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The Bursting Point (The Balloon Saloon)

by Segremores Moon, a commission for Janusd

A stiff barrage of wind brushed by, causing the reluctant-looking mink lady to pause and shiver. Her breath came out in little white clouds. "What am I doing here?" she asked to no-one in particular, those crystal-blue eyes of hers wandering the twilight as it settled fitfully over dark and mostly-empty streets. The bombshell of a minkess had found her way to this area of town at this time of night with promises of an undeniable opportunity, one that could not be surpassed. Every glowing recommendation that the club she was trying to find had been met with a nervous laugh from her dark soulful lips. She hadn't wanted to believe that her wildest fantasy could come true.

"Fuck..." she cursed quietly, her proper manners preventing her from speaking any louder as the dirty world left her muzzle and brought a light pink blush to the snow-white fur of her face. That sense of being watched, the danger of being in an unfamiliar place, especially within the so-called 'red light district' was starting to rise in her chest. She had to clench a fist over her heart between her large, d-cup breasts just to keep it from beating right out of her ribcage.

Turning the corner of one particularly dank-looking building, she finally saw a few other people. They were indistinguishable against the dark, but they were all there, meandering here or there and in small groups along the sidewalks. Prostitutes plying their trade to passing cars? Gamblers or muggers looking for easy targets? Who knew. Gina passed by a pair of males, one of them a black-furred stallion who smiled and nodded to her politely. She smiled back, but turned away, letting her crimson hair hide his view of her face as she moved on past.

There it was. She couldn't believe that it had been so hard to see from the street before, the only pristine-looking neon sign on the entire avenue lit up with the words 'The Bursting Point' with the 'o' in 'point' growing larger, then popping in a few flashing neon points of pretend fragmented pieces. The building's facade looked surprisingly ordinary save for the sign: The same barred windows, the same wooden door painted with chipped black paint. Even the gray bricks that the other buildings surrounding it seemed to be made of the same concrete and stained with the same unmentionable fluids.

Without even thinking about the journey to it, the mink found herself before the door, hesitating. A soft booming music was coming from just inside, as if it really were like any other club. "Well, now or never... I think," she breathed, opening the door to a smallish room.

"Welcome to 'The Bursting Point!'" a large, friendly-looking bull smiled from behind a big desk. Gina couldn't help but smile at the warm greeting, but also be struck by the oddness of the room's layout and it's occupant, the bull... receptionist. The ante-room immediately reminded her of a waiting room of some kind, perhaps for a standard business office. The handsome and massive bull was seated comfortably in a high-backed leather chair behind a desk the size and shape of a macro stallion's horseshoe, complete with desktop computer and some little odds and ends that would be necessary for any businessman to maintain.

"I'm, uh..." the redheaded mink started, stopping short as she realized that she had no idea what to say, deciding to stand there and look innocent and lost before the bovine.

"That's alright little lady, it's a big decision, not everyone is sure at first," he replied. His bulky form leaned forward so that he could reach something under the desk, giving Gina a good look at what she could see of his upper body as it flexed for her. He was wearing very little aside from a tank top that somehow looked appropriate for the dim lighting in the room, stylish even. It stretched over his pectorals and his abdominals to let her see everything from the waist up. When his hand returned to the top of the desk, it contained a few paper forms and a pen. "Do me a favor and read these carefully, then sign them. There is no charge, we just ask that you have fun," he finished, giving a disarming grin to show the nose ring pierced through his flared nostrils wriggling a little from the motion of his masculine lips.

Gina could feel herself moistening a little, charmed by the bull's charisma. She could barely scoop up the papers offered to her, moving to one of the small leather benches to sit and read over them. Four pages of legal jargon met her searching eyes, the mink reading carefully. She was not a stupid woman, she could follow along at least some of what was being said. Things like "release of liability" and "hold harmless agreements" and "property surrender upon initiation." This was the real thing. It slowly dawned on her as she was reading the last line, "If you agree, you get popped," that she probably would not be walking out the front door the same way she came in. With a nervous smile, she poised her pen over the dotted line, and signed.

"Alright little lady... Gina... remove your clothes and personal effects, and place them in this bin for me please," the bull stated in his baritone, after having collected the signed documents, stapling them, and inserting them into a file cabinet. He tapped the corner of a good-sized plastic bin set on the desk's mahogany surface, empty aside from a number painted on the inside of its lip. The minkess looked up at the bull a little nervously, but then shrugged. If it was going to be the last night of her existence, it might as well be one free of worry. She slid out of her jacket, folded it and placed it inside the bin. Her pants were next, unbuttoning and unzipping them to slowly slide over her hips, to expose her thong-less ass.

The bull was clearly watching by this point, his brown eyes lighting up in a lecherous squint as he watched. Gina smiled to him, making a show of it as she pushed downward with her hands to slowly expose that perfect pale ass of hers to his vision with lifted bushy tail. She turned back around to reveal her mound, the folds just as black and sweet as the lips on her face, accompanied by a tuft of fur that matched the long locks flowing from her head and shoulders.

"The guys are going to fight over you, precious," the bull grinned, continuing to watch his private show as she slid her shirt up to reveal the fact that her chest was devoid of bra. Those pert breasts fell free and bounced onto her chest from the confines of their rejected cloth prison. She could practically hear him creaming himself under the desk as this happened and nonchalantly tossed her shirt into the bin as well to reveal her perfect, nude body.

He couldn't help but give his lips a playful lick, winking at the nude lady standing before him. His stare made her blush bright red, showing up pink under her snowy fur. Finally, the bull pushed a button under his desk, a buzzing heard from the double-doors behind him. "Go on in, lovely, and have yourself some fun," he finally said, leaning back into his chair as she passed, and smiling as he got to watch that pert ass of hers sway back and forth on her way to the door, and through it.

The room just inside was very different. Lights were dimmer, music was softer but no less pervasive, and it was much more inhabited. Gina had no idea where to start, so she stood there at the doorway as it closed behind her with a unnoticeable click.

The place reminded her of a cross between an old victorian era ballroom and your typical bar complete with decorative art-deco wallpaper and overhanging chandeliers. Along the back wall was a large assortment of drinks; alcohol from all over the world situated in pretty bottles and placed carefully on each of the shelves. A long bar with stools accompanying one side was arranged just in front of the shelved wall, with a big bull elephant who was bar tending... bar tending in the nude. In fact, the minkess could hardly help but notice that everyone within the room was bare and devoid of any cloth coverings. All shapes and sizes of male, female, and both were lounged upon the many comfortable-looking couches and chairs. Some of them were holding a conversation, some of them were being more intimate and amorous.

She gawked a little as she noticed some of the equipment swaying or resting between the legs of a few males present. Various species meandered the room with balls the size of large watermelons between their thighs, and cocks the size of which could have been anything between beer-cans and Summer squashes. It took her a few minutes to notice that all of these males also possessed a sort of dog-tag necklace, which indicated that they were part of the staff rathe than the patrons. All of the patrons were completely devoid of adornment.

"You know, you don't have to stand here and stare," came a voice seemingly out of nowhere, making Gina's breath catch in her throat as she turned toward its source. A smiling equine face met her gaze. Eyes of a dark warm honey brown, only a few shades lighter than his fur, stared back. The rest of him came into focus as well, towering over her by a good foot or more, his muscular build made her seem smaller by comparison despite her voluptuous curves. There were the dog-tags around his neck, which immediately made her glance down, and allowed for a very good look at those heavily-laden orbs which strained their sack between his thighs and knees.

"My name is Arthur, would you like me to accompany you tonight?" he asked, the words almost incomprehensible to the enamored mink girl, who had to look up into his face again with a confused gaze. "Why don't we have a seat, and I'll get you a drink,?" he finally suggested, unable to help adding a little chuckle when it was clear that this customer would need her hand held. So he did, the big stallion taking her willing hand eagerly and squeezing it reassuringly in his own as he guided her to one of the unoccupied couches and sat her down. The fabric was soft and warm on her bare bottom and nethers, which made her sigh in enjoyment.

True to his word, Arthur turned and clopped softly across the carpeted floor toward the bar, smiling and nodding to the bull elephant there as he relayed his drink order and waited patiently for his drinks. Gina's daze was wearing off, though her eyes couldn't help but be caught in the trap of the stallion's form while it moved. She could finally draw her gaze away to watch some of the other patrons and their own staff members at work. Off to the corner of the room, a patron stood up, the fox girl giggling a little as she was led away from the main room hand-in-hand with a dragon who was just as well-endowed as his colleagues. Using his dog-tag, he opened another door off to the side of the main room, and slipped in with his patron, closing it afterward.

"Those are the popping rooms," Arthur was suddenly back, holding Gina's drink out to her, a drink of his own in his other large fist. She took it with a smile, visibly relaxing now, and leaned into the couch as he sat down next to her.

"So, she'll go in there with him, but only he's going to come back out?" she asked, blushing again at the thought as her loins started to tingle. Arthur nodded in reply and smiled to her as she took a sip of her drink, a fruity taste tinged with the sharp sting of spirits sliding across her tongue.

"Does that make you nervous?" he asked, the question sounding like a trained response rather than genuine concern. She couldn't help but give him an incredulous look in reply. "They tell us to be sure," the stallion said, taking a sip of his own drink and clearing his throat, "I'm not sure what the point is though, you know what's going to happen to you, whether it's right this second, or in a few-"

Gina's form sprang to him, suddenly silencing his words with a firm, hungry kiss. Arthur's eyes opened in surprise from how quickly she was upon him, but his response was just as immediate, especially when the minkess' soft hand found its way down to his full sheath. Her hand and her lips demanded more, and he gave it to her, dropping his drink unceremoniously onto the floor as his big hands slid over her hips. He pulled her into him, to slide her loins over his abdominals and spread her ass right above his swelling length as it slid right out of his sheath and bobbed in the air above his groin.

Her black lips parted from his, but only slowly as she grinned up at him. "Wow, girl, looks like you're ready," he chuckled, his hot breath huffing from his widen nostrils in a snicker.

"Let's go, big guy," she nearly growled at him, wrapping her arms and legs around his toned frame, "take me for a ride."

"Yes ma'am," he replied with a tip of his pretend hat, hefting himself up from the couch with her firmly attached to his front. The motion was easy for him, and it bounced his steel-hard stallion cock against her ass cheeks from the force of suddenly standing, causing her to groan out in need. "Coming through!" he chuckled, as others watching the show had suddenly stopped in their tracks, putting themselves unintentionally in the way of the horse and his rider. He easily approached one of the wooden doors that led to a room, groping for his tags. Gina gripped his big hand for a moment and shook her head.

"Oh no, bring him too, I insist," she said, those lovely blue eyes of hers pointing at the main doors she had stepped through not ten minutes ago. The bull from the front room was standing there, also completely nude, his bright pink shaft bobbing thickly between his thighs over a massively swollen pair of balls. He noticed her instantly and made his way over.

"Arthur, I see you've met Gina," he chuckled, then grunted in surprise as the mink still wrapped around the stallion's front suddenly reached out to grip his nose-ring and tug him closer, planting another heart-throbbing kiss right onto his lips.

"You're coming with us, bull," she said, the fire inside of her growing as she finally let go of her inhibitions. This was the last time she'd be able to enjoy herself so thoroughly, why would she be shy? The former Gina left outside, and both her men now firmly attached to her form, all three moved through the door and let it close behind them.

She couldn't have cared less right at that moment about how the room looked. What she did care about was the two she was in the room with, and what they were all about to accomplish together. Arthur hauled the minkess off of himself and let her drop softly to what felt like a bed. This dislodging allowed for the bull to get away as well, moving around to the other end of the sprawled red-headed lady. He suddenly squatted right over her, his balls settling on her face in a warm heavy blanket of short-furred flesh.

Gina's world had become nut sack. She groaned and reached up with both arms to wrap around that bulbous scrotum to give it a firm hug against her face as she did her best to please its owner. Her diligent hands groped his thick veiny cock and her tongue bathed every inch of the flesh she could fit into her cute muzzle. The flavor of horny bull rolled muskily across her delighted tongue. The bull stayed motionless to groan and grunt at the treatment, thrusting his hips a bit as she worked him. "Damn she's good, get in here, Arthur," he chuckled, gently helping the minkess spread her thighs to show off her extremely damp dark sex to the stallion.

Arthur needed no further encouragement, kneeling between Gina's thighs and snorting at the lovely scent practically oozing from her folds. He took those thighs for himself and lifted them around his hips, letting that throbbing length of horsecock probe between to grind its underside right across her swollen mound of happiness. "Don't mind if I do, Stan."

Both men gyrated on their prize. Gina could hardly contain herself, loving every moment of it. Those athletic legs of hers gripped Arthur's waistline to tug him closer. This encouraged him to thoroughly grind his bulging horsecock against her black needy sex. On the other end of her was Stan. The bull ground his hips into her soft grip as she tugged and pulled on his bloated cock, making it start to ooze a little precum from all of the attention. Gina's face was coated in sweat, both her own and that which was coming from Stan's sac, intensifying the scents she found until she could barely breathe.

As one they moved. Both of those throbbing members slid back along her body and pointed at her available openings at either end. Gina quickly got the idea, despite her initial disappointment with having both of her massive throbbing playthings taken away. She opened her muzzle wide, lolling her tongue out to touch the tip of the bull's cock just before it was pushed into her willing maw. She spread her thighs and reached down with dainty fingers to spread her dark labia as that flared horsecock touched, then slid right inside. Her massive men groaned and arched their backs almost simultaneously as they pushed inside their mink together, until every inch of both cocks were buried to the hilt.

The minkess was in heaven. Her eyes closed and rolled into the back of her head. She couldn't believe the wonderful heady taste of the cock on her tongue as it filled her muzzle. All she could do was slide her ribbon of muscle across it's surface while the fat head gyrated beyond and into her throat, filling it as well as her muzzle until her airway was closed off. The other end of her was feeling just as fulfilled. That flared equine cock pulsed inside her mound, stretching the lips open as her snatch greedily took it all into her deepest recesses and bathed it in warmth and internal lubrication. All she could do down there was occasionally pulse her groin muscles around the fat invader, welcoming it to continue its conquest of her willing form.

Neither male needed any encouragement. They could hardly believe that she had so willing a subject to work on and they smiled to each other as they began their club duties. Both cocks pulled out as one from either end. The bullcock finally slipped out far enough to give Gina some air, which she took in gratefully. She squeezed her thighs around the horse's hips as well, trying to keep him from backing up too much and leaving too big a void inside her where that cock should have been.

The slight emptiness she felt when either of her studs were pulled out was quickly relieved once more when they thrust back inside. She couldn't help but groan around the sweet, musky cock in her throat as she felt all of her flesh spread so wonderfully around the men tending to her needs. Any hesitance and anxiousness she had felt before about what was to come had now been thoroughly fucked out of her with each thrust of hips and slide of cock.

"I'm gonna... be getting close here, we should move her..." Gina heard one of them say, barely able to make out which male was which aside from which opening they were inside at that moment.

"Come here, girl," her stallion said, as the bull pulled himself out of her reluctant throat and muzzle, leaving strands of precum and spit trailing between the pulsing head of his cock and her lips. She barely had time to protest the lack of oral stimulation as she was hauled upward, her ass settling fully onto Arthur's muscular groin as he held her. With a sharp grunt, he stood onto slightly-unsteady hooves and clopped over to a place that was closer to the center of the room, before kneeling. The bull was close behind, and Gina could feel his warmth against her back as he pressed himself up against her.

There was some positioning, but suddenly Gina could feel Stan at her rear, gently nudging her asshole open, then sliding his thick cock right inside her. Both men were penetrating her at once and sandwiching her between them. She screamed out in pleasure, loins set aflame with sensation as the flesh between her pussy and her rectum was squeezed and stimulated by both massive dicks being inside her at once. Back arched, she gripped Arthur's shoulders and planted her feet firmly on his hips, starting to gyrate herself up and down both lengths to the delight of their attached studs. They groaned fitfully and held onto her as she worked them both in her warm, silken tunnels.

"Nnnf, she's amazing..." Stan grunted to Arthur, who nodded in turn, barely able to speak with how far his tongue was lolling from his lips. If there was a danger of being close to orgasm before, it was nothing compared to the sensation of getting closer to the edge now. Even Gina could feel the oncoming peak of nearly endless ecstasy as she rode both towers of pleasure to the breaking point.

Well-trained enough to know how to really drag out the moment, both bull and stallion began to slow their thrusts and held onto the girl sandwiched between them. Gina could feel their strong hands gripping her steadily, getting her to set the pace at a slower rate. Her eyes closed in rapture so she could feel every moment, heart beating fiercely in her chest as she sensed the end coming ever closer. Her senses turned within, and she could feel every inch of both cocks sliding carefully out of her orifices, and then back inside. She could trace every difference in those members with the ridges of her internal flesh. She could feel every pulse of their deep, lustful heartbeats feeding blood which those erections required throughout.

Her loins spasmed, causing her to scream as she suddenly tumbled over the edge of her high and crashed into the waves of lovely orgasm. Electricity crashed across her senses, firing up from her loins and out from her nipples and around her asshole. Her brain was scintillated with the energy of her last peak as if the undertone of finality made it all the sweeter. Both men grit their teeth to hang on, so close themselves. Arthur almost didn't hold out, a few drips of his cum splattering into the minkess' internal flesh which caused her to gasp at the insane tingling those few drops somehow provided.

Stan could take no more, suddenly thrusting his bullcock deep inside his mistress' ass as he bellowed out. Deep inside the base of his penis, the firm building of his shot swelled, and then fired. It rocketed a mass of seed right into her bowels. Gina screamed out in ecstasy as the tingling inside of her grew more intense, some part of her brain knowing full well that she was in danger but the rest ignoring it as waves of ecstasy washed over her. With every gush of the bull's semen, the tingling grew worse and much more wonderful, and there was definitely more to come.

Arthur was next, letting out a deep whinny for which his species was well known, and shooting his own pent-up load into Gina's desirable heat. Both males held her down, firmly burying their pricks inside her, keeping her from getting away. To stop the process now would be disastrous and far less pleasant for her, but Gina was okay to continue, she was ready for this.

As the pressure inside her began to mount, special enzymes in Stan and Arthur's loads began to trigger, causing the tingling inside the minkess to intensify tenfold. This tingling was accompanied by a pleasurable numbness that started to make her feel even more swollen, and her eyes shot open to look down at her expanding form. Indeed, her belly, once trim and fit was starting to become roundly pregnant in shape. She could make out each gush from both males inside her as her belly would simply push forward and outward a little more as they added to it. The males had to lay back a little, their powerful legs starting to interlock underneath the swelling mink attached to their groin as she gurgled and sloshed more expansively. There was simply no room for both of them to sandwich her anymore.

Those glorious testicles of theirs began to visibly shrink as Gina visibly filled, her swollen state starting to spread to other portions of herself as well. She could feel it in her chest as her breasts began to grow, drops of strong-smelling jizz suddenly dripping from her pert nipples. She felt it puffing out her arms, and watched in surprise as the furry flesh bulged there, as well as her hips and ass. Inside, the special cum each staff member contained in their colossal nuts was converting her flesh to even more of itself, firing all of her pleasure centers at the same time to make the process wonderful and slow.

She could hardly breathe as her chest continued to bloat, the minkess losing more and more of her figure to the standard omnipresent swelling that she could feel. It began to be too much when her flesh was having trouble taking it. She couldn't see it now, but she could simply tell that her form was just a massive balloon of cum, a huge condom for both males. She opened her muzzle to cry out loudly with the pleasure, but couldn't make any sound, cum burbling from her lips until she closed her muzzle tightly once more.

The bull and the stallion were sweating, their balls nearly empty now, their hips tired of holding up the mass of bloated minkess. "Almost!" Arthur panted, afraid to touch Gina now that she was so taut and full, Stan nodding in reply as he bit his lip.

Finally, with a loud wet climactic "SPLORT!" Gina exploded. Her skin and fur were too thin to hold back the tide, her flesh simply dissolved. The resultant release of pressure showered the walls, the ceiling, and both males in their own seed, turning them pure off-white while even more rained down from where it had splattered above them. They panted loudly, sitting on the floor around the drain which was specially designed just for this purpose, letting the huge pool of once-mink draining slowly down it in bubbling gurgles while hot musky steam radiated from the fresh ooze.

Down the drain, through a network of pipes, gravity helped all of the heavy cream slither into the basement. There, a set of massive vats the size and shape of the very same metal vessels used for brewing beer, were set up, with most of the pipes draining right into them. It would be here that the special juice would be kept warm, alive, and mixed perfectly with the enzyme required to cause even more delicious explosions in the rooms above.

The door in the south wall opened, revealing a set of stairs leading upward. A dragon covered in black scales, a pair of white horns protruding from behind his eyebrow ridges, padded in. Though he had a set of dog tags around his neck, his nude form easily revealed his balls to be empty. The flesh of his sac was loose and hefty, a product of having his testicles filled and refilled so many times in the recent passed.

Without hesitation, as he had done this many times before, he started to stroke his member. With sighs of pleasure, he rolled his flesh through his fist while approaching a set of what looked like nozzles or spigots. Each of these nozzles were attached to a pipe from one of the tanks, sticky remnants of jizz clinging to them. With a deft and practiced movement, he picked up a long thin silicone tube from a nearby table and attached it to the spigot of his choice. By this time, his erection was looking full and needy, and he finally let it go to softly grip the fat throbbing head and the end of the silicone tubing.

A groan sounded from his lips as he slid the tube into his cum slit. A bulge showed how far down that tube was traveling, and it did not stop until it was completely down his member, somewhere buried in his groin instead. Satisfied with his handiwork, the dragon flipped the spigot on, and held on to a nearby handle as he cried out in what had to be intense sensation. The soft sloshing of fluid could be heard in the storage room as, between his thighs, his balls once again began to fill, swelling with gallons upon gallons of seed. Nearly all of which had once been patrons of the club.