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Birthday Pumps

Rick grinned and patted Brink on the back as they both walked down a dark alley. “S-so.. where are we going again, Rick?”

Brink’s boyfriend shrugged dismissively. “This club I heard about, I think you’ll like it.” He paused, glanced down another alley, then turned back to face Brink.

“Don’t worry, I think we’re close.”

Brink arched an eyebrow at his boyfriend. “Why are you taking me to a nightclub? I thought we agreed, we won’t stick around in public spaces..”

Rick shrugged, before pointing out a doorway, illuminated in an erratic array of colors. Brink allowed his boyfriend to lead him to the club’s entrance, and as they entered, they were met with a surprisingly tame setting.

A disco orb was hanging in the doorway, that lead into a large sort of luxury living room, with a variety of large couches and lounges. A peculiar emblem of an inflated skull was patterned on black balloons, yoga balls and coasters all over the place, alongside large helium and oxygen tanks, all labeled with the same symbol.

“Is.. this what I think it is?” Brink murmured, in awe as he took in the setting.

“Yeah, I think so! Happy birthday.” Rick replied promptly. The club was relatively empty, though a woman wearing a tanktop with the club’s sigil on her bosom seemed to be looking Brink and Rick over.

“So, what can I get for you boys?” she asked plainly, her arms crossed firmly.

Rick grinned at Brink and looked towards the woman knowingly. “It’s my boyfriend’s birthday; I’d like to give him his birthday pumps.”

Brink blushed. “W-what? Y-you’re kidding, this is..” The woman had escaped his view, pulling his jeans down as he began to dawdle, acting as if he wasn’t consenting to the hose now firmly in his rear. He blushed and stumbled toward the nearest couch, his pants now dangling around his feet. Rick sat across from his boyfriend with the unique pump between his legs, helping his partner remove his shirt and socks, tugging until Brink’s clumped pants and underwear slid off.

“W-What.. What are birthday pumps?” Brink innocently asked, looking up to his partner.

“Your 20th birthday.. so..” Rick muttered, looking up at the guide. She grinned.

“As many as it takes.” She said, before pursing her lips and sitting in a curved acrylic chair, just a few feet away from the two.

Brink’s half-pitched cock instinctively twitched at the woman’s suggestion. He gave Rick an agape look. “Y-you can’t be s-serious..”

“One..” Rick snickered as he lightly pressed down on the modified bicycle pump. A soft hiss escaped from Brink’s bare pale rump and his gut gurgled ominously.

“Ooo.. This feels weird..” Brink murmured, his fingers probing the light chub over his uninflated gut.

Rick giggled and drew the handle of the pump up, before forcefully pressing it down.


“Ooh.. Hah.. D-don’t have to start so quickly.” Brink whimpered as his belly gurgled, his cheeks turning a deeper red. His cock sprung above his chest, making him grunt and blush more. I’m not even inflated yet, and I’m already squirming..

“Heheh.. Two..” Rick gave Brink a peck on the knee, before drawing the pump’s handle up again and compressing it.


“Mm..” Brink whined his reply, his stomach gurgling again as Rick drew the pump up again, the bottom of the pump now firmly under his sneakers.

“Three..” He smirked and watched his boyfriend’s pale thin body as he pushed the handle down, his cock growing harder with each agonizing press.


“W-ha.. Mm.. J-just keep going.. I’m.. 20 after all.. Hehe..” Brink whimpered, running his hand down his foreskin and tugging lightly, his other hand gripping his squishy butt.

“Four.. Five.. Six!” Rick started, drawing and pressing the pump faster and with more force, each pump causing Brink’s soft belly to distend half an inch, until his gut seemed a little chubbier than usual.

“Oooh.. Keep going, Rick.. Mm.. Fill me up..” Brink groaned and ran his hands over his balls as Rick continued, no longer bothering to count, watching his boyfriend’s belly rise and rise.

Pffrt! Pft! Blrt! Bfrpt!

“Oooh.. Oh, Rick! I’m starting to get tight..” Brink whined as he ran his hands over his now foot-distended gut. His taut belly had taken on a fine sheen, though it was still relatively opaque. His cock dripped pre, his toes curling in anticipation as Rick moaned and rubbed his own cock, pulling down his grey-plaid shorts and sweaty underwear. He bit his lip and let go of his thick cut prick and began to pump his boyfriend bigger.

Blrp! Frrbpt.. Frrpt! Pffrbt!

Brink’s eyes drifted hazily as his belly grew larger and larger, squeakier and squeakier, his rump growing under his fingers as well. His soft and taut skin had become incredibly sensitive all over. He could feel the stretch left in him, wondering what he’d look like all blown up. But instead of voicing any of his concerns, he instead moaned his instinctual reply.

“Keep.. Going..” He moaned and groped his own ass. His balls had grown slightly pudgy as well, looking like a somewhat deflated helium rubber balloon.

“Seven.. Eight..” Rick chuckled and stroked his rod with one hand, his strong arm on the pump, drawing and pushing the handle down quickly and forcefully, each pump creating an audible hiss and thump.

Brink groaned and writhed in pleasure from the succession of pumps, fingering his own rear until the hose suddenly slid deeper, the air making him shudder now as his body became more distended. Before her very eyes, the woman present watched as the distended man’s balls began to stretch and overinflate, along with the majority of his thighs. She gasped and ran a hand against her groin.

Rick moaned and pressed his cock to his thigh, pressing down hard on the pump, before drawing it and pumping it around four more times, until he was sweating as he pressed, his cock streaming pre-cum into his underwear.

The birthday boy squirmed and groaned, his cock now pressed hard against the carpeted floor as his body became stiff and distended, his rump huge and his gut bloated and abnormally large and taut. His partner continued to pump, each blast making him whimper and groan, his cock suddenly spasming and pouring out a bubbling white froth onto the floor before the woman, who abruptly jumped out of her chair and skipped away from the mess. The smell of cum became fragrant in the air as Rick suddenly came as well, drenching the leg of his jeans, pausing for a moment only to continue violently pumping.

His boyfriend began to squeak with each pump, Brink’s body expanding well out of shape; his feet and hands like overinflated gloves, his entire torso having become obnoxiously rounded and taut. Even his cock became large and overinflated; it was practically transparent, too taut to even cum anymore. Rick moaned as he pressed the pump with both hands, practically humping it to get it to budge. With sweat pouring down his forehead, his partner began to let out a dull whine; each second-long pause filled with faint hissing and whining.

“Mmrmfm.. Mrrm!” Brink’s toes shivered as his cock shuddered slightly, having grown too taut to even really resemble the normal organ. The bulbous human balloon shuddered all over as his skin creaked and groaned.

Crrk.. BLAM!

The transparent birthday boy suddenly ruptured into thin rubbery scraps, blasting the woman out from her new seat and blowing the pump out of Rick’s hands..