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The Inflation Room

All eyes turned on Gary as he entered the high school library. He walked awkwardly to a distant desk, far away from other students as possible. He slouched as he walked, trying to keep a low profile, but his eyes ran across Shelly, a pretty blonde who, having never paid attention to him before, now smiled and waved at him.

He smiled back, surprised at the positive attention. Could his new-found notoriety finally be working in his favor?

But then, Shelly puffed out her cheeks and stuck her arms out in front of her in a semi-circle, mimicking the effect of a sudden inflation of her body. The girlfriends at her table burst out laughing, directing most of their hilarity at Gary's reddening face.

Gary had set himself up for this humiliation. He had kept a notebook in which he included stories and drawings, all of which centered around his sexual desire to be inflated like a balloon by beautiful women. There's a rule about keeping a notebook like this: Don't bring it to school. Ever. Never never never never ever.

As it was, the notebook was stolen from his backpack as a prank. The bullies who stole the notebook didn't know exactly what they were stealing. But by the week's end, it seemed as if everyone from the students, to the teachers, to the school council had read and seen Gary's balloon fantasies. They saw the pictures of himself, blown up into a ball and dangling on a string held by various female schoolmates--all of whom made a point to avoid him now. The captions to the pictures read, "Inflate me like a balloon!" and "Blow me bigger!" Other students were amused, disgusted, or downright freaked out to read his stories, all of which contained scenes where the main character--always named Gary--was blown up like a balloon or turned into a balloon. It made quite an impression on all who saw it, to say the least.

As quietly as possible, he headed to an isolated table, ignoring the girl who whispered, "Pop!" as he passed her. He sat down and pretended to concentrate on his studies, though it was a vain effort.

A few minutes later, someone joined him at his table. Michelle Brown, a quiet, unassuming artistic type, sat down across from him. She was a small, slender brunette, not overtly pretty--Gary had never really noticed her before--but certainly not painful to look at. He wondered what kind of grief he was going to get from her.

She leaned forward and spoke very softly. "I never told anyone this before, but..." She glanced around nervously and hesitated. "I... I kind of have a thing for balloons."

To Gary, Michelle suddenly became the most beautiful girl in school.

There was no talk of dating or starting any kind of romantic relationship. But as the two sat in Michelle's living room, blowing up balloons, Gary was swelling with sexual tension. By the time Michelle had inflated her first balloon halfway, he had a full-fledged erection. He tried to focus on blowing up the blue balloon he'd chosen from her plentiful stash of balloons, but he couldn't take his eyes of her face as her cheeks puffed up and her balloon got so beautifully bigger and bigger and bigger...

Finally, the balloon was near bursting, and she tied it off and gently batted it into the air. Gary asked, "You're not a popper, are you?"

"Oh, sometimes," she said dreamily. "But other times, I like to hold them." She caught the balloon as it descended and wrapped her arms around it. "And I like to hug them, squeeze them. Smell them. Taste them." She demonstrated each action, culminating in her giving the balloon a long, wet lick.

Gary contemplated the etiquette involved in masturbating in someone else's bathroom.

An hour quickly passed by as the two engaged in balloon blowing, balloon play, balloon discussions. Gary was now at ease, having spontaneously ejaculated long ago. All around them were inflated balloons of various colors and sizes, as well as the shreds of countless other balloons that did not survive the onslaught of Michelle's and Gary's air. There was no doubt about it now: Gary was seriously in love.

Michelle was filling yet another balloon closer to its bursting point. Gary said for about the 100th time that evening, "God, I wish I was that balloon!"

Michelle smiled patiently at him.

Gary watched for a moment more before asking the question that had been circling around for some time. "You never dreamed of actually being a balloon?"

She removed the balloon from her mouth. "Can't say I really thought about it," she admitted. "What's the appeal?"

"Well, much of it is the same as balloons," Gary explained, "the inflation, the growing tension, the possibility of popping--or even the anticipation of it. Except, with body inflation, ..." He drifted off, reaching forward to rub his hand over her fully inflated balloon. "...The stakes are much higher. It's not just the balloon that will pop. I might pop, too! And if I were this balloon"--he looked away from her balloon and into her eyes--"I'd be totally helpless. Whether or not I pop is completely up to you. So, tell me: If I were this balloon... would you... would you pop me?"

She smiled teasingly. "Well, I don't know. Would you want me to?"

He smiled back. "Pretend that balloon is me," he told her. "I am that balloon. What do you do?"

She felt the balloon's tautness. "I guess I'd put just one more small blow into you."

"So do it."

She blew. But it was not a small blow. He was surprised by her ferocity: Usually, she blew nice, slow breaths; but this time, she inhaled loudly and deeply, engorging her lungs with air before expelling it violently into the balloon. For several long, tense moments, Gary sat mesmerized by the sound of the puffing and the sight of the balloon that simply couldn't get any bigger...!


Michelle and Gary jumped as the pieces of the burst balloon scattered in every direction. "Oh, wow!" Michelle cried out. "That one went EVERYWHERE."

Gary sat back, looking dazedly at the scattered fragments. "If that had really been me...!"

"Oops," said Michelle, and giggled.

Unable to control himself any longer, he leaned forward and kissed her passionately on the mouth. She didn't resist, and the kiss lasted several moments.

She finally pulled back. "Let's do it."

His eyes widened. Did she really say--

She laughed. "No, not THAT. I mean, let's make you my balloon. I'll bet you could be the biggest balloon I ever had."

He raised an eyebrow. "What did you have in mind?"

Without immediately answering, Michelle stood up and rolled over the automatic air pump they had used to blow up the biggest balloons in her collection. She took the hose and held it before his lips. "Open," she said. He obeyed, and she inserted the hose in his mouth and turned on the pump.

His eyes widened as his cheeks plumped up with air... as did his stomach... his torso... his arms and legs... A wave of euphoria spread over his body as the smile spread across Michelle's face. He swelled up like a balloon version of himself, defying physics as he got lighter even as his size increased. At first, he was merely plumped up, but as the air continued to fill him, his midsection became more rounded and ball-like. Michelle was laughing all the while, holding the hose firmly as she watched him expand.

"Oh, it's beautiful," she murmured in awe.

Gary agreed, though he wasn't in a position to speak. He allowed himself to inflate into a large, round ball, his human form replaced with nothing but an inflating globe. In the back of his mind were some questions--as in, exactly how much air could a human body take before the inevitable? But he didn't want to address those concerns at the moment. All he wanted to do was relax and enjoy his realized dream of becoming a balloon. If I pop, I pop!, he thought to himself...

As his size increased, logic slipped further and further away from him, and thoughts danced randomly about in his head like a dream...

I'm a balloon, Michelle... Michelle's balloon... I'm getting bigger... I'm a balloon I'm a balloon I'm a balloon... Inflating... Michelle... so big... Bigger than any other balloon... I'll be bigger than the world, Michelle...!

He grew and grew and grew and didn't care if it would ever end. Or how.

And then, as if awaking from a dream, he stopped growing.

Michelle had removed the hose and tilted his round balloon-body so that she could look him in the eyes. "I wasn't sure when to stop," she told him. "You seemed to be having a good time, but it sounded like you were trying to tell me something."

"I was?" He didn't remember that.

"In any case," she went on, "I think it's good that I stopped when I did. You're so tight and big, if I put an more air in, it would've been Goodbye To You!"

He smiled. "Well, thanks. I was kind of out of it for a while. I had no idea how big I was getting." He tried to look around but found that he couldn't, as he'd swelled so much he no longer had a neck. What he could see--and more importantly, what he could feel--is that he was big and round. Just like the balloon he always wanted to be.

"So?" she asked. "Is it All You Wanted?"

"It's better than I dreamed," he said solemnly. "I kind of wish I had thought of inflating myself before... but I'm glad I waited. I'm glad you're here to see me like this, so big and inflated and helpless! I'm glad to be your balloon, Michelle!"

"And I'm glad to have a balloon I can talk to!" she said and laughed again. "My two favourite things: guys and balloons, and now I have one that's both!"

"Play with me," he begged her.

"What do you want me to do to you?"

"Anything." He smiled as the word came out. "You can do anything to me."

So she did, spending the next several minutes bouncing Gary around, joking about how easily she could pop him if he ever gave her any lip. She squeezed him, tossed him around--and just like her balloons, she gave him a long, wet lick over what had been his chest. Gary helplessly and happily enjoyed every second of it.

Finally, breathless, she lay down on the carpet, placing Gary on top of her, so she could feel the weight of her giant balloon all over her supple body. "You look so happy," she giggled at him.

"It's... it's... paradise!" he admitted.

"I confess this has got me rather curious," she said thoughtfully. "Maybe I should try it!"

Gary hated to see the balloon-play end, but he imagined the sight of Michelle blowing up into a balloon, and the thought struck him with a intense rush of desire. "Oh, you've got to!" he told her. "It feels so good!"

She tossed him casually aside and jumped to her feet, heading for the pump. "I'm going to try something a little different," she said, and pulled up her top, exposing her smooth, feminine belly with its dainty belly button. She walked into the pump, placing the hose into her navel and turned the pump full throttle. As her body plumped up and expanded, she threw her head back in a sudden orgasm. "Gary!" she moaned in pleasure, her next words having no coherence whatsoever. She opened her eyes to face Gary again, smiling back at him before her breasts and thighs blew outward, causing another wave of pleasure to wash over her.

Gary was mesmerized by her ballooning form. All balloons were beautiful, he thought, but this was the most beautiful one ever. She inflated quickly, ripping apart her tight jeans as her body soared outward, rounding out as she filled, filled, filled with air, blimping out into a rounder, larger shape.

As her legs lifted off the ground and her arms grew smaller as they merged with her inflating body, Gary finally regained some semblance of logical thinking and asked himself, How is she going to shut off the pump?

"Michelle?" he asked. "Can you move?"

Michelle was too entranced by her expanding body to think clearly. Her periods of clear thinking came in brief flashes. "Oh, God, no! I can't move... can't stop... getting bigger... Oh, I'm so big... I'm a balloon! I'm a balloon, Gary! ... Gotta get free so I can fly into the air like good balloons should... No! Gotta get free or I'll pop!... I'll pop. I'll pop. I'll burst!... Getting too big... Too big, bigger bigger bigger!..."

"Michelle! Pull yourself free!" Gary tried to move himself, but he could only bounce or roll a few inches at a time. "Michelle! Can you hear me? I'm coming!" But he wasn't coming at all. At least, not nearly fast enough.

"Is that you, Gary?... Feel like I'm gonna burst, help me!... Help me get bigger... I'm a balloon... Balloons burst... I'm so big... I'll be bigger than you, Gary! I AM bigger than you! Can you see me?! I'll be bigger than the world...!"

Gary stopped moving, for he knew it was hopeless. She was, in fact, even bigger than he was, and she squeaked and pulsated from the strain that the never-ending flow of air was putting on her straining body, which filled most of the room, touching the ceiling, and soon would be touching Gary.

She inflated even bigger, and their round bodies touched.


He didn't answer.

Her eyes were glazed, staring unconsciously into oblivion.

"My God," she said. "It's full of stars."

And then she burst into a million fragments.

Gary lay in silence for several long moments. Only the sound of the still-running hose could be heard.

He thought of how he talked her into it, and how he should have told her how the inflation kept him from thinking straight, and how he should have been there to keep her safe. But inflation felt so good. He wanted to share it with her.

And she had looked so beautiful, so amazingly beautiful as a balloon. And, God help him, she looked so beautiful when she popped!

Gary moved again. And he would keep moving, tirelessly and relentlessly for the better part of an hour, nudging his ballooned body ever closer to the pump. Without hesitating even a second, he put his lips around the hose. And all at once, he felt himself getting bigger again. Unceasingly bigger. And his thoughts began to drift away, as if fading into a dream.

I'm going to get so much bigger... I'll be the biggest balloon ever! I'll show Michelle I can be bigger than her!... Michelle, beautiful balloon... I'll always be your balloon, I'm your balloon, your big, round balloon...

My God. It's full of stars.