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You're Gonna Blow

"I swear this time there is no way you're not going to blow! I'm gonna give you the hardest fastest blow job ever and your gonna come all over me!" shouted Emma in her dirty/sexy voice towards her boyfriend Steve. "Is that so, well I reckon you are gonna get yourself all hot and flustered and I'm going to have to finish myself off after!" Steve threw these words back at Emma across the bed just to stir her up. He played like he didn't like her blow jobs, but the truth was that he absolutely loved seeing her work his dick, trying ever so hard to get it to erupt in her hands and mouth, and then having her give up and fuck his brains out after cause she felt she let him down.

Emma was never like this before she met Steve, she only became obsessed with getting him off without the use of her vage ever since she found out that no chick had ever managed to accomplish exactly that, and Emma being the competitive person that she is, wanted Steve's dick as a trophy. "Your never gonna get me off unless you've got something up your sleeve missssssaaayyyy" said Steve trying to put a bit of slang into his motivational shots. Emma walked around to Steve ever so slowly and seductively, clearly trying to emphasise her hips with elongated and deliberate steps. She came up close to him, slowly thrusting her face towards his and said, "Sleeve ay, well I've got something more than up my sleeve. I've got something special that's going to make you finally pop".

And at that she tiptoed her fingers up under his shirt towards his chest, collecting his shirt as she did it, dragging it up his muscular frame until it was all around his neck and shoulders. "Upseedaisy" she said whilst lifting the shirt, she had to wait for him to raise his arms into the air so she could take it off him. She threw that on the floor and immediately tiptoed her fingers back down towards his pants, which by now were a bit tighter around his hips. She knew how to get him going real quick these days. They briefly got a bit tighter as Emma pulled on the belt before releasing the clasp. "Downseedaisy this time" with a pleading look. This time she pulled both his pants and boxers off, she had to stretch his boxers over his member, lest she wanted it damaged for her attempt. Emma did what she knew Steve loved, which was to bend down using her legs when she lowered his pants such that her face was level with his now exposed and erect member. "Hard a little early I see". "He got all excited when you mentioned something special, see he wants to pop in your mouth almost as much as you do, but you see someone can't quite satisfy him enough to....." Steve was verbally poking Emma again to stir her up, and it was working. "Shut up you. I was going to get you started but now you'll just have to wait for the surprise". She quickly stood up and with her two index fingers on his chest, pushed him onto the bed and walked off.

"Awwww come on babe you know I was kidding!" but it was no use, Emma stormed out of the room, clearly pretending to be mad at Steve. He knew she wasn't coming back till the surprise so he just lay down on the bed, naked and spread eagled with his legs from the knees down hanging off the end. He lay there, contemplating exactly what Emma could have in store for him, a kinky new outfit, some sort of super lube, A THREESOME! "Wait no that only ever happens in my dreams"! Before he could conjure up anymore epic possibilities, Emma called from the hall way. "Close your eyes, your surprise is waiting!" "Waiting!" thought Steve eagerly with new found excitement. 'Fuck yeah she got another chick in on the action'. "OKAAAAYYYYYY, my eyes are closed, I'm ready for my surprise!" he yelled out trying to conceal any excitement currently flooding his head.... both of them.

He waited and waited, listening for any signs of more than one chick, giggles, multiple footsteps, anything. But nothing, absolutely noth.... wheels.... he heard wheels and a scraping noise, like something being dragged across the floor. "wtf is she doing", his dick still rock hard but not quite as eager as it was previously. The wheel and dragging noise continued, Steve was confused, yet aware of the fact that these noises were drawing nearer to him. They approached from in front of him, and when they stopped at what he assumed to be the foot of the bed he asked. "Emma?" "Hey babe, so you said I would never be able to get you off given you head, well tonight I'm going to do something extra special for you that I'm sure will finish you off. I'm going to make you pop! Or so help me I will!"

Steve kept his eyes closed for fear of ruining his special surprise. He then heard some fiddling, followed by a "here we go" from Emma, and then...."OH MY GOD THATS COLD, shit that's bigger than I last remember, hope it fits". Steve was very, very stimulated from what he was hearing. He kept listening intently. "Ok babe, you can open your eyes now". Steve did so slowly, not sure exactly what the hell to expect, but what he saw dam near cause him faint. In front of him stood his butt naked girlfriend who was holding what looked like a metallic dildo with a rubber bulb at its tip. Out the other end of the dildo was a hose leading to.... "Is that a fucking air tank?!" "Sure is, so ya reckon I can't get you off, let's see how you fare when you're not the only one being blown hehe". She finished her twisted statement and bit her lower lip. She was horny, and so was Steve.

She positioned the dildo underneath her pussy, aiming it straight up. Her legs and hips were dam near perfect, she didn't even need to spread her legs to get at her vagina. She stood with her feet together, with no other part of her legs touching. The triangle of empty space right below her pussy in between her thighs was for Steve was a major turn on. Her arms folded behind her holding the dildo, causing Emma to thrust her C cup tits out towards Steve. She was already wet, so when she eased it up her vage she moaned in delight. Steve was amazed, he thought his 8inch monster was pretty tough for Emma to handle, but she just managed to shove a 10inch piece of steel up there with not so much as a grunt of pain or effort... what the hell had gotten into her (besides the dildo).

"Now before I start anything, the instructions said I have to inflate the bulb a little to stop it coming out, and I wouldn't want that now would I" said Emma. She opened the valve on the tank ever so slightly and fiddled with a knob on the very end of the dildo, which was barely sticking out of her. She pushed it and instantly moaned again. The little bulb on the end of the dildo was blowing up inside her cunt, filling out her baby maker and making itself comfortable inside her. Her stomach bulged out ever so slightly, the inflated bulb making itself known to the world through Emma's protruding belly. "TTTTTHHHHHHEEEERRRREEE we go, that should OOOOP...... do it". She was struggling a bit to concentrate and speak coherently now, and who wouldn't with an inflatable dildo stuck up their pussy.

With that done, she reached down and flipped the switch on the dildo again, spun back around to the tank and opened the valve some more, about half. She turned to face Steve, her expression suggested she was waiting for something....something to happen.... and then it changed to curiosity..... and then a small smile crept into her face. "I can feel it blowing inside me, this is going to be awesome". She began playing with the lips of her sex, which were tightly wrapped around the dildo. She cooed and moaned, seemingly trying to cram more into her. "Shit I almost forgot about you Steve, looks like I won't need to get you started now will I". She was right as Steve was sporting a hard on so stiff it hurt. She knelt down at the foot of the bed in between his legs and leant over so her head rested a mere inch from his member.

She lowered her mouth until her lips kissed Steve's dick, then slowly opened and slid them down his shaft. The warmth of her mouth moving down his shaft was as awesome sensation. Steve loved when she did this, but with the added "inflation" he found himself being overwhelmed with stimulation. "hmmm, I, plcan fffeelll.... my tumnny getering bigur" said Emma, still with most of Steve's dick in her mouth. Steve didn't take notice, relishing the moment. Her stomach had grown bigger, a small paunch protruding from her lower abdomen where once there was smooth, flat and trim skin. "HMMM YEAH, MY GOWD DIS PLEEELS SOOEEWWW GOOD"! Emma's insides were being stretch and she loved ever moment of it, her hands sliding down to cradle her growing tummy. It grew like a balloon in her hands, slowly spreading her fingers as time went past.

All the while she kept sucking Steve's cock, trying to get as much of it into her drooling mouth as possible. Steve thought she pushed him in so deep he could feel her tonsils with the tip of his dick. He had never seen this side of her, it was amazing. Emma continued to expand, her tummy now looking several months pregnant, her hands long since abandoned her stomach and were now back fiddling again with the lips of her cunt. Pretty soon she found she couldn't bend as far over with the air reaching deep up inside her small body, causing her to sit slightly more upright. Emma stopped sucking for a moment, she had to play with herself again. Leaning back she placed nearly all her weight on the dildo, trying ever so desperately to force more into her, her left hand sliding up and playing with her tits, squeezing and squishing them, the other trying to force its fingers up her ass. She found this difficult as her stomach now blocked much of the access to her lower half. She had to go around the back to play with her hole.

Steve sat up when his dick went cold. "ERRR HERRMMMM, aren't you forgetting someone missy". Emma only briefly looked at him, she saw his annoyed face with a single finger pointing down at his cold and lonely dick. "Oh.... yeah sorrrryyee!!! Babe" she squeezed out through half clenched teeth. She abandoned her asshole and started stroking Steve's dick, the other hand still getting stuck into her breasts. He was somewhat disappointed that it wasn't her hungry hungry mouth, but it was better than getting cold.....although the show in front of him was amazing. Emma's stomach was now beginning to push her away from the bed, making reaching Steve's cock even harder.... and harder to reach. He also noticed her tits were more pronounced than usual. He looked closely and could see them swelling slowly, progressing from a modest C cup to a decent D in moments before growing even larger. Emma didn't seem to noticed, or maybe she did, he couldn't tell cause all she did was touch herself, fingering as best she could either of her two holes, the one flush with pussy juices, the other full of horny nail marks where she had tried to penetrate her rear.

This continued for minutes, Emma's stomach and tits continuing to engulf her once trim form, and her hands grabbing and pulling at anything, whether it be Steve's dick, one of her holes or one of her assets. "OMG, I can't believe how good this feels!" Emma managed to blurt out after a few minutes of repeated moans and groans. "Fuck it looks like an awesome surprise...for you". "Shit sorry again babe, don't worry you'll be blowing in newwwwwww time". She stopped groping herself and tried to re-position such that her head was back over Steve's long gone cold dick. This proved wishful thinking as she only then came to grips with how big she had gotten. Her stomach was the size of a gym ball, and her tits were each the size of a basket ball. She stopped for a moment and came up with a plan. Because of the size of her stomach, she found it easier to prop herself up by resting her stomach on the floor and her tits on the bed. As she slowly shifted her weight onto her tits, which were in between Steve's legs, they bulged forth, creating a truly amazing amount of cleavage. Steve had the perfect view as he looked down at Emma who was trying with her mouth wide open to reach his cock.

She tried and tried, but to no avail. Eventually she shifted almost all of her weight onto her tits which seemed to be making progress, that is until Emma realized her tits had smushed over Steve's dick. She stopped again and had a think, all the while she continued to grow. Her tits slowly creeping forward over Steve's legs, her belly pressing harder and harder into the bedroom floor and bed. Steve took note of Emma's melons creeping up past his crotch and up towards his belly button. He very quickly became hard again, the tip of his dick only just visible between a canyon of boob flesh. Emma didn't realize but her ass had also been swelling now, she had been so caught up with rest of herself that she failed to realize that each of her buns, were also approaching the size of gym balls. "Steve... I... III.... can't suck your dick any mo....mmmmm... more. I caaaa..... caaa.... CUNT reach it" she squealed out through clenched teeth. Her pussy had begun to clamp down onto the metal dildo and she was starting to lose her mind in a wash of ecstasy.

She sat back and landed on her ass cheeks well and truly before she expected, but quickly lost interest and began trying to finger her holes and play with her nipples again, all of which had for a while been quite out of reach. "AHHH... AHHH.... AHHHH" she moaned with every breathe she took, she was bouncing on her ass cheeks, each time she landed on them, the dildo was forced in and out of her hungry vage. She was frustrated sexually. Her pussy was throbbing with the dildo ejecting cool air into her, but she wasn't fully satisfied, she wanted more. "ah.... ah... mm...mmm MORE!" "What?" asked Steve. "I need more in me!" Steve had to think this through. 'She needed more in her?' She was already a fucking blimp. Steve sat there looking at Emma. She was sitting on her knees with her ass resting on the heels of her feet, although as he watched she was gradually lurking forward as her ass continued to grow.

Her stomach was touching the floor even with her in an upright position, her tits falling either side with her nipples standing fully erect. Emma by now was huge, there was no other word to describe her, and still she grew. "FUCK ME STEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVE" screamed Emma, her voice snapping Steve out of his daze. "You want me to fuck you? But the hose is still in your pussy, I don't want to fuck your asshole!" he glared back. "Then put the h....HOSE IN MY ASSSSSS!!!" Steve quickly sprang off the bed and ran behind Emma who was now resting fully on her stomach and breasts with her hands squeezing and rubbing the sides of her tits and belly. Steve stood for a moment, he had never seen anything like this before. In front of him was a chick, resting on her belly and tits, with an ass which was made up of two over inflated gym balls covered with skin. He put a hand on each cheek and felt its springiness and its resistance to applied pressure. Slowly he noted his hand rising, both from the growth of Emma's belly forcing her upwards and her ass cheeks, with each finger gradually growing apart. 'Fuck I better get started quickly before both of her holes get too high for me to reach, this is going to be a FUCKING ROOT AND A HALF, so much for the blow job ha' he thought to himself.

Emma's pussy lips had also inflated, along with her orgasmic clenching, Steve determined that he wasn't going to be able to just pull the dildo out, he'd would have to deflate the bulb inside her. "Hang on babe, I'll be shoving a real dick in you soon enough". Steve flicked the switch near the end of the dildo which was only just sticking out of Emma's cunt. "What's happening, my pussy feels like it empting" asked the bloated woman. She tried turning her head but to no avail as her shoulders surrounded her head from the sides and behind, while her tits had now inflated under her chin. Her ass continued to expand, however now her legs joined in the race to mammothville as well. Each leg was beginning to look like a cone sticking out of an enormous ball, with the triangle of space beneath her pussy still clearly prominent. It looked just big enough for someone to squeeze into and be in prime position to smash Emma's sex. As her tits grew, Steve found he had to periodically take steps back as Emma's body grew towards him and also the bedroom door which lay directly in line with the bed a couple meters away, her feet aiming straight for the hallway.

Steve could hear the hissing from the deflating dildo, as well as the air still entering her and went to start tugging on it. He found this difficult, firstly because Emma's thighs had blown up, partially encapsulating her neither parts, and secondly because everything was covered in a mixture of sweat and pussy juices. Steve got as good a grip on the end of the dildo as possible and pulled... hard. "FUCK ME SIDES WAYS WHAT YOU DOING BACK THERE!" "I'm trying to fucking un-plug you, now shut up and keep growing" Emma's could only oblige as the tank steadily emptied itself into her relentlessly. She was starting to get shifted back slowly, her tits pressing up against the bed, which was originally more than a meter away from her.

Steve started tugging again, periodically pulling and pushing the dildo. 'Clearly the bulb inside her body is still deflating'. He found it funny though, because every time he pulled Emma would squeal, and every time he pushed she would moan. His efforts periodically denting her vagina, and then causing her lips to protrude around the bulb as he pulled. Instead of waiting and teasing her, Steve climber out of Emma's gap and walked round to the front of her, grabbing a couple hand full's of tit flesh. He quickly found one of Emma's engorged tits and started sucking and licking it. Emma replied with several moans of agreement which got louder.

While Steve was sucking her tit, he sucked in as much of her breast as he could, feeling it grow inside his mouth from the relentless onslaught of compressed air. His tongue tickling and dancing across her tit. "Fuck this I can't wait any longer!" He spat out her fat chest and practically sprinted behind her, jumping into her triangular pussy gap, placed one foot in her ass crack, both hands on the dildo end and pulled with all his strength. "FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK OOOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGGGGG" Emma whaled! Pop... CRASH! Steve had fallen backwards and tripped over Emma's puffed up legs as the dildo spilled out of her dripping moist sex.

"Right, back in you go" he said as he got up, lined up Emma's rear hole and threw all his weight into it. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF......... (silence from Emma). Steve poked his head around to see why she went quiet. "HUH, HUH, HUH, HUH, HUH, HUH", he heard her breathing. They were long, deep drawn breathes, like something amazing had just happened inside her. She shuddered, her whole form quivering inside itself. Emma's pussy was clamped tight, but not tight enough for more sex juices to dribble out. "Babe keep breathing, I'm going to quickly flip you over so I can start fucking you.. k" said Steve almost as if he was asking her permission. "DO IT!!!!" she belted out between breathes, Steve very quickly getting the idea. He stood in between her thighs, both of which were squishing his sides above the waist gently. There was pressure in Emma, but not too much... not yet anyways. He grabbed her right thigh and tried to rotate her. All he got was a springy bounce back as his hand slid off her rubbery wet skin.

He looked for the cause to Emma's lack of mobility and quickly found it. She had for a couple minutes been growing towards the bedroom door, with her legs pointing straight down the hall. However with Steve distracted by her growth, he failed to realise that she had actually reached the doorway and was now becoming partially stuck, her outer thighs pressing into the side of the door frame, wedging her, squeezing her. He tried again, this time with more force and managed to walk her over such that she was on her back facing the ceiling, her legs still half way into the hall way. All the while he did this, he could feel Emma's thighs gradually grabbing him. His body shape was denting them a couple inches each side, he watched and saw the gap in Emma's thighs created by his body gradually shrinking as more and more gas consumed her form, her thighs gradually wrapping more and more hollow skin around him. 'It's a good thing she is so wet and sweaty, otherwise he would not have been able to slide between her legs in the first place to that moist dripping sex of hers.

Steve had not seen Emma's face for a while, but when he did he was amazed and taken back. Her dark brown hair draped across her face, her eyes were half closed from the salt in her sweat, and she was still breathing heavily. She had a look of aggression and frustration. Steve now stood in the small triangular gap at the top of Emma's thighs under her vagina, right where his throbbing dick would deliver the goods. He pulled back a couple inches, lined up the heavenly gates and thrust his manhood at Emma's womanhood. With his eyes closed he waited momentarily when suddenly he felt a great damp warmth surround his dick... he was in. Emma's face had started to disappear behind her mammoth tits a while ago, but now her belly was stealing the show, standing now eye level with Steve. But he knew she felt the penetration because she whaled out through tit flesh in perfect unison with his entry.

Again Steve found himself thanking fuck that Emma's cunt was wet, she was so tight! He started pumping, humping, and fucking the woman out of her! He lost control of himself as he wrapped his arms as far around her thighs as he could for better leverage but to no real avail. Steve had forgotten Emma was covered with a thick layer of salty, slippery sweat, and when combined with her springy, rubbery skin, she became somewhat like a bar of soap, be that an enormous one. He kept fucking as best he could, every thrust into her sex saw it indent a couple inches as Steve tried thrusting his entire pelvis into her. Each time he retracted and thrust again he could feel Emma's vagina clamping down on his cock, offering more resistance for him to power through. Emma's thighs once again were brought into Steve's mind as they slowly began to encase him as her swelling continued relentlessly. He could feel their fleshy balloon like texture pushing and rubbing his ass from behind. Emma's triangle gap, the very gap Steve was standing was diminishing rapidly. Still he rooted, and fucked, and humped, and bumped, and grabbed all he could.

"FFFFF......FFFFF......FFFFFFUCKKKKK ME HARDER YOU ASSHOLE!!!!" Steve motivated by Emma's outburst, he fucked harder. Emma's body seemingly agreeing with both of their wicket minds as it began tightening. Steve still being forced closer, deeper and harder into Emma's bits by her thighs. Her body felt more rigid, making doing her easier for Steve. But he couldn't shoe off a niggling thought in his head..... 'How big can she get?'

Emma was now the size of a parade balloon. Had she been filled with helium she would have begun floating around by now. Her tits were the size of their lounge room bean bags filled to max capacity. Her belly was nearing the ceiling, her chunky cone arms sticking out of her grotesque blimp self. 'How much air is still in that dam tank, and isn't Emma worried' pondered Steve.... very briefly. Emma wasn't the least bit concerned.... she was in a different time and place, too busy focusing on the balloon that was herself, and how hollow, and light it made her feel. She focussed on how the air inside her was stretching all her favourite places, trying to blow her apart. Steve heard groaning noises coming from Emma's..... body? "OOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGG STEVE THIS IS AMAZING!!!" Snapping out of his daze, Steve resumed his humping, also losing himself to the rhythm, all senses of time and place becoming irrelevant. The pull back on his humping was diminishing as Emma's thighs continued to force him further forward into Emma herself. He still dented her pussy with every thrust, and each time he pulled out, more of her juices would flood out, but the dent was minute compared to earlier. A loud grrrrrrrooooooaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn became audible. She was nearing her maximum capacity.

"Babe, I think I'm going to shut the tank off!" he yelled, fear creeping up his throat. "BABE!"..... "EMMA!" "W......WWW..... WHAT!?!" Her words were muffled, he assumed her boobs had grown over her face. "Your body is making noises, I'm going to shut the tank off before something happens. He tried turning around..... but couldn't..... Emma's legs and thighs had inflated around him, getting fully wedged in the doorway, cocooning him in hot, wet balloon flesh. The smell of sex juices wallowing, Steve's log still deep inside heaven. He tried again, this time pushing off Emma's belly and crutch with his hands, but to no avail. He tried climbing up, but again he found he couldn't. He reached for the dildo in her ass and tried pulling on it but it was no use. If he had struggled to pull it out of her pussy whilst it was deflating, it would be impossible for him to pull it out of her ass when it was fully inflated. Also his arms had very little leverage, he gave up that idea.

Emma's body was now so full that there was hardly any give when Steve pushed against it. "EMMA, WE HAVE A FUCKING PROBLEM!!!............ EMMA FOR FUCK SAKE!!!!" "What wrong" she asked as if there was no problem. 'Had she been oblivious to her straining body the entire time?' "Your body is FUCKING GROANING, I"M STUCK AND YOUR IN LA LA LAND!" "What do you mean I'm?" She was cut short by the answer. GRRRRROOOOOOAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNN. "OMG STEVE YOU HAVE TO TURN THE TANK OFF!" "Emma I can't, I'm stuck here in your pussy. GRRROOOOAAAAANNNN!!!!! "SHIT EMMA YOUR STILL GROOWWWWWWIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG!!!" Steve's dick was being force fed into a hungry pussy by a pair of inflated legs. Despite the scenario, Steve's was getting an enormous amount of good feedback from inside Emma through his dick. His vision blurred and his dick stiffened, his nuts reminding him that they were full of hot sticky cum.

Emma wasn't fairing any better. She had never had anything feel so huge and deep inside her before. She quickly forgot her predicament as her extreme sexual bliss got the better of her. Emma's body started growing again, all the while the breaks between groans was shrinking. Nothing mattered, absolutely nothing else mattered except the feeling, the feeling of being full of dick and emptiness. Emma started moaning once more, this time her voice travelling both out through her mouth and into her body, echoing and resonating. She felt a wondrous wave of pleasure build up in her overflowing cunt. Steve was pushing with all his uncontrolled might into Emma, the amount of cum inside his nuts multiplying tenfold. Both were about to pop, in more than one way.

Silence filled the room, baring the hiss of the air tank, as they tried ever so desperately to prepare themselves for what was most definitely going to be the hardest orgasms of their lives, and quite possibly their last. Despite being on the brink of cumming, Emma could not suppress any longer that worrisome thought in her head. 'FUCKING HELL, how much is left in that tank, I couldn't possibly take anymore, I'M ABOUT TO FUCKING EXPLODE!!!' She was so tight, Steve noticed her skin was a couple shades darker than usual and had become very shiny, beads of sweat running down her huge belly and breasts. Those ominous groans still grew louder and deeper, burdening Emma further with thoughts of exploding. Still she grew, her body taking up most of their bedroom, her belly touching the ceiling with her tits not far behind. Her nipples stood fully erect, hard enough to cut glass and her thighs easily reaching a meter and a half wide each. It was Emma who started giving out first. Her cunt was filling with an ocean of sex juices and was about to flood all over Steve. He was so close, his eyes shut tightly as he focussed on the warmth, the smell, the texture and wetness of Emma around him.

At the same time, both became aware of a complete silence. A silence neither had heard since the start of their epic fuck. Both came to the conclusion mere seconds before delivery..... The tank had finally emptied itself. Emma took stock of herself briefly, all she saw in front of her was tit flesh, which had inflated under her chin and had forced her head to face upwards. She tried to look downwards but her tits were so pumped up that they had very little give in them. 'OMG HERE I COME!!!' Emma stated mentally. "FUCK ME ZOMYGOAWD!!!" Emma tilted her head back, squashing her inflated neck flesh and screamed louder than she had ever before.

The cumming of her life tingled its way from her pussy, around her asshole, out past her thighs and around Steve. It vibrated its way through her crutch, circling her belly button and ass cheeks before gathering under her tits. The warmth was incredible, the pools of bliss gathering, gathering, and then finally erupting through her breasts to her nipples, like they were being licked and sucked by Steve. The wave of emotional and sexual bliss encompassed her nipples before bouncing back into her chest and then up and down her spine. All these sensations accumulated, and gave birth to every single orgasm Emma had ever experienced put together.

Moments later, still during the decline of Emma's eruption of pleasure, her mind started regaining its composure. 'OOOOHHHH MMMYYYYY FFFFUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKKKKIIIIINNNNGGGGGGGG GGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think I'll ever be able to come that hard again... EVER! How fucking lucky was that, I swear one more puff of air and I would have just pop like an over inflated fuck doll'. It was true, there was practically no give in Emma's skin, every movement she or Steve made resounded with a rubbery squeak. Her skin flushed red and hot.

(At the same time) Steve looked down at his dick, which had all but disappeared inside Emma. He was still in a semi trance when he heard Emma scream. Her pussy tightened one more time around his dick. He was already on the brink of blowing himself into Emma, now this monumental squeezing of his cock by Emma's cunt muscles threw him over the edge. He started tensing his entire body further. "EMMA, I"M FUCKING COMING, BRACE YOURSELF CAUSE THIS IS GONNA BE HUGE!!!" Steve dug his hands into Emma's legs and grabbed as much of a handful as he could with each hand. Emma braced for Steve's load, she begged for it, she wanted nothing but for him to finish this fuck and blow his hot load in..... to...... 'pop like an over inflated fuck doll'........ 'pop like an over inflated fuck doll'.........' pop like an over inflated fuck doll', the thought echoing in her head . "STEVE NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" but it was too late. Steve's shaft filled with what felt like gallons of cum, all of which was ejected at full pace into the vast emptiness of Emma's body, it lasted for ever.

Emma's body made a very livid moan, followed by Emma herself. Steve had pushed her over the edge, and now he had just pushed her body over the edge as well. Her body groaned, it moaned and it vibrated. Stretching rubber noises were omitted, whilst Emma's body grew ever so slightly in all directions. She clenched her fists and jaw, and closed her eyes tightly. Steve felt himself being crushed more as his girl friend's body expanded one last time, her pussy clenched tight onto his dick. Emma screamed a scream of fear, joy, and overwhelming pleasure before...


The end