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Wedding Traditions

Clarissa took shallow gentle breaths.

Tight, frantic squeaks erupted from her body with each breath. Every single shallow breath tensed her skin, and she shivered from the pressure of more air entering her body. She was a sphere, a massive balloon that was once a woman. A small five foot tall deflated, that she was more than seven feet in diameter now was a testament to her inflation abilities.

Her eyes snapped open frantic when she felt a firm poke into her side.

“Gina!!!! Don’t poke me when I’m this full!” She gasped out, breathless.

“Sorry!” Her bridesmaid said. “Just checking to see if you’re at capacity…” She placed a hand to her chin. “Do you think you can take the full ten breaths?”

“Y-yes… of course… It’s all ceremonial anyway, he’ll go easy on me.”

Gina sighed. “It’s a ceremony yes, but it’s supposed to be you showing off your ability to grow, and he’s supposed to give you all he’s got.”

Clarissa didn’t say anything, biting her lip. Her body groaned when she took another breath. “Johnny won’t pop me yet…” She said, huffing.


Soon, the marriage was to be on. There was some socialization before the ceremony itself. Some tanks for inflation, carbonated wines, socializing. Clarissa and Johnny were not to be together during this party before the ceremony, so they kept to opposite ends of the hall. Clarissa’s wedding dress was simple, large swathes of cloth surrounded her in full. But only anchored in crucial places to preserve her modesty for the big ceremony. She drank heavily, bloating already. It was considered a common and even welcome thing to be a bit bloated before the ceremony.

Her mother came over, actually, she was her fifth mother, but she’s been there the past several years. And was more than proud to be here on this day. They talked, hugged tight. And prepared for the big ceremony.


Clarissa’s heart pounded. A lump sat in her throat. Johnny stood across from her, holding her hands. Together, they watched Clarissa’s mother inflate.

She grew bigger and bigger, naked, her bare body ballooning for all those at the ceremony to see. She had given her speech about her and Clarissa’s time together, about Clarissa’s successes, and her love she felt for Johnny. The entire time, she was being inflated- the hose of light gas pumping into her loins.

She had begun to rush a bit though. Reaching her capacity at nearly six feet wide, she realized she was running out of time.

“And so- do you take Clarissa-“ She bit her lip as she tensed. “To be your balloon, your wife, to love her every d- d- day- Until she pops?” Clarissa’s mother said, the pressure getting to her.

Johnny smiled, that wide smile. “I do.” He said.

Clarissa’s mother began to groan and creak from pressure, as she floated there- bloating tighter and tighter. “A-A-Aand do you take Johnny- To be h-h-his balloon. To be his wife. And to love him until the day you pop?”

Heart racing. “I do!” Clarissa said.

“And so- I pronounce you- Husb- Husband and Balloon!” Clarissa’s mother said. Loud creaking and groaning, squeaking from pressure. Sweat glistening her rubber spherical body. “A- and- may you two have- a full- loving- m-m-marriage.” She clenched her teeth between words. Trying to hold herself together. “And you two- have my pride, my love, and my blessing- so- I burst f-“ And- before finishing her speech, Clarissa’s mother blew apart. Showering the hall and guests with peach rubbery confetti.

Heart swollen with love, and happiness. Clarissa watched the scraps of her mother rain down upon them. She felt uneasy, the mother bursting before finishing her blessing speech was considered bad luck.

“And so-“ Gina said. “There is one more ceremony before we go to the reception!” Hauling over another huge tank of air.

Heart racing, Clarissa nodded. Bending over slightly, Gina inserted the hose and turned it on. Biting her lip, Clarissa savoured the loving, wide smile on Johnny’s face. And the crowd watching her as she began to bloat and swell. Filling out her dress, she undid buttons and ties, letting the layers of fabric loose.

She bloated, bigger, and bigger, her torso rounding out, her tits and ass swelling into great big balloons. Adjusting, her gown stretched to cover her nipples and pussy, keeping her decent in front her friends and family. Soon, she was round, and still swelling.

Gina kept a hand on Clarissa’s side, measuring her tautness as she swelled to her full seven foot diameter. Firm to the touch. And with that, Gina turned off the valve.

Clarissa sat there, helpless in front of her new husband, and the crowd gathered before her. Tugging on her now barely a bikini dress, Johnny rolled her to face him. And, kissed her, long and deep. The crowd counted “One!” And with that little kiss, he blew a tiny breath into her.

Clarissa was in heaven, the inflation, Johnny, the air kisses. Even with the pressure almost unbearably high, she savoured each breath.

He’d pull away, and then come again, for another. “Two, Three, Four” the crowd counted each kiss and each breath of air. Clarissa was covered in sweat. Johnny was pushing bigger and bigger breaths into her each time. Despite that her body groaned in greater protest with each breath. “Five, Six, Seven!”

But then, Johnny held her face, her soft almost puffy cheeks. This time, he said. “Love you, my precious balloon bride.” And then he took as deep a breath as he could, and blue hard into her.

Clarissa tensed up, this breath was long and hard and she felt her entire body quake and quiver, trying to contain it. Already pushed to her limit. When he pulled away, she looked at him longingly. Too scared to breath, much less speak. Each inch of her felt full, beyond belief.

“Can you inflate for me? Forever?” He asked.

Clarissa wasn’t sure-

He kissed her again. “Eight!” Another small, merciful breath. But still, her body groained in pained protest.

She clenched her eyes shut. As Johnny took another deep breath and dove in. Their lips touched, she stretched. “Ni-“

Time froze. Clarissa felt herself blow apart. Her eyes shot open. And the splitting sensation spread across her body. Each part giving into the storm of air, blasting her apart.


Clarissa blew apart, sending rubbery bits and scraps of dress everywhere.

And the crowd sat stunned. It happened, it often did. Not all brides were capable of taking the full ten breaths. And so, after some silence, they began to applaud. Johnny stood there for a bit, basking in it.

A short marriage, but still a wonderful one.


The reception was successful, people swapped stories of Clarissa and her mother, of Johnny’s love. He kept all of their scraps. For image purposes. And it was hard to tell which was which.

Much inflation happened. Many more women would burst that night at that party. Too much champagne, inflation, and such. Johnny even hired several strippers to burst just for the party.

“Another successful wedding…” He thought to himself, watching another woman blow apart into millions of rubbery scraps.