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Too Late

This was such a good idea though Justine. "Eric won't know what to do with me when he gets here". Janine had found out by looking through some of Eric's stuff, mainly his computer that he had quite an inflation fetish. Quite a substantial amount of hard drive space was filled with pictures of girls inflating themselves, stories of ballooning girls being fucked by their boyfriends and girlfriends, and movies of cartoon woman exploding like overfilled balloons. This was the bases of Janine's birthday surprise.

Eric and Janine had been dating for several months now, and whilst Janine knew that Eric loved her dearly, she couldn't help but feel they had a diminishing sex life, one which she felt needed to be rekindled. Her plan was simple, become Eric's fantasy and get herself fucked like never before. She had to admit to herself though that she wasn't just looking forward to Eric rooting her, but also the way in which she would become his fantasy.

After she had found Eric's stash, she began searching the internet for forums and discussion boards, anything to help with her birthday surprise. This is because firstly, Janine didn't actually know if the human body could be inflated, and if so, by exactly how much? She actually found the answer again on Eric's computer within one of his online saved pages. There she found several discussion forums and quickly found out the extent to which the human body can inflate. She even found which part inflates in which order when using a specific orifice.

Using a standard compressed air cylinder with its valve 3 quarters the way open, a 5 foot 7 woman of roughly Janine's build inflating for the first time could expand herself for anywhere between 12-15 minutes before the risk of over inflation and…… starts to become a serious threat. Expansion of this magnitude would require around 12 full hours to deflate completely. With this in mind, she decided to put her plan into action. Eric's actual birthday was on Saturday with his party being Saturday night, so she decided that she would wait till Friday afternoon when Eric returned home from work, normally at 4:30.

Friday morning had finally arrived, and Janine followed her usual routine in order to keep her intensions secret from Eric. The only thing which might have given a little away was when she asked him, "Eric, could you please give me a ring this afternoon when you reach the Apple Cross road off ramp". She asked him this because she knew it would take him 10 minutes max to get from the Apple Cross road freeway exit to their house. "Ahh… yeah sure babe, why exactly?" "Oh no reason really, just wanted to know so I can have dinner ready for you when you arrive", she said whilst smiling casually at him. He looked at her and she knew that he suspected something, but she also knew that he had absolutely no idea what was in store for him, and indeed her. The real reasoning behind her knowing this was that she wanted to start her inflation before he came home. She wanted him to walk in and find her as a giant parade balloon version of herself.

He left for work and she immediately began her preparations, she rolled out the compressed air tank to the lounge where she planned to inflate herself, she selected an outfit which she thought would withstand her expansion long enough for Eric to see it rip apart on her. Thinking about it all made her anxious and horny. Since the inflation fetish discovery, Janine had been trying to imagine what it would be like to inflate like a balloon. Having her skin stretched tighter as she increased in size, volume, pressure and sensitivity. Would she simply feel like a balloon, or would she become more sensitive to touch, caress, kiss and fuck. God she couldn't wait for it.

The day took what seemed like an eternity to pass. She tried watching TV and even cleaning but nothing really helped. The hours passed and finally the kitchen clock showed 3:00, she couldn't hold out any longer. She looked over to the tank which was standing upright with its nozzle pointing towards the ceiling, begging her to try it, luring her to feed it into pussy and open it. She apprehensively walked over to the tank whilst pulling down her satin panties to her knees, her outfit was a skimpy denim skirt and tank top so this procedure didn't take long. She was getting hot, a sensation which became more evident as she neared her new sex toy. She stepped over it and lowered her supple womanly parts over the nozzle. She moaned, followed by hmmmmmm, "fuck that's cold!?!" before continuing her descent over the nozzle. "Stop Janine stop right now or else your gonna ruin it!" she hastily said to herself. She quickly pulled off, right before the phone rang. It was Eric, it was early but oh well. "Hey babe, work let me off a little early cause of my birthday, I'm at Apple Cross road now, see you in 10". "FUCK YEAH, its lucky that happened, I don't think I could have lasted much longer". She quickly repositioned herself over the nozzle and promptly sat down, letting the nozzle penetrate her fully, her nether lips following the contours of the cylinder nozzle as it passed into her.

Getting to the valve was tricky but she managed to get a good hold of it. Janine twisted it quickly and was momentarily incapacitated with sensations. The cool air flowing into her pussy was like nothing she had ever felt, dreamed or thought possible. She was so caught up with the moment that she let go of the valve with it only half way open. She failed to notice this but it didn't really matter, all that did matter was the fact that she had begun her inflation and Eric would arrive home in time to watch her inflate, close the valve and then fuck her horny brains out! Compressed air steadily flowed into her body, initially failing to change anything to a noticeable degree. Janine did however give herself entirely to the nozzle, now sticking 6 or so inches into her…… and there it was, the first sign of her expansion, a bump in her lower tummy which was now visibly growing. The waistline of her skirt was beginning to pull tight. Janine smothered her body with her hands, caressing her growing stomach, which now looked 7 or so months pregnant. "This is fucking incredible!" she wanted more as she started trying to force more of the tank nozzle up her wet pussy, placing more of her weight onto it. "Hmmmmm, that's not good enough" she eased out through clenched teeth as she started to pound the tank. Her stomach by now was sticking out 2 foot when an audible pop was heard. She felt her exterior in a moment of panic until she found out it was just her belly button popping out. Her tank top began to show signs of strain, it had crept up her swelling belly, revealing beautifully toned skin.

CreeeeeEEEEKKKKK! "what the fuck was that, I can't be full already, I should be able to inflate heaps bigger than this". Indeed Janine had only been inflating for 2 minutes and so far only her belly had felt the effects. It had stopped growing and Janine grew concerned when she felt a wonderful feeling in her backside. Her ass had begun to inflate, she knew this not only from the vulgar sensations she was getting from it, but also that she could feel it growing in her hands under her skirt. Her cute, tight buns all encapsulated within her satin panties were getting tighter as the filled with the ever flowing gas from the tank. A few minutes passed and her ass cheeks had swelled to the size of over inflated volley balls.

They too came to a creaking halt and Janine knew what was next. She started playing with her C cup tits a few seconds before they too began to inflate. Her bra, one of her smaller ones protested at the onslaught of growing tit flesh. Janine was so hot, she wanted more than anything to be fucked right now. She wanted a hard throbbing member rammed into her at full force. These thoughts plagued her mind as she lost a sense of place and environment. Her tits, now forcefully pushing themselves over the bra cups were reaching D's, DD's, E's and beyond. Her bra couldn't hold out any longer, she felt and heard each of the 3 clips on her back bend and give, the last one sending her tits bouncing free inside her painfully tight tank top.

10 minutes past incredibly quick and troublesome thought occurred to her…… "Where the fuck is Eric!?! He is gonna miss most of the inflation". She had been inflating now for some time now and she was still un-aware that the tank valve was only half open. Her form now was simply a ridiculously inflated version of her once trim self. Her thighs were now blown together and held firmly by her denim skirt, her arms had taken on a the shape of large sausages with smaller ones at their tips. Her tits had also now halted with a familiar creak. Janine now wondered what part of her would inflate next….. wait a second she thought….. everything has already inflated….. that means…. "HRRRRAHHHHH!!! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!" she screamed as she came harder than ever before, her juices dribbling their way down the tank, allowing her to slip further onto it. Everything had been expanded, she regained herself and straightened her eyes as she began to worry about the fact that she was no longer growing.

Everything felt tighter, suddenly she felt it, more growth. It seemed the air inside her needed more pressure to continue inflating her, it had to overcome some pressure in order to grow her further. Now however, everything about Janine grew. Her skirt began to tear around her waist, her belly was now the size of an over inflated gym ball, her tits were now soccer balls and her ass cheeks were mammoth balloons which lead into her equally mammoth thighs. RRIIIIIIIIIIIPPPP, she skirt shredded itself and fell to the floor, her panties had begun to ride up into her ass crack and slowly separate them. They became tighter as she expanded, pushing her further and further towards another orgasm, and still no Eric. This is what she had wanted him to see, to touch and feel, but now her thoughts drifted to a more pressing matter. He plan was that she would inflate to an epic size and Eric would come in and turn of the air because she doubted she would be able to. She had reached and passed the point where she couldn't turn off the tank several minutes ago, meaning that only Eric could turn it off….. AND WHERE THE FUCK WAS HE! 17 minutes had passed, she had started to panic now. She was told that she would be able to inflate only for 15 minutes before….. she didn't want to think about it.

Still she grew, her form taking on a more rounded shape but by no means were her external features overgrown by her stomach, merely extremely emphasized. SNAP! Went her panties followed by a slow ripping of her tank top, which for the past 3 minutes had only covered her down to her nipples. These were like pinkies sticking out of gym balls, these gym balls by now were now sitting right under her chin. A new thought had hit here, literally a pressing one as her head bumped the shallow ceiling of their apartment. With her head on the ceiling and her body still expanding, where would it go…… "AHHHHHH FUCK ME SIDEWAYS!!!" she screamed into her tit flesh, her body started growing over the tank with an ever increasing strength, slowly forcing her inflated cunt further over the tank, she had already hit the bottom of the nozzle and was now "sitting" with tank itself trying to enter her.

Her tight inflated pussy held its own with the tank beginning to indent her swollen form, unfortunately not for long though as all the excitement, coupled with multiple orgasms made pussy wet and slippery, slowly opening its lustrous lips for the 6 inch wide gas tank. "HHHRRRRRRRRMMMMM….ahhhh, AHHHHH!!!" another monstrous orgasm hit her as her lips were spread apart, coming at the worst time as it only added to the lubrication on the tank, allowing it to slip in another 20 inches. "OMG OMG OMG OMG HHHAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!" she lost all sense of purpose and focused on the metallic member which was dominating her sex.

Another couple minutes past and Janine's body only grew outwards and downwards, slowly and relentlessly engulfing the tank, every inch of which causing a minor orgasm for her. Despite the sexual stimulation overload, Janine was very panicked, with Eric being the only person able to turn off the tank and the tank quickly vanishing, if he didn't arrive soon there wouldn't be a tank to turn off! 23 minutes had past, Janine was tremendous, with her body being far wider than it was tall due to the low roof, it easily dwarfed their four wheel drive sitting in the driveway, with accompanying tits nearly 2 meters in diameter, her arms and legs a thing of the past.

Creeeaaaak, omg I'm completely full thought Janine as the sound seemed to come from her body….. but wait, the front door slowly opened, Eric is home. "Honey, I'm home, you wont believe the car accident I got stuck behind, cars banked up………..for………….!?!? WHAT THE FUCK!!!... Janine is that you?" "Yes babe its me, no time to explain, you have to shut off the air tank in my pussy QUICKLY!!!" The situation and the terror in her voice removed every single question from his mind as he bolted over to her…. a SSWWWOOOOPP! sound penetrated the familiar hiss of the tank as Janine's pussy finally touched the floor 'Janine….. what tank were you referring to?" Eric's own voice included an element of terror, terror for what exactly he wasn't sure. "There isn't a tank in my pussy?!? Janine blurted out. "SHIT SHIT SHIT FUCK SHIT I'm gonna pop like an over inflated balloon!!" "Pop? What do you mean pop?" "Eric I found your stash of inflation stuff and well, the very short story is I inflated myself for you, and now my pussy has just eaten the air tank there is no way to shut it off and I'm gonna pop" cried Janine as tears began to well and fall over her squashed cheeks. " I don't want to pop Eric!" Eric still slightly confused, amazed and inappropriately turned on, stuck out his hand to touch the belly of his inflating girlfriend. The audible hiss of the tank emanating from deep within her, causing her form to grow beyond anything comprehendible.

Groaning sounds were starting to overcome the hissing tank inside Janine's body as it quickly halted its growth and hardened. The pressure mounted and Janine could feel her impending doom fast approaching. She had been inflating for just over 25 minutes when her skin became slightly translucent, reddened in color and began vibrating. I'm one last moment of growth, Janine's body grew a foot in all directions. "I'm so sorry Eric, I just wanted to be your ballo..