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Conjoined Inflation

“Hurry up, I’m tired, not to mention pissed off at that juvenile delinquent boss of yours trying to give me seducing looks across the table”, said Cattie in the passenger seat next to her boy friend of one year Jeremy. “I don’t even understand why you bothered going to that stupid end of year gathering, yet alone drag me along with you”. “Party Cattie, that was a party….. well at least it was meant to be” quirked Jeremy with a slight smile gracing his face. “Haha no, parties are when people get drunk and listen to loud music, and dance, and occasionally dress down to their undies and jump into Marks pool, remember that, shit now that was a fucking party”. Catties voice becoming more wholesome as she reminisced about a party her and Jeremy went to last summer at their mate Marks place. The party as it were was where they first met. “lol, yeah I remember how loose you got, didn’t you have something like 8 or 9 shots or something like that?”.

“Are you kidding, I think I polished off a bottle of vodka that night!” Cattie jokingly acting annoyed at Jeremy’s obvious understatement. “Ah yeah that’s right, I remember now, you got so drunk, and then you somehow decided to come sit on my lap and introduce yourself”. Jeremy now breaking into a full faced smile, “if I recall correctly you wanted to drag me off to Mark’s room and have your way with me”. Cattie turned and looked at Jeremy with a squinted face, “of course you remember that, do I have to ask what happened in the end?” “As I recall, we made it to his bathroom….. where you spent the rest of the night with me holding your head out of the toilet haha”. “Shut up, that was a one off drunken miss haps that I’m sure wont happen again………..anytime soon” Cattie added with a giggle. “Fortunately though, you made a full recovery the next day and more than made up for your…hrr hmm… miss hap as it were”. “Gooooooo onnnnnnnnn” Cattie knowing full well what that night entailed, but she wanted to hear Jeremy say it. “Ok ok ok, you fucked my nuts off”. “Hmmm that’s better” Cattie adding with her lips puckered up.

Cattie had always been the dominant one when it came to sexual business. Throughout their relationship, she had always been to the first one to introduce new styles, positions, toys, costumes and the like. Whilst Jeremy may not have been very inventive, he was always happy to go along with Cattie’s plans. “Almost home babe”, “good, cause all this talk of fucking your nuts off is getting me a bit anxious”. “Anxious? Why anxious... you wanna have some fun when we get home”? “Something like that” she smirked with a hint of devilish mischief in her eyes. “Nah I’ve got something special for us that I’ve been wanting to try out for a while, hence the anxiousness, and you’ll only find out once we get home what it is, so the faster you get us home, the faster you can find out how sexual I can be, hmmm k”. How could he argue, he was going to get some, with a little something on the side. He ever so slowly put his foot down on the accelerator… tonight could be one of those nights he thought to himself.

Slam! The garage door flew open with Cattie being carried over Jeremy’s shoulder, her tight ass covered by her dress being ever so proudly displayed. He practically sprinted through their one bedroom apartment as best he could without losing his balance before dropping Cattie onto their double bed bum first. She bounced once towards the centre of the bed, eventually ending up on her back with her right leg bent up upward. Before Jeremy could utter a word, Cattie stopped him. “Stay there for a minute babe” she spoke, barely louder than a whisper with her index finger sitting seductively in her mouth as she said it. “Tonight we build up the mood first, and trust me, when the time comes, you’ll be thankful we took it slow at the start”. She used her feet to flick off her 2 inch high heels, and watched Jeremy’s facial expression as she delicately pulled up her red dress over her knees, up her inviting thighs and over her silk blue panties. Jeremy had seen Cattie naked many times during the course of their relationship, but he never grew tired or bored of watching Cattie undress herself in her own way. As he vaguely recalled other instances when Cattie had pulled stunts like this one, he quickly realized that she had began rubbing her pussy though her panties. Her dress was now hovering around her breasts which to his delight were also being fondled by her. “Hmmm, yeeaah, hmmm shit yeah” she moaned. By this stage Jeremy was sporting a huge hard on, which with every passing moment was more and more eager to dive into his girl friends now moist pussy. “Hmm baby I taste so good” she says as she sinks her fingers under her wet panties and brings them to her lips. “Come have a taste babe”. That was his cue, Jeremy, not to seem too eager, walked up to the end of the bed, pulled her raised leg so that it was sitting flat on the bed, and half lay on the bed and half kneeled on the carpet, his head moving in.

Cautiously, he slid down her panties and started kissing her on her clit, occasionally licking her pussy from bottom to top, making sure not to penetrate, only taste her wonderful juices. Using his left hand, he tip-toed it up to her left tit, which was ripe with sexual content, clearly visible through her dress and bra. He kept licking and kissing, she started moaning and twitching as his tongue glided over her sweet spot. He couldn’t take this much longer, his rock solid cock was begging to be played with, caressed, licked, touched, anything. “That’s it baby, I hope your ready, cause I sure am” he babbled out through pussy lips. He stood up and removed his pants as quickly as humanly possible, and just before he entered her, she again stopped him. “Babe not just yet, I’m gonna need all of you in a few moments”, that devilish look from the car reappeared. It was enough to make Jeremy stop as he knew waiting for whatever it was that Cattie had in store would be worth it. Oddly enough, what Cattie did next left him stumped. She patted the spot next to her, enticing him to slide up next to her, which he did quickly this time, only to have her get up and promptly walked into the bathroom.

What she came back with was downright baffling. She had a gushing hose in her hand which could only have been attached to the bathroom sink. She stopped at the foot of the bed, still wearing her silk panties, her dress had slid back down. She looked Jeremy straight in the eyes and said, “watch this” before pulling up the back side of her dress, shifting the seat of her panties and shoving the gushing hose deep up into inviting ass. “snnnssssss, ahhh yeah” was all that escaped her lips. Hose still in her, Cattie began playing with her pussy once more, this time with more vigor and passion than before. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?!” cried out Jeremy. “Relax baby, I know what I’m doing” she said in a re-assuring voice. She lay down on her back next to Jeremy who was still awestruck. She grabbed his hand and moved it down to her soaking wet pussy, she rolled over and whispered into his ear, “play with me”. Lying side by side, Cattie began kissing Jeremy on his lips. Still a little un-easy, he began playing with her pussy, which seemed slightly tighter than before, in fact, as his hand followed the curves of her hips, around her ass cheeks and up to her tits he noticed every part of her seemed a little tighter, a little harder and more firm. “Honey, have u been working out?” he said in between kisses. “hmm hmm hmm, not anymore than usual” was all she said with a cheek to cheek grin across her face. Sitting up and looking at her, he noticed a light bump hovering over her tummy. Not only that, it seemed to be getting bigger. He quickly put 2 and 2 together and realized that the hose, still up in her ass was filling her with water. He went to pull the hose out but was quickly halted by Cattie who grabbed him, and pulled him onto her swelling belly. “This is meant to happen silly, I’ve always wanted to be fucked whilst being inflated”. Jeremy couldn’t believe it, but the softness in her voice and look in her eyes told him she knew what she was doing.

Looking at her now, Jeremy couldn’t help but feel sexually stimulated by her growing form. Her pressing stomach inching its way into his own. He had always loved curvy women, and now it seemed he was going to get what he always wanted, and then some. He grabbed her ass through her dress and noted that it had kept growning…. considerably, now rivaling two basket balls. Following the bottom of her ass cheeks and around to her thighs, they too were now much thicker than before. Looking at his inflating girlfriend and loving every moment of her expansion, he pulled up her dress far enough so he could reach her cunt. He began playing with her nether lips again through her panties. Cattie arching her back and moaning as he did so. “Fuck yeah, it’s better than what I’ve imagined, fuck fuck fuck this feels so good. Touch me Jeremy, play with me, suck my tits”!! Jeremy was only too happy to comply. He played harder with her pussy, and with his free hand grabbed her bra and dress and pulled it down before latching onto her left tit and sucking hard. He couldn’t put aside the feeling that his ass was somewhat higher than before, looking back along Cattie, he saw that her belly was now the size of a full term pregnant woman’s who was carrying twins. This turned him on more than he thought possible. He looked back at her tits and sore they had also now started to fill with water. Holding onto her left tit he could feel water welling up inside of it, edging it to grow bigger. Wearing a low cut dress, Jeremy could see her B cups progressing to C’s and onto D’s. Cattie’s inflation was stretching her skin, making it incredibly tight. Her nipples had swollen, sticking out clearly through her dress and bra, resembling two small circus tents atop two growing melons. This was delicious, he wanted to play with them, but he couldn’t forget about her dripping cunt. “Oooo yeah babe, that’s it, touch me, suck me, but don’t fuck…ahhhhhhh…. me just yet hmmmmm ok. I’m gonna need you in just a sec”.

Cattie had her eyes closed tightly as she relished every moment of her inflation. Jeremy knew she was getting close to an orgasm, so he figured he’d speed up the process. He slid off her now gym ball sized stomach and moved down to her soaking panties which weren’t fairing to well against her swelling thighs and ballooning ass. Tears appeared along the seams, the crutch had ridden up between her lips, causing Cattie’s head to spin with sexual stimulation. The remainder of her panties were stretched so thin they looked slightly skin colored, “these aren’t gonna last much RIIIIIPPPP….longer”. He gazed at her cunt, noticing what looked like water dribbling out. “Babe, your pussy is leaking water”. “That’s it, just a little longer, just a bit bigger, and then you can fuck the living shit out of me”. Jeremy sat back a bit and watched as his girlfriend lost more and more of her human form, becoming more and more like a parade balloon of herself. Her tits were now the size of basket balls, her bra now a thing of constraint rather than support, her ass cheeks were the size of overinflated soccer balls, and her stomach was starting to merge with her crutch. Her hips and thighs were nearly 5 times thicker than original, all the while, the water coming out of her pussy slowly increased its flow rate.

As the flow rate increased, her expansion slowed until she appeared to reach her equilibrium. The amount of water entering her ass was equal to the amount flowing out of her pussy. Her red dress was stretched over her dome of a stomach, the top half around her breasts was ripped to shreds by her mammoth tits. Her entire body as it were, was simply enormous. Sticking out at her sides were her inflated arms, with only a mere wiggle of the fingers at their disposal. Her crotch had now engulfed most of her legs, and what was visible of them was titanic. Her near spherical body began to deform under its immense weight, becoming slightly flatter. “It’s time babe, FUCK ME”! Jeremy wasted no time, positioning his dick mere inches away from her gushing pussy. She had gotten so big he had to stand on the bed to get his dick level with its target. He entered her brutally, needing to release all that built up sexual tension he got from watching and waiting. Cattie, already on the brink of orgasm, came hard, real hard. Because of her tightened pussy, Jeremy’s member felt gargantuan. Moaning and breathing heavily, but before she could regain her composure, Jeremy began humping like he had never humped before, sending ripples through her body. The flow of water was reluctant, every time he thrust in, his dick sealed off Cattie’s pussy, causing a slight increase in pressure which forced it out again. He disregarded this as he simply savored the feeling of having such a tight pussy wrapped around his cock. It was incredible, he couldn’t describe it, even in his head to himself. He humped, pumped and fucked with all he had until he felt his dick stiffen, his loins filling with cum. Cattie could sense it as well, but she was in her own world, on the brink of her own second orgasm. Both started breathing with increased depth, it was coming, the moment both of them had been longing for.

Jeremy wrapped his arms around what he could of Catties thighs and pulled himself into her, his dick easily reaching in another couple of inches as he came inside his giant water balloon of a girlfriend. Cattie felt it to, a scream of ecstasy escaping her tilted back head, her whole form shivering as she came harder than she had ever before. Jeremy held himself tightly against her squishy form, the water displaced from her crutch causing her heavy arms to rise slightly. This was it, it was tremendous, and yet, something was astray. He felt pressure building in his dick which he had never felt before. It almost felt as though his cum wasn’t exiting his dick, but entering it! He quickly tried pulling out but yelped in pain when his cock failed to follow him. He was stuck against Cattie with his dick locked inside her pussy. But how, then it came to him, the felling of cum entering his dick was actually water making it swell, and because Cattie’s pussy had been tightened, it was now clamped onto his dick. As soon as Jeremy figured this out, he calmed down, but was quickly worried again as he noticed Cattie had begun swelling once more.

“Jeremy, what’s going on, why am I swelling again”!?! “lol, it seems I’ve plugged you up with my dick, no worries I’ll just pull the hose out and we can relax”. A notion he regrettably choked on as when he tried to grab the hose, he found he couldn’t reach it. “SHIT SHIT SHIT, FUCK. I CANT REACH THE HOSE!” “WHAT YOU MEAN YOU CANT REACH THE FUCKING HOSE” shouted Cattie with shear panic causing her voice to shriek. “I mean I’d need to cut my dick off in order to be able to reach down far enough to get it”. Neither could even see each other anymore, Cattie’s stomach and tits swelling up and blocking their line of sight. Neither knew what to do, all the while Cattie continued swelling. Her ass cheeks so huge it raised up her private region such that Jeremy had to stand on tippy toes just to stay attached to his dick. Her red dress was now at its limit, it looked like it was painted over her stomach which was getting up to the size of a small car. Much like her panties, her dress simply couldn’t hold on any longer, ripping apart and falling to the floor. Her bra now left to its own devices, literally exploded off her now gym ball sized tits, causing them to slosh around and eventually hang by her sides. “Hurry up Jeremy, I don’t think I can take much AHHHHHHH”!!! She couldn’t finish, water was still flowing into her, but a little was also still increasing Jeremy’s girth, all the while her pussy clenched harder and harder, bringer her to another massive orgasm. The bed creaked underneath them, suddenly, CRASH! The bed couldn’t take her growing form any longer and collapsed. Cattie’s growth rate was again slowing, but not because it was reaching its equilibrium, but because it was reaching its limit. Ominous groans were being emitted from Cattie’s immense body. How much more could she take she kept asking herself. Suddenly, she stopped growing, but she could feel the hose was still locked up between her ass cheeks. Where was it going?

“Babe, u won’t believe this, but that water going into you, is now going into me”! Jeremy couldn’t believe it, but his growing nuts, dick, ass, and thighs confirmed it, he was inflating just like Cattie. Now they were both in real shit, soon, neither would be able to do much of anything, other than grow and grow….. and……. They didn’t want to think about it, but the longer they stayed stuck together, the heavier those dreadful thoughts became, just like themselves. Before Jeremy lost all mobility, he managed to jump up and grab some of Cattie’s stomach, and roll her forward so his dick wouldn’t get ripped off. This resulted in Cattie’s tits resting on Jeremy’s chest/stomach. For the first time in several tense minutes, both could see each other, and their facial expressions were less than comforting to each other. By now, Jeremy had lost his human figure as well, though he was still smaller than Cattie, he was quickly looking more and more like a parade balloon of himself. His arms starting to become rigid as they filled with water. His nuts gorging on the intake of water, now reaching nearly a meter in diameter each. They soon reached their maximum, at which point his stomach took up the flow of water. Several minutes past as he grew, his arms and legs sinking into his sphere of a body with his nuts propping him up. Bigger and bigger he swelled, all the while both of them were making grunting noises as they neared their inevitable end. More minutes past and soon Jeremy was equal in size to once trim girlfriend. Again, ominous groaning noises were heard, but now they appeared twice as loud and many times deeper. “This is it”! Cattie said through clenched teeth. Neither balloon was growing anymore, it was simply a matter of who would pop first. Both bodies started turning an angry red, whilst stretch marks began to grow towards the tightest parts of their anatomies. For Cattie, these were her tits, ass cheeks and stomach, for Jeremy, these were his belly and nuts. Slowly they crept closer and closer to a single point. The lines on Jeremy seemed almost to travel faster than Cattie’s. They were mere inches away from his belly button. Without warning, Jeremy’s body grew a full foot in all directions. “SHIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!”


Cattie was rocked by a massive explosion followed by a monstrous wave of water which rocked her back. Where she opened her eyes, she saw nothing… nothing but a room full of water. Jeremy had exploded into nothing. Her attention was grabbed by a feeling of sexual bliss once more. Like before her plugging, water began spewing out her pussy, it felt great but she didn’t want it right now. Her lover had just exploded on account of her sexual fantasy. She felt terrible, and what’s worse, the fucking hose was still up her ass, pumping her with water. She thought she’d sit there, water gushing out her cunt until someone missed her and came looking, but she was confronted by a situation. Jeremy’s explosion had rocked her backwards, but not enough to role her over all the way. Slowly, her huge tits pulled her forward. During her inflation attached to Jeremy, her vagina had been well off the ground, but as she slowly rolled forward, her tight, gushing pussy descended towards the floor, which was littered with soaked books, bits of broken bed, washed out clothes and other debris. One item in particular was a short deodorant can which belonged to Jeremy. Amazingly it had somehow ended upright after the explosion, and more amazingly was its precise location on the floor. Cattie continued to roll forward, oblivious to the deodorant can when suddenly, as her crotch hit the floor she felt it. Her pussy was slowly pried open as the can entered her, getting stuck just like Jeremy’s dick had prior. Her majestic roll continued until she was resting on her two huge tits and stomach, her crotch with the can in it, and her ass still with the hose still in it pointing upwards towards the ceiling. She knew it, this was her end. “Fuck, ahhhhhhHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Gritting her teeth hard and clenching her face, hands and feet, a tear making its way down her cheek. She simply couldn’t get any bigger, the stretch marks across her tits and ass cheeks from before started growing again and finally touched, her body expanding just like Jeremy’s…. her last thought…see you soon babe……xoxo