of the buck behind him. Khen imagined that plump face disappointed, angry, even hateful. After all, what kind of a creep bought a gym membership just to stare at someone?

“Hey, I'm Gehart.”

He sounded much less annoyed than Khendar thought. Even friendly. The buck turned around and looked up at Gehart. If he looked like a monarch before, up close, he was an emperor. Khen resisted the urge to fall to his knees then and there. Begging would never win him anything here.

“I'm Khen. I mean Khendar. Nice to meet you.” stumbling over words, the smaller buck extended a paw.

The paw-shake was firm. Khen could feel the use Gehart's digits went through every time he worked out, could feel the heat coming off the bigger male. Intoxicating musk he could barely sense before now invaded his nose whether he wanted it to or not.

“Well, Khen. I asked Roli if he'd let me have some one-on-one training time with you. You're new to weight lifting, and I can tell you like what you're seeing...” the stag waved an arm at himself with a chuckle.

Khendar looked over at the desk. The cheetah disappeared, as if he was never even there at all. Hesitantly, Khen nodded. This was not quite how he hoped things to go, but then, complaints melted away the moment that heavy gut came close enough to lightly brush against the small buck's chest.

“Come on, turn around, and I'll show you a few tricks.”

Khendar let Gehart do whatever he wanted. Pressed against his back, the fat male fixed up the bar, then slowly maneuvered Khen into a squat.

“The first few sets are just for practice. Focus on the technique, on what muscles are engaging.” the warm tone in his ear nearly made Khendar shiver with pleasure.

If he was not held and guided, he doubted he would make it to the floor without collapsing from distraction alone. That, or just making a cum-soaked mess of his shorts. He could feel the plump buck's gigantic balls and cock through his shorts, could feel them touch the floor and press against him as Gehart helped him rise up again. This was an invitation, plain and simple.

“Y-you... wanna do it?” Khendar huffed, sweat beading up on his forehead.

Even without weight, these squats proved difficult, and between his suddenly renewed arousal and Gehart's closeness, there was no way he could think clearly enough for wordplay.

“From the moment I saw you in the parking lot. You were so desperate. Just like right now. I can feel your tail. You resist shoving it up against me, but your rump wiggles like crazy on the way down. Just like right now.” Gehart murmured, guiding the smaller buck down.

“I loved seeing you paw yourself in your car. Don't be embarrassed. Do you know how many guys look at my dick before they even see my face? Plenty. I'm used to it. And used to dumping my load in them, believe me.” Khen believed him.

The slowly hardening bulge between his buttocks proved it. More than that. The sheer size of it hard felt more like an arm than a maleness. It pulsed, almost in time with his own cock, only three times bigger, dangerously thick at its base. Khen felt a gnawing at the base of his length, deep in his belly; hunger, greed for size, desire for relief, even a perverse need to prove he could do it snowballed in him.

“Fuck... let me just put up the bar...” the smaller buck shuffled forward, tried to raise his head, and found a strong paw on his hip, the other firmly around his right antler.

“Let me do that for you. Just stay where you are.” Gehart rumbled, his voice less warm, more of a rough growl of lust.

The bar clinked down atop its usual home as if it were a twig. Khendar remained, rump thrust out, nearly squatting, his new 'personal trainer' looking him over. The fat male stepped back, and Khen heard the sound of cloth rustling downwards. The small stag shuddered with pleasure as his own shorts slid off, until they were around his ankles.

“Just keep yourself spread nice and wide, relax, and keep a nice grip... Come on, come on, lower, further...” Gehart instructed, paws running over the deer's buttocks, rubbing, squeezing, and slowly spreading his new lover wider.

Naked, pulsing heat, as wide as Khen imagined, pressed beneath his tail. Strong paws guided him down, unto it. The enormous shaft sank into him with ease, the fat stag wiggling in place, belly wobbling over Khen's back, until wet and dripping, the smaller stag was impaled fully. The smaller male could barely move. He could barely breathe. But, Gehart shoved forward, and suddenly, Khendar was enthusiastically thrusting back, shoving his soft behind up against his enormous lover.

“Oh, you're good...” rumbled Gehart.

In between gasps of pleasure, Khen barked a laugh, and bore down harder on the big stag. Gehart groaned, his balls slapping up against Khendar's thighs. It felt like they were bigger than before, somehow heavier. But, Khen was not about to question his luck. With his own cock threatening to blow at any moment, the smaller stag only cared about one thing: pleasuring the buck behind him so much he wanted another round.

Gehart, for his part, seemed to know his lover's limits. Whether it was Khen's rump milking him or just the increasingly loud moans of bliss from the smaller deer, the fat buck slowed down his thrusts. He kept both paws firmly on his lover's hips, his massive gut resting on Khendar's back.

“You're too good!” he grunted after several more minutes. “Gonna...”

Big guys like him, even when they were endowed like gods, always seemed to cum too early. But, though Khendar resented the sudden interruption, he loved the silly warning. He clenched down on the monstrously swollen cock in him as much as he could over and over, delighting in the grunts and whimpers coming behind him.

“No... you don't understand... oh, fuck it... do some reps... squat deeper... maybe I can...” the rest came out as gibberish, an unintelligible groan of release.

Khen obediently did his best to squat, forcing himself down, but there was not much further to go. In their rutting, the pair were practically glued to each other already. Khendar felt weight building in his belly, slowly at first, then more and more. Each time he forced himself down, rising up on Gehart's member grew more difficult. The new weight felt hot, fluid, bubbling and sloshing inside his guts. Confused, the smaller deer blinked down at himself. His first reaction was disbelief. Somehow, he was another foot bigger around his waist! Surely, Gehart was not big enough to bulge out that much inside...

“Oh...oh fuck... I'm really gonna let go...”

Khen shuddered, shooting cum all over the floor, the big buck behind him suddenly lifting him off his hooves and into the air. Half-lying on Gehart's belly, still cumming, he watched his gut growing, shaking with lust and shock.

“Gonna let go? You're practically a fire hose already!” the deer managed to shriek out, legs weakly flailing.

Gehart staggered past the squat bar, in the direction of the showers. Through the bolts of climax sending semen up to paint his growing, gurgling gut, Khendar watched the doorway approach.

“I can't make another mess... I gotta... gotta use the shower!” Gehart babbled, threw his head back, and Khen jiggled like a water balloon, his stomach suddenly filling even faster.

By the time he was pressed between two walls of plain white tiles, Khendar was too big to fit. He was squeezed through by the bigger male's strength alone, his innards protesting such treatment. Khen tasted cum on his tongue, could smell it in the air like it was the only thing in the world. Gehart's seed saturated every part of the small buck, his wild, uncontrolled humps robbing his lover of reason enough to beg for mercy. Khendar's tail hole lost semen by the gallon, washing Gehart's scrotum in its own product, and the only thing the unfortunate cum balloon could do was add to the mess, cumming again with a wet gurgle. The terrible treatment of his shirt finally ripped it apart, and Gehart let Khen slide down the wall of the shower stall, shivering and drooling cum. Still, he would not let the now completely naked deer go. Sunk deep in Khendar's ass, he kept thrusting, buttocks clenching madly, his seemingly endless orgasm only increasing in strength, rolling the helpless buck forward on his belly.

“I was gonna... just fuck... but now! OH GODS YOU ARE GOOD! You GOTTA pop! Come on! Pop for me! Burst nice and big! Coat me in cum!” the instructions were a roar to match the noise of Gehart's cum ocean inside Khen.

The buck heard the soft click of his antlers on the tiles. He was so big. He was so tight. He just kept cumming, as if the constant filling was supplying him with more semen to blast. Maybe, it was. Maybe he was cumming Gehart's cum, now. It felt wonderful and awful, all the same. Then, Khen became aware of a new feeling. A tightening of his whole hide, from the tips of his hooves, around his middle, and over his soft chest. Gehart told him to pop, and now, he had no choice.

Eyes bulging, cheeks full, Khendar shook in place, squirming atop what had to be dozens of gallons of jizz. A streak of red, ridiculous on his straining, sweaty skin, rose up along the raphe forming on his belly, the stretching deer hide unable to handle another load. Seed fountained out of Khen's mouth. There was one, last creak, the smaller buck reaching the greatest climax of his life, clenching hard around his overfilled condom of a gut...


Just as Gehart wanted, cum coated everything in the shower stall. Khen's destruction made the fat buck stumble back, seed spraying from his cock. The slut who ogled him for weeks was not enough. Maybe, Roli wanted a round with him? The cheetah looked like a stretchy feline, and Gehart was feeling quite pent up, still.