Popping Library


What is this place?

Popping Library is a collection of fetish stories where someone gets popped.
It all started off as a private website where a couple of individuals with a similar set of fetishes stored and categorized a collection of literary works focusing on said fetishes.
Most likely you're browsing a publicly accessible read-only clone of that website at the moment.

You sick fucks!

We know. Relax, go watch some cat videos on YouTube.

Why is my content here?

Because we like it and think it's worth sharing with others. We don't profit off your work — this site has no ads and is not monetized in any other way. Plus, every story links back to the source.

How can I contribute content?

First, read what's already there. Then, if you think content you'd like to contribute is similar, write us an e-mail.

Can I ask you to remove some of my content?

Kinda, but please don't. The very fact that your content has ended up here means it's important for someone.
This site is not monetized, and every story has a link back to the original.
If you really want less people to see your wonderful work, write us an e-mail.
Include the links to the stories you want to take down and some proof that you are who you claim to be.
Note: due to the clonable nature of the site there is no way to guarantee that your claim would be respected on all the mirrors.
Note: the darkweb/non-US mirrors owners are encouraged to keep stories removed from source visible and respect claims on still accessible content.

Contact us

e-mail: pstoriesmods <АТ> yandex.com

The address listed here previously may still work, but we've moved away from it due to consistent issues with receiving and sending mail using it. If you've written us previously but got no reply, please try again with this new Yandex address.