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Victory Explosions

by Segremores Moon, a commission for Janusd

The pig-skinned missile arched beautifully from the ground, flying toward the yellow "y" shaped goal at least sixty yards away. Crowds on both sides were on their feet, crying out at the tops of their lungs as all eyes watched it fly, impacting the ground on the other side.

Michael's team cheered explosively, running and jumping on the field, slapping him on his broad back to congratulate him on a job well done. The score had been tied for half an hour if not more, but all that had changed with the last kick delivered by the zebra stallion himself. His fist pumped into the air in excitement, and he grinned lavisciously at the idea of what was to come next. Winning a football game for his team would only mean one thing when it came to the tailgate party that night: Popping a cheerleader.

Cheerleader popping had been a tradition at Milton High for generations. Ever since one of the massively-endowed players had discovered a certain mixture of chemicals in one of the teacher's labs, the act had been made not only possible, but entirely safe for all those involved, including the lovely ladies that submitted to the treatment. Of course, none of the adults were ever privy to the act. At least, none who hadn't been in the football team or on the cheer leading squad during their own high school days.

Gina was the one Michael would choose that night. He had his eyes on her for quite some time now. The way the hair and the tail on that lovely mink would sway and bounce when she walked, or when a stiff breeze blew through it; the way her hips would rock from side to side in counter-time with her voluminous breasts. It was like heaven whenever she would enter a room, showing off her tight gray-furred cleavage to all who cared to look. Of course, it was nearly like hell for Michael, as even the largest of pants had trouble containing his zebra spire whenever she was around. That would all change tonight. He'd finally get a piece of her, then get pieces of her all over the place.

Thankfully, the night air wasn't too cold on the fur. Many hours had passed since the game had finished and gotten out, the time was right for the party. Players from the school were the first to arrive at the usual spot. Redrock Hill, the make-out spot that everyone knew about but no one really spoke of, everyone knew to avoid it the night of a successful game, lest they be drawn into the activities against their will. Few would disagree that the players and the cheerleaders had some very rocking parties, but it was all fun that took a special kind of will to commit to every night.

All the guys were cut from stone, or they should have been. Statues of masculinity each in their own right. Some were big hulking beasts with rippling muscle on every limb, some were more lithe, built for running, but no less wiry and aggressive. These were all males that had been carefully selected for their respective places in the football team, then trained to absolute brutality. All of them were busily setting up the place, driving their cars and trucks up to the hill, making a ring around the center where coolers full of drinks, tables full of food, and a big nest full of sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows lay.

The cheerleaders came next, driving up in their expensive 'daddy-bought-me-this' luxury vehicles, or dropped off by their friends in less-than-fabulous cars. The air filled with the giggles and voices of at least two dozen people ready and raring for a fun time, all of them expecting to get it. The party wouldn't start without the stars though, one of which drove up in his big pickup truck at that very moment, to the whoops and hollers of his team mates.

Michael was dressed in something light that night, a t-shirt that was a little too small for his broad chest, a pair of jeans that cupped his magnificent bulge and showed off a tightly-packed ass from which issued his tail. He joined the crowed, all of which patted him on the back, or rubbed themselves against him in some lewd and friendly fashion. He chuckled when he felt someone's hand rubbing his big package, slapping it away. "Hey hey, don't get me all excited yet!" he taunted, not even knowing who it was in that sea of bodies.

The honk of a car horn turned everyone's attention to the outer circle once again, as the vision of beauty herself stepped from the bright red convertible. Gina's hair was done up in a ponytail, tied back to keep it out of her smiling face. She was a little bashful at all the catcalls coming her way, but she knew how to work it. She sauntered over, her hips and tail swaying seductively, her nipples showing through the simple tank top she was wearing that night. Michael's eyes went wide, nostrils flaring in excitement.

"He's getting hard!" he heard someone say, only having to take momentary stock of himself to know the truth of the statement. He smirked and unbuttoned his pants to the cheers of the crowd around him. They were all getting excited now, popping open beers and taking their place around the nest of blankets and pillows. A few of the girls lingered to help him out of his pants, throwing them to the side to reveal his massively-muscled thighs and calves, striped fur rippling around his pitch-black erection, which flagged up to his chest.

Gina smiled shyly as she saw Michael's pants removed, giving her a full view of what she'd be taking, the very thing that would be her ultimate undoing by the end of the night. She was aroused beyond belief, she could feel it in her own loins, her cunny becoming wet with the idea of taking that whole length within, and the consequences thereof. She had never actually been popped before, but she had heard from some of the other girls that it was one of the wildest and most pleasurable experiences of their lives. Her nipples perked as well, showing even more through the cloth of her thin tank top, making her giggle as the fabric rubbed at those pert fleshy nubs.

Finally, the two sexual icons met in the middle, Michael's big hands resting on Gina's trim waist, before lifting her shirt up and off of her form, tossing it to the side and allowing her massive breasts to bounce freely. He smiled warmly to her and she smiled warmly to the big zebra. They didn't kiss though, their purposes were not romantic at all. Instead, their hands began to wander. Michael felt her hands touching his balls, caressing them, making him whicker in further arousal. His massive paws cupped around Gina's breasts, thumbing her nipples, those thick nubs responding to his touch.

"Care to get started?" Gina asked, trying to implant a sultry tune to her voice. She blushed at hearing her own words, looking up at the tall hulk in front of her. Michael smirked a bit, pressing his erection in between her breasts, resting that big horse tool in the cock-holster of her luscious mounds.

"Hold this for a second," he said playfully, his deep voice resonating lightly in the night air. He lifted up a little glass vial full of some red fluid, the stuff that would do the trick that night. Uncorking it, he took a breath, then gulps it down in one go, shuddering a little. The stuff was tangy and sour, and it burned going down his throat. It didn't take long for the marvel of science to begin doing its work, a tingling beginning in his already-fat stallion testicles.

Gina gasped as she felt the zebra's balls beginning to swell, growing in size and shuddering in their chemically-enhanced state. The boys surrounding the pair cheered and jeered, taking their own pick of the females there, and even some of the males, starting to fondle and get into their own little side activities.

When those dark balls reached the size of melons, Michael was ready, his plunger-shaped head gushing precum. "Alright, let's get to bed my little mink," he whickered, taking her hand in his and leading her to the pillows.

Michael sat down first, laying back and supporting his massive dick so that it flagged into the air, ready to be used. His balls nestled lightly between his legs, supported by his striped thighs. Gina gently slipped out of her sweatpants, smiling as she revealed her firm ass, red bushy tail flipping up to show that wonderful cleft to the world. This created quite the stir amongst the boys, who whooped and yelled in excitement. The girls all cried out too, in envy, burying their partners' faces into their own breasts or groins to keep them distracted. The frenzy had begun, and it'd only be over with Gina exploding all over the place.

Acting as the eye of the storm, the pair moved into the center, one of Michael's big paws guiding Gina's sleek form over to his, maneuvering her form around until her legs were straddling his, then guiding her into a sitting position, her back to his face. She crouched, squatting slowly, seductively, looking over her shoulder as she let the big male guide her down.

Michael watched as that sexual mink lifted her tail again, revealing those swollen, dripping labia to his keen, hungry eyes. "Oh yes, Gina, sit on me please," he heard himself saying lustfully, his head suddenly pressing against that sex. They both stiffened in joy, her sex hesitating before suddenly opening around that thick head, making them both cry out in pleasure.

Big zebra cock met and mixed with hot mink cunt, the tower of throbbing stallion sliding up inside Gina steadily. Michael could feel his balls churning and sloshing. All that extra seed working itself into a frothing frenzy within his testicles. It wouldn't take long now. The potion increased seed production and arousal in the drinker, and neither could be more true at that moment. The big zebra stallion took hold of the sexy mink's hips, pulling her down faster, making her take it all.

Gina gasped out in pleasure, Michael's pole burning within her pussy, heightening her own arousal as a sexy consequence. Her own hands gripped his striped thighs, using the slabs of muscle there as a handle grip to steady herself as the wind was knocked out. The smell of sex and alcohol was everywhere, permeating from the mass of writhing bodies that surrounded the pair in the center.

As one, zebra stallion and minkess began to move against each other. Rather, Gina began to bounce in Michael's lap and Michael began to guide her bouncing with his big, eager hands. The stimulation was incredible, the chemical enhancer driving his cock to throb all the more immensely with each passing moment and every little bit of friction that occurred within Gina's muff. Every flex of the stallion shaft made the minkess gasp and arch her back a little, as if the movement would split her wide open. That wouldn't come until later, when those massive balls would start to unload.

It wouldn't be long now. Michael's head bumped back against the pillows and he groaned out to the world, his massive testicles beginning to pull up against his body, shortening the distance all that cum would have to travel before it gushed from his cock. Gina's body responded in a manner fit for someone who knew this was their last fuck on earth. Her body writhed and bounced in the zebra's massive lap, soaking his inner thighs and his massive nuts in her honeyed nectar as his cock pistoned it out of her.

Their cries mixed and mingled with the cries of their teamates and compatriots who were all in similar situations surrounding them, their own bodies bouncing, thrusting, writhing. Quickly, the tailgate party was turning into an all-out orgy of wanton lust, just as it should have been.

Michael began to buck like a wild bronco, feeling his end nearing, the sloppy sound of his massive cock plowing into the tight mink cunny driving everyone on even more. He could feel the building within his base, that sensation of the cup getting ready to overflow in a big way. His muscles all tightened up, starting from his hooves and working its way up into his spine, until even his fingers dug into the flesh of Gina's ass, making her cry out in amazement.

A loud whinny of ecstasy issued from the middle of the party, all heads suddenly turning, all bodies suddenly ceasing their own individual activities as they all gaped in drunken/lustful wonder at the debacle.

Gina felt the flexing first, that hot horse member grinding against what had to be her g-spot, as it made her gasp in loud embarrassment. The next thing she felt was the sensation of filling, but not just within her passage, within all of her lower parts. Secondary effects of the chemical the zebra took began to take effect within her body, converting her insides quickly into cum, turning her to liquid spooge from the inside out.

All watched in panting amazement as Gina's body began to swell, slowly at first, but then more quickly. An audible sloshing noise began to emanate from her body as she was held upright by her massive zebra lover, her eyes blinking and muzzle open in amazement at the incredible sensations she was bathed in.

Her body swelled in areas, starting with her belly, which expanded to the roundness of a water balloon before it traveled to her thighs and ass. Her hips widened incredibly when the bone structure disappeared, replaced by tightly-compact seed. The change continued down her thighs, her calves, making her skin distend and become shiny with the building pressure. That fluffy tail began its swelling at around the same time her breasts got involved, the hefty fun bags becoming even heftier, expanding to a size that would befit someone with her belly, then beyond that even, her nipples nearly disappearing as they continued to remain tight enough to hold the pressure in.

Michael groaned in passion as the blinding orgasm continued, watching as the minkess-turned-spooge balloon continued to expand on top of his loins, swelling outward until it was nearly impossible to hold her upright, she was so round. His big hand sunk into her flesh, dimpling its sloshing, gurgling surface as he tried to maintain some type of grip.

Soon, of course, it was time, the swelling reaching her head, forcing her to close her muzzle and eyes tightly, lest she leak any of that precious spooge. The white stuff drooled copiously from between her lips and nostrils regardless, her flesh so expanded it was a miracle she hadn't exploded already. Fur on her arms, legs, and especially around her belly began to part, showing the smooth, stretched skin which had been taxed nearly to its limit.

The zebra could feel his orgasm tapering off, ready to end, the hugely swollen minkess nearly at her breaking point. It came unexpectedly, a loud tearing noise accompanied by an enormous, sloppy-sounding 'GLORP!' Gina burst, her flesh turning to cum in seconds and flying everywhere, splashing on everything, gushing high into the air only to rain down upon all the onlookers, all the camping equipment and party supplies. It was so thick and copious, it felt like a bath of hot seed, and it looked as if it had suddenly snowed a thick layer of powder in a matter of a few seconds.

In the wake of such a display, loud cheers and rachous cries of passion filled the air, all that cum soaking into fur and feathers, scales and skin, making everyone slip and slide and laugh. No one gave a thought to the poor used minkess. Of course, she'd be okay, they found the antidote for this cum state of being some time ago in order to prevent too many questions from being raised as to the sudden disappearance of members of the cheer leading squad.

For now, however, Gina would serve no other purpose but to be everyone's lubricant. Michael lay there in a daze, his victory load plastered all over himself and his teammates, eyes to the sky, and the biggest shit-eating grin the world had ever seen.